Compiled by Patsy Kishler (with many additions by Rebecca Huddle)
for the Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society


  • A = Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files
  • B = The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution buried in the State of Ohio, published by the State Society DAR of Ohio, 1929
  • BR = The Biographical Record of Fairfield County, Ohio, published by the S. J. Clarke Publishing Co, 1902
  • C = DAR cemetery inscriptions found in Fairfield County District Library
  • D = DAR placed marker
  • DC = History of Delaware  and Ohio, published by O. L. Baskins and Co., 1880
  • DM = DAR membership application and acceptance
  • E = Fairfield County Engineer’s Office
  • F = Family reported
  • FH = Family history
  • FT = Fairfield Trace
  • G = Charles Goslin, local historian (deceased)
  • GR = History of Fairfield and Perry Counties, Ohio, by A. A. Graham, W. H. Beers and Co., 1883 
  • L = Lancaster Gazette, 21 November 1907 
  • M = History of Fairfield County, Ohio and Representative Citizens by Charles C. Miller, 1912, pages 397 – 399
  • O = Obituary
  • OR =  Ohio Records and Pioneer Families, published by the Ohio Genealogical Society, XXXVII
  • P = A Portrait and Biographical Record of Allen and Van Wert Counties, Ohio, A. W. Bowen and Co, 1896
  • PA = Pennsylvania Archives
  • R = Military or pension record
  • SE = History of Seneca County, Ohio, Warner, Beers and Co., 1886
  • T = Tombstone inscription
  • W = Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield County, Ohio by C.M.L. Wiseman, 1901, pages 406 – 407
  • WP = Madison and Walnut Township Cemetery Inventories, Paul Mayberry, Pickaway County Historical Society, 1999
  • 1 = The Official Roster I Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Lived in the State of Ohio, published by the State Society DAR of Ohio, 1929
  • 2 = The Official Roster II Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Lived in the State of Ohio, published by the State Society DAR of Ohio, 1938
  • 3 = The Official Roster III Soldiers of the American Revolution who lived in the State of Ohio, published by the State Society DAR of Ohio, 1956
ABRAMS, Henrysettled in Greenfield Twp, Fairfield Co 1800DM
ALLEN, Silas (Dr) 1754-1825Royalton Cem, Amanda TwpB, T
ALSPACH, Henry 1739-1822Old Betzer Cem, Bloom TwpT
ALSPACH, Jacob ca 1751-1815Old Betzer Cem, Bloom TwpT
ALSPACH/ALSPAUGH, John ca 1754/1752-1837Old Betzer Cem, Bloom Twp; section B row 3 grave 27; applied for pension 1831B, G, M, 2  
ALSPACH, Michael 1746-1836Old Betzer Cem, Bloom Twp; section B row 3 grave 58; applied for pension 1831B, D, M, 2, 3  
ANDERSON, Thomas1806 tax payer Amanda Twp2
ANSPACH, John Adam 1754-1838New Reading Cem, Reading Twp, Perry CoF, 3
BARNET(T), Robert 1755-1842Clearcreek Twp in 1820 census; buried in Tarlton Cem3
BARR, Andrew 1740-1815Dutch Hollow Cem, Amanda/ Clearcreek Twp (no stone has survived)B, G, M
BARTOON, John 1768-1862Pleasant Hill UM Cem, Pleasant Twp; row 7 grave 49B, G, M
BEATTY, John 1749-1824Tent Church Cem, Pleasant Twp; unmarked graveB, F
BEERS, Matthew  born 1754on pension Fairfield Co 2 yearsB
BIBLER, Lewishis widow lived in Fairfield Co but he apparently didn’t?
