1820 Federal Census Perry Township,
Fairfield County, Ohio


Last Name First Name Twp Pg#

1739-RICE William Per 100A
1740-BUZZARD Henry Per 100A
1741-HEDGE Peter Per 100A
1742-HEDGE Josiah Per 100A
1743-PINKSTOCK Dolly Per 100A
1744-STANT* Thomas Per 100A
1745-HEDGE Caleb Per 100A
1746-WOLF William Per 100A
1747-FRIEND Samuel Per 100A
1748-CREIGHTON John Per 100A
1749-FRIEND George Per 100A
1750-TODD Jonah Per 100A
1751-TODD Samuel Per 100A
1752-TODD Sarah Per 100A
1753-BUZZARD William Per 100A
1754-McFARLIN Jesse Per 100A
1755-JUDA Simon Per 100A
1756-STRUSELHIME Gotlip Per 100A
1757-COLTER David Per 100A
1758-TODD John Per 101
1759-TODD Robert Per 101
1760-McCLELLAN James Per 101
1761-CHAMBERS James Per 101
1762-BUZZARD George Per 101
1763-BUZZARD Henry Per 101
1764-PROUGH John Per 101
1765-PROUGH Henry Per 101
1766-PIXLER Christian Per 101
1767-LAUNCE* Christian Per 101
1768-NOGGLE Andrew Per 101
1769-NESTLEROD Christian Per 101
1770-NESTLEROD Daniel Per 101
1771-HEDGE Peter Per 101
1772-HEDGE Jonah Per 101
1773-HEMPHILL Benjamin Per 101
1774-CLOPPER Henry Per 101
1775-DEFFEBAUGH Daniel Per 101
1776-BUZZARD Jacob Per 101
1777-TRESBAUGH Abraham Per 101
1778-WHITE Jeremiah Per 101
1779-CHAMBERS William Per 101
1780-SIMMERTON John Per 101
1781-LEMLY Thomas Per 101
1782-McMULLEN Neel Per 101
1783-McCOLIN Benjamin Per 101
1784-ANDERSON James Per 101
1785-ANDERSON Matilda Per 101
1786-COX Phillip Per 101
1787-SEDELER Holling Per 101
1788-BEVER Polly Per 101
1789-MOSS Edward Per 101
1790-MOSS John Per 101
1791-RABUN William Per 101
1792-RABUN William Per 101
1793-RABUN Hugh Per 101
1794-WELSHAMMER Henry Per 101
1795-CAMPBELL Henry Per 101
1796-BERRY John Per 101
1797-CAVE Benjamin Per 101A
1798-CAVE William Per 101A
1799-WHITE George Per 101A
1800-KNIGHT William Per 101A
1801-TODD Israel Per 101A
1802-WHITE James Per 101A
1803-BARNS Adam Per 101A
1804-FEATHEROFF Benjamin Per 101A
1805-DAVIS Nancy Per 101A
1806-MILLER Henry Per 101A
1807-DEFFEBAUGH George Per 101A
1808-DEFFEBAUGH John Per 101A
1809-DEFFEBAUGH Joseph Per 101A
1810-DEFFEBAUGH John Per 101A
1811-FOUST John Per 101A
1812-ARMSTRONG Thomas Per 101A
1813-STUMP John Per 101A
1814-KRIZER John Per 101A
1815-FOX Andrew Per 101A
1816-STUMP Peter Per 101A
1817-FOX John Per 101A
1818-MELON Randel Per 101A
1819-CLARK Alphus Per 101A
1820-ROLLS Lumer Per 101A
1821-SPANGLER Samuel Per 101A
1822-SHARRIC Christian Per 101A
1823-SHARRICK Christian Per 101A
1824-CHRISTLY Harmon Per 101A
1825-PARK John Per 101A
1826-BUZZAR Peter Per 101A
1827-FOX Peter Per 101A
1828-CHISTLER Henry Per 101A
1829-HENNING Jacob Per 101A
1830-PICKLE Jacob Per 101A
1831-RANICK Henry Per 101A
1832-CHISTLER Abram Per 101A
1833-CHARTER Nancy Per 102
1834-MILLER John Per 102
1835-CLENDENON Andrew Per 102
1836-PROUGH Henry Per 102
1837-WRITZ Joseph Per 102
1838-PROUGH Samuel Per 102
1839-CODEN John Per 102

Total: 101

*questionable spelling ** Enumberated as Free Colored Persons ***Speculation

This info provided to us by Rebecca Huddle.


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