Indentures of Fairfield County, Ohio, 1824-1880

Indentures of Fairfield County, Ohio

Published in 1994 by The Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. This volume has 35 pages.

An indenture is a type of employment contract far more binding than those written today. This contract, indenture, bound minors for extended periods of service or apprenticeship. The indenture contained the terms of the contract including the length and type of apprenticeship and the approval and signature of a legal guardian in case the person was a minor. The bond was established between both parties and registered with the local court officials or county trustees. The registration ensured that in the case of breach of contract both parties would be protected. If a breach of contract did occur, both parties had to appear in court to resolve the dispute.

Records of Indentures were kept in the legal documents of the County in which the indenture was made. In Fairfield County, Ohio, a volume entitled “Record of Indentures” was located in the Recorder’s Office in Fairfield County, and is now housed in the Archives Division at the Ohio Historical Society.

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