BINCKLEY, Christian 1738-1832buried Binckley/Ridge Cem,  Reading Twp, Perry Co (listed by Elizabeth Sherman Reese Chapter DAR)B, D, 3  
BINCKLEY, Henry 1767-1823buried Binckley/Ridge Cem, Reading Twp, Perry Co (listed by Elizabeth Sherman Reese Chapter DAR)B, 3  
BLUNDER/BLUNDON, Elijah 1740-1820/1829buried Lancaster; received pension 1819 VAB, 3
BOBENMEIR/POPPENMEIR/PUPPINGMEYER, Gabriel 1749-1817may be buried in Dutch Hollow Cem, Amanda/Clearcreek TwpB
BOPE, Abraham 1763-1826Zeigler-Seigler-Lutheran Cem, Pleasant Twp3
BOLEN/BOWLING/BAWLING, Charles born 1763 (aged 75 in 1840)applied for pension Fairfield Co 1833R, 2
BOWLING/BAWLING, William born 1758applied for pension Fairfield Co 18332
BRANDT, Adam 1751-1838Bacher-Baugher Cem, Greenfield Twp; row 11 grave 39 (DAR says buried in PA)B, D
BRANDT, John 1742-1823Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway Co3
BROWN, Nicholas 1756/1766-1858Fletcher Chapel Cem, Liberty Twp; row 11 grave 11B, T, 3
BROWN, William 1751-1828Tent Church Cem, Pleasant TwpT
BUCK, Henry 1764-1851buried Coles Co, Il; lived Basil 1823-18413
BUFFINGTON, DavidNew Salem MP Cem, Walnut Twp (no stone has survived)B, G, M, 2, 3
BUGH, PeterNew Reading Cem, Reading Twp, Perry CoG
BURNSIDE, Jonathan 1765-1835received pension Fairfield Co 1818M, W, 2, 3
BURTON, Jacob/Joshua 1762-1844Riegel-Hedges Cem, Hocking TwpM, 2?, 3
BUZZARD, Andrew 1724-18231806 tax payer Clearcreek Twp; buried Stumpf Cem, Pickaway Co3
CARLISLE, Benedict died 1836settled in Amanda Twp 1813GR
CARLISLE, Benjamin M, W
CARPENTER, Emanuel Jr ca 1783-1818 (1744-1822)Carpenter-Koontz Cem, Berne TwpB, L, M, T, 3
CARPENTER, Emanuel Sr died 1822 (1702-1780)Carpenter-Koontz Cem, Berne TwpB, T
CARPENTER, John ca 1743-1807 (1735-1807)Carpenter-Koontz Cem, Berne TwpB, M, T
CAVE, Benjamin  1760-1842Esery-Whetstone Cem, Harrison Twp, Ross CoM, W
CENTER, Jonathan born 1744applied for pension Franklin Co ca 1820; applied for transfer to Fairfield CoM, W
CHERRY, Thomas P died 1829buried Walnut Twp3
COLE, Thomas 1757-1840Cole Cem, Amanda TwpBR
COLEMAN/COLMAN, John 1748-1829Kraemer Cem, Madison Twp, Franklin Co (Fairfield Co until 1851)B, M, W, 2, 3
COLLINS, James Staton Sr ca 1755-1828Collins Chapel Cem, Berne Twp; row 3 grave 20/30B, T, 3
CONRAD, Daniel 1734-1810New Conrad Cem, Clearcreek TwpT
COOK, Johnson born 1760 (aged 80 in 1840, Thorn Twp, Perry Co)Elmwood Cem; section B, row 5, grave 11; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1820M, R, 2  
COON, Christian 1754-1825/7Tarklin Cem, Berne Twp; row 7 grave 23
COURTRIGHT, Abraham (COURTRIGHT, Abraham Van Campen) [see VAN COURTRIGHT, Abraham] B  
COURTS, LowApplied for pension at Lancaster 1828; Amanda Twp Cem (Goslin)G, M, W, 2, 3
CRADLEBAUGH/KREIDELBACH, John (Rev) 1750-1820Grandview Cem, Rushcreek Twp; section B lot 19 grave 1B, D, M
