1820 Federal Census Walnut Township,
Fairfield County, Ohio


Last Name First Name Twp Pg#

1840-CARTY William Wal 102
1841-OLINGER Benjamin Wal 102
1842-WAGGONER Andrew Wal 102
1843-SOLEDAY Frederick Wal 102
1844-WAGGONER Ulerick Wal 102
1845-SOLEDAY Jacob Wal 102
1846-DOOMY Martin Wal 102
1847-GOOD John Wal 102
1848-LIGHTNER Elias Wal 102
1849-CARNES John Wal 102
1850-PUGH Jesse Wal 102
1851-SMETTERS George Wal 102
1852-McCAWLEY James Wal 102
1853-MACE Ulery Wal 102
1854-TRAVIRNER Susanna Wal 102
1855-TOOL Daniel Wal 102
1856-KETNER Henry Wal 102
1857-KETNER SR. Henry Wal 102
1858-BOFFMAN Abraham Wal 102
1859-DICK Jacob Wal 102
1860-WATSON William Wal 102A
1861-HOUT George Wal 102A
1862-IRVIN William Wal 102A
1863-ROSS James Wal 102A
1864-McCOLIN Francis Wal 102A
1865-RITCHIE Peter Wal 102A
1866-BATY Dempster Wal 102A
1867-BLUE Michael Wal 102A
1868-CHERRY Isaac Wal 102A
1869-WATSON Joshua Wal 102A
1870-WATSON Thomas Wal 102A
1871-WATSON Abraham Wal 102A
1872-WATSON Henry Wal 102A
1873-BARD John Wal 102A
1874-PRETZ Jacob Wal 102A
1875-DECKER John Wal 102A
1876-CAGY Rudolph Wal 102A
1877-TODD Samuel Wal 102A
1878-HITE Coonrad Wal 102A
1879-PATTERSON James Wal 102A
1880-TORRENCE Robert Wal 102A
1881-McNAMEE Adam Wal 102A
1882-HILL William Wal 102A
1883-McNAMEE Job Wal 102A
1884-PATTERSON John Wal 102A
1885-SHAIN Adam Wal 102A
1886-BAKER Tilman Wal 102A
1887-HITE Joseph Wal 102A
1888-COKENHOUR Andrew Wal 102A
1889-HITE Abraham Wal 102A
1890-HITE Samuel Wal 102A
1891-DECKER John Wal 102A
1892-HITE Abraham Wal 102A
1893-IRVIN John Wal 102A
1894-TRAVIRNER Samuel Wal 102A
1895-HOLTZ Joseph Wal 102A
1896-LANDES Henry Wal 102A
1897-BARKS David Wal 103
1898-McCOY Joseph Wal 103
1899-GOLDTHWAIT John Wal 103
1900-WATSON Thomas Wal 103
1901-WATSON James Wal 103
1902-WATSON Richard Wal 103
1903-HILL William Wal 103
1904-ALLEN James Wal 103
1905-MILLER James Wal 103
1906-MILLIGAN William Wal 103
1907-MILLS Andrew Wal 103
1908-LISLE David Wal 103
1909-WILLIAMS Abel Wal 103
1910-DELESMES David Wal 103
1911-TURNER Harman Wal 103
1912-GREGOR Andrew Wal 103
1913-MILLER Matthias Wal 103
1914-WHITEACRE Eli Wal 103
1915-CHERRY Thomas Wal 103
1916-CHAPMAN Robert Wal 103
1917-CHERRY John Wal 103
1918-MURPHY William Wal 103
1919-CRAWFORD Samuel Wal 103
1920-CRAWFORD James Wal 103
1921-CRAWFORD Robert Wal 103
1922-BROWN Nicholas Wal 103
1923-HOLMES Eli Wal 103
1924-HOLMES James Wal 103
1925-CHAMBERS Fergess Wal 103
1926-CHAMBERLAIN Richard Wal 103
1927-CHAMBERLAIN John Wal 103
1928-CLICK John Wal 103
