Abel, Dale and Cindy305-Aug-2001
Abel, Emery and Mary Elizabeth Short501-Jun-1997
Abel, Fred and Bertha656-Jul-2008
Abel, Fred and Bertha6512-Jun-2011
Abel, Frederick and Bertha Cox5020-Jun-1993
Abel, Fredrick and Bertha Cox6029-Jun-2003
Ackley, Carl E. and Karen Schall4024-Aug-2003
Acton, Steve and Toi2520-Oct-2002
Acton, Tom and Leota604-Dec-2011
Acton, Tom and Leota Hart5016-Dec-2001
Adams, John and Gloria Lynch5021-Aug-2005
Adams, Robert O. and Verna Pickett509-Feb-1997
Agosta, Daniel G. and Betty Lou (Alvis)508-Nov-2009
Agosta, Daniel G. and Betty Lou Alvis356-Nov-1994
Ahrens, Henry and Alberta Jayne Schurtz503-Oct-1999
Ailes, Thom and Jill Green2523-Jul-2000
Aksterowicz, John and Kathie2512-Oct-2008
Alley, Jack and Eloise Schuler554-Jul-1999
Alspach, Howard J. Sr. and Anna Mae Noice5023-Jan-1994
Alspach, Howard Sr. and Anna Mae (Noice)6525-Jan-2009
Alten, Ralph and Edith608-Jan-1995
Alten, Robert A. and Mary Plinke509-Jul-1995
Althaus, Gene and Mary Gordon6029-Jan-2006
Altman, Robert and Ann5026-Dec-1993
Amato, Sam and Mildred508-May-2005
Ames, Linton and Gertrude6220-Aug-2000
Ames, Linton and Gertrude Echols5916-Aug-1998
Ames, Linton and Gertrude Echols601-Aug-1999
Ames, Linton and Gertrude Echols6424-Aug-2003
Ames, Linton and Gertrude Echols6812-Aug-2007
Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Linton6515-Aug-2004
Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Walton5011-Jun-2000
Amspaugh, Daniel and Gladys Pearce506-Jun-2004
Amspaugh, Paul and Irma Jean Leindecker6025-Nov-2007
Amspaugh, Paul Ervin and Irma Jean Leindecker509-Nov-1997
Anderson, John W. and Ruth P. Fisher5022-Jun-1997
Anderson, Lewis and Margaret Walker605-Mar-1995
Anderson, Ted and Patsy (Curtis)5018-Jun-2006
Andrews, Retired Air Force Colonel and Mrs. Curtis507-Dec-1997
Ankrom, Charles and Loretta Sinacola5031-Aug-2003
Ankrom, Tom and Sharon5015-Aug-2010
Ansel, Don and Esther5011-Jun-2000
Ansel, Don and Esther (Goss)6023-May-2010
Appleman, Richard and Juanita Lines4517-Sep-2000
Archer, Harold and Retta (Harman)509-Aug-2009
Archer, Harold and Retta Harman4022-Aug-1999
Ardrey, A. P. “Phil” and Carol (Eyman)5011-Dec-2011
Ardrey, Carl E. and Karen Hanna5028-Nov-2010
Ardrey, Carroll D. and Bernita J. Winegardner5016-Jun-2003
Ardrey, Verne and Marilynn (Weidner)502-Jun-2002
Arledge, Leroy and Helen Wears5031-Jul-1994
Armstrong, Joseph and JoAnn Whittington503-Oct-1999
Armstrong, Richard L. and Ruth E. Carpenter5024-May-2009
Arnold, Lewis and Audrey Robinett6011-Apr-1999
Arter, David L. and Mary C.502-Oct-2011
Asbell, Walter and Hazel Lutz453-Sep-1995
Ash, Delbert and Marietta Bontrager503-Mar-1996
Asher, Bill and Louise (Dixon)6010-Oct-2010
Asher, Bill and Louise Dixon5015-Oct-2000
Atkinson, Clarence and Lelia6022-Jan-1995
Aucreman, Ton (Butch) and Carolyn5019-Jun-2011
Augustine, Eugene J. and Nancy O’Connor5024-Jun-2001
Awalt, Harry and Margaret Duncan6521-Jan-2001
Ayers, Gilbert and Garnet4017-Jun-2001
Ayers, William L. and Wanda5014-Nov-1999
Azbell, Alex “Gene” and Evelyn Miller4028-Apr-1996
Azbell, Charles and Mary Jane4019-May-2002
Azbell, Grover and Ruth (Congrove)5017-Mar-2002
Azbell, Grover and Ruth (Congrove)5024-Mar-2002
Azbell, Jim and Julie259-May-1999
Azbell, Leonard and Helen “Mickey” Claypool6511-Jul-1999
Azbell, Leonard and Helen Claypool (front page)7019-Jul-2004
Azbell, Leonard and Mickey704-Jul-2004
Azbell, Mr. and Mrs. John2517-Oct-1993
Azbell, Thomas E. and Anna L.505-Dec-2010
Bachman, George and Carolyn “Sue” Bolin4013-Sep-1998
Baden, Luther and Henrietta IPlassman)6021-Jun-2009
Baden, Luther and Henrietta Plassman5027-Jun-1999
Bader, Carl and Marjorie Allen5019-Feb-1995
Bader, Carl and Marjorie Allen5527-Feb-2000
Bader, Glenn and Donna Hoffman5013-Oct-2002
Bader, Steve and Debbie351-Nov-2009
Bader, Walter and Jo Ann Miller5016-Nov-2003
Bader, Walter and JoAnn458-Nov-1998
Badurina, Ernest “Ernie” and Marilyn Armstrong5014-Jul-2002
Bahnsen, Norm and Anne6017-Sep-2006
Bahnsen, Norman and Anne508-Sep-1996
Bailey, Gene and Jackie (Miller)2522-Jul-2007
Bailey, Harold L. and Arlene Summers5021-Jun-1998
Bailey, Robert and Nancy Wilson4014-Oct-2001
Bailey, William and Edith Rhinehart509-Aug-1998
Bainter, Eugene “Gene” L. and Reda L. Fox5024-Sep-2006
Bair, Carl and Ruth Ann506-Apr-1997
Baird, Floyd F. and Betty Jane6026-Dec-2010
Baird, Floyd F. and Betty Jane602-Jan-2011
Baird, Robert Scott and Jeanne Borchard257-Apr-2002
Baker, Houston R. and Margaret Grossman6028-Aug-1994
Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bounds5023-Jan-2000
Baldwin, Henry D. and Rose506-Mar-2005
Ball, Marvin and Lois5022-Apr-2001
Ball, Robert E. and Zondara Kay Huston5013-Jul-2008
Ball, Steve and Robin Daubenmire2524-Aug-2003
Banks, William R. and Catherine Pavlick2511-Sep-1994
Barbour, Harold and Joyce Ann Kinnaman5024-Aug-2003
Barker, Donald and Mary William5016-Jul-2000
Barker, Donald L. and Mary M. Williams6013-Jun-2010
Barnes, Howard “Sonny” and Phyllis Craiglow4520-Dec-1998
Barnes, Howard E. and Phyllis A. Craiglow5014-Dec-2003
Barnes, Lowell and Betty505-Jun-2011
Barnes, Richard H. Jr. And Maxine Reese508-Feb-1998
Barnes, Roger L. and Linda Walters259-Feb-2003
Barnett, William and Arlene5021-Jan-2001
Barney, Michael and Mary Fagan2529-Apr-2001
Barney, Michael and Mary Fagan307-May-2006
Barnhart, Bob and Joyce5018-Nov-2007
Barnhart, Bob and Mary Devol4621-Sep-1997
Barnhart, Bob and Mary Devol4628-Sep-1997
Barr, Dr. Wallace and Doris5022-Oct-1995
Barr, Lloyd F. and Marcella Binckley6413-Mar-1994
Barr, Lloyd F. and Marcella Binckley6519-Mar-1995
Barron, William and Violet Starner5026-Sep-1993
Bartholomew, Robert and Letha Poling5016-Mar-1997
Bash, Herbert and Flora Belle Thomas509-Aug-1998
Bash, Robert E. and Glenna Mae Prouty5030-Apr-2000
Bates, David and Cindy508-Oct-2006
Baucher, Chuck and Helen Smith4030-Jun-1996
Bauer, Robert R. “Dick” and Mary Jane Foreman501-Apr-2001
Baughman, David and Barbara Azbell2512-Sep-2004
Baumgardt, Jack and Anne6018-Nov-2001
Baus, Robert M. and Viola Young502-Jun-1996
Baxter, Roland M. and Clara A. Kuhn5011-Oct-1998
Bayless, Robert (Rev.) and Donnis505-Sep-1999
Beach, Clyde V. “Squeak” and Garnet E. Folk504-Aug-1996
Beavers, Harold and Georgie5012-Nov-2006
Beavers, Harold and Georgie Sharp4027-Oct-1996
Beavers, Homer and Eileen Love5029-Nov-1998
Beckley, Gerald and Fern Dunn6025-Feb-2001
Beers, George and Suzanne2523-May-1993
Beers, George R. and Suzanne Bailey308-Mar-1998
Beery, Bob and Peggy509-Sep-2007
Beery, Charles and Barbara5031-Jul-2011
Beery, Edwin and Vicki James251-Aug-1993
Beiter, James and Marjorie4020-May-2007
Beiter, Ray and Charlotte (Shaw)5012-Apr-2009
Beiter, Robert J. and Cindy McMillen2521-Sep-1997
Bell, Charles and Sherry Cox2521-Jun-1998
Bell, George and Ruby Householder6010-Oct-1999
Bell, Wayne and Glenna (Huston)6522-Nov-2009
Bell, Wayne and Glenna Huston5011-Dec-1994
Bender, Jeffrey and Vickie Tooman252-Oct-2005
Benner, Richard and JoAnn Carlisle5026-Jun-2005
Bennett, Robert W. and Ruth E. Franks5016-Jun-1996
Bennett, Robert W. and Ruth E. Franks5122-Jun-1997
Bennett, Robert W. and Ruth E. Franks5729-Jun-2003
Benson, Ardra and Clara5017-Oct-1993
Benson, Carl E. and Mildred F. Carter5028-Jun-1998
Benson, Francis W. and Orthella A. Harris502-Jun-1996
Benson, Robert H. and Rose L. Kilbarger5020-Aug-2006
Bentz, Charles Sr. and Phyllis5026-May-2002
Beougher, Carl and Marjorie George6017-Mar-1996
Beougher, Max and Harriet5027-May-2007
Beougher, Max and Harriet503-Jun-2007
Beougher, Paul and Bernice??19-Sep-1993
Beougher, Walter and Rose Welch5016-Jun-2002
Berlo, Donald and Judith Jones5020-Jun-2004
Berry, Gordon H. and Sherri L. Ellis2520-Apr-2003
Berry, Paul L. and Leah Jean Justus2520-Jun-1999
Berry, Paul M. and _______ Hart5028-Jan-2001
Betts, Donald and Betty Gambill4025-May-1997
Betts, Donald and Betty Gambill5027-May-2007
Betts, Donald G. and Betty J. Gambill4526-May-2002
Bevan, Richard and Judy (Frazier)5021-Jun-2009
Beyer, Paul (Mr. and Mrs.)2517-Aug-2003
Beyer, Robert and Charlotte502-Apr-2006
Bibler, Bob and Bernice604-Nov-2001
Bibler, Robert E. and Lilly Berniece (Smith)6512-Nov-2006
Bibler, Robert E. and Lilly Berniece (Smith)6519-Nov-2006
Bibler, Robert S. and Mary Marcinko504-Apr-1999
Bickel, Virgil Sr.and Helen6029-Jul-2001
Bigham, Carl F. and Dorothy E. Azbell5016-Feb-1997
Bigham, Harold and Donna5012-Feb-2012
Bigham, Ivan E. and Jo-Ann Amerine5026-Jan-2003
Bigham, Lowell and Dorothy Hyde5017-Aug-1997
Bigham, Lowell and Dorothy Hyde6012-Aug-2007
Bigham, Robert E. and Mary Kathleen (McDaniel)5017-Feb-2008
Bigony, Howard W. and Leah Spillman6013-Jul-2003
Bigony, Howard W. and Leah Spillman6027-Jul-2003
Bill and Becky Baughman256-Apr-2003
Binder, Robert and Patricia6029-Jun-2008
Binder, Robert E. and Patricia M. Allen5028-Jun-1998
Bing, George F. and Flora V. Sinclair5024-Apr-2005
Bing, George F. and Flora V. Sinclair508-May-2005
Bingham, Brian and Susie (Baus)2517-Mar-2002
Bininger, Jack and Carol (Rodabaugh)456-Jun-2010
Binion, Deale and Martha Hayes5016-Jan-2005
Bishop, Earl S. (The Rev.) and Norma Jean506-Jul-2003
Bixler, Lowell and Debbie2516-Dec-2001
Black, Thomas B. and B. Rita Willett504-Jun-2000
Blackstone, Jerry and Carrie Elizabeth Cooperrider6021-Aug-1994
Blackstone, Jerry and Carrie Elizabeth Cooperrider6423-Aug-1998
Blackstone, Jerry F. and Carrie E. Cooperrider6522-Aug-1999
Blackwell, Bob and Ellen5016-Sep-2001
Blair, Pearl and Vergie Hurley5016-Mar-1997
Blake, John L. “Jack” and Margaret “Maggie” Joos5014-Apr-2002
Bland, Walter and Rosemary Schmelzer5021-Jan-1996
Blaney, Joseph and Loretta5020-Nov-2005
Blankenship, Alvie and Debbie Poe2526-Jun-2005
Blankenship, William Oliver and Louise Mae McCoy6011-Jan-1998
Blauser, Frederick and Vickie Linn2520-Oct-1996
Blevins, John and Ethel Woods4024-Nov-1996
Blind, Will and Elizabeth Swihart4012-Aug-2001
Blischak, Paul and Patricia “Pat”2528-Jan-2001
Bloom, Don and Janice2513-Oct-2002
Bloom, George and Mary Ann Barnes5025-Jun-2000
Blosser, Dr. William “Bill” E. and Joann Randolph5013-Jun-1999
Blosser, Fred and Jean5022-Mar-1998
Blosser, Kenneth A. and Phyllis E. Cantrell5011-Feb-2001
Blosser, Merrill E. and Beatrice Ann Shumaker5014-Jul-1996
Blosser, Merrill E. and Beatrice Ann Shumaker5515-Jul-2001
Blosser, Merrill E. and Beatrice Ann Shumaker609-Jul-2006
Blythe, John W. and Kathi251-Aug-2010
Boch, Richard and Virginia Thimmes601-Jun-2008
Boch, Richard H. and Virginia Thimmes5024-May-1998
Boch, Thomas and Janice Ann Balser3017-Mar-2002
Boelk, Robert and Shirley Munn4013-Nov-1994
Bontrager, Delbert and Jane (Kindler)5017-Jun-2007
Bontrager, Delbert R. and Katherine Jane Kindler4022-Jun-1997
Bookman, Ronald and Betty Murphy5030-Jun-1996
Booth, Elwood “Red” and Helen Perry5030-Dec-2001
Booze, Charles and Marilyn (Branscome)3011-Oct-2009
Bope, Francis and Juanita Baker5030-May-1993
Borgan, James E. and Betty J. Law4030-Jul-1995
Boring, Carl and Vera Jones5017-Aug-1997
Boring, David and Donna Hines3020-Apr-1997
Bosch, Frederick and Virginia5013-Apr-2008
Bosch, Howard and Marjorie Blaney5010-Jun-2001
Bougher, Daniel and Mary Reed6019-Apr-1998
Boving, George William “Bill” and Barbara Fast5029-Aug-1999
Boving, John F. and Miriam Jean Derr5018-Jun-2000
Boving, John F. and Miriam Jean Derr502-Jul-2000
Bowen, Richard and Wretha5513-Feb-2005
Bowen, Richard and Wretha (Steele)6014-Feb-2010
Bowen, Richard and Wretha Steele5013-Feb-2000
Bowers, Don and Juanita5013-Sep-1998
Bowers, Fred and Emma Lee2520-Jul-1997
Bowers, Fred and Emmalee308-Sep-2002
Bowers, Frederick R. and Lois V. Doss5031-Dec-2000
Bowers, Homer E. and Elma Dean England5025-Jun-2000
Bowers, Richard (Dick) and Mary505-Nov-2006
Bowers, Washington Jr. and Ella Louise Hammon507-Jan-1996
Bowersock, Glenn and Harriet Sullivan5018-Jun-1995
Bowes, G. Patrick and Mary5013-Jul-1997
Bowland, John and Yvonne6031-May-2009
Bowland, John H. and Yvonne Mast5030-May-1999
Bowlby, Daniel Lloyd and Virginia Lee (Parrish)5011-Sep-2011
Bowles, Bill and Debbie Foley2518-Sep-2005
Bowman, Carl and Betty Ruff5013-Jun-1999
Bowman, Don and Betty Holcomb504-Apr-1999
Boyd, Don and Norma5017-Mar-2002
Boyer, Emerson and Mary Jane Hartman5019-Nov-1995
Boyer, Franklin and Eva Steele604-Jan-1998
Boyer, Lewis E. and Joyce N. DeBoor5017-Dec-1995
Boyer, Lloyd “Tater” and Margaret5514-Nov-1993
Boyer, Michael R. And Mary Lindsey5011-Jan-1998
Boyer, Richard and Bertha507-Feb-1999
Boyer, Robert and Ruth Seifert5030-May-2004
Boyer, Warren and Florence Friend5011-Jul-1993
Braden, George and Nancy McDonald5021-Apr-2002
Braden, Howard and Barbara303-Feb-2008
Bradford, Howard and Jean5028-Sep-2008
Brady, Ron and Janice256-Jun-2004
Braman, Lawrence ands Elberta Knight5028-Sep-2003
Brandt, Richard and Ruth Wagner5012-Dec-1993
Brandyberry, Rev. and Mrs. Simeon W.5015-May-1994
Branscomb, James W. “Jim” and Patricia Ann Hixon??16-Oct-1994
Breckenridge, Bob and Suzanne (Thimmes)504-Sep-2011
Brehm, John and Phyllis Eyman5025-May-1997
Brehm, Mike and Connie2527-Feb-2005
Brenstuhl, Robert “Bob” and Gay Montague5025-Mar-2001
Bresler, Vernon and Diane Hiatt259-Jun-1996
Bretzinger, Robert W. and Marcia K. (Owens)5020-Sep-2009
Briggs, E. Wayne and Marie Herold5031-Dec-1995
Brisker, Arlen and Nellie Simpson5013-Oct-2002
Britton,  Don and Mary Lou5025-Jul-2010
Brode, Clarence and Margaret662-Sep-2001
Brode, Clarence and Margaret [page 3A]6727-Aug-2002
Brode, Cliff and Linda (Karns)5029-Apr-2012
Brown, Albert Jr. and Sharon Tipple2513-Jun-1993
Brown, Alvin and Patricia Wiseman505-Jun-2005
Brown, Alvin and Patricia Wiseman5012-Jun-2005
Brown, Harold and Helen Compton Smith5120-Apr-1997
Brown, Harold and Jo Ann509-Sep-2001
Brown, Larry and Linda307-Jun-1998
Brown, Lynn and Susie Collett406-Nov-2005
Brown, Lynn and Susie Collett50 [sic]23-Oct-2005
Brown, Max and Marcia Woltz304-May-1997
Brown, Max and Marcia Woltz3528-Jul-2002
Brown, Max and Marcia Woltz4013-May-2007
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Larry2516-May-1993
