Fairfield County Marriages

The following records have been compiled from a variety of Fairfield County sources including records from the Fairfield County Recorder's Office - Deeds and Northwest Territory Records; Common Pleas Court - Divorce records from Supreme Court Records; Probate Court - Marriages; Newspaper accounts - Yea Ancient Swain's and Lancaster (Ohio) Eagle and church records.

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BR= Bible Record
CSTD=Church Record Sponagle-Trinity Death
CPF= Church First Presbyterian and Hocking Circuit
NLE= Newspaper Lancaster Eagle
DNW= Deed Northwest Territory Records
Da=Deed Book A
Db= Deed Book B
D* Divorce record from Common Pleas Court
P=Probate Book Letters and page follows for example PAA=Probate Marriage Book A part A
YEA= Yea Ancient Swain's Column in Lancaster Eagle for marriage records

______, ____ (not given)//SMITH, Mariann; 11 Oct 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-38

______, ______//______, ______ (names not given); 13 Jan 1811; John Emmitt, Minister ME Church; PAB-19

_OLE, Martin//WATSON, Jane; license 5 Jan 1811; PAB-15

ABRAMS, Joseph//DAVIS, Nelly; license 31 Jan 1807; PAA-27 [ABRAMS, Josiah]YEA

AKERT, Abraham//SMITH, Katherine; 30 Jun 1801; Samuel C. Carpenter; Da48

ALGART, John//CURTZ, Ann; license 14 Feb 1807; PAA-28 [ALGIR, John//COURTS, Ann]YEA

ALGER,John//COUNTS, Ann; 15 Feb 1807; NLE

ALGIR, John//COURTS, Ann; 15 Feb 1807; Thos McCall, JP; PAA-30

ALLEN, Benj.//SCOTT, Jane; 9 Jun 1802; Henry Abrams; Da176

ALSPACH,George//Gleasson, Eleanor; 30 Dec 1809; [ALSPAUCH, Geo//GILLSON, Eleanor; license Dec 1809]YEA

ALSPACH, Adam//BARBER, Mary; license 19 Aug 1809 with consent of her father; PAB-2

ALSPAUGH, Sabastian//BARBER, Mary; license Nov 1809 YEA

ANDERSON, Thomas//MACKLIN, Molly; 18 Feb 1810; Lewes Sites; PAB-19

ANDREWS, Hugh//WATSON, Christiana; 5 Nov 1812; John Wright; CPF

ANSPAUGH, Andrew//RHEA, Esther; 21 May 1807; NLE

ANSPACH, Christian//OVERMIRE, Christina; 23 Aug 1808; Philip Spohn, JP; PAA-54, NLE

ANSPAK, Benjamin//DUBLER, Mary; 11 May 1808; Henry Humbarger, JP, Thorn Twp; PAA-50, [AUSPACK] YEA

ARNEY, Frederick//HAINES, Polly, both of Hocking Twp; license 17 Dec 1804; PAA-9,YEA

ARNOLD, Jacob//CREAMER, no first name given; license 18 Sep 1807; PAA-37 [CREAMER, Rachel]YEA

ASHBAUGH, Andrew//RHEA, Easter; license 20 May 1807; PAA-29, YEA

ATHEY, Elisha//MORGAN, Sarah; 30 Jan 1810; Peter Williamson, JP, Hocking Twp; PAB-12

ATHEY, Elisha//MORGAN, Sarah; (Deed 13 Mch)/30 Jan 1810;Peter Williamson; PAB-12

AUSBAUGH, Jacob//SPHOON, Elizabeth; license 31 Mar 1807; PAA-29

AUSBAUGH (ANSBAUGH?), Jacob//SPHON, Elizabeth; both of Richland Twp; 5 Apr 1807; Wm Ijams; PAA-35, YEA

AUSPAUGH or ANSPAUGH, Christian//OVERMIRE, Christena; license 20 Aug 1808; PAA-53

AUSPAUGH, Andrew//RHEA, Easter; 21 May 1807; Charles McLung, JP; PAA-37, YEA, NLE

AUSPAUGH, Benjn//DUBLER, Mary; license 4 May 1808; PAA-47

BABB, Joseph//THRALL, Eleonor; 25 Dec 1810; John Wright; CPF

BAILEY, Thomas//HITE, Barbara; license 18 May 1808; PAA-47, YEA

BAILOR, Jacob//WESTENBERGER, Susanna; license __ Apr 1804; "with consent of Paster's or Porter's"; PAA-11 [BARTON, Jacob]YEA

BAILY, Thomas//HITE, Barbary; 19 May 1809; John Shiplor; PAB-3, [BAILEY, May 1808]YEA

BAKER, Henry//BINKLEY, Polly; license 20 Dec 1808, "Henry Binkley being sworn as to his father's consenting to the marriage"; PAA-56

BARENGER, Wm//CAMPBELL, Sarah; license 5 Mar 1811; PAB-22

BARK, Jacob//BOYLE, Mary; license 20 Oct 1807; PAA-38

BARK, Jacob//BOYLE, Mary; 21 Oct 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP for Hocking Twp; PAA-38

BARNET, Absoleum//DARK, Susanna; 18 Feb 1810 at the house of William Slolliams in Tarlton; Wm Drury, JP; PAB-11, [BARNER, Absalom & DARN, Susanna]YEA

BARNET, William//MONES/MORRIS, Elizabeth E.; 2 Jan 1810; Wm Hamilton; PAB-12 [MORRIS, Elizabeth]YEA

BARNHART, David//COLE, Elizabeth; 20 Dec 1807; Richard Hooker, JP, Amanda Twp; PAA-46

