In the last several months, The Fairfield County Chapter, OGS has been trying to find a way for our organization to offer memberships and publication orders online to our members and the general public. We think we have come up with the ideal solution.

We have chosen a company by the name of Paypal. They have been around for quite awhile, but their name has only taken off in the last several years because of the auction site, Ebay. 

When you go into a store and purchase an item with your credit card, the store runs your card thru a bank or outside source, and either accepts or declines your purchase. That is the way paypal works, they are the bank in this case.

When you stop by our little corner of genealogical cyberspace and wish to become a member or to purchase any of our publications, you may do so by purchasing them online or you can still send us the order by mail. 

Paypal uses secure servers and is up to date on this security thing. They deal with over 40 % of ebays auctions everyday. In fact Ebay has decided that they could not compete with Paypal on credit card use by using their own Ebay Payments, that they have decided to buy out Paypal. Ebay has decided that Paypal will remain its own separate entity, and not be just another company under Ebay.

When using Paypal, if it is your first time, you will have to fill out an online form that takes maybe 3 minutes. Once you have filled this out and are accepted you can shop online at over 30,000 other online shops or markets.

The Fairfield County Chapter, OGS, never has anything to do with your credit card or numbers on your account.

Once you make a purchase, Paypal sends us an email with the info about your purchase of publications or a new or renewal of membership.

The Fairfield County Chapter, OGS will not in the past, present or future give or sell your names, emails or address to anyone. We are here for one purpose, to help you find your ancestors.

If you have any questions or comments, email them to me at

Again, if you have any doubts about using online purchasing, you can still purchase publications and signup for new or renewal memberships by snail mail.

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