Brown, Ross and Beulah West504-Aug-1996
Brown, Ross E. Jr. and Beulah West5512-Aug-2001
Brown, Stephen and Sandra (Woltz)4028-Mar-2010
Brown, Sterling and Dorothy England5020-Jun-1999
Brown, William A. and Barbara Dennewitz5028-Aug-2005
Buckalew, Erston H. and Betty McDonald506-Oct-1996
Buckalew, Frank and Linda Porter4027-Oct-2002
Buckalew, Kline and Margaret5026-Sep-1993
Bud and Chris Yarrington (Dr. and Mrs. E. A.)654-Nov-2007
Buehler, John and Darletta Stoneburner Henderly257-Dec-1997
Bullock, Bernard and Norma Barnes503-Mar-1996
Bullock, Richard “Rick” and Shirley Fosnaugh2521-Sep-2003
Burdette, Robert F. and Linda S.2526-Nov-1995
Burgoon, Mr. and Mrs. Charles2525-Dec-2005
Burke, Tom and Betty5031-Oct-2010
Burleson, James and Janyce (Peters)509-Aug-2009
Burnside, Donald and Patricia5025-May-2008
Burnside, Jack and Elsie (Ball)504-Nov-2012
Burnworth, Michael and Paulette Sue Schmeltzer2526-Apr-1998
Burnworth, Newton “Junior” and Donna Mae VanHorn5027-Dec-1998
Bush, Dovel and Anna Louise Miller5013-Jan-2002
Bush, Jonathan and Cindy Patton2514-Nov-2004
Bussart, Ken and Crystal (Beckley)2524-Feb-2002
Bussert, Donald Eugene and Carol Lynn Bay4010-Nov-2002
Calentine, Carlos and Della Mae Newman508-Sep-1996
Calvert, Harvey and Louise Lowther5015-Aug-1993
Camechio, Jimmie and Gertrude Schweikert5017-Aug-1997
Campbell, Fred and Elizabeth Cordle5023-Aug-1998
Campbell, Paul W. and Dorothy Boyer5015-Dec-1996
Campbell, Thomas and Rosemary (Allen)5026-Sep-2010
Campton, Don and Gladys (Campbell)5017-Feb-2002
Cantrell, J. Edgar and Minnie Bloom6027-Apr-1997
Cantrell, J. Edgar and Minnie Bloom6528-Apr-2002
Carmody, Roger A. and Connie Wingert4024-Aug-1997
Carney, Tom and ? (nee Ramsey)5031-May-1998
Carpenter, Charles “Frank” and Myrtle G. Mohler5014-Jun-1998
Carpenter, Clyde and Myrtle Neave5026-Apr-1998
Carpenter, Eugene and Naomi4015-Jun-1997
Carpenter, Eugene and Naomi Shepard5024-Jun-2007
Carpenter, Frank E. and Grace L. Frazier5013-Aug-2000
Carpenter, Jacob and Louise Schleich5013-Oct-1996
Carpenter, James and Charlotte Wood506-Jun-1999
Carpenter, Kenneth and Betty Bookman5523-May-1993
Carpenter, Robert and Phyllis6026-Jun-2011
Carpenter, Robert and Phyllis Sherrick508-Jul-2001
Carpenter, Timothy and Marcia Sager252-Apr-2000
Carr, Harold Ebert and Gladys Lorean (Poling)5023-Jul-2006
Carruth, Thomas N. and Jacqueline Sue Lock4020-Aug-1995
Casey, John E. and Esther L. (Meadows)6031-Jul-2005
Cassley, William and Pat5018-Sep-2005
Cathers, Earl W. and Marilyn Benson5024-Dec-2000
Cave, Jim and Aileen Skidmore5029-Jun-1997
Chaffins, Craig and Roxanne1529-Apr-2001
Chalfant, Norman and Betty Spicer5031-Aug-1997
Chaney, Archie and Esther Deyo5026-Dec-1993
Charles, Ben and Kathy2517-Oct-1993
Chatfield, James and Rose Mary5026-May-1996
Childers, Clinton Mark and Janet Elizabeth (McCoy)286-Jan-2008
Childrey, Frank and Reathel552-May-1994
Childrey, Frank and Reathel6023-May-1999
Childrey, Frank and Reathel6530-May-2004
Christian, Carl and Patsy (Patricia) Harben5021-May-2000
Christopher, Earl and Corina J. Kneece4016-May-1999
Christy, Charles and Maxine509-Sep-2007
Christy, Jim and Sue Hertenlehner3515-Jun-1997
Christy, Jim and Sue Hertenlehner3522-Jun-1997
Christy, Joe and Ruby Christy6020-Jun-2004
Chuvalas, Gus and June White5016-Mar-2003
Claar, Max and Rhoda Hacker4014-May-1995
Claffey, George G. and Elma Pearse609-Jun-1996
Clark, Al and Sandee Wildermuth2523-Aug-1998
Clark, Bernard and Sue Christy3919-Feb-2006
Clark, Clyde and Mary Landis6015-Sep-2002
Clark, Daniel L. and Josephine “Jo” Ours6023-Sep-2001
Clark, Earl W. and Juanita B. Wolford501-Oct-2000
Clark, Fred and Anna Mae (Westall)6024-May-2009
Clark, Howard and Rosa Ward5011-Jan-2004
Clark, Michael D. and Helen Fuchs4026-Jun-1994
Clark, Mike (Michael Daniel) and Helen Louise Fuchs5020-Jun-2004
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. John E.259-Jun-1996
Clark, Paul L. and Betty L. Storts5014-Aug-2005
Claypool, bob and Ruby Abbott6012-Aug-2007
Claypool, Don and Juanita (Bowers)607-Sep-2008
Claypool, Howard and Phyllis Lowry5026-Jan-2003
Claypool, James R. and Ruby M. Abbott503-Aug-1997
Cleland, Charles and Nellie O’rouke5114-Sep-2003
Cleland, Sylvan and Dolly686-Apr-1997
Cleland, Sylvan Junior and Barbara Ellen (O’Rourke) [page 10B]5010-Mar-2002
Cline, Dr. Jack H. and Helen Chesher501-Feb-1998
Cline, Russ and Sarah508-Feb-2004
Clinger, William E. And Kathryn Jane Stewart5019-Apr-1998
Clum, Donald L. and Mary Broyles501-Jun-2003
Clum, John and Jane6628-Jun-2009
Clum, John and Jane (Wolfe)6522-Jun-2008
Clum, John and Jane (Wolfe)6529-Jun-2008
Clum, John and Jane (Wolfe)6727-Jun-2010
Clum, John and Jane Wolfe5020-Jun-1993
Clum, John and Jane Wolfe5824-Jun-2001
Clum, John and Jane Wolfe6022-Jun-2003
Clum, Robert E. And Elizabeth “Betty” Jane Hock508-Feb-1998
Cluse, Lewis R. and Patricia L.5023-Jun-2002
Cluse, Lewis R. and Patricia L.5030-Jun-2002
Coakley, Pearl L. and Neva K. Mattox7029-Sep-1996
Coakley, Timothy and Lorraine Cave2516-Jun-2003
Cochran, Junior and Carol Leavitt3516-Apr-2000
Cochran, Ralph and “Norma” Jean Bosch5022-Aug-1999
Coe, Lewis and Louis Lee Sheline5010-Sep-1995
Coffman, Clarence and Margaret Stewart5014-Dec-2003
Cofman, Orville and Marcella Mondhank604-May-1997
Colburn, Carl and Ruby6222-Feb-2004
Coleman, Wendell and Sharon (Bowsher)501-Nov-2012
Collins, Davie and Ruth Ann Joy4021-Aug-1994
Collins, Davie and Ruth Ann Joy5022-Aug-2004
Collins, Gary and Xantha Kay Phyllips3017-Mar-2002
Collins, Max and Ann (Kitz)5014-Aug-2011
Colopy, Jerry and Kathy5011-Nov-2012
Colopy, Jerry and Kathy Coleman401-Dec-2002
Combs, John “Jack” and Peggy5015-Jun-2008
Comer, Cecil L. and Wanda DeLong5014-Aug-1994
Comer, David and Jean (Royer)254-Nov-2012
Comer, John and Virginia McLaughlin4512-Apr-1998
Comer, John W. and Virginia “Ginny” McLaughlin4025-Apr-1993
Compton, Hugh and Betty (Bryan)5017-Aug-2008
Conrad, Claude and Mary5015-Jun-2008
Conrad, Francis and Helen Mace5028-Jul-1996
Conrad, Jack E. and Frankie (Frances L.) Brown501-Jul-2001
Conrad, Joe and Agnes Kerns6014-Mar-1999
Conrad, Robert E. and Fern Helber5018-Apr-1993
Conte, Joseph and Priscilla5010-Mar-1996
Cook, Adolph and Ida5017-Dec-1995
Cook, Cloyd I. and Marie Rodman7521-Jun-1998
Cook, Jerry and Donna Heft5019-Jan-2003
Cook, Raymond “Rainey” and Doris Cook494-Jun-1995
Cooperrider, Russell and Hazel Justice502-Mar-1997
Cordle, Ralph N. (Rev.) and Doris5014-Jan-2001
Corne, Marion Sr. and Ruth Keck455-Sep-1993
Corwin, Bob and Alice (Ford)6013-Jul-2008
Corwin, Robert and Alice Ford507-Jun-1998
Coss, Wilbur E. “Gene” and Juanita L.3820-Jul-1997
Courtright, Ted and Rita Noll5030-Jan-2000
Covey, Robert and Clea5015-Aug-1993
Cox, Joe and Ernestine506-Aug-2000
Cox, William and Eileen5528-Jan-1996
Coyle, Lawrence “Larry” and Esther5018-May-2003
Coyle, Lawrence “Larry” and Esther5025-May-2003
Cozad, Charles and Barbara6025-Sep-2011
Craig, Michael D. and Jereth L.2511-Jul-1993
Craiglow, Max and Dorothy Gloyd5010-Apr-2000
Craiglow, Wayne and Lois502-Jun-1996
Cramer, Marion and Agnes Kessler5028-Jan-1996
Crawford, Clifford and Martha Hansley406-Jun-1993
Creachbaum, George and Jodell Branum257-Apr-1996
Crider, Lloyd and Marcella6014-Oct-2001
Crist, Charles and Patti (Watkins)504-Apr-2010
Crist, DeVaughn and Nancy5025-Sep-2005
Crist, Robert R. and Norma Jean Bloom504-Feb-2001
Crook, Ralph and Margaret6629-May-1994
Crook, Ralph and Margaret6721-May-1995
Crook, Ralph and Margaret685-May-1996
Crook, Robert A. (Bob) and Dorothy (Daubenmire)655-Nov-2006
Crook, Robert Sr. and Dorothy Daubenmire6014-Oct-2001
Crook, Tom and Kay501-Jun-2008
Crumley, Harold and Gladys5012-Nov-1995
Cummans, Donald (Rev.) and Gwenolda5015-Apr-2007
Cummans, Earl and Norma Lou Bradley501-Dec-2002
Cunningham, Bill and Anna (Adams)6023-Dec-2007
Cunningham, Bob and Melodye5019-Aug-2012
Cunningham, Raymond and Jean Turner5022-Nov-1998
Cupler, Coy and Donna5017-Aug-2008
Curtis, Ova and Betty Stump5023-Aug-1998
Custer, Jim and Meriam Manson5011-Aug-2002
Dambaugh, John and Rosalie Conrad5030-Mar-1993
Dannemiller, Edward Jerome and Karen2531-May-2009
Danner, Nolan and Bellinda5029-Oct-2000
Darfus, James and Patricia5020-Jun-2004
Darfus, Paul and Gwen5013-Nov-2011
Darling, Kenneth Richard and Martha June Hightower5017-Aug-2003
Darst, Darrell and Thelma Landis5026-Mar-1995
Daubenmire, Dave and Linda (Barrett)5018-May-2008
Daubenmire, George Wm. “Bill” and Ruth Rider5015-Sep-2002
Daubenmire, James and Patty Sells502-Jul-2000
Daubenmire, Jim and Donna5022-Aug-2004
Daubenmire, Robert E. and Mary Engle5023-Jun-1996
Daubenmire, Roger and Janet Griffith2528-Aug-1994
Daubmire, Bob and Dolly601-Jun-2003
Daubmire, Robert and Earlene “Dollie” Ross5018-Apr-1993
Daubmire, Robert and Earlene “Dollie” Ross509-May-1993
Daugherty, Cecil and Othella Sanson607-Mar-2004
Dauterman, Jim and Ann506-Dec-2009
Davis, Charles C. “Chuck” and Ruth6027-Mar-2011
Davis, Charles C. Jr. and Ruth Davis501-Apr-2001
Davis, David and Karen Norris2518-Aug-1996
Davis, Frank and Mary Frances Hopper2514-Jun-1998
Davis, James R. and Helen Eyman6018-Mar-2001
Davis, Jim and Marilyn Rayburn2525-Mar-2001
Davis, Joseph and Wanita6019-Jan-2003
Davis, Paul R. and Lois Patricia Ellis501-Nov-1998
Davis, Raymond and Dorothy Myers5015-Feb-1998
Dearth, Lincoln E. and Mary Lou Perry501-Feb-2004
Deeds, Charles and  Barbara (Weidner)5012-Sep-2010
Deeds, Charles and  Barbara (Weidner)5019-Sep-2010
Deeds, Charles E. and Barbara L. Weidner4013-Aug-2000
Deeter, Eldon and Darlene Dorst302-Jul-1995
DeFillippo, Nello and Delores4526-Nov-1995
DeFillippo, Nello and Dolores503-Dec-2000
DeFillippo, Nello and Dolores5527-Nov-2005
DeFillippo, Nello and Dolores554-Dec-2005
DeFillippo, Nello and Dolores605-Dec-2010
DeLong, Dallas W. and Wanda L. Swepston5023-Nov-2003
DeLong, Donald E. and Kathy L. Ames2531-Jan-1999
Denney, William Russell and Clara Marie Warner5029-Jul-2001
Dennis, Gary and Connie259-Sep-2001
Dennis, Harold A. and Joan5016-Jun-1996
Dennison, William and Anna Belle5021-Oct-2001
Denton, Chester and Mary Davis5014-Sep-1997
Denton, Jack A. and Mary Louise Messbarger505-May-2002
Denton, Thomas and Donna (Clark)5023-Nov-2008
Derflinger, Harry and Alice “Lucille” (Heyd)7020-Jun-2010
Derflinger, Mr. and Mrs. Howard6011-Sep-1994
Dern, Bruce R. and Lynne Keller253-Jul-1994
Detwiler, J. Paul and Mary Anne Rush7026-May-2002
Detwiler, Monroe “Monte” and Geraldine599-Jun-1996
Detwiler, Monroe “Monty” and Geraldine “Gerry” Hunt6417-Jun-2001
Detwiler, Monroe and Gerry (Geraldine) Hunt608-Jun-1997
Detwiler, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe “Monty”5719-Jun-1994
Detwiler, Paul and Mary Anne Rush6518-May-1997
Devol, Bob and Eunice6016-Dec-2012
Devol, Bobby Lee and Eunice Irene508-Dec-2002
Devol, Dannie Mark and Clara Jane Myers (page 5A)5018-Feb-2003
Devol, Randy and Jessica2523-Mar-2008
Devore, Barbara (Barker) and James505-Dec-2010
Dexter, Mike and Pat (Green)4014-Apr-2002
Dicken, Carlus and Jean504-May-1997
Dickson, Dick and Dorothy6022-Feb-2004
Dickson, Jerry and Donna (Cordle)3017-May-2009
Dickson, Johnathon and Kathy2511-Mar-2001
Dickson, Richard and Dorothy Meyers507-Nov-1993
Dickson, Robert “Bob” and Mary Ann Hackett5020-Jun-1999
Dilcher, James and Deanna Lindsey4029-Feb-2004
Dilday, Chester and Mildred7512-Sep-2010
Dilday, Chester S. and Mildred Wheeler656-Aug-2000
Dilger, David and Sondra (Souders)509-Aug-2009
Dillon, Virgil and Margaret5018-Aug-1996
DiPaolo, Felix and Jo Depietro5513-Jun-1999
DiPaolo, Mr. and Mrs. Felix5012-Jun-1994
Dittoe, Robert and Audrey6024-Jun-2007
Dittoe, Robert and Audrey Mills5022-Jun-1997
Dittoe, Rod and Pam Summers2523-Jan-2005
Dixon, Frank and Lois502-Jul-1995
Dixon, Joseph L. and Margaret E. Pickering5012-Feb-1995
Doctor, George and Marilyn Sturn5018-Apr-2004
Dodds, Tom and Jo Ann504-Jan-2004
Donahue, Dan and Nina Foster4524-Mar-1996
Donahue, Daniel and Nina5011-Mar-2001
Donahue, Daniel M. and Nina606-Mar-2011
Donahue, Daniel M. and Nina6013-Mar-2011
Donaldson, Edward and Erma Price5021-Sep-2003
Doner, Gerald and Judith Gehres5016-Jul-2000
Dorst, Pearl and Beryle6523-Feb-2003
Dorst, Pearl and Beryle Day608-Feb-1998
Dorst, Stanley and Sharon5028-Sep-2008
Dotson, Jeff and Regina Smith2511-Apr-2004
Dotson, Jeff and Regina Smith2525-Apr-2004
Douglas, Thomas E. and Bonnie R.5524-Oct-2010
Douglas, Thomas E. Sr. and Bonnie R. Kitchen407-Jan-1996
Douglas, Tom E. Sr. and Bonnie Kitchen5030-Oct-2005
Dowell, Donald and Anita602-Jul-2006
Dowell, Donald and Anita Chapman5030-Jun-1996
Downhour, Jesse and Mary Lou Primmer5025-Dec-2011
Drake, Chester A. (Mr. and Mrs.)5824-Sep-2000
Drake, Chester A. and Relva C. Spaun6029-Sep-2002
Drake, Chester A. and Relva Calvert Spaun5930-Sep-2001
Drake, George and Novella Green5027-Sep-1998
Drake, William and Bonnie Allen4018-Jul-1999
Dresbach, Franklin and Charlotte Johnson2518-Sep-1994
Dreyer, Paul and Patricia5024-Jul-2005
Dum, Clarence and Louise6029-Jun-1993
Dum, Clarence and Louise6521-Jun-1998
Dunlap, John and Charlotte Bland251-May-1994
Dunnington, Mr. and Mrs. I. L. “Bud”5010-Apr-1994
Dupler, Charles and Bernadine Cupp4015-Jan-1995
Dupler, Howard and Phyllis Snider5014-May-1995
Duvall, John and Alice (Van Arsdalen)505-Apr-2009
Eads, Melvin and Augusta5012-Jan-1997
Eads, Woodrow and Lucille Starner6019-Sep-1993
Eads, Woodrow and Lucille Starner6026-Sep-1993
Eagle, Ralph and Harriet White606-Jun-1993
Eaton, Glenn and  Edith Clagg7016-Jun-2003
Eaton, Glenn and Edith Clagg6023-May-1993
Eaton, Jerry and Sue (Freese)507-Sep-2008
Ebbrecht, Fred and Linda2519-May-1996
Ebbrecht, Thomas and Nancy (Julian)5018-Apr-2010
Ebert, Charles and Carol5025-Nov-2012
Eccard, Bill and Phyllis (McFee)508-Nov-2009
Eck, Jim and Rene Feckley2529-Sep-2002
Eck, Jim and ReneƩ Feckley256-Oct-2002
Eden, James R. and Judy K. Mason4020-Dec-1998
Edwards, Gary Dean and Elsie May Hurst4524-Jun-2001
Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Ray V.5017-Apr-1994
Egan, Maurice and Barbara (Bay)5013-Sep-2009
