Trinity (Sponagle) Lutheran Church COMBINED Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage and Death Records (1842-1892), Berne Township, Fairfield County, Ohio.

Trinity Sponagle Lutheran Church
Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Death Records

Published in 2014 by The Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. This is a re-published book that combines two older versions -Baptism, Confirmation, and Marriages; and Death Records – into one 87 page volume.

The original church records are in the possession of the church. A complete photocopy of the Sponagle Church Records is available at the Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Geneaolcical Society Library in Lancaster, Ohio as well as the Concordia Historical Museum in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Trinity Sponagle Lutheran Church is located in Fairfield County, Ohio in Berne Township, section 12, at 7120 Sponagle Road.

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