DATE: 23 Feb 2017
QUERY: Looking for family connections between John Zoebst buried in Ream Cemetery, Sugar Grove, Fairfield County, Ohio in October 1829 and Mary Ann Zabst born 26 Jan 1827 in Fairfield County, Ohio married to Rev. Daniel Bartholomew, died 10 July 1907 in Pennsylvania and Peter Zabst born 9 July 1830 in Fairfield County, Ohio lived in Fulton County, Indiana and died there 6 March 1912. Believe John Zoebst to be the same person as Jean Zoebst born 30 December 1787 in Uhrwiller, Bas Rhin, Alsace France and immigrated to Fairfield County in 1828 with wife Marguerite Brieff and children Marguerite b1813, Jean b1815 and Jean-George b1817. Further believe all Zoebst and Zabst members originated in Uhrwiller and are connected to the Zabst/Zaebst from Uhrwiller that settled in Crawford County, Ohio in the 1830s. My book on Zabst/Zaebst Family is in the OGS Library and would like to add the Fairfi eld County family members to a new revision. Thank you.