BARNHART, Simon//COLLE, Sally; license 4 Jan 1808; PAA-39

BARNHART, Simon//COLE, Sarah; 5 Jan 1808; PAA-41

BARR, Thomas//SCOTT, Jane; license 7 Jan 1808; PAA-39

BARR, Thomas//SCOTT, Jane; 7 Jan 1808; George Nye, JP for Amanda Twp; PAA-41

BARR, Samuel//LANE, Rachel; 31 May 1803; Daniel Vanmeter; Db102

BARRACK, William//THOMPSON, Betsey; 4 Mar 1805; John Warden, JP for Licking Twp; PAA-12

BARRICK, William//THOMPSON, Betsey; of Licking Twp; license 12 Feb 1804; PAA-11

BARTON, Jacob//WESTENBERGER, Susannah; Apr 1805; YEA

BARTON, William//DRUM, Ann; license 16 Jan 1809?; PAA-55 [BARTRAM, Wm//DUM, Anna]YEA

BARTSON, William//Ann TRONE; 26 Jan 1809; Philip Spohn, JP; PAA-57

BATTIF, John//STATTEN, Hannah; both of Bowling Gr. Tp; 21 Oct 1802; Isaac Stadden; Da209; [RALLEF & SLADDEN recorded 3 Oct 1802]DNW

BAUGHER, Henry//______, Christina; license 16 Mar 1809; PAA-58 [GLICK, Christiana]YEA

BAUMAN, Bernard// WAGENER, Eliz.; Oct 1809; YEA

BEAM, Wm.//SWISER, Lydia; Dec 1806; YEA

BEAR, Joseph//SHIREK, Elizabeth; 6 Sep 1808; Lewis Seitz; PAA-54

BEAR, Joseph//SHERK, Elizabeth; license 5 Sep 1808; PAA-53

BEAR, David//BIBLER, Daved; 24 Oct 1809; Lewis Sitez; PAB-8

BEARD, John//FRIEND, Minnie; license Dec 1810 YEA

BEARD, John//BRADLY, Peggy; 3 May 1804; Jesse Willits, Amanda Twp; PAA-6, [BRADLELY]YEA

BECKER, Henry//Polly Buck; 25 Dec 1808; Philip Spohn, JP; PAA-57

BEERY, Nichl//SITES, Mary; license 1 Apr 1811; PAB-23

BEERY, Isaac//KREIDLEBAUGH, Polly; 13 May 1806; Lewis Sites; PAA-19, [Kriddlebaugh]YEA

BEERY, Abraham//BIBLER, Barbara; Dec 1806; YEA

BEERY, Abraham//BEERY, Susan; 2 Jan 1810; Lewis Sitez; PAB-9

BEERY, Isaac//RIDDLEBAUGH, Polly; license 11 May 1806; PAA-19, [KRIDDLEBAUGH]YEA

BEERY, George//CREADLEBAUGH, Kitty; license 19 Jan 1811; PAB-20

BEERY, Abraham//BIBLER, Barbara; Dec 1806; YEA

BELT, Apela//JUSCHO, Mary; 29 Feb 1804; YEA

BENNETT, William//BENNETT, Eliner; 23 Jul 1808; Ralph Lotspech; PAA-52, [Eleanor]YEA

BENNETT, Wm//BENNETT, Elener; license 10 Jul 1808; PAA-50

BERRY, Abraham//BIBLER, Barbara; license 22 ___ 1806 "by consent of her father present"; PAA-25

BERRY, George//CREADELBAUGH, Kitty; 19 Jan 1811; John Emmett, Met. Min; PAB-20

BERTHELOT, Claudius//SANN, Susanna; 13 Mch 1803; Samuel Carpenter; Db94, [BARTHETOL & SANNS]DNW

BETT, Apela//JUSCHO/INSCHO, Mary; 29 Feb 1804; Abraham Wright, JP; PAA-2,[Belt]YEA

BIBLER, John//WILSON, Elis; license 13 Aug 1808; PAA-52, YEA

BIBLER, Jacob//HANZ, Susanna; 29 May 1810; Lewes Sites; PAB-19

BIRD, Samuel//CLIMER, Nancy; 30 Nov 1809; Nathl Harrington, JP; PAB-7, YEA

BIXLER, John//SEDAPI(E)NDER, Margaret; Aug 1803; YEA (probate record 13 Aug 1804)

BIXLER, Henry//GUNDER, Kitty; 2 Sep 1806; Jas Pierse, JP; PAA-24, YEA

BIXLER, John//SEDAPENDER, Margaret; 13 Aug 1803; Timy Sturgeon; PAA-7

BLACK, Phillip//BEAR, Kitty; license 13 Jan 1807 with "her father's consent being personally had"; PAA-26, YEA

BLACK, John//BENJAMIN, Gemime; license 20 Mar 1808; PAA-46

BLACK, John//BENJAMIN, Gemima; 29 Mar 1808; John Julian, Justice; PAA-51, [Guinne]YEA

BLACK, James//GILLESPIE, Jane "alias WALLACE"; 10 Jul 1804; Abraham Wright, JP for Licking Twp; PAA-5, YEA

BLY, John//BRAKEBILL, Elizabeth; 28 Jul 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-34, [Breakbill]YEA

BLY, Jacob//ECKERT, Sophia; 15 Mar 1810; A Weaver, Lancaster, JP; PAB-12

BLY, John//BREAKBILL, Betsy; license 6 Jun 1807; PAA-29

BOBST, George (Defendant) and BOBST, Mary (Plantiff) married Aug 1793 in PA; divorced 17 Feb 1817; Came to Fairfield County, Ohio in 1804/06; She was abandoned in 1811; D*1-60 & 2-239

BOLEN, Robert//HARDY, Elisth; license 10 Aug 1810; PAB-10

BOND, Joseph//BEARNHART, Hannah; license 8 Mar 1808; PAA-45, [BARNHART]YEA

BONHAM, Jacob L//CHAMBERLANE, Nancy; license 7 Sep 1810; PAB-10

BONHAM, Jacob L//CHAMBERLANE, Nancy; 20 Sep 1810; James Holmes, JP; PAB-17

BOREMAN, Frederick//HALDER, Polly; 11 Sep 1810; A Weaver, JP; PAB-14, [BOWMAN, Frederick & HEIDER, Polly]YEA