Elder, Bob and May Jane (King)5011-Jan-2009
Elder, Howard and Miriam5027-May-2001
Elder, Neal and Betty Byers5012-Jul-1998
Elder, Robert H. and Mary Jane King4031-Jan-1999
Elick, Jack and Joann5018-Mar-2001
Ellinger, Ralph and Mary Weaver6029-May-1994
Ellis, Bobby and Carolyn5010-Sep-2010
Ellis, Edgar A. and Dona Raines603-Oct-1999
Ellis, George and Alberta (Queen)6012-Jul-2009
Ellis, Warren and Joan6028-Aug-2005
Ellis, Warren and Joan6510-Oct-2010
Ellwood, Richard and Barbara506-Jan-2002
Emmert, Paul T. and Donna Jean Frazier401-Apr-2001
England, Russell and Isabel Phillips601-Oct-2000
England, Russell land Isabel Phillips652-Oct-2005
Engle, Fred and Phoebe Carpenter507-Jan-2001
Engle, Rich and Janelle5029-Oct-2006
Enoch, Bob and Mary Jane505-Apr-1998
Erwin, Clyde and Gerline Ruff603-Feb-2002
Estel, Charles and Michelle3010-Sep-2006
Estep, Claude “Jupe” “CJ” and Juanita Smith5030-Aug-1998
Ety, Olen and Alice Eslinger508-Aug-1993
Ety, Roger and Pauline Singer2517-Oct-1993
Ety, Willard and Marjorie6017-Jan-2010
Ety, Willard and Marjorie Tipple5013-Feb-2000
Evans, Charles H. (Charlie) and Shirley (Miller)501-Jul-2012
Evans, Clarence E. and Lillian L. Straight6512-Mar-1995
Evans, Richard and Lois M.4026-Jun-1994
Evans, Richard C. and Lois Upp503-Jul-1994
Evans, William and Alberta Tolliver504-Jul-1999
Eveland, Robert and Bobbie Jo Perry5011-Jun-2000
Eversole, E. Denslow and Josephine Bader5019-Dec-1999
Ewing, Michael and Mary502-Sep-2012
Ewing, Mike and Mary4022-Sep-2002
Eyman, Marvin and Louise Strahm5019-May-1996
Eyman, Mr. and Mrs. Carl653-Oct-1993
Fahrer, Charles and Mildred Winegardner501-Jun-1997
Faigley, Bob and Phyllis Sigman505-Oct-1997
Faigley, David B. and  Emogene M. Shahan5010-Nov-2002
Farmer, Deacon Joseph and Sallie Phillips Durrett5020-Oct-1996
Farmer, John C. and Cheryl3020-Jul-1997
Farmer, Rev and Mrs. Orville F. “Jack”5028-Apr-1996
Farrow, Dick and Pauline Welch5026-Jul-1998
Farrow, Robert L. “Bob” and Ruth504-Feb-2001
Fauble, Lester and Ruth Dum6523-Apr-1995
Fauble, Neal E. (Gene-Judy) and Julia Vickroy408-Jul-2007
Fauble, Raymond and Margaret Rose Mathias5029-Sep-1996
Febus, Lloyd and Catherine Irene Huber7411-Nov-2012
Febus, Lloyd W. and Catherine H.7016-Nov-2008
Feckley, Ray and Ruth E. Wolfinger5011-Oct-1998
Fetters, Alfred L. and Mary Burton5012-Dec-1993
Fetters, Bruce and Evelyn Lutz5019-Mar-1995
Fickel, Troy and Carolyn Newman2522-Jun-1997
Figgins, John C. and Bonnie Bennett252-Oct-1994
Figgins, Ken and Helga Eisele2523-May-1993
Figgins, Kenneth and Helga4020-Jul-2008
Figgins, Kenneth and Helga4030-Jul-2008
Figgins, Kenneth and Helga Eisele3031-May-1998
Figgins, Kenneth R. Jr. and Helga Eisele358-Jun-2003
Findling, Harry and Lillian505-Nov-1995
Finley, Fondo and Rose5021-Nov-1999
Fisher, Dudley “Dud” and Virginia “Peg” Barnett5020-Apr-2003
Fisher, Dudley C. and Virginia “Peg” Barnett406-Jun-1993
Fisher, Francis “Perc” and Eleanor Ruff5024-Sep-1995
Fisher, Jack and Linda2531-Jul-1994
Fisher, Lowell and Carolyn (Ruble)5010-Jun-2007
Fisher, Raymond L. and Esteen VanDyke5015-Nov-1998
Fisher, William “Bill” and Margaret “Peg”5026-Nov-2000
Fiume, Joseph S. and Helen M. (Stump)5024-Mar-2002
Fiume, Joseph S. and Helen M. (Stump) [page 10B]5010-Mar-2002
Fletcher, Robert F. “Bob” and Genevieve K. “Genny” Riffle6018-Jul-1999
Flowers, Boyd and Goldie5612-Mar-2000
Flowers, Dick and Barb (Snoke)5513-Jun-2010
Flowers, Leo R. and Norma Jean “Jeannie” Smith507-Jun-1998
Flowers, Richard and Geraldine (Mohler)506-Aug-2006
Flowers, Richard F. and Barbara A.505-Jun-2005
Flowers, Richard Francis and Barbara Alice Snoke4011-Jun-1995
Flowers, Thomas and MaryAnn4028-May-2000
Flowers, Thomas and Maryann (Altier)5021-Feb-2010
Floyd, Terry and Nancy Enmen5015-Jan-2006
Fogg, Donald E. “Don” and Martha L. Nesbit5020-Jun-1999
Foglesong, Richard “Dick” and Clarice Anderson4016-Jun-1996
Foley, Robert L. Sr. and Patricia L. Skeen5028-Dec-2003
Foltz, Billy and Margaret (Hyne)5028-Jun-2009
Foltz, Darwin and Eileen Roshon5514-Dec-1997
Foltz, Everett and Caroline Piccirilli504-Jun-2000
Foltz, George and Alberta (Miller)6022-Apr-2007
Foltz, Gregg (Gregory) and Becky (Sagar)2527-Apr-2008
Foltz, Ralph R. and Betty J.5029-Aug-1999
Ford, Roderick Roger and Ruth Ann Trimmer5010-Aug-2008
Ford, William E. and Rheada Whittington6012-May-1996
Foreman, Richard E. “Ace” and Betty Joos5012-Mar-1995
Forester, Dannie (Mr. and Mrs.)505-Nov-2000
Forquer, Joseph “Joe” and Elizabeth “Beth” Sparks255-Sep-2004
Forsythe, Ted and Mary Jane (McLaughlin)5013-Sep-2009
Fosnaugh, George and Ruth Cheshier602-Aug-1998
Fosnaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Donald2520-Aug-1995
Foster, Charles and Kathleen (Thrasher)4028-Aug-2011
Foster, Dale and Judy (Culbertson)505-Jul-2009
Foster, James “Jim” and Pauline5029-Jun-2003
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin5024-Oct-1993
Foster, Robert Sr. and Myrlie4028-Mar-1993
Foster, Roland and Marie7024-Jul-2005
Foster, Wilbur and Gladys Harter6014-Dec-1993
Foster, Wilbur and Gladys Harter6019-Dec-1993
Fouch, Daryl and Dorothy Eskins5013-Jun-1993
Founds, Garrett “Garry” and Betty Bednarczuk5027-Mar-2011
Founds, Garrett and Betty Bednarczuk401-Apr-2001
Founds, Weldon and Rose Mary Gilmore501-Jun-1997
Fowler, Clarence and Marcelette Hiatt505-Mar-2000
Fox, Bernard D. and Nellie M. Shaner6028-May-1995
Fox, Chester M. and Irma Lavender5017-Mar-1996
Fox, Doid and Linda Boley4027-Nov-1994
Fox, Don and Mary5029-Jun-1997
Fox, Joe and Mary Ellen458-Feb-2004
Fox, Joe and Mary Ellen504-Jan-2009
Fox, Robert A. and Anita Kilbarger505-Oct-2003
Francis, Bob and Vivian Eileen Seimer (see Clarification on page 2A)5017-Oct-2004
Francis, Warren and Juanita5023-May-2004
Franklin, James and Florence Reinscheld6013-Mar-2005
Franklin, James T. and Florence E. Reinscheld5019-Mar-1995
Franklin, Jeff and Mary Weiland2510-Nov-1996
Frasure, Lester and Edith5031-Jul-2005
Frasure, Lester and Edith Eiselstein4513-Aug-2000
Frasure, Verne and Charlotte Kemp506-Apr-1997
Frazier,  Monroe “Bud” and Donna5023-Aug-2009
Frazier, Frank and Judy5020-Jul-2008
Frazier, Garry and Loretta Sipos252-May-1993
Frazier, Harold E. and Cariene McMannis5028-May-2000
Freese, Cecil and Mary Bigham5014-Sep-1997
Friend, Carl and Bonnie Leohner5011-Jan-1998
Friend, Harold and Florence Dennison6016-Aug-1998
Friesner, Charles and Ruth483-May-1998
Frizzell, Sam and Cheryl252-Jun-2002
Fulk, Bill and Peg (Erwin)4015-Aug-2010
Fuller, John and Margaret “Peg”5022-Jun-1997
Fuller, Robert E. and Arleen M. Mohler5017-Jun-2007
Fyffe, Tim and Bernadette Clark258-Aug-1999
Gabriel, James A. and Forrest F. McKinley5011-Oct-1998
Gabriel, Mark and Patty (Bussert)4020-May-2012
Gabriel, Mark and Patty Bussert2525-May-1997
Gage, C. Richard and Dorothy E. Myers508-Jun-1997
Gallagher, Paul and Regina5014-May-2000
Gambill, Robert “Bob” and JoAnn Nowlin5010-Apr-2005
Gambill, Robert “Bob” and JoAnn Nowlin5017-Apr-2005
Gandee, Hubert “Red” and June509-Jun-1996
Gandee, Hubert “Red” and June5016-Jun-1996
Gandee, Hubert F. (Red) and June6018-Jun-2006
Gard, Edward Lee (Rev.) and Margaret Whyde5015-Jul-2001
Gardner, Don and Judy509-Jan-2005
Gardner, Donald and Ruby5025-Apr-1999
Gardner, Floyd and Elnor5026-Oct-1997
Garner, Dale and Pat Losey5027-Jun-1999
Garrett, Donald R. and Joyce Lutz507-Jan-2007
Garrett, Vernon and Eileen Kohler5026-Apr-1998
Gatch, Louis L. and Phyllis F. Preza5012-Aug-2007
Gates, James E. and Mary Carolyn Weller4016-Jul-1995
Gee, Donald and Naomi Mona Bradford5012-Apr-1998
George, Bob and Bertie Althaus2529-Jan-2006
George, Charles and Joan Hite5018-Mar-2001
George, Charles and Joan Hite6027-Mar-2011
George, Francis and JoAnn (Evans)6015-Aug-2010
George, Francis and JoAnn (Evans)6019-Aug-2010
George, Francis and JoAnn Evans506-Aug-2000
George, Harley and Doris Ruff583-Aug-1997
George, James and Mary Kemp259-Jul-2000
George, Robert and Kay Nigh506-Jul-2003
George, Virgil and Carolyn (Keller)5011-Dec-2005
George, Willard and Helen5017-Jun-2007
Gibson, Robert and Marjorie Abel501-Jan-2006
Gierhart, Harry and Sharon5014-Oct-2007
Gierhart, Ronald and Carol407-Nov-1999
Gierhart, Ronald and Carol4014-Nov-1999
Gierhart, Ronald and Carole (Taylor)5015-Nov-2009
Giesy, Mr. and Mrs. Verrne [page 8B]7011-Aug-2002
Giesy, Verrene “Vern” and Gracie Kasser6720-Aug-1999
Gifford, Larry J. and Nancy J. Tipple2520-Feb-2000
Giles, Richard and Alyce507-Jan-2007
Gill, Charles W. and Violet Wyatt5029-Jun-1997
Gilpin, Paul and Ruth6011-Jun-2006
Gilpin, Paul and Ruth603-Jun-2012
Given, Paul and Patsy5019-Sep-2010
Glass, Keith and Jean (Kelley)505-Sep-2010
Glass, Keith and Jean (Kelley)509-Sep-2010
Glaze, Robert and Jean (Taylor)6024-Jan-2010
Glaze, Robert and Jean Taylor5023-Jan-2000
Glaze, Winfield and Helen I. Bailey5019-May-1996
Glendenning, Dick and Ann Mathews508-Jul-2001
Glendenning, Dick and Ann Mathews5015-Jul-2001
Glendenning, James Richard (Dick) and Ann6024-Jul-2011
Glendenning, James Richard (Dick) and Ann6031-Jul-2011
Glendenning, Keith and Jean Kilpatrick509-Apr-1995
Glenn, Bennie E. and Lutisha Love5012-Dec-2004
Glenn, James and Mary L. Engle6023-Dec-2001
Glenn, William “Bill” and Donna Snyder4011-Apr-1999
Glick, John (Rev.) and Joan6013-Mar-2011
Glick, John W. (Rev.) and Joan St. Clair5018-Mar-2001
Gobert, Harold and Erma Jane Spitler6012-May-1996
Gobert, Ronald and Martha (Kellenberger)5020-Jun-2010
Goldsberry, Dale and Esther Phillips5011-Apr-1993
Goldsberry, Mike and Nancy2517-Sep-2000
Good, Kenneth and Violet Hedges5018-May-2003
Good, Medford and Jean Mugford6027-Oct-2002
Goodwin, Jim and Helen5018-Mar-2001
Gorby, Carl M. and Margaret Aurand6028-Apr-2002
Gordley, Ralph “Pete” and Jan Farmer2520-Oct-1996
Gordon,  George L. and Esther M. “George”604-Aug-2002
Gordon, Lester and Lulia Pittman??9-Oct-1994
Gordon, Raymond and Betty Lutz5017-Jan-1999
Gordon, Richard and Mildred (Westenbarger)5014-Sep-2008
Gornall, Carl and Marie Lori6030-Dec-2001
Goss, Dan and Noretta5030-May-2004
Gossell, Carl and Wanda (Bixler)6023-Dec-2007
Gossell, Carl J. and Wanda Bixler5120-Dec-1998
Graf, Bud and Martha Christman5016-Sep-2001
Graf, Donald and Jane Moyer5028-Mar-2004
Graf, Jeffrey and Brenda Dupler2519-Aug-2001
Graham, C. Wesley and Mary Jean Ford6018-Dec-2005
Graham, Dale and Mary Alice2519-Dec-2004
Graham, Wes and Jean5024-Dec-1995
Gray, Dick and Polly501-Apr-2007
Green, Bill and Charla DeRolph5010-Dec-2000
Green, David and Mary Ellen McDaniel5031-May-1998
Green, Gerald H. (Jerry) and Mary F. Ramey505-Jun-2011
Green, Randy and Carolyn Munchmeyer256-Aug-2000
Greene, Elmer G. and Virginia5626-Nov-1995
Gregory, J. Brooks (Pastor) and Margery Ann Holcombe5017-Jun-2001
Greiner, Mr. and Mrs. Harold504-Aug-1996
Griffith, Don and Jean Ann Fauble455-Nov-1995
Griffith, Don and Jean Ann Fauble505-Nov-2000
Griffith, Ernest Eugene and Inez Louise Crago5017-Mar-2002
Griffith, John D. and Eugenia255-Jun-1994
Griffith, Kenny and Esther6023-Dec-2001
Griffith, Ralph J. and  Agnes Young5027-Jan-2002
Griggs, Don and Veleda6029-Nov-1998
Grile, Loy and Minnie7018-Jul-2010
Grimm, Bob and Wanda (Howdyshell)6524-Oct-2010
Grimm, Howard Sr. and Elizabeth Knotts5011-Jun-2000
Grimm, Robert “Bob” and Wanda L. Howdyshell5522-Oct-2000
Groce, Howard and Thelma Gamble5028-Jan-1996
Groff, Carl E. (Rev.) and Eloise K. Hughes5019-Sep-1999
Guess, Roger and Luella Nutter5017-Mar-2002
Guisinger, Paul and Virginia Julian5016-Jan-2005
Gummere, Alan L. and Margaret D.5017-Jun-2001
Gundelfinger, Bill and Marti503-Aug-2008
Gundelfinger, William “Bill” and Martha “Marti” C. Arnold4026-Jul-1998
Guseman, Charles K. and Barbara Kiger5030-Jun-1996
Gwin, Roy A. and Alice Henson6022-Aug-1999
Hacker, Dana and Margie Drake5012-Mar-1995
Hacker, Jack and Joan Bolar5020-May-2001
Hacker, Ralph Jr. and Eula Later5029-Oct-1995
Hale, Edward and Liz (Fairfield Town Crier)7014-Dec-2007
Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Edward6719-Dec-2004
Haley, Charles E. and Judith A. (Baker)505-Aug-2012
Haley, Charles E. and Judith A. (Baker)5012-Aug-2012
Haley, Chuck and Judy4011-Aug-2002
Haley, Don and Clara Valentine5029-Aug-1999
Hallarn, George and Rose (Keaton)4026-Dec-2010
Halliday, Jim and Ora2516-Aug-1998
Hamilton, Larry and Sharon Stump3027-Apr-2003
Hammel, John J. and Geraldine Griffin506-Jun-1993
Hampshire, Donald and Molly Winland4021-May-2006
Hampson, Jerry and Nadine Wyckoff5016-Jul-2000
Hanna, Charles and Lois Kohler5010-Apr-1994
Hanna, Marcus and Jane Neel652-Jan-1994
Hannan, Fred and Joan601-Aug-2004
Hannan, Fred and Joan Felkey5024-Jul-1994
Hanson, Carl and Beryl L. Hayes5017-Feb-2002
Hanson, Marion and Marcella Heyd5027-Oct-1996
Harden, R. R. “Pete” and Shirley Smith5010-Oct-2004
Hargus, Quentin R. and JoAnn Probasco5012-Nov-2000
Harlow, Richard and Florence Mackey5027-Oct-2002
Harmon,  Roscoe “Rock” and Ina Mae (Hartman)6015-Jun-2008
Harmon, Bob and Beverly503-Aug-2008
Harmon, Roscoe “Rock” and Ina Mae Hartman5014-Jun-1998
Harmon, Virgil and Virginia Walker6021-May-2006
Harmon, Virgil L. and Virginia Walker5012-May-1996
Harris,Chuck and Diana (Greene)5026-Jun-2011
Harrison, Virgil and Ina Marie504-Sep-1994
Hart, Eugene and Edna5013-Apr-1997
Harter, Ernie and JoAnn Cruit5026-Jan-1997
Hartle, Richard (Dr.) and Myrna5019-Sep-2004
Hartman, Elbert W. and Mildred Hilyard5528-Aug-1994
Hartman, Howard and Viola Brucher5013-Oct-1996
Hartman, Mr. And Mrs. Elbert “Ebby”6029-Aug-1999
Hartman, Willard and Nola Gower405-Nov-1995
Hartman, Willard O. and Nola I. Gower5027-Nov-2005
Harvey, Robert and Mamie Wade5017-Apr-1994
Hass, Melvin and Betty Black5011-Jul-1999
Hass, Roger (Master Sgt. [ret.]) and Mary Snoke2530-Apr-2000
Hawk, Ludwig and Rose Nel Myrtle6019-Jul-1998
Hayden, Rev. Robert and Margaret5018-Dec-1994
Hayden, Robert (The Rev.) and Margaret Ball6012-Dec-2004
Hayes, Carl D. and Linda Black2514-Apr-2002
Haynes, Richard Jr. and Cheryl Jackson259-Jul-2000
Hecox, William and Ruth Allene Armstrong659-Jan-2011
Hedges, Carl J. and E. Eileen Ruffner507-Apr-1996
