1820 Federal Census Richland Township,
Fairfield County, Ohio


Last Name First Name Twp Pg#

1396-LAMB Jacob Ric 96
1397-MANLEY Samuel Ric 96
1398-ROLLS Jesse Ric 96
1399-KERNS Reuben Ric 96
1400-IJAMS Catharine Ric 96
1401-CRANER John Ric 96
1402-IJAMS Isaac Ric 96
1403-ABRIGHT David Ric 96
1404-RUFNER Emanuel Ric 96
1405-WISEMAN William Ric 96
1406-MURPHY Edward Ric 96
1407-CHAMBERS Henry Ric 96
1408-ABRIGHT Ruth Ric 96
1409-LUNSFORD Lewis Ric 96
1410-BROWN William Ric 96
1411-REDMAN John Ric 96
1412-BAKER Daniel Ric 96
1413-THOMPSON David Ric 96
1414-HILL George Ric 96
1415-ALFRED Fielding Ric 96
1416-ISLES David Ric 96
1417-RUFNER Michael Ric 96
1418-CRAWFORD Jacob Ric 96
1419-BLACK Barbary Ric 96
1420-MARQUHART John Ric 96
1421-THOMPSON John Ric 96
1422-FISHER Henry Ric 96
1423-TRACY William Ric 96
1424-BOKEHART Henry Ric 96
1425-LEMMON Adam Ric 96
1426-COPELAND Caleb Ric 96
1427-BOBST Mary Ric 96
1428-CHRIST William Ric 96
1429-KIZER John Ric 96
1430-HILL David Ric 96
1431-TEVIS* Warner Ric 96
1432-LEMMON Jacob Ric 96
1433-VANHORN Isaac Ric 96
1434-HALL Henry Ric 96
1435-HOTTLE Joseph Ric 96A
1436-WILLIAMS George Ric 96A
1437-SWEAZY David Ric 96A
1438-MARQUHART Jonathan Ric 96A
1439-MARTIN Joseph Ric 96A
1440-TURNER Joseph Ric 96A
1441-LEMMON William Ric 96A
1442-FRIZZLE John Ric 96A
1443-TURNER William Ric 96A
1444-ZANES Phillip Ric 96A
1445-BOND Girard Ric 96A
1446-ZANES Ann Ric 96A
1447-BASHORE Frederick Ric 96A
1448-SINNEFT Jacob Ric 96A
1449-HEMPHILE Henry Ric 96A
1450-HEMPHILE Samuel Ric 96A
1451-TURNER Daniel Ric 96A
1452-HOKE Solomon Ric 96A
1453-BECK James Ric 96A
1454-SUNDERLEN John Ric 96A
1455-KANARD James Ric 96A
1456-CARPENTER Benjamin Ric 96A
1457-NEELEY David Ric 96A
1458-ELLIS William Ric 96A
1459-HALL James Ric 96A
1460-HOLIDAY Zebulon Ric 96A
1461-TURNER Bazel Ric 96A
1462-TURNER James Ric 96A
1463-TURNER Solomon Ric 96A
1464-SWEAZY Phillip Ric 96A
1465-STULTZ George Ric 96A
1466-LINVILLE Anna Ric 96A
1467-LINVILLE Joseph Ric 96A
1468-LINVILLE William Ric 96A
1469-TESTER George Ric 96A
1470-LINVILLE Solomon Ric 96A
1471-MARK William Ric 97
1472-WARNER James Ric 97
1473- ? Elkana* Ric 97
1474-PALMER Jonathan Ric 97
1475-PALMER James Ric 97
1476-ROBERTS Levi Ric 97
1477-PRICE John Ric 97
1478-LONES* Thomas Ric 97
1479-RUTHERFORD John Ric 97
1480-SWICK Martin Ric 97
1481-LANFAR John Ric 97
1482-WINEGARNER Anthony Ric 97
1483-LACY William Ric 97
1484-BAUGHMAN Jacob Ric 97
1485-BAUGHMAN Michael Ric 97
1486-BAUGHMAN David Ric 97
1487-KERLAND* John Ric 97
1488-TURNER Harling Ric 97
1489-WINEGARNER Herbert Ric 97
1490-MOTTLE Joseph Ric 97
1491-TURNER Rachael Ric 97
1492-LOWEMASTER John Ric 97
1493-TURNER Benjamin Ric 97
1494-SAINS Henry Ric 97
1495-KING John G. Ric 97
1496-COOK Joshua Ric 97
1497-SINNEFT Henry Ric 97
1498-DAVIS James M. Ric 97
1499-KERR John Ric 97
1500-KESLING Caty Ric 97
1501-CUSTARD Joseph Ric 97
1502-CARTER Henry Ric 97
1503-LOMAS Jacob Ric 97
1504-DRUM Peter Ric 97
1505-DRUM John Ric 97
1506-DRUM Jacob Ric 97
1507-LOMAS John Ric 97
1508-BOWDELL Henry Ric 97
1509-CUM George Ric 97
1510-BAKER Jacob Ric 97A
1511-BAKER Peter Ric 97A
1512-STRICKLER Thomas Ric 97A
1513-THOMPSON Sabra Ric 97A
1514-CLOUD Thomas Ric 97A
1515-BATESON William Ric 97A
1516-FRIESNER Stephen Ric 97A
1517-ROBERTS Thomas Ric 97A
1518-BARBS Peter Ric 97A
1519-SIGNER Thomas Ric 97A
1520-BAKER Coonrad Ric 97A
1521-SMITH Andrew Ric 97A
1522-MANNS John Ric 97A
1523-PRICE John Ric 97A
1524-SWEAZY Amos Ric 97A
1525-SNIDER Joseph Ric 97A
1526-YANOWAY Henry Ric 97A
1527-WHETSTONE Frederick Ric 97A
1528-WHETSTONE George Ric 97A
1529-COOPER Robert Ric 97A
1530-CLOUD Jesse Ric 97A
1531-HYLER Sally Ric 97A
1532-GRUBB Richard Ric 97A
1533-GIGER Andrew Ric 97A
1534-RADOR Nicholas Ric 97A
1535-CROSS Dianna Ric 97A
1536-GRUBB Ralph Ric 97A
1537-BIDDLE John Ric 97A
1538-WOOLARD Henry Ric 97A
1539-HITE Abraham Ric 97A
1540-HOPWOOD William Ric 97A
1541-MITCHEL James Ric 97A
1542-SMITH John Ric 97A
1543-BAKER Christly Ric 97A
1544-SAINS David Ric 97A
1545-PENCE David Ric 97A
1546-WARNER Thomas Ric 97A
1547-CATON Thomas Ric 98
1548-LOVE William Ric 98
1549-DAILEY Eleanor Ric 98
1550-SWEAZY David Ric 98
1551-McBRIDE John Ric 98
1552-YOUNG John Ric 98
1553-COFFMAN David Ric 98
1554-RICHARD Joseph Ric 98
1555-STEVENSON Daniel Ric 98
1556-STEVENSON Jesse Ric 98
1557-STEVENSON Mordecai Ric 98
1558-STEVENSON Edward Ric 98
1559-RUFFNER Jacob Ric 98
1560-ANDERSON Samuel Ric 98
1561-WISELEY William Ric 98

Total: 166

*questionable spelling ** Enumberated as Free Colored Persons ***Speculation

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