1929-CLICK Michael Wal 103
1930-GOOD Abraham Wal 103
1931-SNIDER George Wal 103
1932-PARISH Aquilla Wal 103
1933-GILL Nicholas Wal 103
1934-COFFMAN Martin Wal 103
1935-NELSON Elias Wal 103
1936-PETERS Isaac Wal 103
1937-MASON Chancy Wal 103
1938-BOOSY John Wal 103A
1939-GOOD Abraham Wal 103A
1940-ULUM* Peter Wal 103A
1941-STOUDOR Jacob Wal 103A
1942-CALDWELL Eleanor Wal 103A
1943-HATFILED Adam Wal 103A
1944-HILTON John Wal 103A
1945-COFFMAN Peter Wal 103A
1946-PLUMMER Joshua Wal 103A
1947-GRITTOW Gabriel Wal 103A
1948-BEVER John Wal 103A
1949-MILLER Daniel Wal 103A
1950-CLARK John Wal 103A
1951-PETERS Jonathan Wal 103A
1952-PETERS Samuel Wal 103A
1953-DECKER Aron Wal 103A
1954-BONUM Joseph Wal 103A
1955-HOUSER Peter Wal 103A
1956-WOLTZ George Wal 103A
1957-REES Thomas Wal 103A
1958-HULLINGER Jacob Wal 103A
1959-MILLER Jacob Wal 103A
1960-TURNER Harmon Wal 103A
1961-MORTON Anthony Wal 103A
1962-DEVAULT George Wal 103A
1963-HASHBERGER Abraham Wal 103A
1964-HASHBERGER David Wal 103A
1965-CAGY Jacob Wal 103A
1966-MANLY Susan Wal 103A
1967-DAVIS William Wal 103A
1968-LAFFERTY Samuel Wal 103A
1969-LAFFERTY John Wal 103A
1970-HILL Jacob Wal 103A
1971-BERRY Edward Wal 103A
1972-WARNER John Wal 103A
1973-WARNER Samuel Wal 103A
1974-CULP Jacob Wal 103A
1975-MILLER John Wal 103A
1976-CAGY Jacob Wal 103A
1977-EWINN* Margaret Wal 104
1978-RADOR Henry Wal 104
1979-HALL Joseph Wal 104
1980-BUCHER Joseph Wal 104
1981-LEETH Samuel Wal 104
1982-LEETH John Wal 104
1983-KIGER David Wal 104
1984-KIGER Martin Wal 104
1985-KIGER Adam Wal 104
1986-KIGER Jacob Wal 104
1987-LAMB George Wal 104
1988-LAMB William Wal 104
1989-LAMB Peter Wal 104
1990-LINTON William Wal 104
1991-CASS Valentine Wal 104
1992-BARKS Solomon Wal 104
1993-HARRISON William Wal 104
1994-DAVIS James Wal 104
1995-TEAL Edward Wal 104
1996-ROBY Hezekial Wal 104
1997-TAYLOR William Wal 104
1998-THOMPSON Anna Wal 104
1999-PERCEVAL Benjamin Wal 104
2000-PARISH Nicholas Wal 104
2001-SMITH Oliver Wal 104
2002-SMITH David Wal 104
2003-OWENS Nicholas Wal 104
2004-OWENS George Wal 104
2005-BEVER William Wal 104
2006-BIXLER Jacob Wal 104
2007-PARISH Luke Wal 104
2008-THOMPSON John Wal 104
2009-WARNICK Robert Wal 104
2010-TOOL Jeramiah Wal 104
2011-KETNER Nicholas Wal 104
2012-ANDERSON Daniel Wal 104A
2013-TAYLOR William Wal 104A
2014-MAXIOM James Wal 104A
2015-REES Jesse Wal 104A

Total: 176

*questionable spelling ** Enumberated as Free Colored Persons ***Speculation

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