Hedges, George E. and Betty Jane McClintock6021-Jun-1998
Hedges, George E. and Betty McClintock6516-Jun-2003
Hedges, Mr. and Mrs. George E.651-Jun-2003
Hedges, Paul and Phyllis Jacob503-Jun-2001
Hedges, Paul and Phylliss Jacob5027-May-2001
Hedrick, Glen and Dorothy DeLong5017-May-1998
Heffner, Dessell and Marjorie Miller507-Aug-1994
Heffner, Phillip Jr and Virginia Rinehart5011-Aug-1996
Heft, James and Wilda (Moore)503-Aug-2008
Heimberger, Robert “Bob” E. and Ann Zollinger5021-Mar-1999
Heiskell, John and Edna Cordle5029-Sep-1996
Helber, Gilbert and Olive Rarrick503-Dec-1995
Helm, Jack and Jeanne Fenner5023-May-1993
Helser, Roy and Helen Howdyshell5024-Oct-1993
Henderly, Fred C. and Alice Azbell??11-Dec-1994
Henderly, Jim and Debbie2516-May-2004
Henderly, Jim and Debbie2523-May-2004
Henderly, Neil R. and Mary Karen Reef404-Jul-1999
Henderly, Wendell and Hazel5031-Dec-2000
Hendrickson, Ken and Hattie Grimes603-Aug-2003
Hendrickson, Kenneth B. and Hattie Grimes5018-Jul-1993
Henery, Mike and Linda301-Feb-1998
Hennis, David E. and Peggy Jo Wildman5022-Oct-1995
Henry, Timothy and Kimberlee (Pickering)2512-Sep-2010
Henry, William and Helen5014-Apr-2002
Henry, William and Helen5513-May-2007
Hensel, Paul and Louise Armstrong506-Mar-2005
Herman, Milton E. “Bus” and Dorothy Andrews506-Apr-1997
Herold, Rodney and Deborah Dunn2529-Aug-1993
Herrel, Fred and Wilma Steele6019-Nov-1995
Herron, Earl and Alpha (Gaskins)5014-Apr-2002
Hershberger, Howard and Janice505-Aug-2007
Heston, Edward A. and Jean Lape503-Mar-2002
Heston, John R. and Barbara506-Feb-2011
Hettinger, Mr. and Mrs. Ray6825-Sep-1994
Hettinger, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond6726-Sep-1993
Hewitt, Keith A. and Margaret Primmer402-Mar-1997
Hiles, Jon and Linda “Bo”2523-Aug-1998
Hiles, Larry and Lorraine507-Aug-2011
Hiles, Larry and Lorraine Greathouse4029-Jul-2001
Hiles, Larry and Lorraine Greathouse405-Aug-2001
Hiles, Warren (Hoppy) and Velva Blanch Clark6018-Mar-2001
Hill, David “Dave” and Vickie Brown2530-Aug-1998
Hill, George and Linda4020-May-2001
Hill, George and Linda (Beverly)5022-May-2011
Hill, Isaac and Elaine (White)5017-Sep-2006
Hill, Robert and Louise King5022-Sep-2002
Hill, Rudolph H. and Janet E. Sites5020-Jan-2002
Hilyard, Robert and Bertha “Boggs”5023-Dec-2007
Hilyard, Robert and Bertha Boggs404-Jan-1998
Hilyard, Robert and Bertha Boggs455-Jan-2003
Hilyard, Robert and Bertha Boggs4512-Jan-2003
Hilyard, Robert and Carol5022-Aug-2004
Hinton, Herman F. and Marilee (Hunter)6024-Jul-2011
Hipsher, Roger and LaVonne Browning5025-Apr-1999
Hiser, Pearl and Pearl Englehart507-Apr-1996
Hite, Arthur Lowell and Norma J. Paugh509-Mar-1997
Hite, Arthur Lowell and Norma Jean Paugh6511-Mar-2012
Hite, Lester Dean and Marjorie Faye Tribble5019-May-1996
Hite, Russell “Lowell” and Jo-Ann5013-Jun-2004
Hoch, Frank and Eva Noice654-Sep-1994
Hoch, Kenneth A. and Edna M. Hardick4028-Aug-1994
Hoch, Robert J. “Bob” and Patricia J. “Pat” Bender5020-Apr-1997
Hoch, Robert J. Sr. and Patricia Jane Bender6022-Apr-2007
Hochraadel, William and Sue (Hubbard)5014-Apr-2002
Hochradel, Donald and Eileen Fisher5022-May-1994
Hock, Paul E. and Mary Lee Silcott5010-May-1998
Hockman, Emerson and Betty (Johnston)603-Aug-2008
Hockman, Emerson and Betty Johnston5016-Aug-1998
Hockman, Greg and Kim2521-Aug-2005
Hockman, Harold and Marilyn Harmon5024-Apr-2005
Hodge, Samuel “Sam” and Rosalind Gilsdorf5031-May-1998
Hoffman, Forrest and Dorothy VanGundy506-Mar-1994
Hoffman, James E. and Gloria M. Miller5031-Mar-1996
Hoffman, L. H. “Pat” and Irene Scholl6016-Jul-1995
Holben, James and Faith5021-Jul-2002
Holcomb, J. C. and Katie5017-Oct-1993
Hollett, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L.4031-Jan-2010
Holley, Ralph and Patricia Schleigh5018-Nov-2001
Homman, Earl and Rita Mertz5017-Sep-1995
Homman, Earl and Rita Mertz5524-Sep-2000
Hommel, Thomas and Sharon2513-Feb-2005
Hook, Leonard and Joy Allen5023-Jan-2000
Hooker, Frederick and Agnes Sharp5011-Dec-1994
Hopkins, Keith and Shirley5019-Jan-2003
Horn, Kenneth and Patricia Brewer5028-Mar-2004
Horn, Kenneth and Patricia Brewer504-Apr-2004
Horton, Clyde and Dorothy Miller503-Oct-1999
Hosey, Herbert and Joan506-Oct-2002
Hoshor, Boivin and Mary (Weidner)5018-May-2008
Hoshor, Gerald (Bob) and Lois (Mason)5016-Sep-2007
Hoskins, Jerry and Kay4028-Oct-2001
Hoskins, Jerry and Kay (Arter)504-Sep-2011
Hoskins, Stephen and Cynthia Campbell2526-Apr-1998
Householder, Cloyd and Patty Webb5014-May-1995
Householder, Clyde and Dorothy6023-Jun-1996
Householder, Robert W. and Zema Foster6231-Jul-1994
Householder, Robert W. and Zema Foster639-Jul-1995
Householder, Robert W. and Zema Foster647-Jul-1996
Householder, Robert W. and Zema Foster6513-Jul-1997
Householder, Robert W. and Zema Foster707-Jul-2002
Howard, John and Dorothy White5026-May-2002
Howdyshell, Alvin and Mary Haines5022-Sep-1996
Howdyshell, Alvin W. and Mary L. Haines601-Oct-2006
Howdyshell, Alvin W. and Mary L. Haines6015-Oct-2006
Howdyshell, George I. and Ruth Beerman6020-Jun-1993
Howdyshell, Loren and Evelyn Marie Bourne5019-May-1996
Howdyshell, Mr. and Mrs. William “Jr.”6010-Oct-2004
Howdyshell, Paul and JoAnn Alten5022-May-2005
Howdyshell, William J. and Barbara (Kishbaugh)6518-Oct-2009
Howdyshell, William J. and Barbara Kishbaugh5028-Aug-1994
Howell, Francis and Lillian5516-Nov-1997
Hoy, John and Freda6019-Jun-2011
Hubbard, Buzz and Tudie602-Feb-2003
Hubbard, Buzz and Tudie6517-Feb-2008
Hubbard, James and Sheila (Stover)507-Jun-2009
Huber, Carl “Jack” and Helen504-Apr-1999
Huddle, James and Marcella Driver5022-Sep-1996
Huffer, Eugene and Betty Riffle502-Oct-1994
Huffer, George B. and Novella Brown5011-Jun-1995
Huffer, Harold and Betty Dum452-Jul-1995
Huffer, Harold and Betty Dum5025-Jun-2000
Huffer, Harold and Betty Dum502-Jul-2000
Huffer, Walter and Jean (Esther Jean Sinift)5025-Oct-2009
Huffine, Mr. and Mrs.6023-Oct-2011
Huffine, Richard and Mary Cottrill504-Nov-2001
Hughes, Arnold and Patricia Noel5025-Mar-2001
Hughes, Delton and Margaret Haning5223-Jun-2002
Hughes, Delton and Margaret Haning5512-Jun-2005
Hughes, Ralph and Donna5020-Nov-2011
Hughey, Garland and Eleanor Brode6014-Dec-1997
Hugus, Russell Wycoff and Joan Smith502-Mar-2003
Humphrey, Robert L. and Kitty Manning5017-Sep-1995
Hunt, Gary R. and Doris Isaacs4025-Aug-1996
Hunt, Gary R. and Doris J. Isaacs5015-Oct-2006
Hunter, Earl and Roma Goss5012-Aug-2007
Hurst, Gary D. and Elsie May409-Jun-1996
Hurst, Pearl and Marlene507-Oct-2007
Hussey, Ronald and Jane Madden5020-Aug-2000
Huston, Darrell and Martha Brown2512-Oct-1997
Huston, Harlye and Thelma Stuteville5014-Jul-1996
Huston, Loy “Bud” and Leona Anderson5012-Nov-2000
Huston, Myrl and Mary Ann (Hall)457-Feb-2010
Huston, Ronald Porter and Wilma JoAnn Jewell508-Mar-1998
Hutchinson, William and Sue Guisinger5024-Jun-2007
Inghram, Thomas Allen and Sue Ann (Harrison)502-Nov-2008
Irvin, Mr. and Mrs. Francis “Bill”2512-Nov-1995
Irwin, William G. and Sharon Shively-Phillips2523-Jun-1996
Jackson, Andrew G. and Helen441-Apr-2001
Jackson, Bob and Lizetta Brown5019-Jul-1998
Jackson, Dan and Jackie3516-Sep-2001
Jackson, Dan and Jackie4031-Dec-2006
Jackson, Larry and Rita4021-Sep-2003
Jackson, Ralph and Charlotte Turner6012-Aug-2007
Jackson, Ralph and Charlotte Turner6012-Aug-2007
Jackson, Ralph L. and Charlotte Turner5010-Aug-1997
Jackson, Ronald L. and Linda S. Foltz2529-Mar-1998
Jackson, S. Farrell and Ruth501-Jun-2003
Jackson, Sheldon and Mary Jane505-Sep-1999
Jackson, Wayne and Carolyn4017-Sep-2006
Jacobs, George H. and Cleo R. Smith2522-Aug-1993
Jadwin, Edwin and Eileen Householder656-Nov-2005
James, Carl and Betty (Sherrick)659-Nov-2008
James, Carl and Betty Sherrick5017-Oct-1993
James, Carl and Betty Sherrik637-Jan-2007
James, Thomas and Patricia Gullett2522-Aug-1993
Janeri, Mr. and Mrs. William “Jed”504-Jul-2010
Jansons, Paul and Alice “Sis” Eck4010-Sep-1995
Jansons, Paul and Alice (Sis)4527-Aug-2000
Jansons, Paul and Alice (Sis)4510-Sep-2000
Jansons, Paul and Sis5014-Aug-2005
Jaschek, Georg and Miriam Berthold401-Nov-1998
Jeffers, John and Betty502-Feb-2003
Jeffery, Harold B. “Jeff” and Margaret “Peg” Mooney5016-Nov-2003
Jenkins, Russell M. and Mary Helena Gordon7229-Dec-2002
Jenkins, Westley R. and Mary5026-Jun-1994
Jenkins, Westley R. and Mary F. Wagner6027-Jun-2004
Jenkinson, Tom annd Thelma6029-May-2011
Jepson, Bob (Dr. Robert) and Marilyn (Davis)507-Oct-2012
Jepson, Robert (Dr.) and Marilyn Davis4027-Oct-2002
Jester, Joseph and Peggy Johnson5024-Oct-2004
Johnson, Earl “Meatman” and Deloris “Dody” Sheets4014-Sep-1997
Johnson, Eugene E. and Mary Catherine Fuchs606-Dec-1998
Johnson, George and Patricia501-Jun-1997
Johnson, George N. and Patricia559-Jun-2002
Johnson, Gilbert and Margaret Henry5016-Nov-1997
Johnson, James A. and Barb Henderly2523-Jul-1995
Johnson, John R. and Dorothy M.5028-Jul-2002
Johnson, Samuel H. and Thelma A. Morrison5024-Mar-1996
Johnson, Walter and Helen2510-Nov-2002
Johnson, William and Dolores504-Nov-2001
Johnson, William J. and Miriam K.5014-Jul-1996
Johnston, Billy and Louise (Woodward)5016-Sep-2007
Johnston, James and Floretta (Childers)506-Nov-2011
Jones, Earl and Barbara Pheneger506-Aug-2000
Jones, Fred and Etta2528-Mar-1993
Jones, Jack and Linda4529-Aug-1999
Jones, Lawrence E. “Jonesy” and Velma DeVol5020-Jun-1993
Jones, Lowell E. and Opal Knapp5026-Jun-1994
Jones, Thomas and Myra Jones (maiden name)5016-Jan-2000
Joos, Harold and Pat Kemp5022-Aug-2004
Joos, Harold and Patricia Kemp404-Sep-1994
Joos, Harold and Patricia Kemp4011-Sep-1994
Joos, John and Laura507-Sep-1997
Joos, John and Laura609-Sep-2007
Jourdan, Robert and Betty6313-Jan-2008
Jourdan, Robert and Betty Bay5713-Jan-2002
Jourdan, Robert M. and Betty Lou Bay6016-Jan-2005
Jourden, Robert M. and Betty Lou Bay5011-Dec-1994
Joy, Elza and Wilda Baldwin6519-Sep-1993
Juncewicz, Albert and Theresa (Fox)5021-Aug-2011
Justus, Jim and Debbie Clark2529-Sep-1996
Kachel, Robert and Florence E. Huston4011-Apr-1993
Kachel, Robert and Florence E. Huston4025-Apr-1993
Kane, John and Gleneth6324-Mar-2002
Katlic, Jack and Nancy6026-Aug-2010
Kauffman, Carl and Betty5026-May-1996
Kauffman, Mike and Linda305-May-2002
Kaufman, Robert and Audrey505-Sep-1999
Kaumeyer, William and Norma Ruff5029-Aug-1999
Kavander, William “Bill” and Shirley G. Myers5013-Jul-2003
Keckley, H. V. (Mike) and Barbara (Bobbie)5021-Sep-2008
Keener, Robert L. and Cora G.4017-Mar-1996
Keesee, Tim and Cindy2521-Jan-2001
Keister, Don and Barbara Spires503-Mar-1996
Kell, Jeff and Jeanne Barnett2524-Sep-2000
Kellenbarger, Martin Sr. and Rosemary2525-Apr-1999
Keller, Alvin W. and Marie Parcels5519-Sep-1993
Keller, Alvin W. and Marie Parcels6027-Sep-1998
Keller, Alvin W. and Marie Parcels6528-Sep-2003
Keller, Dennis and Donna5012-Jun-2011
Keller, Everett R. and Marjorie Fawn Reedy6519-Jan-1997
Keller, Joseph Donald and JoAnne Jones506-Sep-1998
Keller, Leonard and Pat5023-Dec-2001
Keller, Lester Ray and Maryland Virginia Comer505-Dec-2004
Keller, Richard and Grace5027-Jul-2003
Kelley, Darrell and Reba (Miller)606-May-2007
Kelley, Darrell and Reba Miller5020-Apr-1997
Kelley, Herbert W. and Ruth E.6517-Jul-2005
Kelly, Bill and Martha Russell5018-Apr-2004
Kelly, Henry and Eileen Higgins556-Feb-1995
Kelsey, Paul G. and Billie Milton507-Jul-2002
Kemmerer, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W.2524-Apr-1994
Kemp, Frederick J. and Ria E. Guisinger406-Feb-1995
Kemp, Paul L. and Particia L. Drake403-Dec-1995
Kemper, John and Fairy Arnold502-Nov-1997
Kempton, John E. Sr. and Amelia Bevis504-Feb-1996
Kempton, Orville and Gerty5018-Sep-1994
Kennedy, Clyde and Dawn5012-May-1996
Kennedy, Gary and Sharon3522-Jun-1997
Kennedy, Gary R. (Pete) and Sharon5024-Jun-2012
Kennedy, Paul and Mary504-Mar-2001
Kenney, E. Wayne and Mary George6519-Dec-2004
Kenney, Elba Wayne and Mary George6028-Nov-1999
Kern, Raymond and Betty Jenkins-Duncan5010-Jul-1994
Kern, Trenton E. and Jean E. Ritchie5020-Mar-1994
Kerns, Howard and Betty Rittgers5012-Apr-1998
Kessler, Charles V. and Regina5021-Jul-1996
Kessler, Fred and Mary (Hillis)506-Jun-2010
Ketcham, Jim and Madonna (Sweeney)5015-Jun-2008
Ketchum, Donald “Sam” and Patricia Haas4528-Oct-2001
Keyes, Dan and Juanita6210-May-2009
Keyes, Dan and Juanita G. McCollister5011-May-1997
Kidder, Otho Dale and Norma501-Feb-1998
Kiger, Fred and Anna (Snyder)6929-Apr-2007
Kiger, Fred and Anna Snyder6019-Apr-1998
Kiger, Mr. and Mrs. Fred654-May-2003
Kiger, Robert and Marcia Deeds5020-Feb-2000
Kilbarger, Donald and Miriam (Miller)5018-Nov-2001
Kilbarger, Earl and Juanita601-Apr-2007
Kilbarger, Earl and Juanita Rhonemus5016-Mar-1997
Kilbarger, Ed and Linda (DeeDee)5013-Sep-2009
Kilbarger, Edward W. and Mary Margaret Shonebarger602-Jul-1995
Kilbarger, James and Margaret Bayer5022-Sep-1996
Kilbarger, Norman M. and Betty Kohler5028-Oct-2001
Kilbarger, Raymond F. and Marilyn Giesy5024-Dec-2000
Kilbarger, Veral (Dick) and Cora Amspaugh5023-Jul-2000
Kinder, James and Sandy4012-Sep-1999
King, Charles L. and Barbara (Nims)5029-Jul-2007
King, John A. and Kathleen Thomas5019-Dec-1993
King, Larry and Jane5011-Feb-2007
King, Russ Sr. and Betty Holland506-Jun-1999
Kinser, Charles and Eva Davis509-Oct-1994
Kinser, Charles and Eva Davis6024-Oct-2004
Kinser, Rex and Mary6029-Apr-2007
Kinser, Rex and Mary Ann Kilbarger5020-Apr-1997
Kinser, Rexford L. and Mary Ann (Kilbarger)6522-Apr-2012
Kiser, Walter and Arizona Tackett5031-Aug-2003
Kishler, Charles L. and Margaret M. Brooks5015-Oct-1995
Kisling, William and Janet (Clyburn)607-Dec-2008
Kisling, William and Janet Clyburn5027-Dec-1998
Kistler, Gerald and Dorothy Wolfe5021-Feb-1999
Kistler, Ken and Bonnie Matheny4023-Nov-2003
Kistler, Ken and Bonnie Matheny407-Dec-2003
Kitsmiller, Harry F. and Shirley Ann Alten504-May-2003
Kitsmiller, Harry F. and Shirley Ann Alten5011-May-2003
Kitsmiller, Harry F. and Shirley Ann Alten5018-May-2003
Klausing, Ronald and Deanna Leiser309-Nov-1997
Kline, Benjamin and Joyce Thompson354-Sep-1994
