Quadrennial Enumerations Fairfield County Ohio, Vol. III 1847

Quadrennial Enumerations, Fairfield County, Ohio, Vol. III, 1847
compiled by Alice STEVENS and Patsy KISHLER

Published by the Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. This volume has 140 pages.

Quadrennial Enumerations were listings of white male inhabitants over 21 years taken in Ohio counties supposedly every four years from at least 1819 to about 1911. The enumerations were to be arranged alphabetically by township and were to have included name, address, race, occupation and whether the male was a freeholder of land in that county. These lists can be used as substitutes for or as a compliment to the census. They are available for 30 counties in Ohio; but most of the years have not survived.

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