On-Site Research

Volunteers of Fairfield County Chapter OGS do on-site genealogical research (“lookups”) at the Fairfield County Genealogical Library (FCGL) for a fee of $10.00 per hour of research. There is a one hour minimum charge. There is a charge of 20 cents for each copy made, and postage is added to the lookup fee. Research is confined to materials housed at the FCGL and does not include research at the Court House, Health Department or Public Library. (See Off-site Research.)

Among materials we will search at the FCGL are: Cemetery listings for all known cemeteries in Fairfield County (except Forest Rose); Abstracts of Early Local Newspapers; Partition Record Abstracts 1812-1900; Marriage Records 1800-1879; Birth Records 1867-1888; Death Records 1867-1890; Fairfield County Census Records and Images; Church Records; Index to Wills, Estates and Guardianships 1803-1900; Fairfield County Histories; the Index to Evert’s 1875 Atlas; copies of FC Grave Registration Cards for military veterans; and we have a growing number of Surname Files and Ancestry Charts. We also have a collection of Obituaries from the Lancaster Newspapers for the period 24 June 1978 through 31 Dec. 2009. (For just copies of obits, send a SASE and $1.00 per obituary.) Other materials are available as well and will be searched as appropriate.

Off-site Research

Volunteers, as available, also do off-site genealogical research (“lookups”) for a fee of $25.00 per hour of research. There is a one hour minimum charge. There is a 20 cent charge for each copy made or the actual amount charged if greater than 20 cents. Postage is added to the lookup fee. Research locations may include the Fairfield County Court House / Hall of Justice, Fairfield County Health Department, and the Fairfield County District Library.

Please contact the Chapter before sending money to determine if a volunteer is available for off-site research.

If you are interested in having our volunteers do research for you, please contact us by email at: research@fairfieldgenealogy.org

Or you can write to us at:

  • Fairfield County Chapter OGS
    attn: Research
    503 Lenwood Drive
    Lancaster, Ohio 43130-2261

Include as much known information as possible and please be clear about what information you hope our volunteers will find. For example, “I am looking for the death date of Noah Keller who was born approximately 1825.” We cannot respond to requests such as, “I’d like all information on the Johnson family of Fairfield County.”  Please include the appropriate amount ($10.00 or $25.00) with your request for the first hour of research and include your phone number and/or email address.

You may call and talk with a volunteer at the FCGL on days we are open. If time allows, our volunteers may do a limited lookup over the phone “while you wait.”

All fees collected are used to support the FCCOGS.  We accept checks, cash or money orders. Checks should be made payable to “The Fairfield County Chapter OGS.”

Please note: Volunteers do NOT research information on living individuals.

Fairfield County Genealogical Library



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Adopted:  March 2005 

Revised:  July 2010