Kline, David E. and Darlene Lape2515-Sep-1996
Kline, David E. and Darlene Lape3026-Aug-2001
Kline, David E. and Darlene R. Lape353-Sep-2006
Kline, Lenus “Burr” and Erma501-Sep-1996
Kline, Lowell M. and Mary Jane502-Jun-1996
Klinger, Bill and Rosalie Davisson5027-Sep-1998
Klingler, Hobert and Ruth Turner5026-Aug-2001
Knipe, Richard and Blanche Mahan505-Apr-1998
Kohler, Merle R. and Alice O. Hyme5023-Jun-2002
Konkler, Lawrence (Pete) and Mary Kay (Schleich)5024-Sep-2006
Kraft, Charles “Chum” and Kathleen J. Pickering5030-May-1999
Kraft, Robert (Bob) and Louise (Joan)5031-Jul-2005
Kraft, Robert and Joan5014-Dec-2003
Kraner, Verlin and Mary Ann6517-Oct-2010
Kraner, Verlin Jr. “Lefty” and Mary Ann Dupler501-Oct-1995
Krannitz, Charles R. and Anna Mary Kunkler5019-Aug-2001
Krile, Leonard and Clara Danner5015-Jun-1997
Kuhn, Francis E. and Norma J. (Holston)5016-Nov-2008
Kuhn, Francis E. and Norma J. (Holston)5023-Nov-2008
Kull, Donald and Marilyn Soliday4023-Sep-2001
Kull, Herman and Evelyn Norris5014-Jun-1998
Kunkler, James and Marcia “Pat” Taylor5023-May-1999
Kunkler, Leo E. and Dorothy Clark408-Nov-1998
Kunkler, Paul “Pete” and Irene4031-Aug-2003
Kunkler, Pete and Irene Flowers305-Sep-1993
Kuttig, Edward and Ann503-Mar-1996
Labus, Roger H. and Mildred K.5019-May-1996
Lama, Beeman and Mildred6014-May-2000
Lama, Beeman and Mildred655-Jun-2005
Lama, Beeman and Mildred6512-Jun-2005
Lamb, Leo and Mary Malloy5010-Apr-1994
Lamb, Paul O. and Norma E. Huston405-May-1996
Lambert, John and Nancy Shirer257-Jun-1998
Lambert, William and Phyllis (Lissant)6018-Dec-2005
Lambert, William J. and Phyllis M. Lissant5019-Nov-1995
Lamp, Wilbur and Miriam Ballmer509-Mar-1997
Landis, Dale and Joan (Wolfe)6518-Sep-2011
Landis, Dale and Joan Wolfe5015-Sep-1996
Landis, Harry and JoAnn5024-Jul-2005
Landis, Roger T. and Eileen Lang4025-Jun-2000
Landis, Roger T. and Eileen Lang402-Jul-2000
Landis, Terry and Connie508-May-2011
Landis, William E. and Avril M. Wade5017-Oct-2004
Lane, Harry and Helen5013-Nov-2005
Lang, Albert D. and Virginia Elick604-Sep-1994
Lanier, Cleo and JoAnn Mulholand5016-Dec-2001
Lansing, James I. And Emma Jean (Krebs)5030-Jun-2002
Lantz, James and Eileen Weaver5013-Mar-1994
Lantz, James Axline and Eileen Weaver6029-Feb-2004
Lape, Don and JoAnn5010-Apr-2011
Larabee, Carl and Lillie Turkenton605-Jul-1998
Laube, Jerome and Elizabeth Joos4023-Feb-1997
Lavender, Jesse (Rev.) and Pearl6820-May-2001
Lavender, Jesse F. (The Rev.) and Pearl Kessler7025-May-2003
Lavender, Rev. Jesse and Pearl Kessler602-May-1993
Lavender, Rev. Jesse and Pearl Kessler6517-May-1998
Lavender, William and Kathleen671-Jul-2001
Laver, Jim and Janice (Emsiviler)5027-Aug-2006
Lavere, John and Cyndi2513-Mar-2011
Lavey, Orval B. and Josephine Daubenmire506-Aug-1995
Lawrence, Richard and Donna5011-Jul-2004
Lawyer, Melvin R. and Nita Botts5022-Dec-1996
Lax, Leslie and Judith Smith3624-Aug-1997
Leach, Paul and Madonna6019-Feb-2012
Leach, Paul and Madonna Stalter554-Mar-2007
Leach, Paul Jr. and MaDonna Stalter5024-Feb-2002
Leach, Richard W. and Dorothy A. Kelley5020-Nov-2005
Leach, Robert and Martha (Brown)554-Feb-2007
Leach, Robert L. and Martha Brown5020-Jan-2002
Leavitt, William C. “Bill” and Mary Louise “Lou” Marriner503-Oct-1999
Lebold, Don G. and Martha L.501-Nov-1998
Lecrone, Willard and Cindy258-Oct-1995
Lecrone, Willard M. Jr. and Cynthia (Smith)4010-Oct-2010
Lecrone, William “Bill” and Patricia “Patty” Leach5026-Dec-2004
Ledesma, Lloyd and Joann5019-Nov-1995
Ledgett, Paul and Catherine508-Sep-2002
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E., Sr4012-Jun-1994
Lefebure, Owen and Pauline401-Aug-1993
Lefebure, Owen and Pauline Paxton5020-Jul-2003
Lehman, Noel and Jean Snider5024-Sep-1995
Leith, Donn and Wanda Eversole5021-Oct-2001
Leitnaker, Lynn and Marjorie Householder5017-Dec-2000
LeMay, Henry “Hank” and Doris (Graf)6014-Aug-2005
LeMay, Henry “Hank” and Doris Graf5020-Aug-1995
Leohner, John and Sherie5024-Jun-2007
Leohner, Paul W. and Rita M. Keller5023-Jun-1996
Lewis, Ernest E. and Jeannine A. Villeval5015-Oct-1995
Lewis, James R. and Alice Lockwood5021-May-2006
Liebchen, Ralph W. and Anna L.648-May-1994
Liebchen, Ralph W. and Anna L.6530-Apr-1995
Liff, Elmer and June Shriver506-May-2001
Lindig, Paul H. and Martha M. Boyer5019-Nov-2000
Little, John (Rev.) and Catherine506-Apr-2003
Lively, Mr. and Mrs. James607-Nov-2010
Locke, Franklin L. and Ruby R. Finney503-Jun-2007
Locke, James W. and Edith M. Davis504-Aug-1996
Lones, Fred and Shirley509-May-2004
Lones, Robert and Ruth (Klinger)706-Aug-2006
Lones, Robert and Ruth Klingler604-Aug-1996
Lones, Robert R. and Zola Ruth Klingler6519-Aug-2001
Long, Rondo G. and Betty Jo Bugh5031-Oct-1993
Long, Shirley Hudson and Emma Jean Doss5015-Feb-2004
Love, Fred and Betty (Elick)502-Jul-2006
Love, Stephen “Steve” and Karen Slaten254-Jul-1999
Love, William R. and Louise Morris603-Jul-1994
Lowry, Bill and Donna501-Oct-2000
Lucas, Norman and Betty Lloyd5024-Nov-1996
Luck, David A. (Mr. and Mrs.)3513-Aug-2000
Lukens, Ernest D. and Flora Waller407-Jun-1998
Lukens, Mark and Lori508-Jun-2008
Lunsford, Charles and Bernadine “Sis” Wharton6020-Oct-2002
Lunsford, Charles and Bernadine (Wharton) “Sis”6525-Nov-2007
Luse, Jim and Jean4010-Aug-2008
Luse, Mr. and Mrs. James W.284-Aug-1996
Lutz, John A. and Velma Catherine Dupler6019-May-1996
Lutz, John A. and Velma Dupler7014-May-2006
Lutz, John Allen and Velma Dupler6520-May-2001
Lutz, John and Martha Daniels5030-May-2004
Lyendecker, Louis “Chuck” and Martha4020-Sep-1998
Lyendecker, Louis (Chub) and Martha5014-Sep-2008
Lynn, Robert and Mary5027-Aug-2006
Lynn, Robert and Mary5030-Aug-2006
Lyons, Norman and LaVerne2522-May-1994
Lytle, Kenneth and Robbye (McNeil)5029-Apr-2007
Mace, Kenneth E. and Irma Bauer5018-Apr-1993
Mace, Marion Jr. and Geraldine “Jerry” Bailey502-Sep-2001
MacGregor, Cline “Jay” and Michele Cramer2528-May-1995
Mack, Ralph and Carol Bennett505-Sep-2004
Mackie, Phil and Bonnie5020-Apr-2003
Mallory, Gary and Dee508-Oct-2006
Marchington, Ronald E. and Corabelle Brooks5014-Apr-2002
Marks, Richard and Deborah Voss2524-Jan-1999
Markwood, Paul and Elsie5012-Nov-1995
Marquart, Kenneth and Favonia502-Sep-2007
Marshall, Harry E. and Florence Mae McAuliffe505-Sep-1993
Marshall, Thomas and Freda5028-May-2006
Martin, Mac and Connie5026-Dec-2010
Martin, Max and Lois5023-May-2010
Martin, Robert W. and Helen Hubal5028-Aug-1994
Martin, Robert W. and Helen Hubal504-Sep-1994
Martin, Robert W. and Helen Hubal5526-Sep-1999
Mason, Gene and Miriam (Schwartz)5016-Sep-2007
Mason, Merl and Rita602-Jun-2002
Mason, Merle and Rita6527-May-2007
Mason, Mr. and Mrs. George6021-May-1995
Masteller, Roger and Beverly (Clark)5027-Jun-2010
Matheny, Carl and Louise Parsons5027-Mar-1994
Mathews, James G. and Helen Duddleson5312-Dec-1999
Mathews, Jim and Helen Duddeson5010-Nov-1996
Mathias, Don C. and Clara Hahn406-Jun-1993
Mathias, Don C. and Clara Hahn5016-Jun-2003
Mathias, J. E. “Junior” and Doris Derr5025-Apr-1999
Mathias, Joe and Twila Bonar5017-Oct-2004
Mathias, John and Bette501-Dec-2002
Mathias, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L.505-May-1996
Mathias, Ned Doyle and Delores “Dee” Williams5026-Dec-1999
Mathias, Ron and Mary Love5021-Jan-2007
Mattis, Andrew and Helen (Dickerson)509-Jul-2006
Mattlin, Jack R. Sr. and Judith G.5019-Jun-2005
Mattlin, Jack R. Sr. and Judith G.5026-Jun-2005
Mauger, Clarence and Thelma Myers5016-Nov-1997
Mauger, Harold R. and Margaret Bresler5010-Jul-1994
Mauger, Ronald and Jean (Seever)5011-Oct-2009
Mauger, Ronald and Thelma Jean (Seever)5018-Oct-2009
Maury, Ray and Jean Smith5026-Jul-1998
May, Charles and Carolyn5030-Oct-2011
May, David and Cathy DeLong258-May-2005
May, James and Pamela4021-Sep-2008
May, James and Pamela4028-Sep-2008
McAfee, Mr. and Mrs. Gail (Bill)5022-Oct-2006
McCabe, Ralph and Marjorie (Rusdorfer)5031-Mar-2002
McCandlish, Clifford and Marjorie Hoyd505-Jan-1997
McCandlish, Lloyd and Mary Lou507-Nov-2010
McCandlish, Richard L. and Ruth Ann McCullough4021-Jul-1996
McCandlish, Rick and Lynn Borah2520-Oct-1996
McCaque, Bob and Linda Vickroy2527-Jun-2004
McClain, Barney and Jane502-Apr-2000
McClelland, Mac and Bette5615-Sep-2002
McClung, Frederick and Eileen (Rager)5019-Aug-2007
McClung, Frederick G. and Eileen M. Rager4010-Aug-1997
McClure, Thomas Sr. and Helen Gerlach558-Oct-1995
McClurg, John L. “Jack” and Dorothy E. “Dottie”5021-Jul-1996
McConnell, James and Mary Margaret Mohler4020-Aug-1995
McCoy, Charles and Esther Jenkins602-Jan-1994
McCoy, Dave and Barb (Prucinsky)253-Apr-2011
McCoy, Jim and Diane (Coddington)5023-Sep-2007
McCoy, Tom and Louretta2517-Oct-1993
McCrady, Edward and Leah5018-Jul-2004
McCullough, Dean and Imogene McLaughlin5017-Nov-1996
McCune, Doyal and Sharla Jean Peters5012-Oct-2003
McCune, Doyal and Sharla Jean Peters5019-Oct-2003
McCurdy, Ralph and Pat506-Aug-2006
McDaniel, Floyd and Geneva Mandrell6016-Jan-2000
McDaniel, Floyd and Geneva Mandrell6227-Jan-2002
McDaniel, Floyd and Geneva Mandrell6523-Jan-2005
McDaniel, Floyd and Geneva Mandrell665-Feb-2006
McDaniel, Floyd I. and Geneva Mandrell5726-Jan-1997
McDaniel, Gerald and Mary Foulk6029-Jun-2003
McDonald, Jim and Jean Norris5016-Feb-1997
McDonald, Jim and Jean Norris5023-Feb-1997
McDonald, Richard and Gerry507-Nov-2004
McFarland, Isaac and Erma5810-Mar-2002
McFarland, Isaac and Erma6014-Mar-2004
McFarland, Isaac and Erma Fausnaugh5010-Mar-1994
McGill, James D. and Jayne Fetters401-Jul-2007
McHale, Martin L. “Buck” and Peggy R. Cluff5029-Jan-1995
McIlwain, Jimmie and  Joretta5019-Sep-2004
McIlwain, Roy and Laudie6813-Jun-1993
McJunkin, Ray H. and Betty K. Chancey5022-Jun-1997
McKee, Ancil Jr. and Mildred L. Reichardt508-Aug-2004
McLaughlin, Wayne and Mary (Howdyshell)5026-Aug-2007
McMillen, Gerry and Barbara Nevil5012-Jun-2005
McNabb, Ray R. and Mary Lou Seitz5011-Jun-2000
McNeal, Gerald and Dorothy5027-Sep-1998
McPherson, Charles E. and ? Morris506-Apr-1997
McPherson, Charles Edwin and Elizabeth Jane Morris601-Apr-2007
McWilliams, Lloyd “Mac” and Mary Ellen Thatcher5027-Jun-1999
Meadows, Mitch and Pam Bentz2522-Aug-1999
Mechling, Paul and Annabelle (Anne) Wallace6031-Jul-2005
Mechling, Paul P. and Annabelle Wallace5023-Jul-1995
Medaugh, John G. (Rev.) and Ruby Pauline Ashton5016-Nov-2003
Meeks, Dale and Eileen Keller5027-May-2001
Menter, Ted and Meg Hurdelbrink5027-Aug-2000
Merckle, Manford (“JR”) and Gladys Louise Glanemann506-Jul-2003
Merckle, Manford and Gladys Glenemann4011-Jul-1993
Meredith, Jim and Delcia5016-Apr-1995
Mericle, John and Marcella5027-Mar-2005
Mericle, John and Marcella Muck402-Apr-1995
Merk, Dr. James A. and Rita M. Trentman5014-Aug-2005
Mertens, Elmer and Mary E. Lane5017-Mar-1996
Mertz, Tom and Evelyn Louise Ety5030-Oct-2005
Messerknecht, Glenn and Esther507-Dec-2003
Messerly, Carl and Wilma Klingler5010-Oct-1999
Messerly, Herb and Ann5019-Sep-2010
Messerly, Jerome and Francis Allen5027-Oct-2002
Messerly, Martin D. and Nancy J. Wyrick253-Sep-2006
Messerly, Phillip and Nancy (Hollett)5018-Oct-2009
Metcalf, Dale and Mary (Davis)7013-Dec-2009
Metcalf, Dale and Mary Davis6012-Dec-1999
Meyers, William and Grace Bove5026-Nov-2000
Mickey, Francis and Mary Emmert604-Sep-2005
Middaugh, Franklin and Mildred509-Apr-2006
Middaugh, Roger and Carol (Miley)5019-Aug-2012
Miles, Robert H. and Mary Ailes5019-Nov-1995
Millar, Jim and Barb5030-Nov-2008
Miller, Bill and Geri Norway5024-Apr-2005
Miller, C. Eugene “Toots” and Betty Lou Wears455-Sep-1999
Miller, C. Eugene and Betty5022-Aug-2004
Miller, Charles and Wanda Bird5023-Nov-1997
Miller, Clarence “Red” and Carrie Wade5030-Aug-1998
Miller, Elmer and Marjorie Ann Loraditch4015-Jan-1995
Miller, Elmer W. and Marjorie Ann Loraditch5023-Jan-2005
Miller, Francis J. and Wanda Deaver557-Sep-1997
Miller, Glen L. and Frances L. Clark5019-Apr-1998
Miller, Harold “Muzzy” and Jennie Koch4011-Apr-1993
Miller, Harold “Muzzy” and Jennie Koch4018-Apr-1993
Miller, Joe and Dana Smith4010-Sep-2006
Miller, Lloyd and Edna Wheeler604-Apr-1993
Miller, Lloyd L. and Edna Wheeler6628-Mar-1999
Miller, Maynard and Joyce Stebelton5023-Aug-1998
Miller, Mike and Diane Kelly2524-Nov-2002
Miller, Neal E. and Betty Joan Briggs5031-Aug-1997
Miller, Noel and Joan Briggs659-Sep-2012
Miller, Orven and Dorothy Wolfinger609-Feb-1997
Miller, Owen and Dorothy Wolfinger6517-Feb-2002
Miller, Ralph Byron (LtCol. Ret.) and Molly Ann Mason5011-Nov-2007
Miller, Raymond and Janet253-Jul-2005
Miller, Robert and Donna5017-Oct-2004
Miller, Robert and Helen Fox5018-Oct-1998
Miller, Robert H. and Freda Tucker508-Jun-1997
Miller, Ron and Pam Price2511-Apr-2004
Miller, Russell E. and Frances Regina Dindore5016-Feb-1997
Miller, Steven F. and Debbie Wooster2520-Jun-1999
Miller, Thomas E. and Mary Jean Potter5023-Aug-1998
Miller, Verl L. and Carolyn M. Strosnider5013-Nov-2005
Miller, William A. and Helen Rockey5025-Apr-1993
Milless, Raymond “Dutch” and Lilah Storts5018-Jan-1998
Milliser, Kenneth E. and Dorothy Bobbitt5029-Jun-1997
Millisor, Clyde and Mildred Hufford553-Aug-1997
Mills, Claude and Lee Capps5012-May-1996
Mills, Jesse and Betty Friend504-Dec-1994
Mills, Thomas J. and Freeda D. Reef6516-Feb-2003
Mitchell, Jim and Mary Lou5011-Aug-2002
Mlisee, James and Lucille Hagan6029-Jul-2001
Moats, Henry and Kathleen Harlan5017-Mar-1996
Moe, Henry O. and Nancy H.405-May-1996
Mohler, Charles E. and Peggy Malloy608-Jul-2001
Mohler, Donald and Wilma Childers5014-Jul-2002
Mohler, Gerald (“Pete”) and Deanna508-Jun-2008
Mohler, Leonard C. and Martha B.5026-Feb-1995
Mondhank, Reuben and Pauline5015-Aug-2004
Mondhank, Reuben and Pauline Thompson403-Jul-1994
Moneypenny, Ron and Marie2531-Dec-2006
Monnett, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Ray5019-Dec-1993
Monroe, Steve and Jeryl Robinson2525-Jul-2004
Montague, Charles and Betty Lou6027-Jun-2004
Montague, Charles F. and Betty L. Kellner5029-May-1994
Montague, Parker and Estella7020-Feb-1994
Montgomery, Raymond and Lila Lee Klump5023-Jun-1996
