Zion Lutheran and Reformed Church, Thorn Township, (1793-1911), Perry County, Ohio.

Zion Lutheran and Reformed Church

Published in June of 1997 by the Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. This volume has 30 pages.

The Zion Congregation, Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio was organized in 30 June, 1806 by Rev. Forster a few months after the New Reading Congregation. It was the second oldest Lutheran Church in Fairfield County, Ohio with records of baptisms that occurred as early as 1793. Rev. Forster was the circuit pastor for Ross, Pickaway, Fairfield (parts of Perry County were in Fairfield County, Ohio until 1818), and Muskingum Counties of Ohio. The Zion Congregation was first part of the Somerset charge (whose boundaries were not defined by Rev. A. Beck in the church history). In Oct. 1847 the Somerset Charge was divided: Zion’s, Grace, St. Paul and later Good Hope made up the parish. In 1851 the Congregation was a member of the German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Ohio.

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