CRAWFORD, James 1757-1838Old Seceder Graveyard, Truro Twp, Franklin CoB, M, W, 2, 3
CRAWFORD, Samuel died June 14, 1838grave site unknown; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1831; widow applied 18392
CRITCHFIELD, Joshua  (aged 87 in 1840)buried Hocking Twp; received pension 1833B, M, W, R, 2
CROSS, John 1762-1847Mt Zion-Zion Cem, Hocking Twp; recieved pension 1833-1834B, M, L, T, 3
CROWERESLER/CROWERCILER/ CROWEREILER, HenryDutch Hollow Cem, Amanda/ Clearcreek Twp/St. Peter’s (no stone has survived)B, G, M
CUSTARD, Jacob 1750-1833prob Custard-Parrett Cem, Richland Twp next to wife Cath; rec’d pension Perry CoB, 3
DAVIS, William 1761-1830On Fairfield Co pension roll 1818B, M, W
DENNIS, Henry died 1852, aged 97, Rushcreek Twp  participated in the Battles of Brandywine, Germantown, etc. He lived in both Perry and Fairfield CountiesLancaster Gazette 16 Sep 1852
EBRIGHT, Philip died ca 1836 (estate)Alspach-Alspaugh-Boving Cem  Bloom Twp; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1829W, 2
ELSEY, Thomas born 1760Applied for pension Fairfield Co (Violet Twp) 1829 and Pickaway Co 1832M, W, 2
EMBICK, Christopher (EMBRICK, Chris.) 1756-1837applied for pension Fairfield Co 1832; widow applied 1837; Forest Rose Cem (Goslin)W, 2
ERUMAN/EHERNMAN, Frederick born Alsace, France, 1745 or 1755came with Lafayette 1777; died 1824 Fairfield CoB
EVERETT/EVERITTS, Abel 1758-1835Bethel Cem, Rushcreek Twp (Goslin erroneously gives Arnold-Bethel Cem, Greenfield Twp)G, 2
EVERSOLE, Abraham 1763-1836Schadel-Shadel Cem, Hocking TwpB, T, 3
EYMAN, Henry Sr 1758-1850Pleasant Hill Chapel Cem; Richland Twp; row 9 grave 5B, D, T, 2
FALKNER, John 1755-1835Rushville Pleasant Hill Cem, Richland Twp; received pension Perry CoB?, T, 2
FAST, Jacob 1752-1827Fast Cem, Rushcreek Twp (stone erected 1939)T  
FISHER, Johna John Fisher has an estate in Fairfield Co 1836; applied for pension in Fairfield Co, Bloom Twp, 1832, aged ca 70W, 2
FITZGERALD, Henry died 1824  Glick-Brick Church-Hoy Cem, Bloom Twp (no stone has survived); applied for pension  Fairfield Co 1818M, 2, 3
FOUST/FAUST, John Jacob 1738-1818buried Stumpf Cem, Pickaway Co (may not have lived in Fairfield Co)3
FRY, John 1766-1838Bickel-St Michael’s Cem, Liberty TwpG, 2
GAREY/GARY/GEARY, Killian/Killyon 1757-1833Parrish Cem, Walnut TwpT, 2 Ohio Eagle 7 Sep 1833
GESELL, Williamdied 1823(?)F
GLIGER, William M
GRIM/GRIMES, Jacob 1754-18371806 tax payer Clearcreek Twp; buried Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway Co1
GRIFFITH, Isaac 1764-1834         In Madison Township, in the Old German Lutheran – St. John’s – SweyerCemetery, Dale Kennedy believes that Isaac GRIFFITH is buried there as well as his wife, Ann. A number of years ago Dale’s wife, who was a scout leader at the time, obtained a Revolutionary War marker for Isaac. Apparently that marker is no longer there.also G (info in Goslin’s files at OU-L)
