Marriages from the Probate Court, Fairfield Co, OH Volume III 1852-1868.

Fairfield County, Ohio Marriages Volume III

This book is the long awaited follow-up to Marriages Volume II. It was compiled by Patsy Kishler and Georgia Flowers published by The Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society in May of 2006. This volume has 304 pages.

The procedure for a marriage license and return in the 1800s was then much as it is now here in Ohio. The couple went to the courthouse for a license, they swore as to their age and eligibility, they received their license and then soon after appeared in front of a pastor or Justice of the Peace and were married. That pastor or Justice of the Peace was then supposed to return the marriage information to the Court House and it was written into the marriage record.

In the earliest books the license and marriage return were recorded separately. Both should have been recorded, but part of the time only the license was recorded and part of the time only the marriage was recorded. In later books they are recorded together on the same page. Do not assume that just because a couple got a license that they actually married. Conversely, do not assume that the couple didn’t marry just because there was no marriage return for the license.

Records are copied as they were recorded.

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