Birth Records of Fairfield County, Ohio – Volume III 1888 – 1898

Birth Records of Fairfield County Ohio
Volume III     1888 – 1898

This is the third in a series of four books of birth records for Fairfield County, Ohio covering the period from 1867 to 1908. Birth records were not required in Ohio until around 1867 and were kept at the county level by the Probate Court where they were hand written in the birth books. Birth records were kept in this manner from 1867 until 1908, when birth certificates became a State requirement. The original birth records can be found in the Fairfield County Probate Court. The information used in this book was extracted from microfilm copies of these original records. Every attempt was made to accurately reflect the information contained in the birth records and to transcribe the records exactly as entered. Misspellings etcetera were transcribed as they occurred in the original. The books each have two sections, sorting the SURNAMES by both the father and the mother of the child.

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