BORMAN, Fredrk//HELDER, Polly; license 8 Sep 1810; PAB-11 [BOWMAN, Frederick]YEA

BOWDEL/BOWDLE, Henry//MILLER, Elizabeth; 8 Oct 1807; Peter Overmiere, JP; PAA-43

BOWDEL, Henry//MILLER, Elizth; license 6 Oct 1807; PAA-38, [BOWDIE]YEA

BOWERS, Valentine (Defendant) and BOWERS, Mary nee RAVER (Plantiff); married 1819 Fairfield County [by Valuntine Donaldson]; divorced 3 Jun 1839; She was abandoned. While Valentine was still married to Mary, he married circa 1832 to Lizzie Kistler and had several children; D* 2-305

BOWLAND, Robert//HARDY, Elenorer; 16 Aug 1810; John Wright; PAB-21; CPF

BOWLAND, Robert//HARDY, Elenor; 16 Aug 1810; John Wright; PAB-20, CPF

BOWMAN, Bernard H//WAGONER, Elizabeth; 23 Oct 1809; Adam Weaver, JP; PAB-5 [BAUMAN, Bernard]YEA

BOWMAN, Frederick//HEIDER, Polly; Sep 1810; YEA

BRADLEY, John//FETTSGERALD/FITZGERALD, Johanna; 25 May 1804; Jesse Willits, Amanda Twp; PAA-6,YEA

BRIDGES, John//JOHNSON, Mary; 22 Oct 1801; Samuel C. Carpenter; Da100

BRIGHT, John//BOWMAN, Easter; license 9 Nov 1807; PAA-38, [Esther]YEA

BRIGHT, John//BOWMAN, Easter; 10 Nov 1807; Isaac Larimore, JSP, Rushcreek Twp; PAA-47, YEA

BRIGHTBILL, Benjamin//EVANS, Mary; license 26 Jul 1809; "Saml McCleland sworn that her father consented to the same"; PAB-2, YEA

BRITINHAM, Solomon//BROWN, Lin? (index says Leather); license 27 Jan 1805]; PAA-16

BRITTENHAM, Solomon//BROWN, Leather; 25 Feb 1806; Charles Rickets; PAA-18, YEA

BROMBACK, Saml//FUNKHOUSER, Elizth; license 3 Aug 1809; PAB-2 [BRUMBAUGH, Sam]YEA

BROTHERS, Frances//HOWE, Polly; 14 June 1804; Charles Friend, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-3 [HOUSE, Polly]YEA

BROWN, Joseph//GALLAHER, Mary; 25 Dec 1802; William Trimble; Db95

BROWN, James//GREEN, Amelia; Feb 1808; YEA

BROWN, Joseph//GALLAGHER, Mary; recorded 30 Jun 1803; Wm. Trimble; DNW

BROWN, Saml//KELLY, Margt; license 19 Jun 1810; PAB-10

BROWN, Samuel//KELLY, Margaret; 24 Apr 1810; PAB-13

BROWN, Mathew//WORK, Margret; license 11 Mar 1811; PAB-22 [14 May 1818 div]NLE; [divorce proceedings dismissed Aug 1819; D*1-75]

BROWN, Joshua//SCOTHORN, Rebecca; 4 May 1809; Richard Hooker, JP; PAB-4

BROWN, James Jun//GREEN, Emiele; 16 Feb 1808; Charles Ricket; PAA-46, [Amelia]YEA

BROWN, James//GREEN, Emelia; license 11 Feb 1808; PAA-44

BROWN, Samuel//KELLY, Margaret; 20 Apr 1810; A Weaver, JP; PAB-13

BROWN, Daniel//MERRET, Jane; 17 Nov 1807; John Mills, JP; PAA-42

BRUMBAUGH, Saml//FUNKHOUSER, Elizabeth; 8 Aug 1810; Adam Weaver, JP; PAB-16

BRYAN, James//HARDESTY, Nancy; license 7 Apr 1808; PAA-46, YEA

BRYAN, David//STEVENS, Nancy; both of Amanda Twp; 8 Sep 1808; Geo Nye, JP; PAA-55

BRYAN, David//STEPHENS, Nancy; license 6 Sep 1808; PAA-53, YEA

BRYAN, James//HARDESTY, Nancy; 7 Apr 1808; Richard Hooker, JP, Amanda Twp; PAA-49, YEA

BUCKINGHAM, Ellick W. (Defendant) and BUCKINGHAM, Elizabeth (Plantiff); married 1817; 7 children; divorced 18 Nov 1837; Ellick committed adultery with his niece, Ruth Buckingham; Elizabeth lived in Violet Tp; D*2-287

BUNCRAFT, Samuel//ROSE, Clarissa; both of Granville Twp; 28 May 1807; Saml P Robbins, Pastor of church in Marietta; PAA-33 [BANCROFT, Samuel//RIESE, Clarissa]YEA

BURKET, George//SMITH, Sarah; 10 Jan 1810; John Wright; PAB-9, [16 Jan 1810]CPF

BURKETT, George//FOX, Mary; license 12 May 1807; PAA-29

BURNSIDES, Nicolas (Defendant) and BURNSIDES, Mary (Plantiff) ; married Jan 1811; divorced Aug 1833; Mary left Oct 1829 due to extreme cruelty and abuse by her husband; Mary received custody of minor children; D*2-261

BUSH, George//SMTITH, Elizabeth; license 28 Jan 1808; PAA-40, YEA

BUSH (RUSH?), Westly//HARRISON, Polly; license 12 Jan 1811; PAB-15 [HARMON, Polly]YEA

