St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio, with 19th Century, Baptisms Deaths and Burials, and Early 20th Century Deaths and Burials.

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Published in 1996 by The Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. This volume has 148 pages.

This book contains 19th century Baptisms, Deaths and Burials and early 20th century Deaths and Burials.

With the visit of Father Johannes Stauch to Lancaster in 1804/5, the Ministerium of Pa. which had been organized in 1748, sent Rev. Wm. Foerster into Fairfield, Perry and Franklin Counties. As a result, a congregation was organized in 1816 and adopted the name “St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church”. For several years it had no regular place of worship. A lot was secured on the banks of the Old Canal (now occupied by Irving-Drew Shoe Co.) and on 11 August, 1819 a corner stone on the 1st Lutheran Church building in Lancaster was laid. The congregation worshipped here until 1832 when a brick building was built to replace the old log structure. 14 years later, 11 January, 1846, the building was totally destroyed by fire.

The present building at the corner of Broad and Mulberry Streets were erected and dedicated on 5 November, 1882.

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