DATE: 07 Aug 2011
QUERY: Seeking information on George Snyder (b in PA or MD 1792-1863 d in Thurston), who according to Graham\’s History of Ffield Co came here from Rockingham VA (dates vary in census etc., 1823 and 1828…there\’s also a George Snider in Walnut TWP in the 1820 census). He was married to Anna Marie Plecker (1802-1880). Both are buried in the Thurston Primitive Baptist Cemetery with a great many other Snyders including son John (1818-1884). According to Graham, John was born in Rockingham, but there are no records of his birth there (nor of any marriage between George and Anna Marie there either). In addition to John, George and Anna Marie’s children also include Jacob (1823- ); Nancy Mary (1820 -); Saranah (1832 – ); George W. (1834 – ); and David (1836-1877). John married twice: first to Abigale Hite and their children were Lewis B (1846-1914); George Lemuel (1847-1899) and John Ranson (1848-1922). After Abigale\’s death he married Margaret Harris and their children were William M (1854-1941); Mary Almeda (1856-1940); Dillon Henry (1859 – ); daughter (1860-1863); Edward D (1860 – 1896), who was my ggrandfather; and Eugene (1863-1863). Would love to know if anyone has any history regarding the origin and arrival of the Snyders (who seemed to come in that wave of immigration through Rockingham in 1820s and 1830s). And are any related Snyders now living in the Lancaster area including Walnut TWP? I\’ve been able to follow them through all the census reports, but of course the path becomes cold after the 1930 census…and city directories indicate plenty of Snyders, but there\’s no way of knowing if they\’re related. Many thinks for contacting me if you have any family information.