BUSH, Richard//KAIGER/KEIGER, Margaret; license 16 Nov 1807; 21 Nov 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-39 [BURT, Richard//KAEGER, Margaret]YEA

BUSH, Christian//surname not given, Jane; license 13 Feb 1806; PAA-17

BUSH, Richard//KAIGER/KEIGER, Margaret; 21 Nov 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-39

BUTT, Richard//KAEGER, Margaret; Oct 1807; YEA

CALHOON/CAHOON, Henry//COURTRIGHT, Christianna; 23 Feb 1815; J. Wright;CPF [21 Sep 1815 in probate records]

CANNLER, Joseph//MACKREL, Delila; 14 Aug 1808 in Amanda Twp; Richard Hooker, JP; PAA-55

CANOLY?, James//MACKRIL, Sarah; license 5 Apr 1811; PAB-23 [CONNELLY, James]YEA

CARPENTER, John//REESE, Peggy; license 9 Mar 1811; PAB-22 [REED, Peggy]YEA

CARPENTER, George//WILSON, Barbara; 25 Aug 1808; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-53

CARPENTER, Sebastian//GUNDER, Polly; license 19 Jan 1807 with "Henry Bixler, Jr, being sworn that his father declared him to be of lawful age"; PAA-26, YEA

CARPENTER, Sebasten//GONDER, Polly; 20 Jan 1807; James Pierse, Esqir; PAA-27

CARPENTER, Samuel//CARPENTER, Margaret; 29 Jan 1819; John Wright; [Mary S]CPF46, YEA

CARSON, John//VANHORN, Juliet Granville; 30 Dec 1802; Wm Trimble; Db95, [VanHorn, Margaret Granwill]DNW

CASEY, Cornelies//KENNEDY, Mary; 30 Nov 1809; John Wright; PAB-9, YEA

CELLS, John//DUNKEN, Jane; 12 Apr 1803; Henry Abrams; Db94, DNW

CHAPMAN, William//MIRES, Elizabeth; 5 May 1807; Moses Meek, JP; PAA-31

CHAPMAN, William//MIRES, Elizth; license 30 Apr 1807, Morse Meck; PAA-29, [MYERS]YEA

CHEDISTER, James//BUGH, Charlotte; license 15 Jan 1811; PAB-20 [COLLESTER, James]YEA

CHIDESTER/COLLESTER, James//BUGH, Charlotte; 15 Jan 1811; John Emmett, Met. Min; PAB-19, YEA

CHRISLY, Laurence/SPHONE, Kitty; 20 Oct 1806; Wm Ijams, JP; PAA-28

CHRISLY, Laurence//SPONS, Kitty; license 18 Oct 1806, ; PAA-23 [CHRISTY, Lawrence//SPOHN, Kitty]YEA

CLARK, Alpheus//LOYD, Elizabeth//19 Apr 1809; Jacob Shoemaker; PAB-17

CLENDENAN, Robert//FRIEND, Martha,license 31 Dec 1808, 5 Jan 1809; John Wright; PAA-58, [Clendenon]CPF

CLENDENAN, Robt//FREEND, Martha; license 31 Dec 1808; PAA-56 [CLUDERMAN, Robert]YEA

CLOAE, Adam//RODEBAUGH, Susanna; 6 Sep 1808; Joseph Hiestand, Liberty Twp; PAA-55

CLOUD, Robt//COMER, Anna; license 6 Mar 1811; PAB-22

CLUTTERTER, James//BUGH, Charlotta; 15 Jan 1811; Geo. Overmire; PAB-24

COAPLAND/COPELAND, William//MEANS, Polly; 15 Oct 1807; William Trimble, JP; PAA-43

COFFMAN, John//BEERY, Elizabeth; 16 Aug 1808; Lewis Sietz; PAA-54

COLE, Joshua//LONG, Margaret; 16 Feb 1808; Richard Hooker, JP, Amanda Twp; PAA-48

COLE, John//_____, Betsy; license 4 Oct 1806; PAA-23

COLE, Abraham//WILLIAMS, Malinda; 27 Sep 1804; Charles Friend, JP; PAA-8,[Melinda]YEA

COLE, John//COLE, Betsy of Amanda Twp; 5 Oct 1806; Richard Hooker, JP; PAA-28, YEA

COLLENS, James Statten//DUE, Charity Bright; 23 Sep 1806; Massay Clymer; PAA-25, [COLLINS] YEA

COLLINS, William//BROWN, Lucy; license 25 Jan 1808; PAA-40

COLLINS, William//BROWN, Lucy; 26 Jan 1808; James Pierse, JP; PAA-44, YEA

COLLINS, James//DERR or DEW, Charity; license 17 Sep 1806; PAA-22 [DUE, Charity]YEA

COLSON, William//DUGAN, Jane, both of Licking Twp; 24 Mar 1805; Abraham Wright; PAA-12 [DOLSON, Wm//DUVAN, Jane]YEA

COMPTON, Joab//INKS, Rebecca; license 18 Jul 1808; PAA-50 [COMPTON, Jacob]YEA

COMPTON, Joab//INKS, Rebecca; 19 Jul 1808; Hugh Boyle; PAA-51, YEA

CONE, George//NORTH, Mary; both of Clearcreek Twp; 4 Nov 1808 at house of Thomas North, father of Mary; Jacob Shoemaker, JP; PAA-54

CONOLEY?, Joseph//MACKREL, Delila; license 12 Aug 1808, "appeared before me, William Bryan, and made oath that he had seen the age of Delila Mackrel entered in the testament of Benjamin Mackrel, her father, there the record of his families ages are kept, from which it appeared that the said Delila is upwards of 18 years", signed Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-52 [COWLEY, Jos]YEA

COOK, John//SENTER, Lucy; license 23 Nov 1809; with consent of her father; PAB-2 [SENTER, Lena]YEA

