DATE: 23 Jan 2010
QUERY: I am looking for the parents of Jacob Reichley. They may have spelled the name RICKLEY or RICHLEY. All I know is that he came from Germany with his brother John Reichley to escape from the Imperial Army. Jacob Reichley married Hannah Rugh in Fairfield Co. Ohio in 1838. Her father was Solomon Rugh and mother was Mariah Katherine Baker. Jacob and Hannah came with Jacob\’s brother John to Hancock Co. Ohio in 1850. They always lived around Benton Ridge Ohio. Jacob and Hannah never had any children. They are buried in the Benton Ridge Cemetery in Benton Ridge, Ohio. John, Jacob\’s brother was born in 1830 don\’t know exact date when he was born. He died 5/7/1907 in Benton Ridge, Ohio. John married Amelea Rosina Fenstermaker on 2/19/854 in Hancock Co. Ohio. They had seven children. They were Hannah Jane, Mary Catherine, Fyann, twins William Emmet and Emma Alice and Sherman Grover. Amelea died in 1872 when Sherman was only three. Amelea was born 12/27/1831 in Lehigh Co. Pa. I have never be able to find her death certificate. As far as I know John Reichley never remarried. I know that his one daughter Hannah Jane married a William Coates and died in a mental institution in Toledo, Ohio in 1898. I have pictures of all John Reichley\’s children and one picture of Jacob and Hannah Reichley. I know John Reichley\’s one daughter Emma Alice was diovrced from her first husband Jeremiah Joseph Radebaugh. Her first husband Jeremiah Joseph RADEBAUGH went to Celina, Ohio to live. He remarried and changed his name to Joseph Cook and married a Alice O\’ Neill from Lima,OH. He is buried in the Swamp Cemetery in Celina, Ohio. He might have step-children from Alice I don\’t know anything after that. Emma Alice went to Litchfield, Michigan with her second husband William M. Swayze. I don\’t know when they were married. They ran a restaurant in Litchfield, Michigan. They lived there 15 years before Emma Alice died on 6/17/1939 in Battlecreek, MI. Emma went by her middle name as Alice. William Emmet, her twin was my husband\’s paternal great-grandfather. I have old pictures of Reichley\’s. I have a picture of an old John Reichley reunion that I am trying to identify. It was given to me from Leigh Ann Hone Walkan. I have lots of other pictures that aren\’t identified. Amelea (Fenstermaker) Reichley\’s parents were Abraham and Mary (Falk) Fenstermaker. Her mother must of died before 1847. I don\’t know where she is buried. I know that her father, Abraham married a Elizabeth Aukerman don\’t know the date they married. They had a son named Tillman Fenstermaker that was born 2/12/1847 in Lehigh Co. Pa. I am also looking for Elizabeth\’s parents. Tillman Fenstermaker served in the Civil War and later lived the rest of his life in Lambertville, Michigan. I have pictures of Tillman and his family. I don\’t have pictures of Amelea Reichley\’s brother Willoughby Jonathan, her sister Caroline (Fenstermaker) Benner, and other sister Mrs. Reuben (Fiane) Litzenberg. Amelea Reichley\’s sister, Mrs.Israel (Caroline) Benner died at a early age also. Her sister Fiane Litzenberg also lived around Deshler, Ohio. Her brother WIlloughby Jonathan lived around Putnam Co. Ohio. I don\’t have a picture of Amelea Rosina (Fenstermaker) Reichley. Hannah Reichley, Jacob Reichley\’s wife had one brother David Rugh who ran store in Lancaster, Ohio, her sisters were Eliza Crane, Elizabeth Brandt, Susanah Friesner, Anna Davis who went to Cedar Run, Michigan don\’t know anything about her. Mary who married a John McGill and was divorced from him and then married a Berry,then a Rebecca Margaret Rarick. I have found articles in Hancock Co.Ohio newspapers of a Reichley, Benner, and Fenstermker Reunions. Does anyone have any pictures of these reunions? Also Emma Alice (Reichley) Radebaugh Swayze daugher Daisy Bell married a Lorenzo Powell in Hancock Co. Ohio. They went to Moline, Illinois. Lorenzo Powell accidentally drowned in the Mississippi RIver while on a fishing trip with Daisy\’s brother George Radebaugh and son. Lorenzo died in 1917. Daisy and he had four children Ethel Gale, Fay Marie, LeRoy and Hurley Powell. Her children except LeRoy all went to California. Fay Marie never had any children she was married to a John Abraham Roof. LeRoy had one child Rodney LeRoy. LeRoy was divorced from his wife Ella Katherine Rasmussen. LeRoy died young from TB in 1936. Hurley married a Marion A. Sittler from Moline, Illinois. They had four children Joan Lee, Donna, Mary Jane and Mrs. Geraldine Anderson. Hurley lived around Long Beach, CA. He died in 1958. At that time, he only had one child married. I am looking for any information on his children or grandchildren. Ethel Gale Powell had four children. William Donald, Daisy Etta who was born 12/7/1921 I don\’t know what happened to her, George Raymond who died as a baby, and Raymond. Raymond, her son went to Oregon to live. Ethel and her son William Donald lived around Los Angeles, CA. Ethel was divorced from her first husband Raymond Hauman. She had her last name as Harsh. She was associated with a Oliver Tilmon Harsh. I don\’t know if she was ever married or divorced from him. At one time Ethel had the last name as Putler. Ethel\’s son, Raymond was married to Margaret Joy. They had three children, Russel, Ray, and Shirley. I am looking for grandchildren or great-grandchildren that are living. I have pictures I am trying to identify on them. Her other son, William Donald Hauman was married to a Florence A. Maples. They had a daughter Debbie Pauline who died as a baby in 1961. I believe they had more children because I have his tombstone picture saying there were grandchildren and great-grandchildren. ETHEL Gale Hauman Harsh died in 1979. Fay (Powell) Roof died in 1977 and is also buried in Klamath Falls, Oregon, LeRoy died in 1936 and is buried beside his mother Daisy Bell (RADEBAUGH) Powell, Hurley Powell is buried in Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, CA with his mother and brother.Raymond and Margaret Joy Hauman are buried in Washington Co. Oregon. Raymond and Margaret both died in 1987. William Donald Hauman died in 1980. Rodney LeRoy Powell died 2002 in Orange Co. CA. I also don\’t know when Hurley Powell\’s wife died. She went by the name Anna. I would appreciate any information on these families and would willingily help anyone with this information.