WELLS 2008

E-MAIL: royalty@hanover.edu
DATE: 04/17/2008
QUERY: I am looking for information on William Gobel Wells, dob 9-25-1898, Trimble County KY, parents James Wells and Alice Monroe. Bill was my grandfather, he and my grandmother divorced when my father was two years old. My grandmother did not allow him to have any contact with my father. We believe that he was living in the Cincinnati area in 1934. I do know that his family contacted my father in the early 1980’s to say that Bill had passed away, he was in Ohio at the time. My father is gone and my mother does not have a very good memory of things now so I have very little to go on. I have been able find his sister and his brothers and parts of their families but not Bill. If you have any information on him would you please send it to me. I would very much like to find his location. Thanks Mary