COOK, Davd//McLUNG, Ruth; license 19 Dec 1810; PAB-15

COOK, David//McCLUNG, Miss Ruth; 20 Dec 1810; A Weaver, JP; PAB-21

COOK, David//McCLUNG, Miss Ruth; 20 Dec 1810; A Weaver, JP; PAB-23

COOPER, Levi//WILSON, Marget; 31 May 1807; Henry Smith, JP; PAA-33, [Margaret]YEA

COOPER, Henry//TONG, Nancy; 15 Mar 1810; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAB-12, YEA

COOPER, Levi//WILSON, Margt; license 30 May 1807; PAA-29

COPELAND, Wm//MEANS, Polly; license 10 Oct 1807 "with consent of her father"; PAA-38, YEA

COURTRIGHT, Richard//RICKETS, Sarah; license 9 Dec 1806, 25 Dec 1806; PAA-24, YEA

COWLEY, Jos.//MACKRILL, Delilah; Aug 1808; YEA

CRAEGER, Richard//CHAMBERLANE, Rachel; license 14 Dec 1808; PAA-56, YEA

CRAWFORD, Saml//VANMETER, Sarah; license 8 Jun 1807; PAA-29

CRAWFORD, Samuel//VANMETER, Sarah; 11 Jun 1807; John Wright; PAA-31, [Vanmetre]CPF

CREGER, Andw//CHAMBERLANE, Rachel; 27 Dec 1808; Samuel Wiseman; PAA-57, [CREAGER, Richard]YEA

CROCKET, Andrew//PITCHER, Margret; license 11 Dec 1807; PAA-39

CROCKET(T), Andrew//PITCHER, Margret; 10 Dec 1807; John Wright, Lancsaster; PAA-45, [Margaret]CPF

CROOK, John//CROSSAN, Polly; 6 Apr 1809; Charles McLung; PAB-1, YEA

CROSS, Thompson//MOORE, Polly; 19 Dec 1811; J. Wright; CPF

CROSS, Israel//CROSS, Nancy; divorced 25 Jul 1816; NLE

CROSSIN, Wm R//LOTT, Sally; license 26 Nov 1809 "with Jas Perrigen certifying her parents consent"; PAB-2, [CROSEIN & LUNT]YEA

CULP, Jacob//LAMB, Mary; license 7 Sep 1807; PAA-36, YEA

CULP, Jacob//RUDEBACH, Mary; license 9 Aug 1810; PAB-10

CULP, Jacob//RUDEBAUGH, Mary; 9 Aug 1810; George Benedum; PAB-18, YEA

CUNNINGHAM, Joseph//WARD, Catherine,10 Oct 1804, license, 30 Oct 1804; Abraham Wright; PAA-10,YEA

CUP, Phillip//MESSERMAN, Betsey; license 8 Jan 1811; PAB-15

CUTRIGHT, Richard//RICKETS, Sarah; 25 Dec 1806; Massey Clymer; PAA-27

DAERRY, Abraham//PEBLER, Barbara; 23 Dec 1806; Lewis Seitz; PAA-31

DATTON, Amos//McCALLA, Polly; 21 Feb 1803; Abraham Wright, Justice; PAA-2,[Dalton]YEA

DAVES, William//COLLINS, Mary; 17 May 1804; Timy Strygeon, JP; PAA-8

DAVES, John//YOUNG, Mary; 4 May 1808; John Wright, Lancaster; PAA-49

DAVIS, Wm.//COLLINS, Mary; May 1804; YEA

DAVIS, John//YOUNG, Mary; license 3 May 1808; PAA-47 [DAWES, John]YEA, [DAVES, 5 May 1808]CPF

DAWSON, Thomas//ABRAMS, Sarah; 10 May 1803; Samuel Carpenter; Db94, DNW

DEEFENBACH, Daniel//CULP, Hannah; license 22 ___ 1806 "by consent of her father present"; PAA-25

DEFENBACK, Daniel//CULP, Hannah; 23 Dec 1806; John Julian, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-25, [DEFIENBAUGH]YEA

DEFFENBAUGH, John//KLINE, Elisabeth, d/o of Coonrod Kline of Clearcreek Twp; 5 Nov 1805 at Coonrod's house; Wm Drury; PAA-18 [CLINE, Elizabeth]YEA

DELONG, JAMES//DOYLE, Peggy; license 8 Jan 1811; PAB-15

DEMMICK, Daniel//LEONARD, Rachel; 5 Apr 1806; Thos B Patterson; PAA-20, YEA

DENDON, John//SAMS, Mary; 15 Jan 1811; Geo. Johns; PAB-22, [DINDORE, John//SAMS,
Mary/SAUN, Polly] PAB-24, YEA

DERBIN, Samuel//COLLINS, Rebecca; 15 Apr 1806; Massay Clymer; PAA-22, [DIRBIN]YEA

DERBIN, Saml//COLLINS, Rebecca; license 18 Mar 1806; PAA-18

DETTOC, John//RAID, Eve; Oct 1810; YEA

DICK, Charles//MANNEN, Hanna; 4 Jul 1807; John Wright; PAA-35 [MANNER, Hannah (black) ]YEA, [MANNAR, Jane 7 Jul 1807 (colored people)]CPF; [ Jane, divorced 10 Jul 1813; custody of 2 children, Daniel to his father, Charles to his mother; she commited adultery; D*1-40 & 47;]

DILSAVOUR, John//SHOUP, Kitty; 13 Jun 1808; John Julian, JP, Clearcreek Tpw; PAA-51 [DELSAMOUR, John]YEA

DILSHAVER, Henry//HEFF, Susanna; 5 Nov 1810; John Julian, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAB-21

DILSHAVER, Henry//NEFF, Susanna both of Clearcreek Twp; 5 Nov 1810; John Julien, JP; PAB-23, YEA