GUSEMAN, John Sr ca 1766-1846Elmwood, Berne Twp (Lancaster); row 85 lot 24 grave 2; moved from Old City CemB, D, M, 2
HARRIS, Abraham 1756-1819Lithopolis Cem, Bloom TwpT
HEDGES, Elijahapplied for transfer of pension Fairfield Co 1824M, W, 2
HENSEL, Michael 1753-1836Stukey Cem, Berne Twp; he and wife received pensionB, M, T, 3
HILL, Benjamin ca 1763-1831McNamee-Hite Cem, Walnut TwpC
HILL, George ca 1758-1814New Salem MP Cem, Walnut TwpB, C, M, T
HILL, Jamesapplied for pension Fairfield Co 1834W, 2
HILL, John W, 2
HITE, Abraham 1750-1828McNamee-Hite Cem, Walnut TwpC
HITE, Andrew 1758-1819Pleasant Run Primitive Baptist-Baptist Corners Cem, Pleasant TwpT
HOFFER, Michael 1764/1770-1850Bickel-St Michael’s Cem, Liberty TwpT
HOFFMAN, Jacob 1752-1839  Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway Co (lived in Clearcreek Twp)D, F, R
HOLMES, James 1748-1823George’s-Wells Graveyard, Union Twp, Licking CoB, M, W, 3
HOPWOOD, Williamapplied for pension Fairfield Co 1832M, W, 2
HORN, Frederickdied 1824 in Fairfield Co; widow applied for pension in Fairfield Co 1839A
HOWE, James died 1808buried Lancaster3
HUBBART/HUBBERT/HULBERT, Ephraimapplied for pension Fairfield Co 1833M, W, 2
HUBER, John ca 1757-1838Haas-Peters Cem, Amanda TwpO
HUNTER, Joseph ca 1753-1819/1826Elmwood Cem, Berne Twp (Lancaster); section 13 lot 6 grave 1; moved from Old City Burying GroundG, 2, 3
HUNTER, Robertdied 1846 Fairfield Co2
IRVIN/IRWIN, Edward born 1748applied for pension Fairfield Co 1833M, W, 2
JOHNSON, Williamapplied for pension Fairfield Co 1818, aged 70M, W, 2
JULIAN, John 1753-1830  Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway CoF, FT
KAMERER, John Philip ca 1764-1827Zeigler-Seigler-Lutheran Cem, Pleasant Twp; row 12 grave 12C, D, 2
KECKLER, Jacob died ca 1830 Fairfield Coburied on farm 3m sw of BremenB
KELLER, Henry 1755-1838Keller-Medill Cem, Pleasant TwpB, C, T, 3
KEPLER, Benjamin 1765-18181806 tax payer Clearcreek Twp (Benjamin Kepnue); daughter Elizabeth married Clearcreek Twp 1805; died Pickaway Co2
KESLER, Mathias 1760/62-1818Fairfield Cem, Fairfield Co3
KIGER/KYGER, Georgedied Lancaster 1835; Reigle Cem, Hocking Twp2
KING, John C (G) 1761-1830applied for pension Fairfield Co 1818M, W, 2
KITSMILLER, Adam 1744-1805Coffman Cem, Bloom TwpT
KLINE, Coonrad 1759-18371806 tax payer Clearcreek Twp; died Delaware Co3
LAMB, James 1746-1824died Fairfield Co; Turkey Run Baptist Cem, Amanda Twp2, 3
LAMB, Peter 1747-1804Fairfield Baptist-New School, Walnut Twp; lot 33 grave 6; (moved from Lamb Family Cem)B, D
LAMBRECHT, Danielapplied for pension Fairfield Co 1834, aged 84M, W, 2
LANE, Wilkinson 1743-1813tax payer Bloom Twp 1806F