Moody, Robert and Barbara503-Feb-2008
Moody, Ronald and Sue A. Webb5029-Aug-2010
Moore, Charles and Maxine DeLong5029-Sep-1996
Moore, Earl R. and Dorothy Neeley6015-May-1994
Moore, Ed and Tammy2520-Nov-2005
Moore, Estill and Carla Fleak2512-Aug-2007
Moore, Jerald Eugene “Jug” and Wilma Jean Mathias5023-Apr-2000
Moore, Jesse and Lizzie6724-Jul-1994
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Jerald (Jug and Jean)6011-Apr-2010
Morehart, Harold and Norma Tolliver5021-Jan-2001
Morehart, Ned and Phyllis5017-Dec-2000
Morehart, Ralph and Lou Ann Schaal505-Jun-2005
Morehead, Robert and Wanda Smith5010-Mar-1996
Morgan, Homer and Dorothy6012-Oct-1997
Morgan, Marion and Susanne (Daubenmire)5018-Jun-2006
Morgan, Marion and Suzanne4016-Jun-1996
Morgan, Roger and Linda Konkler2514-Jun-1998
Morgan, William F. and Virginia Jane5015-Aug-2008
Morgan, William F. and Virginia Jane5017-Aug-2008
Morris, Ed and Jeannette (Reid)5013-Jun-2010
Morris, Ray and Shirley (Smith)506-May-2012
Morrison, Glenn and Marlene5020-Mar-2011
Morrison, Jack and Wanda5011-Nov-2007
Morrison, Jack E. and Wanda Starner4016-Nov-1997
Moser, Roger and Mary Barker5024-Sep-1995
Motsch, Gail and Nancy (Binder)506-Feb-2011
Moury, Robert and Wanetta Poston409-Jan-1994
Mowery, George S. and Barbara Ruff5016-Nov-2003
Mowery, Gerald and Lillian Ringhiser5014-Sep-1997
Mowery, Harold and Eleanor5019-Mar-2000
Mowery, Harold R. and Lois5021-Jul-1996
Mowrey, Everett and Jean Evans5023-Aug-1998
Moyer, Richard D. and Nita Abernathy5024-Sep-1995
Moyer, Thomas and Shirley Middaugh5026-Jan-2003
Muck, H. Kenneth and Doris Mae Merrick506-Feb-2005
Muck, Wilmer and N. Jean Cordle5021-May-2000
Muck, Wilmer and N. Jean Cordle504-Jun-2000
Mulrooney, Raymond W. and Charlotte J.4014-Jul-2002
Mulroy, Eugene H. and Rose A. Messerly4020-Feb-2000
Murdock, Tom and Kathy Jahn2518-Jan-2004
Murphy, Fred L. Sr. and Frances5015-Sep-1996
Murphy, Paul J. and Norene Trentman505-Dec-2004
Murray, John R. and Geneva Todd6014-Apr-1996
Murray, John R. and Geneva Todd6524-Jun-2001
Murray, John R. and Geneva Todd651-Jul-2001
Murray, Maurice Eugene “Murph” and Marie Louise Anderson5018-Mar-2001
Musgrave, Carl S. and Helen Maxwell504-Apr-1993
Musser, Carl E. and Antonette “Tony” Angle5012-Aug-2001
Myers, Carroll W. and Charlotte I. Zeller5026-Dec-2004
Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Jr. “Bob and Linda J.”457-Feb-2010
Myers, William M. and Patricia5011-Jun-2006
Nauman, Dick and Wilda606-Mar-2011
Nauman, Ralph and Eileen5522-Feb-1998
Nauman, Ralph and Eileen609-Mar-2003
Nauman, Richard C. and Wilda E. Wears5018-Mar-2001
Nebbergall, Thomas Quincy and Mildred Jean Goff3516-May-1993
Needs, Daniel and Peggy Palsgrove254-Mar-2001
Needs, Ralph Eugene and Ruth Evelyn Parlette5030-May-1999
Neff, Paul E. and Lois Justice5019-Jan-1997
Neighbor, Charles E. and Leona English5025-Jan-2004
Neighbor, John and Beverly Hiles509-Jul-1995
Nelson and Pauline Trimmer7029-May-2011
Nelson, Robert and Joann Blackstone5015-Jun-1997
Nelson, Walter R. and Loretta J. Landis5026-Jul-1998
Nester, Maynard and Elizabeth505-Jan-2003
Nettles, Dean and Carolyn Yoho Hahn3517-Sep-1995
Newman, Geroge H. and Mary Smith6027-Aug-2000
Newman, John “Lou” and Emma Jane Lutz6019-Sep-1999
Newman, Ron and Vera504-Dec-2011
Nichols, M. David and Barbara Coey2528-Mar-1999
Nicholson, Howard Gardner and Dorothy Jenne5027-Feb-2005
Nicodemus, Lowell and Betty5028-Aug-2011
Nihiser, Clyde and Virginia Marie Woltz5025-Jul-1993
Nihiser, Marion and Thelma Rose Snyder702-Jun-2002
Nihiser, Marion E. and Thelma Rose Snyder658-Jun-1997
Nihiser, Robert E. and Glenda Leasure5026-Sep-2004
Nixon, Ronald (Ron) and Loretta (Duval)506-Apr-2008
Noble, David and Doris Granthum5013-Jun-1999
Noble, Harold and Audrey6027-Aug-2000
Noble, Mr. and Mrs. David E.4512-Jun-1994
Noice, Earnest and Sarah Keister5028-Mar-1993
Noice, George Wm. and Kay5011-Jul-2010
Noland, Larry F. and Lenora L. Kemp253-Jul-2005
Noland, Larry F. and Lenora Louise Kemp2522-May-2005
Noll, George and Helen Crist257-May-1995
North, Bill and Elsie Pellow508-Jan-1995
North, Frederick J. Sr. and Dorothy M. Hart5023-Sep-2001
North, Raymond J. and Marie H. Kilbarger6024-Sep-2006
Novack, Jerry and Marlene5030-Nov-2008
Nusbaum, Jackie Dane and Lois Rebecca Wilson504-Apr-2004
Nutter, Bill and Ann5011-Dec-2005
Nye, Carl E. and Myrna Joe5015-May-2005
Nye, Clarence and Theresa A. Messbarger5026-Oct-1997
Oatney, Neil and Ilene6418-Mar-2007
Oatney, Neil and Ilene6524-Feb-2008
Oatney, Neil and Ilene Reed609-Feb-2003
Oatney, Paul and Bernice Arrington557-Jul-1996
Oatney, Paul and Bernice Arrington6015-Jul-2001
Ochs, Charles and Anita Rosentreter5022-Apr-2001
O’Dell, Jerald “Digger” and Vivian Rice4010-Nov-1996
Ogg, Earl E. and Ruth A. Sisco354-Jun-1995
O’Hare, Charles and Martha Ketcham4019-Nov-2000
Oldaker, Ralph and Patsy Bair5025-Dec-2005
O’Rourke, Thomas J. and Hazel Marguerite Earley506-Jan-2002
Ortman, William and Norma501-Feb-1998
Osbun, Charles W. and Esther Morrow5021-Jul-1996
Page, James and Bonnie (Brown)4021-Jun-2009
Page, William K. and Dorothy Mang7021-May-1995
Page, William K. and Dorothy Riegel5012-Jul-1998
Pairan, Walter “Tom” and Mary Carson5027-Apr-1997
Palm, Richard and Janice (Benadum)5022-Jun-2008
Palmer, Carl and Barbara5026-Jun-2005
Palmer, Ed (Edwin Thomas) and Jane (Nancy Jane Tribble)5027-Apr-2008
Palmer, William Sr. and Linda Smith2528-Jan-2001
Pandolf, Nicholas and Donna (Hughey)5013-Dec-2009
Parrish, Glenn and Dolores6031-Aug-1997
Parrish, Robert and Janet Kost3517-Aug-1997
Parrish, William and Mabel4525-Jul-1993
Parrish, William Cecil and Mabel Ramsey5016-Aug-1998
Parsons, Harry and Phyllis Jean Wegmiller5024-Aug-1997
Patterson, Jacob and Eileen Landerfelt5025-Feb-1996
Patterson, Jerry and Melodee (Gibson)403-Jul-2011
Paxton, Lewis and Annabelle Smith4511-Apr-1993
Paxton, Lewis and Annabelle Smith5015-Mar-1998
Paxton, Ronald and Juanita (Nita)5023-Jul-2006
Payne, Edwin S. and Jane Furnas6017-Jun-2001
Peck, Harold W. and Karen Guisinger2514-May-1995
Pederson, Harold and Florence601-Jul-2001
Pedicord, Garold and Grace Foura5011-Jul-1993
Peirano, Robert and Georgeana6029-Oct-2006
Penrod, Larry and Rowena5012-May-2002
Perry, P. James and Mary5029-Jun-1997
Perry, P. James and Mary506-Jul-1997
Peters, Dean and Janis Miller5012-Jun-2005
Peters, James and Miriam5013-Jun-2004
Peters, John Donald and Mary Margaret Hoffman4012-Oct-1997
Peters, Jon Lester and Dorothy Williams606-Jul-1997
Peters, Lester and Dorothy7019-Aug-2007
Peters, Melvin and Donna5029-Dec-2002
Peters, Ned and Betty Adams501-Apr-2007
Petrano, Robert and Georgena6523-Oct-2011
Pettit, Ralph and Dorothy Clayton5027-Dec-1998
Petty, Don and Bonnie Gambill5022-Apr-2001
Phebus, Richard and Betty (Moore)5028-Feb-2010
Phillips,  Sally and Don5013-Jun-2010
Phillips, Albert and Almeda Carpenter5023-Oct-1994
Phillips, Harold and Mary5023-Jan-2011
Phillips, Ralph and Jessie Withem5031-Mar-1996
Pierce, Earl “Sam” and Marybelle Fox5024-May-1998
Pierce, Marvin and Dorothy Larson507-Feb-1999
Pinkstock, Harvey and Edna6122-Feb-2009
Pinkstock, Harvey and Edna (Dressing)6024-Feb-2008
Pinkstock, Harvey and Edna Dressing5015-Feb-1998
Pittman, Richard and Marlyn (Hines)402-Jun-2002
Pitts, William C. and Deborah Lucas3016-Dec-2001
Plescher, Larry and Pam (Courtney)5017-Jan-2010
Plescher, Larry and Pamela Courtney4026-Dec-1999
Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Bill4019-May-1996
Poling, Donald and Marjorie Eileen Folk5025-Feb-2001
Poling, Freeman and Marguerite Blosser5918-Jan-1998
Poling, Herb and Patricia A. Hickman503-Sep-2006
Poling, Jeff and Ruth Ann Messerly2527-Oct-2002
Poling, Lawrence Jr. and Marjorie Moore5011-Aug-1996
Poling, Norman “Beecher” and Norma Nungesser4014-Sep-1997
Poling, Robert and Jean5016-Sep-2007
Polsley, Walter (Jack) and Doris (Woodard)634-Jul-2010
Pontious, Robert and Bonnie Beery5012-Aug-2001
Pool, Walter and Evelyn Wynkoop5012-Jul-1998
Porter, Ben and Lois (Lutz)5010-Jan-2010
Postel, Damon H. and Lelia King5026-Sep-1993
Poston, Carl “Rusty” and Beverly Seitz255-Sep-2004
Poston, Howard and Rebecca4515-Oct-1995
Poston, Howard and Rebecca5010-Sep-2000
Poston, Steven E. and Eva Oatney2531-Oct-1999
Potter, A. Lee and Stella Marie Stalter6517-Jun-2012
Potter, A. Lee and Stella Stalter5015-Jun-1997
Price, Richard and Karen A. Jones2514-Jun-1998
Primmer, Ambrose and Jane Canty5026-Apr-1998
Primmer, Mr. and Mrs. James B.505-Nov-1995
Probasco, Herbert and Madeline5026-Nov-1995
Probasco, Herbert and Madeline Muckensturm6027-Nov-2005
Probasco, Ronald and Brenda4028-May-2006
Pulsinelli, Paul and Ruth Minehart5027-Sep-1998
Purcell, Francis and Virginia Fickel6028-Dec-1997
Pursley, George O. and Billie507-Jan-1996
Pursley, George O. and Billie Baker507-Jan-1996
Pursley, George O. and Billie Baker5025-Feb-1996
Putnam. Bill and Liz4028-Aug-2011
Quick, Robert F. and Lettie Wallace4012-Oct-2003
Quivey, Jim and Marge5029-Jun-1997
Raab, Doid and Alice Courtright5030-May-1999
Rader, George and Alice504-Jul-2004
Rager, Gerald and Wavelene Smith2528-Apr-1996
Ralston, Joe and Fran507-Nov-1999
Ralston, Joe and Fran5014-Nov-1999
Ramey, Norwood and Evelyn George6026-Dec-1993
Ramey, Ronald and Esther Beery5018-Apr-2004
Ramey, Ronald N. and Esther Beery4020-Mar-1994
Ramsey, Charles and Dorothy Arent5028-Mar-1993
Ramsey, Robert and Helen Campbell5029-Oct-1995
Randolph, Jerry and JoAnn Hart4519-May-2002
Rarick, Edgar and Doris Roberts5016-May-1993
Rarick, Edgar and Doris Roberts601-Jun-2003
Rarick, Edgar and Doris Roberts6016-Jun-2003
Rauch, Willard and Marvine Doty504-Jun-1995
Rawlins, Harry and Esther6324-Dec-2006
Ray, Bob and Helen VanCuren407-Feb-1999
Ray, David and Jennifer McCandlish2528-Apr-2002
Raymer, Thomas C. and Cindy Thomas2523-Jan-2000
Raymond, Harold and Lorraine (Valentine)5016-Jul-2006
Ream, Norman and Mary Jane Snoke3017-Aug-1997
Reber, Charles A. and Julia Weidner5028-Sep-1997
Reber, Charles and Julia Weidner607-Oct-2007
Rector, Jeff D. and Michelle (McDowell)259-Apr-2006
Redick, Bob and Ada M.5017-Oct-1999
Reed, Charles and Ellen Susie5028-Aug-2004
Reed, Charles E. and Ellen L. Starner408-Jan-1995
Reed, Harry and Kathleen (Mack)658-Jul-2007
Reed, Harry L. and Kathleen L. Mack6211-Jul-2004
Reed, Harry L. and Kathleen Mack6028-Jul-2002
Reed, Hary L. and Kathleen L. Mack6310-Jul-2005
Reed, Jim Ralph and Loda Klump6014-Nov-1999
Reeder, Herbert and Joanie Seipel4012-Aug-2007
Reese, William J. (Mr. and Mrs.)5023-Jul-2000
Reid, Shot and Sharon505-Feb-2012
Reincheld, Chester and Betty Foster5029-Aug-1993
Reincke, Cletus Arthur and Leola Mardelle Frazier506-Apr-2003
Reis, Frank and Karyn257-Apr-2011
Renard, John and Cynthia Coyle402-May-1999
Rengert, Harold and Clara H. Meyers6512-Jun-1994
Rengert, Harold and Clara M. Mayers679-Jun-1996
Renko, Rudolph and Kathleen Dodds5012-Nov-2000
Renner, Bill and Shirley6015-Jul-2007
Rentz, Homer A. and Lillian Barnes5021-Apr-2002
Reynolds, David and Sharon4014-Sep-2008
Reynolds, Lawrence J. and Bernadine Wochter5012-Nov-1995
Reynolds, Wayne and Hazel Wolshire503-Aug-1997
Rhonemus, Fred and Eva Tracey502-Mar-1997
Rhymer, Merle and Clara King5018-Jan-1998
Rice, Charles E. and Lillian M. Glaze5018-Jun-1995
Richards, Denver and Barbara Haynes5018-Oct-1998
Richards, Kenneth and Vivian Powers5011-May-1997
Ricker, William and Mary Allen5014-Aug-2005
Ricket, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph508-Dec-1996
Ricketts, Claude and Pauline Widener5024-Nov-1996
Ricketts, Harry and Della6531-Dec-2006
Ricketts, John T. and Rita (Bader)5016-Jun-2002
Ridenour, Kenny and Judy2021-Mar-2004
Riegel, Gayle A. and Helen McCord503-Jul-1994
Riegel, Gayle A. and Helen McCord5010-Jul-1994
Riencheld, Ray and Rita Kemmerer4027-Jun-2004
Riesbeck, H. Raymond and Martha (Ball)5014-Nov-2010
Rife, John and Helen Kovach6020-Jul-2003
Rife, John W. and Helen Kovach5018-Jul-1993
Ritchie, John and Judy5021-Feb-2010
Rittgers, Harley and Mary Lee5022-Oct-1995
Robb, Kerry and Linda Barnett255-Sep-1999
Robberts, Carl E. and Helen M. Watters5030-Jan-2005
Robbins, Ed and Margaret Kirk5015-Aug-1999
Roberts, Andrew W. and Dorothy M. Foura5022-Oct-1995
Roberts, Bobby Lee and Peggy5025-Mar-2001
Roberts, Bobby Lee and Peggy603-Apr-2011
Roberts, Philip E. and Margaret Poling5025-Sep-1994
Robinson, Francis L. and Mary Green5029-Jul-2001
Robinson, Gerald and Margaret Swarner6010-Jun-2001
Robinson, Homer M. and Virginia Kougher5031-Aug-1997
Robinson, Ron and Marilyn Moore2522-Aug-1999
Robson, Irvin and Alice Hutchison6731-Dec-1995
Robson, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin6822-Dec-1996
Robson, William Irvin and Myrtle Alice Hutchison6519-Dec-1993
Roby, Gerald and Loretta501-Oct-2006
Roby, Harold (Bob) and Helen5018-Dec-2005
Roby, Richard “Rick” L. and Vickie DeLong2515-Nov-1998
Rockey, Edward and Sally Hawkins503-May-1998
Roe, James P. II and Marjorie Anne Hockenberry5010-Oct-1999
Roesch, Ronald R. and Rose M. Metger2523-Oct-2005
Romine, Daniel Sr. and Phyllis Smyers3022-Jun-1997
Romine, Ray and Jo5029-Nov-1998
Romine, Ronnie and Betty5023-Aug-2009
Roof, Frank and Donati Motsch502-May-1993
Roof, Frank and Donati Motsch509-May-1993
Rooker, David and Judy (Campbell)5011-Nov-2012
Root, Rolyson and Margaret Hook6025-Jan-2009
Rose, Don E. and Edna L. Martin5015-Oct-2000
Roshon, Donald and Nancy (Wagner)5019-Sep-2010
Rosier, Bob and Becky2527-Mar-2005
Rosier, Bob and Becky Clum2118-Mar-2001
Ross, Tony and Helen5026-Aug-2012
Rothenberger, Donnel Clayton and Beverly Elaine Coey2519-Jul-1998
Roundhouse, Richard F. and Matilda Jean Goode5024-May-1998
Roush, Emerson H. and Alice R. George5021-Jun-1998
Rowe, Clifford D. and Nanette F. Oatney252-Sep-2001
Rowe, George and Gladys701-Jan-2012
Rowland, James H. and Doris Barringer5026-Apr-1998
Rowland, Robert R. and Wanda Eskew5017-Aug-1997
Rowles, Cyril S. and Ruth Ransom5013-Nov-1994
Rowles, Ed and Beverly (Thomas)5015-Jul-2007
Rowles, Edward and Beverly Thomas4029-Jun-1997
Rowles, Harold and Ruby Ziesler2526-Jun-1994