DILSHOVER, Henry//NEFF, Susanna; license 19 Oct 1810; PAB-15

DINDO, John//SAUM, Polly; license 12 Jan 1811; PAB-15 [DINDORE, John]YEA

DIRBIN, Samuel//COLLINS, Rebecca; Apr 1806; YEA

DITTOE, John//RAIL, Eve; 25 Oct 1810; Wm Trimble, JP; PAB-18 [DETTOC, John//RAID, Eve]YEA

DODD, John//MOSER, Kitty; license 18 Mar 1811; PAB-22

DOLE, Joseph W (or McDOLE although index says McDOUGAL)//CARRON, Jane; 12 Feb 1807; Moses Meeks, JP;PAA-33, [DOLE, Joseph W//CARSON, Jane; license Feb 1807]YEA

DOLSON, Wm.//DUVAN, Jane; Apr 1805; YEA

DONALDSON, John//GRUBBS, Mary; 6 Feb 1810; Elijah Spurgeon, Esq, Bloom Twp; PAB-9

DOTY, Jerimiah//MERIT, Anne; 29 May 1810; John Wright; CPF

DRAKE, Wm//DENGMAN, Elizabeth; 31 Aug 1809; James Gordon, JP; PAB-7, YEA

DRURY, Isaiah//REYNOLDS, Prusella; 7 Jun 1804; Jesse Willits, Amanda Twp; PAA-7, [Priscilla]YEA

DRURY, Samuel//REYNOLDS, Ann; license 4 Jan 1808; PAA-39, YEA

DRURY, John//REYNOLDS, Polly; 9 Aug 1810; Wm Hamilton; PAB-14

DRURY, Samuel//REYNOLDS, Ann; 8 Feb 1808; Charles Friend, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-45

EBRIGHT, William//BIRD, Betsey; 10 Nov 1809; Masse Climer; PAB-8, YEA


EDMONSON, William//LOWE, Mary; both of Amanda Twp; 5 Mar 1808; Geo Nye, JP; PAA-48

EDGELL, Asa (Defendant) and EDGELL, Hannah nee Clymer (Plantiff) married 15 Apr 1813 Fairfield County ; divorced 20 Jan 1816; Asa extremely cruel and she left on 15 Jan 1816; D*2-79

ELENGTON, Revd William//DUVALL, Pricsilla; 20 Aug 1807; James Quinn, Elder ME Church; PAA-36

ELLINGTON, Wm//DEVALL, Pachella?; license 19 Aug 1807; PAA-35, [DUVAL]YEA

ELLIOTT, Samuel//PARR, Margt; __ May 1803; Isaac Stadden, Just; PAA-1, YEA

ELLIOTT, Cornwallis//EVENS, Elizth; license 28 Nov 1806; PAA-24 [EWING, Elizabeth]YEA

EMERICK, Jacob//OVERMIRE, Eve; 1810? (no date given); Geo Overmire, JP, Hopewell Twp; PAB-14

EMERICK, Jacob//OVERMIRE, Eve; license 30 Jul 1810; PAB-10

ENGLAND, Asa//______, Prudence; license 4 Mar 1809, "Isaac England being first sworn as to her (his?) Fathers declaration of her (his?) being of age"; PAA-58

ENGLAND, Asa//Mackrel; Prudence; 10 Mar 1809; Wm Hamilton; PAB-2, YEA

ENGLAND, Isaac//CHILCOTE, Prudence; 16 Jul 1809; Wm Stevens, JP; PAB-5

ENGLE, George//HENSEL, Mary; license 2 Feb 1807; PAA-27, YEA

ENGLER, Henry//POLING, Rachel; 5 Oct 1809; Isaac Larrimore; PAB-20

ENGMAN, Edwd//HARRISON, Kitty; license 22 Jun 1805; PAA-12, YEA

ENGMAN, Edward//HARRESON, Kitty; 25 Jun 1805, James Quinn, Elder ME Church; PAA-13

ENTRICKS, Frederick//STOLTZ, Polly; 11 Jun 1809; Wm Hamilton, JP; PAB-5 [STOLTZ, Patty]YEA

EVERSOLE, Peter//MILLER, Elizabeth; 25 Nov 1810; Joseph Hiestand; PAB-20

EVERSOLE, Peter//MILLER, Elizabeth; 25 Nov 1810; Joseph Hiestand; PAB-21

EWING, David//ENSWORTH, Eliza; 9 Jan 1810; John Wright; PAB-9, CPF

FAIRCHILD, John Jr. (Defendent) and FAIRCHILD, Margaret (Plantiff) divorced Dec 1807; alimony $100; D* 1-12

FEEMAN, Benjamin//LAMB, Elizabeth; license 29 Dec 1806 "with consent of his mother in writing"; PAA-25

FETTER//FELLER, Coonrad//BENEDUM, Betsey; license 23 Mar 1811; PAB-23 [TITTLER, Conrad]YEA

FETTER, Jacob//ARNOLD, Polly; 14 Jan 1810; George Benetum, Minist; PAB-10

FETTER, Henry//ROBENHOLD, Catharine; license Oct 1808; YEA

FETTERS, Philip//CENT, Betsey; license Jun 1807]YEA

FICKEL, William//THOMPSON, Ann; 24 Mar 1808; John Wright, Lancaster; PAA-49, [FIKLE//THOMPSON, Anne]CPA

FIERBAUGH, Phillip//GUNDER, Barbara; 12 Nov 1806; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAA-24

FIREBAUGH, Phillip/GUNDER, Barbara; license 12 Nov 1806; PAA-24

FISHER, John//SPURGEON, Rachel; 12 Jul 1810; James Gordon, JP; PAB-16

FISHER, Adam//MILLER, Barbara; license 29 Mar 1806; PAA-18

FISHER, John//GIRTEN, Mary; license 15 Feb 1809; PAA-58 [FISHER, Jacob]YEA [Divorce proceedings; D*1-57, 64, 72, 76

