St. Paul’s Congregation Churchbook of the Evangelical Lutheran, , 1836-1891, Berne Township, Fairfield County, Ohio.

St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

The St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was also known as the Meyer’s Church, although this name was never used in the church book. The church book was written in Old German Script and was translated for publication. Many spellings of a person’s name may appear in this book as they did in the church book.

This volume has 35 pages.

The church is located at 1965 Lutheran Church Road, Lancaster, Ohio 43130. Rev. Carl Adler is currently serving the congregation as pastor. The original St. Paul’s Church was located in the middle of the cemetery which is across the street from the current church building. The Fairfield County Chapter has published the records of this cemetery in their book entitled Cemeteries of Berne Township.

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