Rowley, Gary and Charlene5021-Oct-2007
Ruff, Donald L. and Mona E. Swarner503-May-1998
Ruff, John A. and Marilyn Benadum4019-Jun-1994
Ruff, Neal and Jenny5011-Jul-2004
Ruff, Paul E. and Betty Rodgers507-Sep-1997
Ruff, Paul E. and Pauline A. Motter5023-Jul-2000
Ruff, Ray Thomas and Bonnie Morehead6018-Apr-1999
Ruff, Robert and Lois5023-Jul-2000
Ruff, Wayne and Yvonne Muck5026-Jul-1998
Runco, Samuel and Helen Elizabeth “Betty”5012-Sep-2004
Runkel, Robert and Mary Frances Buckle5023-Apr-1995
Russell, Carl D. and Dianna J. Reynolds2514-Jul-1996
Russell, James C. and Joyce E,5017-Aug-2008
Russell, Lloyd and Mildred Schleich5030-Jul-1995
Russell, Norwood and Betty Clark6521-May-2006
Rutherford, Ed and Maxine Mast501-Mar-1998
Rutherford, Judge Leland and Gladys Freeland6026-May-1996
Rutherford, S. Lee and Mildred Hunt5024-Sep-2000
Rutter, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar5017-Mar-1996
Sabo, John L. and Geraldine Kitzmiller5019-Dec-1993
Sager, Harold and Carol Snider508-Sep-1996
Sanborn, Jim and Nancy4030-May-1999
Sanford, John and Betty504-Aug-2002
Sanford, John and Betty601-Jul-2012
Sater, David and Rita501-Aug-2004
Sauerbrei, John E. and Rosa Lee Miller508-Nov-1998
Sauerbrei, Robert L. and Frances Rose Planetta508-Nov-1998
Saum, Paul and Lois (Pederson)503-Jan-2010
Saunders, Bill and Frances4015-Mar-1998
Saunders, Bill and Frances4022-Mar-1998
Saunders, Bill and Frances5030-Mar-2008
Saunders, Kenneth E. Sr. and Alice M. Evans5022-Nov-1998
Sayre, Clyde and Mary England5021-Jan-1996
Scardina, Robert and Evelyn5517-Sep-2000
Scardina, Robert and Evelyn Cooke508-Oct-1995
Schaar, Wm. Max and Gladys5020-May-2001
Schaffer, Rev. Oren and Martha Boggs5021-Jun-1998
Schaffner, Hugh and Janet5024-Sep-2006
Schaffner, Hugh and Janet Stewart406-Oct-1996
Scheidegger, Charles and Sarah Myers5015-Feb-1998
Scheidegger, Kenneth and Florence Shaner504-Feb-1996
Schirm, Neal and Mary A. Sims5020-Sep-1998
Schmelzer, Francis E. and Deloris Noice2511-Jul-1993
Schmelzer, Frank and Teresa501-Feb-2009
Schmelzer, Frank and Teresa Hammond407-Feb-1999
Schmelzer, George and Joan Guisinger5514-Sep-2003
Schmelzer, George L. and Joan E. Guisinger457-Nov-1993
Schmelzer, Hubert and Dorothy Grimes5021-Sep-1997
Schmelzer, Joe and Dottie Clark5013-Apr-2003
Schmelzer, John K. and Mary E. Nook4023-May-1993
Schmelzer, John K. and Mary Eleanor Nash504-May-2003
Schmelzer, Leo and Eileen Nash503-Sep-2006
Schmelzer, Martin and Carolies5010-Oct-2004
Schmueckle, Tim and Diane251-Nov-1998
Schneider, Paul and Eileen5015-Oct-2000
Scholl, Charles L. and Irene (Schilling)5019-Jun-2011
Scholl, Charles L. and Irene (Schilling)5019-Jun-2011
Scholl, Charles L. and Irene (Schilling)5026-Jun-2011
Scholl, Dean and Wandalea (Dittoe)6525-Sep-2011
Scholl, John T. and Judith C. (Calvert)509-Dec-2010
Scholl, Neil and Betty Evans5027-Apr-1997
Scholl, Raymond L. and Louis Eyman5012-Mar-1995
Scholl, W. Dean and Wandalea6024-Sep-2006
Scholl, W. Dean and Wandalea Dittoe5022-Sep-1996
Schorr, Charles and Joyce McGee503-Nov-2002
Schorr, Harold and Elizabeth “Libby” Freeland5024-Jan-1999
Schorr, Jim and Kathy2518-Jun-2006
Schorr, Thomas S. Sr. and A. Janet Justice5012-Dec-2004
Schwartz, Francis E. and Sara A. Montgomery5016-Aug-1998
Scott, Dwight and Helen Rose6022-Aug-1999
Scott, Millard (Scotty) and Eileen6831-Oct-2010
Scott, Millard (Scotty) and Eileen6814-Nov-2010
Scott, Millard and Eileen6511-Nov-2007
Scott, Millard R. and Eileen Miller6019-Jan-2003
Seeger, George W. and Mabel Mahaffey502-Jul-1995
Seifert, Brandt C. and Judith J. Cordle2527-Jul-1997
Seifert, Carl E. and Lillian Nicolia506-Nov-1994
Seifert, Robert M. and Cora Love5018-Apr-1993
Seimer, Lewis and Bernice Fausnaugh6018-Jun-1995
Seimer, Lewis and Bernice Fausnaugh6321-Jun-1998
Seimer, Lewis and Bernice Fosnaugh6525-Jun-2000
Seimer, Lewis and Bernice Fousnaugh652-Jul-2000
Seitz, Earl and Zelda Courtney505-Sep-2004
Seitz, F. Earl and Zelda M.4526-Sep-1999
Severing, Roger and Rita Weaver3514-Jun-1998
Severing, Roger D. and Rita Weaver306-Jun-1993
Seymour, Joe and Julia501-Nov-2009
Seymour, Paul and Doris Tucker5018-Jun-1995
Shaeffer, Bob and Wanda Stimmel5025-Jun-2000
Shaeffer, Dale and Joann Widener502-Apr-2000
Shaeffer, Robert L. and Virginia Beiter505-Mar-1995
Shaeffer, Russell and Anna Thivener5014-Mar-2004
Shafer, Myles and Sharon4019-Jul-2009
Shafer, William and Jeri Stewart2511-Dec-1994
Shaffer, Don and Libby Bisher5022-Mar-2009
Shaffer, Donald and Sharon503-Aug-2008
Shahan, Darrell J. and Bernadette L. Abram5029-Sep-1996
Shahan, Michael and Pamela2527-Feb-2000
Shahan, Michael and Pamela282-Mar-2003
Shahan, Mr. and Mrs. Robert5517-Aug-2008
Shahan, Stewart “Shady” and Dorothy Beavers5021-Mar-2004
Shamblin, Robert and Marjorie Fleure5011-Aug-1996
Shaner, Charles (Bud) and Wavalean (Dickerson)6030-Apr-2005
Shaner, J. LeRoy and Mary (Garee)6515-Nov-2009
Shaner, J. LeRoy and Mary L. Gares5016-Oct-1994
Shaner, Jake and Eileen Roberts5028-Aug-1994
Shaner, James and Julia Mondhank5025-Jan-2004
Shaner, LeRoy and Mary Garee6021-Nov-2004
Shaner, Mike and Wanda Guinan2519-Jun-2005
Sharp, Carl and Dorothy5021-Oct-2001
Sharp, Frank G. and Dana Van Fossen6018-Mar-2001
Sharp, James A. and Lana J. Wildermuth2514-Dec-1997
Sharp, Joseph W. and Marie Fogler5030-Oct-2005
Sharp, Kyle and Sharon (Beatty)2523-Jul-2006
Sharp, Robert and Ruth505-Oct-2008
Sharrits, Rev. F. Raymond and Patricia509-Sep-2007
Sheets, Earnest W. and Marie Burger5020-Feb-1994
Sheets, Richard L. and Nelle A.5014-Sep-2008
Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T.253-Jan-1999
Shepperd, Dale and Ruth (Tracey)506-Aug-2006
Sherlock, Francis and Judith Schmeltzer5014-Jun-2009
Shetrone, Joseph Dean and Leola Stanley Owen502-Jun-1996
Shetrone, Raymond and Gladys Neel5010-Jul-1994
Shick, Henry and Betty Houchen609-May-2004
Shirk, Robert O. and Linda Wolshire2511-Aug-2002
Shonebarger, Charles L. and Marilyn Jean Tobin2512-Dec-1993
Shonebarger, Clarence and Lillian Steinmetz5011-Apr-1993
Shonk, David and Regina (Sullivan)506-Sep-2009
Shonk, David and Virginia M. (Dunn)5013-Sep-2009
Shonk, Harold and Evelyn5020-Aug-1995
Shonk, James Edward and Joyce Hyde4020-Apr-1997
Shonk, Jim and Joyce5015-Apr-2007
Shook, DuWayne and Louise5023-Mar-1997
Shook, Michael and Victoria Wildermuth2512-Feb-1995
Shook, William “Bill” W. and Bernice Faye Mann5016-Jun-1996
Shover, Henry and Elizabeth5031-Aug-2003
Shreyer, Bill and Edna Thomas502-Nov-1997
Shrider, Paul and Anna Hockman5017-Dec-1995
Shubirg, Charles and Phyllis6518-Jun-2006
Shubirg, Charles C. and Phyllis E. Boyd6017-Jun-2001
Shue, Harold and Virginia6527-Nov-2005
Shugert, Harold and JoAnn Mowery5017-Nov-1996
Shull, Kenneth and Greta Souders5016-Nov-2003
Shull, Raymond E. and Evelyn M.5019-Aug-2001
Shumaker,  Kenneth and Sharleen (Chapman)5020-Jul-2008
Shumaker,  Kenneth and Sharleen (Chapman)5030-Jul-2008
Shumaker, George A. and Marjorie M.5027-Feb-1994
Shumaker, Kenneth and Sharleen4019-Jul-1998
Shumaker, Raymond and Doris Keller5012-Apr-1998
Shupe, Ramon and Elsie4023-May-1999
Shupe, Ramon and Elsie (Hunter)503-May-2009
Siders, Earl and Karen Smurr258-Sep-1996
Siders, Earl and Karen Smurr3016-Sep-2001
Sigler, Donald and Beatrice (Ellinger)5025-Feb-2007
Silcott, Ronnie and Marilyn3323-Jan-2000
Silcott, Ronnie Sr. and Marilyn3527-Jan-2002
Simmons, Thomas W. and Helen S. Smith5024-Aug-1997
Sims, H. Glen and Shirley507-Jun-1998
Sims, Lt. Eugene Ralph and Jane Ethel Smith5018-Jun-1995
Sims, Orn D. and Virginia E. Enmen6011-Aug-2002
Singer, Paul and Christine Walter5216-Jan-2000
Singer, Wayne and Barbara Ann Smurr4026-Oct-2003
Singleton, John W. Jr. and Middie5013-Jun-2004
Skiver, Darl and Dorothy5024-Dec-2000
Skiver, Steven and Mardee Walker2514-Sep-1997
Sleeth, Lester and Betty Bennett5027-Apr-1997
Smith, Charles L. and Eileen (McKittrick)6020-Jan-2002
Smith, Don and Janet5025-Dec-2005
Smith, Eugene and Dorothy M.504-Aug-1996
Smith, Francis and Clara507-Nov-2010
Smith, Gary Franklin and Emily Mae4029-Sep-2002
Smith, Gary Franklin and Emily Mae4013-Oct-2002
Smith, Gary Franklin and Emily Mae Thacker5023-Sep-2012
Smith, Gerald and Betty (Manson)652-Oct-2011
Smith, Gerald and Betty manson5022-Sep-1996
Smith, James F. and Sue Ann McCandlish2525-Apr-1993
Smith, Joseph and Marilyn6016-Dec-2007
Smith, Joseph and Marilyn Dencer5011-Jan-1998
Smith, Larry and Bliss A. Wildermuth158-Sep-2002
Smith, Larry and Margaret “Kay”4024-Aug-2008
Smith, Merrill and Blanche Hedges602-Jun-1996
Smith, Merrill H. and Blanche Hedges653-Jun-2001
Smith, Norman and Evelyn4811-May-2003
Smith, Odus and Helen6321-Apr-2002
Smith, Odus O. and Helen (Kane)7019-Apr-2009
Smith, Randy and Martha Jo Wise5025-Oct-1998
Smith, Raymond and Patricia2522-Aug-2004
Smith, Richard V. and Betty Treisch504-Oct-1998
Smith, Rick and Debbie253-Sep-1995
Smith, Roger S. and Ellen Fausnaugh608-Dec-2002
Smith, Terry and Teresa (Weekley)3019-Feb-2012
Smith, Wayne B. and Mary Jane Graham5026-Dec-1999
Smith, William Lester and Rosemary Chilcote5017-Aug-2003
Smutylo, Jerome Z. and Valerie Jean (Campbell)3522-Jul-2007
Smyers, Dale and Josephine “Jo” Hunt505-Jan-1997
Smyers, Raymond and Marcella Spires5016-Jun-1996
Snider, Francis E. and Gertrude M. Sweet5019-Mar-1995
Snider, Jack P. and Bernadine Kemp6010-Dec-2000
Snoke, Charles and Constance5012-Feb-2012
Snoke, James M. and Bernadette N.6015-May-2005
Snoke, James Marlin and Bernadette Grigsby5025-Jun-1995
Snyder, Glenroy and Shirley4516-Jun-2003
Snyder, Jerry and Nancy King2530-May-1993
Snyder, Leo “Porky” and Barbara Lucas5012-Aug-2001
Sohrenssen, Richard L. and Helen L. (McCormick)5027-Nov-2011
Soland, Gordon and Alma5013-Oct-2002
Soliday, Mike and Teri2527-Aug-2006
Solomon, Charles W. and Leola Eddy701-Jun-1997
Solt, Harold and Shirley7029-Jun-2008
Solt, Horace and Gertrude705-Sep-1999
Solt, Howard F. and Mildred VanGundy6026-May-1996
Solt, Joe and Ann6525-Apr-2010
Solt, Joseph and Ann Steele5030-Apr-1995
Solt, Thomas and Nola Marcelle McGuire5031-Jul-1994
Sorg, Mr. and Mrs. Ray5019-Jul-2009
Sorrell, Floyd R. and Mae606-Feb-1995
Sorrell, Willard and Greta5027-Mar-2005
Sowers, Roy and Margie501-May-2011
Spangler, Edmond and Dollie Strosnider509-Jan-2005
Spangler, Edmond L. and Dollie Jean Strosnider401-Jan-1995
Spangler, John and Irene Miller5010-Nov-1996
Spangler, Orval and Pearlynne Johnson5016-Feb-1997
Sparks, Elwood “Corky” and Mariana “Mickey” Wilson505-Sep-2004
Sparks, Robert “Bob” and Beth Kitzmiller255-Sep-2004
Spaun, Earl and Jo Ann5010-Apr-2000
Speakman, Paul E. and Betty E.5010-Jun-2001
Spencer, Jack and Shirley508-Jun-2008
Spires, Bill and Patty (Glick)508-Oct-2006
Spires, James and Margaret Edgington504-Nov-2007
Spires, James J. and Ellen E. Carney5016-Oct-2005
Spires, Jim and Ellen Carney4029-Oct-1995
Spitzer, James G. and Vera5010-Sep-2000
Spohn, Rodney and Phyllis5019-Nov-2006
Sprague, Gerald and Margaret Clark4024-Nov-1996
Springer, Howard and Inez501-Jul-2001
Stahr, Vernie and Mary Huston6525-Apr-2004
Stallsmith, Lowell and Sally508-Jun-2008
Stalter, Herbert, Jr. and Ruth McCleery5020-Aug-1995
Stalter, Ken and Kaye (Rankin)503-Jul-2011
Stalter, Leo J. and Barbara Yenrick5020-Jul-1997
Stalter, Richard and Kathryn (Weidner)5011-Aug-2002
Stamm, Gary (Dr.) and Barbara (Fisher)505-Aug-2012
Stapp, Don and Marie Ann Keller502-Dec-2001
Starner, Don and Shirley (Mr. and Mrs. F. Donald)5023-Jul-2006
Starner, Don and Shirley (Mr. and Mrs. F. Donald)506-Aug-2006
Starner, James M. and Ruth5015-Feb-2004
Starner, Mrs. and Mrs. Edward6014-Nov-1993
Starner, Richard and Minnie Dennison6022-Apr-2001
Stebelton, Carl and Annabel Hodge651-Jul-2007
Stebelton, Carl W. and Annabel Hodge6012-May-2002
Stebelton, Martin and Agnes506-Sep-1998
Stebelton, Robert and Rita (Fisher)5029-Jun-2008
Stebelton, Roberta and Rita (Fisher)5022-Jun-2008
Steele, Dick and Dory5028-Apr-1996
Steele, Junior and Emma “Jerri” Schrider5011-Jul-1999
Steiner, Albert Jr. and Marie Oberholt504-Dec-1994
Steinmetz, John and Jane McDonald506-Sep-1998
Stemen, Carl and Peg609-Feb-2003
Stemen, Carl and Peg6023-Feb-2003
Stemen, Carl and Peg6527-Jan-2008
Stemen, Floyd W. and Marjorie E. Ruff505-Sep-1993
Stemen, Rolland and Adrella Sheets406-Aug-1995
Stephenson, James and Charlene504-Feb-2007
Stephenson, Jerry and Karen5020-Feb-2011
Stetson, Robert C. and Patricia Smith5027-Jul-1997
Stevens, Max and Betty6012-Jul-2009
Stewart, Homer and Elenora McNabb505-Dec-1999
Stewart, Truman and Carol “Peggy” Triplett5012-Apr-1998
Stilwell, David C. and Polly A. (Walton)508-Feb-2009
Stilwell, George F. and Flossie M. Crago505-Jan-1997
Stilwell, George Franklin and Flossie Marie Crago6028-Jan-2007
Stiverson, Elmer and Helen6016-Sep-2001
Stocker, Ray and Helen Kohler5027-Oct-2002
Stockwell, Charles and Carolyn Edwards5024-Jul-2005
Stoner, James F. and Janet Evans252-Jul-1995
Storts, Paul and Betty Lou4027-Aug-1995
Straten, David and Norma5021-May-2006
Stratton, Charles Foster and Mary Jo Whitmore502-Dec-2001
Strawn, Lester E. and Edna Koska5021-May-1995
Strawn, Martin and Bonnie Kline507-Nov-1999
Strawn, Martin and Bonnie Kline5014-Nov-1999
Strawn, Martin and Bonnie Kline5514-Nov-2004
Strehle, William E. and Eleanor (Pontius)6023-Dec-2001
Streitenberger, Dennis and LaDonna402-Apr-2006
Strickler, Elbert and Jean Eitel5021-Sep-2003
Strohmeyer, David and Esther (Fox)455-May-2002
Strohmeyer, David and Esther (Fox)5022-Apr-2007
Strosnider, Michael and Sharlene Yarger2520-Jun-1999
Stuckey, Charles Roscoe Sr. and Regina Ruth Schneider6010-Jun-2001
Stump, Donald and Helen Bryan5016-Sep-2001
Sturgeon, Willard and Alda Cline5012-Oct-1997
Sturm, Gene and Thelma Grove506-Apr-1997
Sturm, Rev. and Mrs. Harold R.506-Jun-1999
Sullivan, Edward Sr. and Margaret507-Jan-2001
Sullivan, Frank Jeremiah and Mary Ellen O’Leary628-Sep-2002
Sullivan, Leonard E. and JoAnne Tapman257-Jun-1998
Sullivan, Michael and Susan4020-Aug-2006
Sullivan, Steve and Sherry258-Jul-2001
Suttles, Sidney and Sue Smith2520-Oct-1996
Swain, Mark and Patience6019-Jun-2005