FLETCHER, Robson//WOODRING, Kitty; 13 Nov 1807; Charles Rickets, JP; PAA-42

FLETCHER?, Robinson//WOODRING, Kitty; license 26 Oct 1807; PAA-38

FOGLESONG, John//NEAL, Ruth; license 24 Dec 1806; PAA-26

FOGLESONG, John//NEAL, Ruth; 25 Dec 1806; Hugh Boyle, JP, Lancaster; PAA-26

FOLEY, Stephen//GARDNER, Elisabeth; license 21 Jan 1805; PAA-16

FOLEY, Stephen//GARDNER, Elizabeth; 23 Jan 1806; Thos Cissna, JP; PAA-19

FORD, Adam C//NELSON, Elizabeth; 21 Sep 1807; Massay Clymer, Minister ME Church; PAA-38

FORD, Adam C//NELSON, Elizabeth; license 11 Sep 1807 "with consent of Edward McColley, guardian of Elizabeth"; PAA-36

FORD, Adam C//NELSON, Elizabeth; 20 Sep 1807; Massay Clymer, Minister; PAA-42

FORSYTHE, William//SPENCER, Druzilla; 10 Dec 1810; William Spencer, JP; PAB-23

FOSTER, Henry//WALTERS, Teney; license 22 Aug 1807; PAA-35

FOSTER, William//WISEMAN, Eve; 3 Oct 1809; Adam Weaver, JP; PAB-5

FOX, John//JULIN, Nancy; license 19 Mar 1806; PAA-18

FOX, John//FOSTER, Mary; license 29 Jul 1809; PAB-2

FOX, John//JULIN, Nancy; 1 Apr 1806 at house of John Julin, Nancy's father; Wm Drury, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-20

FOX, John//FASTER/FOSTER, Mary; 6 Aug 1809; Adam Weaver, JP; PAB-16

FRAKER, John//NEVELING, Peggy; license Mar 1809; YEA

FRISBY, James//WICKIZER, Rebeca; 19 Aep 1810; Thos McCall, JP; PAB-20

FRISBY, James//MUKIZER, Rebecca; 19 Sep 1810; Thos McCall, JP; PAB-21

FRISLEY, James//WICKIZER, Rebecca; 19 Sep 1810; PAB-11 [FRISBY, James]YEA

FUNK, Jacob//BUSH, Nancy; 10 Apr 1804; Henry Abrams; PAA-4, [Mary]YEA

FUNK, Daniel//PHILLIPS, Mary; no date given (Apr-Jun 1807?); Robert Cloud; PAA-31

FUNK, Danl//PHILLIPS, Mary; license 7 Jun 1806; PAA-20

GAN, William//CUNNINGHAM, Polly; 1 Jul 1807; John Duke, JP of Granville Twp; PAA-37

GANS, William//CUNNINGHAM, Polly; license 29? Jun 1807; PAA-32 [Mar 1807]YEA

GARDNER, Jacob//KISTLER, ElizPABeth; license 9 Apr 1808; PAA-46

GASAWAY, Ely//OUSLEY?, Susan; license 27 Jul 1810; PAB-10 [OSHAL, Susan]YEA

GASSAWAY, Eli//OSHEL, Susanna; 4 Aug 1810; David Sweasey, JP; PAB-17

GASELL, Jacob//LETHERS, Elizabeth; 11 May 1802; Eml. Carpenter; Da203

GASTOR, John//LANSBAUGH, Betsey; 26 Dec 1807; Georg Benethum; PAA-47

GEORGE, John//MARTIN, Polly; 26 Jul 1804; Charles Friend; PAA-5, YEA

GIGER, Adam//WINEGARDNER, Kitty; license 29 Oct 1808; PAA-53

GILKERSON, John//COFFENBERRY, Sally; 4 Feb 1808; John Wright, Lancaster; PAA-45, [GILKAISON & COFFINBURY]CPF

GILKESON, James M//COFFENBERRY, Nancy; 17 Nov 1808; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-56

GLICK, Henry//DILDINE, Margret; 1 Feb 1810; Wm Hamilton; PAB-12

GLOR?, Adam//RHODEBAUGH, Susanna; license 2 Sep 1808; PAA-53

GOLDTHREAD, John//CRAWFORD, Mary; 30 Jul 1807; James Quinn, Elder ME Church; PAA-36

GOOD, Peter//FOSTER, Barbara; license 18 Apr 1807; PAA-29

GOOD, Peter//HESLER, Barbara; 19 May 1807; Richd Hooker, JP of Amanda Twp; PAA-33

GOOD, Christn//HUFMAN, Mary; license 1 Oct 1808; PAA-53

GOODMAN, James//BRENTLINGER, Elizabeth; 17 Nov 1810; A Weaver, JP; PAB-23

GOODMAN, JAMES//BRANTLINGER, Betsey; license 17 Nov 1810; PAB-15

GOODMAN, James//BRENTLINGER, Elizabeth; 17 Nov 1810; Adam Weaver, JP; PAB-21

GORDEN/GORDON, George//HUMPHRIES, Hanna; 14 Jun 1810; Thomas Renean?, JP; PAB-14 [HEMPSHIRE, Hannah]YEA

GRAY, Thomas B//EWING, Sarah; license 18 Sep 1806; PAA-22 [EVINS, Sarah]YEA

GRAY, Thomas B//SHADLEY, Sarah; license 30 Aug 1805; PAA-14 [SHADLEY, Mary]YEA

GRAYBILL, Gabriel//BASH, Rebecca; 12 Sep 1809; Thos McCall, JP; PAB-6

GREEN, Reginal//MAXWELL, Mary; 28 May 1806; Jesse Hedges, JP; PAA-22

GREEN, John//HOLSTERRY, Elizth; license 22 Jun 1807 "with consent of her father in writing; PAA-32