LEIST, AndrewFairfield or Pickaway Co 
LEIST, Samuel                         Dutch Hollow Cem, Amanda/ Clearcreek Twp (no stone has survived)B, G, 3
LUDWIG, Danieldied 1825 Pickaway Co; bought land in Clearcreek Twp, Fairfield Co3
MANLEY, Jessepension rejected “as servd only three months”3
MANLEY/MANLY, John 1759-1814died Rushville; Rushville Pleasant Hill Cem, Richland TwpG, 2
MARTIN, John 1756-1825/1827Greenfield Twp (cem unknown) (no stone has survived); applied for pension 1818B, M, 3
MASSEY, Ezekial 1766-1844Old City/Old Methodist Cem, Hocking Twp (Lancaster); moved 1907, probably Elmwood or Forest Rose (unknown)B, G
McCLELLAND, Robert 1754-1834Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway Co; received pension in Fairfield (1832) and Pickaway CosM, W, 2, 3
McCLUNG, Charles 1761-1810Tent Church Cem, Pleasant TwpD
McFARLAND, James R.Amanda Twp CemG
McFARLAND, William 1758-1839Hooker-Wells Cem, Greenfield Twp; row 16 grave 20B, D, L, M, 3
McTEE(A)R, Robert 1741-1811Tent Church Cem, Pleasant TwpB, D, T, 3
MILLER, Daniel ca 1770-1852Hopewell-Markwood Cem, Greenfield TwpB, M, 3
MONTGOMERY, John born 1756received pension Fairfield Co2
MOREHART, John 1758-1815Glick-Brick Church-Hoy Cem, Bloom TwpD, T, 3
MORRIS, James born 1757a James Morris had an estate in Fairfield Co in 1834 & 1844; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1832M, W, 2
MOURER/MOWERY/MAURER, John 1763-1833Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway CoB, T, W
MURPHEY, JohnRichland TwpW, M
NEFF, SamuelHaas-Peters CemG
NEILSON, Johnsettled in Fairfield Co 1818; was soldier on British side but deserted to American side (did he serve?) 
NEWMAN, Walter 1758-1851died Newark, Licking Co; 6th Street Cem; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1832 (Walnut Twp)W, M, 2
NIGH/NYE/NEU, George 1755-1830/1758-1823Nigh-Nye-Neu Cem, Clearcreek TwpB, G, 3
NOGGLE, GeorgeFairfield Co 12 May 1823OR
PARRETT, Samuel 1755-1843Custard-Parrett Cem, Richland Twp; in Perry Co in 18402, 3
PERRY, John 1747-1828Custard-Parrett Cem, Richland Twp3
PETERS, Philipdied 18302
PETERS, Tunis 1759-1839Turkey Run Baptist Cem, Amanda Twp2
PLYLY/PLYLEY, Casper ca 1763-1849Concord Presby Church Cem, Concord Twp, Ross CoB, W, T, 3
PRESTON, Samuel 1763-1849died Columbus, Franklin Co2
PRIEST, William 1765-1821Amanda Twp Cem (no stone has survived)M, 2, 3
PROUGH, Pete 1757-1834Madison Twp, Fairfield Co?OR
RADEBAUGH/RADABACH, John Nicholas 1752-1850Zeigler-Seigler-Lutheran Cem, Pleasant Twp; row 15 grave 17; was refused pensionD, 2, 3
RAUCH, Peter 1763-1819Bickel-St Michael’s Cem, Liberty TwpT
REAM, Abraham 1746-1824Ream Cem, Berne Twp; row 13 grave 15T, 2
REAM, Jacobburied farm cem near Lancaster; son of Abraham; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1832M, W, 2