Swain, Merle A. and Patience Thorn5028-May-1995
Swain, Merle and Patience6026-Jun-2005
Swain, Merle Jr. and Deborah Parker2523-Jul-2000
Swain, Wilbur and Mary Helser6015-May-2005
Swain, Wilbur E. and Mary L. Helser509-Apr-1995
Swartz, Jerry L. and Barbara K. Kachel2513-Jul-1997
Sweeney, Joseph and Barbara Stalter4512-May-1996
Sweyer, Richard B. and Helen Black6014-Dec-1997
Swisher, Donn and Margaret Harmon5028-Mar-1999
Swisher, Kenneth and Bernadine Duffy5027-Sep-1998
Switzer, Donald and Gloria Pember5019-Sep-2004
Taggart, Edward and Marvine7214-Dec-2008
Taggart, Edward and Marvine (Groves)7123-Dec-2007
Taggart, Edward and Marvine Groves6523-Dec-2001
Taggart, Edward and Marvine Groves7024-Dec-2006
Taggart, Edward Clarence and Marvine (Groves)7130-Dec-2007
Taggert, Edward and Marvine Groves6015-Dec-1996
Talbott, Dwight Lee and Mary Roena508-May-2005
Talbott, Dwight Lee and Mary Roena5015-May-2005
Tatman, Joseph C. and Virginia G. Bay5031-Oct-1993
Taylor, C. E. “Jack” and Mary Griggs5021-May-1995
Taylor, Lewis R. and Eleanor Abbott408-Sep-1996
Taylor, Lewis R. and Eleanor L. Abbott5010-Sep-2006
Taylor, Robert C. and Pauline J.7011-Sep-2011
Taylor, Varyl and Eileen Weldon501-Oct-2000
Taylor, Willard (Leon) and Phyllis (Wealand)5026-Nov-2006
Teesdale, Richard (Retired TSGT) and Martha (Knihal)5024-Jul-2011
Teeter, James and Charlene (White)506-Sep-2009
Teeter, James and Charlene (White)5013-Sep-2009
Teeter, William E. and Barbara Carney502-Feb-1997
Thimmes, James “Fred” and Bonnie Sue Butt3526-May-1996
Thimmes, James Fred and Bonnie (Butt)5015-May-2011
Thomas, Carl and Edith3529-Oct-2006
Thomas, Claren and Frances Marshall5016-Aug-1998
Thomas, Clarence and Pat5017-Jul-2005
Thomas, Don B. and Mary M. (Walton)5011-Dec-2005
Thomas, Frederick M. and Geraldine Edgington4016-Jun-1996
Thomas, Frederick M. and Geraldine M.5011-Jun-2006
Thomas, Jack and Barb Schaefer507-Nov-2004
Thomas, Jack and Barbara4517-Oct-1999
Thomas, Michael A. and Wanda Lou Gobert2519-May-1996
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Ed5011-Jan-1998
Thomas, R. Larry and Mary Hunter5025-Apr-2004
Thomas, Robert and Leota (Kline)5030-May-2010
Thomas, Ronald and Theresa Byerly2531-Jul-2005
Thomas, William A. “Bill” and Geneva6029-Aug-1999
Thompson, Charles E. and Magdalene Hager507-Dec-1997
Thompson, John S. and Mary Lou Manson5014-Nov-1999
Thompson, Merrel and Nellie E. Poling6010-Mar-1996
Thompson, Raymond E. and Wilda F. McBroom513-Jun-2001
Thorne, Gene and Beverly Appleman259-Jul-2006
Thorne, W. E. Sr. and Murele Downing502-Jul-1995
Thornton, George and Florence McCullough5024-Mar-1996
Thrush, Fred W. and Mildred Crumley6021-Jun-1998
Thrush, Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.5015-Aug-1999
Tibbs, Norman S. and Catherine Coleman6522-Jun-1997
Tigner, Harvey and Anna E. Mathias5021-Aug-1994
Tilley, Jack and Carolyn (Hughes)4027-Aug-2006
Timmons, Donald Mack and Elizabeth Ann McKenzie5016-Jun-2003
Tipple, Harry E. and Florence Strawn508-May-1994
Tipton, Ray and Sue (Seifert)3020-Apr-2008
Tobin, George E. and Lucille J. Tooill505-Mar-1995
Tobin, George E. and Lucille J. Tooill5012-Mar-1995
Tobin, Geroge E. and Lucille J. Tooill6020-Mar-2005
Tom. Theodore Sr. and Sherry Craig2526-Dec-2004
Travis, Jack and Mary502-Nov-2012
Treisch, Richard and Betty495-Oct-1997
Treitmaier, Joseph A. and Helga Schned508-Oct-2006
Trimmer, Melvin and Leota5011-Jun-1995
Trimmer, Nelson and Pauline6020-May-2001
Trimmer, Nelson and Pauline6620-May-2007
Truex, Melvin (Rev.) and Sally (Welker)4025-Jun-2006
Tucker, Pat J. and Alice Rose Kraft5019-Apr-1998
Turben, Gerald P. and Linda L. Shumaker352-Apr-2000
Turner, Brett and Judy Bigham259-Sep-2001
Turner, Thompson D. and Joyce L.5023-May-2010
Tussing, Richard A. and Emma Finkbone5016-Jun-1996
Tweedle, Thomas S. and Sonja J. Goad3022-Jun-2003
Tyler, Robert and Betty Lou Thomas5014-Sep-1997
Uhl, Frank and Barbara4016-Jun-2002
Uhl, Frank and Barbara (Primmer)5020-May-2012
Uhl, Frank and Barbara (Primmer)5027-May-2012
Underwood, Kenneth and Eileen Bair5028-Dec-1997
Underwood, Larry and Roverta Harmon406-May-2001
Uniacke, Charles and Norene V. Pickering5015-Aug-1993
Upp, Mr. and Mrs. John C. “Jack”5014-Jul-1996
Upp, Robert and Lois (Warthman)5014-May-2006
Upp, W. Richard and Patricia J. Thomas503-Aug-1997
Valentine, Lee and Freda606-Oct-1996
Valentine, Marvin and LaVada Beatty255-Dec-1999
Valentine, Robert and Ruth Krile504-Feb-1996
Van Atta, Sam and Ann (Reichley)5028-Aug-2005
VanAtta, Robert J. and Donna Jean Bradley5017-Aug-1997
VanBuren, Joseph and Mary5012-Nov-1995
VanCuren, Charles S. and Ruth Woltz6021-Aug-1994
Vandergriff, Frank E. and Bertha Shiplett4028-Jun-1998
VanFossen, Dayton and Charlotte5012-Nov-1995
VanGundy, Carl and Juanita Williamson6031-Jul-1994
VanHorn, Mr. and Mrs. Carrol L.506-Aug-2006
Vannoy, Leland and Mary Dunn5025-Jul-2004
Varner, Ervin C. and Ola Fulton7512-Dec-1993
Vasbinder, Wilson E. and Naomi Estep5019-Mar-1995
Vaughan, James O. Jr. and Delores J. Lowry505-Feb-2006
Vaughn, Edwin M. “Ed” and Rita3015-Feb-1998
Vejsicky, Jim and Gladys Tichy503-Oct-1999
Venrick, William B. and Norma Jean Steel5027-May-2001
Vess, Thomas A. and Lois Knepper5024-May-1998
Vogel, Dick and Randy DeLong507-May-2000
Wade, David and Doris Carrel5019-Feb-1995
Wade, Gerald and Joan5030-Jan-2005
Wade, Homer and Betty Broyles5025-Dec-2005
Wagner, Cloman and Martha5029-Dec-1996
Wagner, Gene and Emma Weidner5016-Mar-1997
Wagner, John and Geraldine Clarke5011-Jul-1993
Wagner, Paul and Helena (Lee)6530-Nov-2008
Wagner, Paul and Helena Holliday6023-Nov-2003
Wagner, Paul and Helena Marie Holliday5014-Nov-1993
Wagonseller, Jim and Mary McCauley5014-Nov-1993
Waites, Glenn and Edna Keister5510-Aug-1997
Waites, Glenn and Edna L.Keister6011-Aug-2002
Waits, Jerry and Phyllis Gerken506-Dec-1998
Waits, Walter R. and Norma Jean Seymour5019-Jun-2005
Waits, Walter Richard and Norma Jean (Seymour)5029-May-2005
Waliser, Don and Nell Louise Bumgarner5013-Jun-1999
Walker, Edgar M. and Mary5810-Apr-1994
Walker, Edgar M. and Mary5817-Apr-1994
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Dale4026-Jun-1994
Walker, Phil and Marilyn Diedrich5017-Aug-2003
Walker, Robert (Bob) and Ruth Ann (Billingsley)5010-Jul-2011
Wallace, Donald L. and Lois Beck5016-Oct-2005
Walser, Willard and Carrie Peters605-Nov-2000
Walter, Gary and Cynthia2512-Sep-1999
Walter, George “Fred” and Helen (Kull)6023-Nov-2008
Walter, George Fred and Helen Kull5020-Dec-1998
Wampler, Charles L. and Lavada Osborn503-Aug-1997
Wampler, Isaac and Dianne Minnehan2511-Mar-2001
Wampler, Jerome and Naomi5016-Jun-2003
Ward, Fred and Ruby Roark503-Dec-2000
Ward, Oscar Jr. and Lou Ann Petty2511-Jul-1999
Ward, Tom and Maxine Hurst5028-Dec-2003
Warner, Francis and Esther Hensel5029-Sep-1996
Warner, Homer and Mildred Keister6027-Oct-1996
Warner, Kenneth Eugene and Clarisa Verjean Carroll504-Nov-2001
Warthman, Lawrence and Irene5021-Nov-1999
Warthman, Steve and Virginia Lane4031-Aug-2003
Wasem, Lewis E. and Roberta Shupe3517-Jun-2001
Wasem, Lloyd and Betty Clark5016-Mar-2003
Wasem, Mr. and Mrs. Earl L.635-May-2002
Wasem, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. “Woody” and Dorothy6525-Jul-2004
Wasem, Richard E. “Woody” and Dorothy Waites6018-Jul-1999
Wasem, Wood and Dorothy7224-Jul-2011
Wasem, Woody and Dorothy7019-Jul-2009
Wassmuth, John and Susie255-Jun-1994
Waters, Vernon and Mary Lescalleet501-Jan-2006
Watkins, John R. and Ruth Hartley6031-Jul-2011
Watson, Richard and Pat5010-Jun-2007
Watson, Richard and Patricia Hart4015-Jun-1997
Watters, Oliver (Ben) and Gloria (Gambill)5011-Apr-2010
Waugh, Dick and Pearl504-Apr-2004
Weaver, Derrill and Mary Irene Corder509-Mar-2003
Weaver, Derrill Sr. and Mary Corder4528-Dec-1997
Weaver, Howard and Joan Congrove503-Jan-1999
Weaver, James H. and Bonnie Cook4017-Aug-2003
Weaver, Richard and Dawn5026-Dec-2004
Weaver, Robert and Doris (Crabbs)504-Mar-2007
Webb, Harold and Haullena Evans5011-Apr-1993
Webb, Harold and Haullena Evans5025-Apr-1993
Webb, Harold and Haullena Evans5829-Apr-2001
Weedy, Robert and Sharma5012-May-2002
Weidner,  Richard (Dr.) and Jean501-Jun-2008
Weiland, Paul and Sara Margaret Folk5028-Jun-1998
Weimann, Sherman and Jeanette L. Barker5025-Oct-1998
Welch, Richard and Sharon K. Sterling3026-Aug-2001
Welker, Jesse Jr. and Anna Snoke5027-Jul-1997
Wells, Daniel E. and Margaret Winkler6025-Sep-1994
Wells, Daniel E. and Margaret Winkler602-Oct-1994
Welsh, Wayne and Mary Margaret “Peggy” Reynolds4513-Aug-1995
Welsh, Wayne L. and Mary Margaret (Peggy) Reynolds5023-Jul-2000
Wendell, Norman and Edith Hinchliffe5011-Jul-1999
Wengert, Steven D. and Constance “Connie” McCullough2512-Jul-1998
Wentz, Ross and Virginia Martin6111-Jan-2004
West, Galen and Jean Lutz452-Apr-1995
West, Galen and Jean Lutz5010-Apr-2000
West, George and Florence Eileen Wiseman5028-Dec-2003
West, Thomas and Judy Lemmon4012-Jul-1998
West, Tom and Judy508-Jun-2008
Westfall, Paul and Myrna505-Dec-2010
Wetzel, Lynn and Sherry (Singleton)505-Apr-2009
Wetzel, Robert and Sally Moore McCandlish258-Jul-2001
Wharton, Dick and Nancy5025-Jul-2004
Wharton, Lloyd (Ted) and Jacquelyn (Jackie) Darfus5016-Jul-2000
Wharton, William and Dorothy Daft509-Apr-1995
White, Clarence H. and Patricia Everitt507-Dec-2003
White, Richard R. and Patty5017-May-2009
Whittington, Earl and Donna606-Dec-2009
Whittington, Earl and Donna Harrison5021-Nov-1999
Wichelns, Gerard F. (Rod) and Patricia Walsh5029-Jul-2001
Wicker, Franklin and Mary505-Sep-1993
Widener, Charles and Mary Tripp5030-Nov-1997
Wilcox, John A. and Virginia Stevenson5023-Nov-1997
Wildermuth, Paul H. and Josephine Joyce Jones5013-Nov-1994
Wildermuth, Paul H. and Josephine Joyce Jones5023-Jul-1995
Wildermuth, Paul H. Sr. and Josephine Joyce Jones6014-Nov-2004
Wildermuth, Phil and Justine2522-Jan-1995
Wiley, Guyles “Guy” and Marjorie “Marge”6013-Aug-1995
Wilkins, Harold and Mona5012-Sep-1999
Wilkins, Richard and Josephine5030-Sep-2001
Wilkins, Wayne and Dorothy Housekeeper5014-Nov-1993
Wilkinson, Fred and Annalee “Maisie” Mees508-May-1994
Wilkinson, Harry E. and Linda L. (Ricketts)5026-Jun-2011
Willard, Richard and Lula Draudt5016-Sep-2001
Williams, Dale and Maxine5015-Dec-1996
Williams, George and Edith6027-Aug-1995
Williams, Mark and Janis Roush2523-Nov-2003
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. George Sr.5028-Jul-1996
Williams, Raymond (Elwood) and Patty (Howdyshell)501-May-2011
Williams, Russell L. and Hattie L. Shy5015-Nov-1998
Williams, Wayne and Naomi Stoltz5026-Apr-1998
Williamson, Francis “Pete” and Ann Lee Mason5028-Nov-1993
Williamson, Franklin E. and Frances Ruth Wymer5031-Jul-1994
Williamson, Richard and Freda Perry2513-Mar-1994
Willis, Robert and Peggy Stricker502-Aug-1998
Willison, Elmo and Margene6018-Oct-1998
Willison, Jackson and Doris “Dude” Louise Hoffman5015-Feb-1998
Wills, H. Dean and Margaret Ann5016-Nov-1997
Wilmot, Carl and Rebecca Lutz (page 6A)4015-Oct-2003
Wilson, Dean and Marguerite Kull5026-Dec-1993
Wilson, John W. and Helen Griggs5025-Nov-1993
Wilson, L. D. and Mary Nell Cowart5029-Sep-2002
Wilson, L. D. and Mary Nell Cowart5013-Oct-2002
Wilson, Larry R. and Sue Nutter5030-Nov-2003
Wilson, Paul and Betty Davis4525-Sep-1994
Wilson, Richard and Joyce Mack2529-Nov-1998
Wilsoncroft, Curt and Diane3017-Jun-2007
Winegardner, Joe and Joyce5011-Apr-2010
Winegardner, Nicholas and Louise Hartranft4025-Apr-2004
Winland, Bob and Rita Kilburn5023-Mar-1997
Winters, James Eugene Jr. and DeLisa Pherson2518-Aug-2002
Wittman, George and Delories5012-Sep-2010
Wolcott, William (Bill) and Anne (Amos)5011-Jun-2006
Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Claude2514-Aug-1994
Wolfinger, Darrell and Louise Gretter505-Dec-1999
Wolfinger, Ronald and Margaret4025-May-2003
Wolford, Robert and Joanne5030-Aug-2009
Woltz, Creighton and Betty507-Aug-2005
Woltz, David and Becky Snyder2525-Jul-1999
Woltz, Gail “Pete” and Phyllis4010-Apr-2011
Woltz, Greg and Shirley I. Uhl2521-Jul-1996
Woltz, Joseph and Norma “Snookie” Sheets5013-Oct-1996
Woltz, Ralph and Dorothy J. Young5019-Apr-1998
Womax, Harley and Sharon (Leavitt)5027-Feb-2011
Womax, Harley and Sharon Leavitt4025-Feb-2001
Woods, Andrew (Andy Junior) and Vivian Graf6013-Aug-2000
Woods, Andrew (Andy Junior) and Vivian Graf6020-Aug-2000
Woods, Andrew and Vivian J. Graf5527-Aug-1995
Woods, Jack B. and Caryl J. Noland5030-Oct-2005
Woods, Jack B. and Caryl J. Noland506-Nov-2005
Woods, John C. and Lucille Carpenter6015-Oct-2000
Woods, Roger and Judith255-Nov-1995
Woods, Roger and Mary505-Feb-2012
Woodside, Jim and Carolyn404-Feb-2001
Woodside, Jim and Carolyn (Coulter)5016-Jan-2011
Wooster, Fred and Irma653-Feb-2002
Wooster, Paul and Marilyn Landis5021-Sep-2003
Wooster, Paul and Marilyn Landis5028-Sep-2003
Wooten, Keith and Sue Ann Graham2526-Feb-1995
Wright, Jack and Barbara (Smith)5014-Oct-2012
Wright, John and Nancy Poling2516-May-1993
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert6023-May-1999
Wright, Steven and Cynthia Seegar2531-May-1998
Wright, Warren and Bonnie608-Aug-2004
Wright, Wilbert and Vivian617-May-2000
Wyant, James and Roberta Griffin503-Aug-2003
Wyeth, Harold and Doris South602-Mar-1997
Wyeth, Harold and Doris South6214-Mar-1999
Wyeth, Harold and Doris South6327-Feb-2000
Wysong, Jerry and Peg (Garlough)5022-May-2011
Yeager, Curtis and Cathy2527-Mar-2005
Yingling, Ralph W. and Marilyn Cruit458-Aug-1993
Yost, Alfred and Nora Myers5020-Jul-1997
Yost, Harold A. and Nora E.6015-Jul-2007
Yost, Paul R. and Bonnie Evans5023-Jul-2000
Young, Bruce and Karen2524-Jul-2005
Young, Charles P. and Jeanne Darnall5019-Jul-1998
Young, Donald A. and Louise Matheny506-Jul-1997
Young, Henry O. and Nancy H. Moe5023-Apr-2006
Young, Richard and Margaret Hoffman602-Jul-1995
Young, Wesley (Wes) and Cathy (McNeal)2527-Sep-2009
Zawacki, Chip and Phyllis (Young)258-Nov-2009
Zumbro, Zene Martin and Norma V. Wogan4910-Aug-1997
Zumbro, Zene Martin and Norma V. Wogan5023-Aug-1998