Manning 2011

SURNAME: Manning
DATE: 05 Apr 2011
QUERY: My wife is the descendent of Benjamin Manning and Ruth Beam (dau of Jesse), who were both born in Fairfield County abt 1810 and moved to GA, through their son Reuben Halsey Manning. The only Manning I can find in Fairfield County prior to Benjamin was the Ambrose Manning listed in the 1790 census. The Beams and Mannings seem to have been associated with the Colemans and Halsells. However, I have found several family genealogy sites that list an Ambrose Manion as being connected to the Halsells, Colemans and Beams. I have found articles claiming that Irish Manion was Anglicized to Manning, and that Halsell sometimes became Halsey. This leads me to two questions: 1. Is the Ambrose Manning in the 1790 census the Ambrose Manion connected to the Halsells, etc.? 2. Is there any documentation still sitting in some archive and not yet posted, that proves that Benjamin Manning is the son of Ambrose?