REYNOLDS, John 1754/1755-1841prob Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway Co (no stone has survived); pensioner Fairfield Co 1833 (Clearcreek Twp)M, O, R, 2
RICE, Michael ca 1766-1853Newkirk Cem, Greenfield Twp; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1850B, D, M, 3
RICKETTS, Edmund 1758-1833 2
RICKETTS, Edward  was refused pension2
RIGBY, William 1753-1830Mt Zion Cem, Hocking Twp (no stone has survived); land warrant to widowB, L, M, 3
ROBENOLT, Peter 1767-1837 (1824?)Old Betzer Cem, Bloom Twp3
ROLAND, John died ca 1823 (estate)Carpenter-Koontz Cem, Berne TwpG, L
ROSHON, Peter 1757-1819stone in Bickel-St Michael’s Cem, Liberty Twp (actually buried in PA)C
RUFFNER, Emanuel 1757-1848Ruffner Cem, Richland TwpT, 2, 3
RUSSEL(L), Elijah 1758 –applied for pension Fairfield Co 1833M, W, 2
SAYLOR, Jacob 1737-1800buried Boggs Cem, Pickaway Co; widow was 1806 tax payer Clearcreek TwpPA
S(C)HLIFE, John 1754/56-1834Old Betzer Cem, Bloom Twp (stone has not survived); applied for pension Fairfield Co 1819M, W, 2
SHAW, William ca 1780-1829Thompson Cem, Richland TwpF
SHAWAN/SHAWHAN, Frederick ca 1760 – 18401812 moved to Ohio and first settled in Fairfield CoSE
SHEETS, Mathiasapplied for pension Fairfield Co 1828, Ross Co 1835M, W, 2
SHOEMAKER, Jacob 1756-1836Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway CoFH, P
SHOEMAKER, W A/ SHUMAKER, WilliamMt Carmel-Clearport Cem, Madison Twp; row 12 grave 8 (no stone has survived); received pension Fairfield Co 1834B, G, M, 2
SCHLOSSER/SLUSSER, Tobias 1761-1823Glick-Brick Church-Hoy Cem, Bloom Twp; row 10 grave 29 (*grave marked by Elizabeth Sherman Reese Chapter DAR 1938; now missing)D*, T, W?, 3
SMITH, Andrewapplied for pension in Fairfield Co June 1836 but claim was denied; lived in Perry CoF
SMITH, Andrewapplied for pension 23 June 1836 in Fairfield Co; wife, Elizabeth, buried Drinkle Cem; lived with son, Michael in last yearsF
SMITH, Benjamin Harrison 1760-1818Old Methodist Cem, Berne Twp (Lancaster)B, L, M, 3
SMITH, DavidDelaware Co; received pension in Fairfield CoM, W, 3
SMITH, John 1756-1825Glick-Brick Church-Hoy Cem, Bloom Twp; row 11 grave 25T
SMITH, Jonathan 1755-1830 (died Fairfield Co)a Jonathan Smith had an estate in Fairfield Co in 1830B, M, W
SMITHERS/SMETHERS. GEORGE died 1825lived in Walnut Twp, owned land in Liberty TwpDM
SPITLER, Jacob 1749-1829Pleasant Run Primitive Baptist-Baptist Corners Cem, Pleasant TwpT
SPOHN, Philip born 1755, died May 23, 1833Binckley/Ridge Cem, Reading Twp, Perry Co; Justice of the Peace Fairfield CoF, 2
SPRECKER, John (no dates on stone)Zeigler-Seigler-Lutheran Cem, Pleasant Twp; row 3 grave 43 (tombstone says War of 1812)E?
STEVENSON, Daniel Sr 1737-1829Stevenson-Campground Cem, Richland Twp; row 4 grave 3D, T, 3
STOTTS, John 1760-1815New Dutch Hollow Cem, Amanda TwpDAR?
