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Bloom Township

Bloom Township was established in 1805. It included all of what is now Violet Township and part of the Refugee Tract. It became its present size in 1808. In legal terms it is known as Township 14 of Range 20. Some early settlers were Abraham and Jesse Courtright, Zepheniah Drake, Christian Merchant, Peter Powell, Conrad Plattner, Michael Thrash, John Smaltz, Levi Moore, and Daniel Hoy. The earliest churches in this township were in 1807, one by the Lutherans, and the other by the German Reformed Society. Rev. Stake was the Lutheran preacher and Rev. Wise was the preacher for the German Reformed Society.


Towns and Villages:

Lithopolis -- laid out in 1815 by Solomon and Frederick Baugher and was called Centerville until 1836 when it was changed to Lithopolis.

Greencastle -- laid out in 1815 by Jesse D. Courtright.

Marcy --- post office only

Galesburgh -- laid out by Levi Hartzler in 1871. The town was vacated in 1872.


Alspach-Alspaugh-Boving, Clark, Coffman, Glick, Grauel, Greencastle, Hoshor, Lithopolis-Miner, New Betzer, Old Betzer,
Salem Church, Tunis Newkirk, Unknown, Wesley Chapel.

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