St. Jacobus/St. James Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, 1835-1891, Marion Township, Hocking County, Ohio (formerly Rushcreek Township, Fairfield County, Ohio).

St. Jacobus Evangelical Lutheran Church

Published in 1994 by the Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. This volume has 50 pages.

St. Jacobus (German for St. James) Church was originally in Rushcreek Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. In 1840 when Auburn Township was established a six mile wide and  four mile deep section was taken from Rushcreek Township to form this township. The life of Auburn Township was short, with the establishment of Vinton County in 1850, the county of Hocking lost land. To compensate for this land, Perry Township and two tiers sections of Auburn Township of Fairfield County were transferred to Hocking County to become a part of Marion Township. The upper two tiers of sections of Auburn Township, which included the village of Geneva were returned to Rushcreek Township and in 1850 Auburn Township ceased to exist.

At different times in its history, St Jacobus was associated with different Lutheran Churches, St. Paul’s, Sponagle/Trinity, Emmanuel, and possible St. Thomas, sharing their pastors. These associations seemed to have changed often.

As of 1 June 1983, the original copy of the St. Jacobus/St. James Lutheran Church records are in the possession of the Concordia Historical Museum, 801 De Mun Ave., St. Louis, Missouri 63105. A photocopy of these records are available through the Fairfield County District Library in Lancaster, Ohio

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