STOUT/STAUDT, George Wilhelm 1748-1820died Fairfield Co     B
STUCKEY, John (died 1818)  Stukey Cem, Berne TwpT
STURGEON, Peter 1756-applied for pension Fairfield Co 1832M, W, 2
SWAYZE, David 1762-1838New Salem ME, Thorn Twp, Perry CoB, T, 3
SYLVESTER, Obediah 1758-1815near Columbus, Oh; wife buried Headley Cem, Jefferson Twp, Franklin Co3
TALLMAN, Benjamin 1745-1820estate Fairfield Co 1820PA
THOMPSON, Johnreceived pension 1840 Hocking Twp, aged 82L, M, R
THOMPSON, William died 1811, aged 67yThompson Cem, Rushcreek TwpT
TORRENCE, Thomasa Thomas Torrence had an estate in Fairfield Co in 1827 and 1847; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1818W, 2
TURNER, BenjaminCem on Lansing Farm, Tussing Twp, Licking Co; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1833B, M, W, 3
Unknown (2?)Amanda Twp Cem *Charles Goslin stated there are three Revolutionary War veterans buried in this cemetery, although they were not buried here originallyG*
Unknown (3?)Alspach-Alspaugh-Boving Cem, Bloom Twp *County Engineer stated there are four Revolutionary War veterans buried in this cemE*
VALENTINE, Bernardapplied for pension Mifflin Co, Pa 1818; living in Fairfield Co in 1821 (Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, Vol III, N-Z, abstracted by Virgil D Wite, 1992)M, W
VALENTINE, George 1752-1839Woodlawn Cem, Bloomfield Twp, Seneca Co (came to Fairfield Co in 1807); applied for pension Fairfield Co 1832M, W, 2, 3
VAN COURTRIGHT, Abraham 1743-1825Greencastle Cem, Bloom TwpB
WAGNER, Michael 1748-1815Bacher-Baugher Cem, Greenfield TwpB, D, M, T, 3
WALTER, James 1759-1838Old City/Old Methodist Cem, Berne Twp (Lancaster); moved, unable to locate stoneB
WARD, William died 1814settled in what later became Walnut Twp, Pickaway Co in 1802WP
WATSON, Thomas Sr 1756-1822 (died Fairfield Co)New Salem ME Cem, Thorn Twp, Perry CoB, D, T, 3
WEAKLEY, JamesSites Cem, Greenfield Twp member “Flying Camp”??
WEIST, WIEST, Jacob 1730-1806Bacher-Baugher Cem, Greenfield TwpB, D, T, 3
WELLS, James 1751-1814Hooker-Wells Cem, Greenfield Twp; row 7 grave 28B, D, M, T, 3
WHITEMAN, ChristianLived in Fairfield County; buried in Reber Hill Cem, Walnut Twp, Pickaway CoF
WILCOX, Robert (Dr)Surgeon in RevolutionW, 2
WILDERMUTH, William 1745-1816Bacher-Baugher Cem, Greenfield TwpD
WILSON, William 1755-1821Tent Church Cem, Pleasant TwpB, D
WINEGARDNER, Herbert Sr 1762-1830Winegardner Cem, Richland Twp3
WISEMAN, John (Rev) 1760-1842 (lived for a while in Fairfield Co)New Salem ME Cem, Thorn Twp, Perry CoB, M, T, 3
WOLLENCEAN, Martin C 1759-1821Old Betzer Cem, Bloom TwpE? (Rev service flag on grave)
WOOD, John 1754-1821Tarlton Cem, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway CoB, D, T, 3
WOODRING, Peter (aged 83 in 1840)pension Fairfield Co 1833M, W, R, 2
WORK, Samueldied 1816 Bremen, Fairfield CoB
WRIGHT, David born 1757a David Wright had an estate in Fairfield Co in 1840; applied for pension Fairfield Co 1832M, W, 2
YOUNG, Christian/Christopher died Ross Co?applied for pension Fairfield Co 1818M, W, 2
YOUNG, John Adam ca 1756-1824Zeigler-Seigler-Lutheran Cem, Pleasant TwpC
ZEAGLER, John ca 1756-1817Zeigler – Seigler – Lutheran, Pleasant TwpC
ZWIER, Thomasdied Fairfield Co 3 Sept 18432
UnknownRevolutionary War Emblem in Bright Cem, Liberty Twp