Genealogical Abstracts from The Lancaster (Ohio) Gazette, Volume VII, 1906-1910. Compiled by Jean Collier.

Genealogical Abstracts from the Lancaster (Ohio) Gazette
Volume 7 1906-1910

Published in February of 2006 by the Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. This volume has 219 pages.

You will spend many hours with this book! As with the previous six volumes, Vol. VII includes references to births, deaths, marriages and other items of genealogical interest published in the Lancaster Gazette. Entries are in chronological order by the date of the newspaper listing. Surnames are bold-faced and easy to locate on each page after finding specific surnames in the index.

Some additional genealogical abstracts of the early Lancaster Gazette and the early Ohio Eagle were originally published in The Ohio Genealogical Quarterly and have been re-printed in Ohio Source Records. There are also some in Gateway to the West.

These newspaper abstracts were compiled mostly from the Lancaster Gazette available on microfilm at the Fairfield County District Library in Lancaster but a few may have been compiled from the microfilm at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, Ohio.

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