GREEN, William//GREEN, Sarah; license 13 Feb 1811; PAB-22

GREEN, Reginal//MAXAN, Mary; license 24 May 1806; PAA-20 [MAXWELL, Mary]YEA

GREEN, John//HOLSBURY, Elizabeth; 25 Jun 1807; Mordeca Chalfant, JP, PAA-37

GREEN, William//BILDERBACK, Marthy; 7 Sep 1802; Henry Abrams; Db39

GREENWOOD, Thomas (Defendant) and GREENWOOD, Hannah nee BOND (Plantiff); married 7 Nov 1815 Fairfield County; divorced 1817; D*1-65, 72, 83, 96

GUOLTHREAL, John//CRAWFORD, Mary; license 24 Jul 1807; PAA-34 [GOLDTHREAD, John]YEA

GYGAR, David//WINEGARDNER, Catharine; 20 Oct 1808; John Shiplor; PAB-3

HAIN, Thomas//BRIGHT, Sue; 23 Aug 1810; Elijah Spurgeon, JP; PAB-21

HAIN, Thomas//BRIGHT, Sue; 23 Aug 1810; Elijah Spurgeon, JP; PAB-20

HAMILTON,Orange//ASHLEY, Sarah; 31 Jul 1810; John Wright; PAB-21

HAMILTON, Orang//ASHBY, Sarah; 31 Jul 1810; John Wright; PAB-20; [HAMILTON, Orange & ASHLEY, Sarah]CPF

HAMMOND, Jacob//McNAGHTEN, Fanny; Jun 1804; YEA

HANES, John//BOLAN, Kitty; license 3 Apr 1807; PAA-29

HANES, John//BOLAN, Kitty; license 3 Apr 1807; PAA-29 [HARRIS, John]YEA

HANFORD, James//STANBERRY, Elisabeth; license 18 Apr 1804; PAA-11 [STANFORD, James]YEA

HANSEL, Jonn//ZERBEY, Peggy; 23 Apr 1809; James Pearse, JP; PAB-3

HARDY, James//SHAW, Sarah; 23 Mch 1809; John Wright; CPF

HARDY, James//MARTIN, Isabella; 25 Jun 1801; Joseph VanHorn; Da35

HARISON, James//CRUMLEY, Hannah; 30 Aug 1808; John Wright; CPF

HARPER, William//GOLDEN, Sarah; 25 Nov 1800; Joseph VanHorn; Da35

HARR, Thomas//BRIGHT, Luisa; license 21 Aug 1810; PAB-10 [HAIN, Thos]YEA

HARRING, David//WILSON, Mary; license 3 Jun 1807; PAA-29 [HERRON, David]YEA

HARRIS, Amos//McENTURFF?, Susanna; license 9 Aug 1807 "with consent of parents"; PAA-34

HARRIS, John//BOWLAND, Kitty; 7 Apr 1807; John Wright; PAA-31, [BOWLAND, Hetty] CPF

HARRIS, James//McENTURFF, Susannah; 11 Aug 1807; Moses Meek; PAA-37

HARRISON, James//CROMLEY, Hannah; license 29 Aug 1808; PAA-53

HARRISON, James//CRUMLEY,Hannah; 13 Aug 1808; John Wright, Lancaster; PAB-1; [HARISON]CPF

HART, Thomas//McCLALLAND, Elizabeth; 28 May 1802; Hugh Boyle; Da161

HAYMAN, Jacob//SHOUP, Susan; 31 Jul 1806; John Wright; PAA-23, [HOYMAN & SHOAP]CPF

HAYS, Jonathan//HOOKER, Elizabeth; (May 1809? no date given); Richard Hooker, JP; PAB-4 [June 1809]YEA

HEAVINS, Jesse//HENTHORN, Rebecca; 17 Sep 1805; Abraham Wright, JP, Newark; PAA-15

HEDGES, Joseph//RICE, Maria; 26 Dec 1809; Wm Drury, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAB-7

HEISTAND, Abraham//SHISLER, Mary; 5 Feb 1805; Lewis Sites; PAA-11

HEISTAND, Samuel//RUDEBACH; Margret; 23 Sep 1809; George Benethum; PAB-6

HELELBOCK, Peter//STOOKEY, Kitty; 25 Sep 1806; Wm Trimble, JP; PAA-23

HELM, John//MYERS, Mary, both of Clearcreek Twp; 5 Jul 1804 at house of Jacob Helm, father of John; Wm Drury; PAA-7

HELMS, John//SPANGLER, Betsey; 24 Feb 1807; John Julien, JP; PAA-36

HELSEL, John//RISEING/RISING, Polly; license 7 Sep 1807, her brother "swore to parents consent of his parents"; PAA-36

HELSER, John//SPANGLER, Betsey; license 21 Feb 1807; PAA-28

HELSER, John//RISING, Polly; 9 Sep 1807; Peter Overmiere, JP; PAA-42

HENDERSON, Saml//RAMSEY, Betsey; license 4 Mar 1811; PAB-22

HENDERSON, Saml//RAMSEY, Betsey; 7 Mch 1811; CPF

HENRICK, Jac//HUFFORD, Elizabeth; license 14 Jan 1811; PAB-15

HENSEL, George//SHISLER, Kitty; 31 May 1808; George Bintheim?; PAA-51

HENSEL, George//SHISLER, Kitty; license 24 May 1808; PAA-47

HEROLIT, John//POOLE, Ginny; license 16 Jun 1807; PAA-29

HERREN, David//HORNET, Elizabeth, both of Licking Twp.; 8 Jul 1804; John Warden, JP for Licking Twp; PAA-4, [Hearron]YEA

HERRON, Cook//name not given, Polly; license 25 Apr 1808; PAA-47

HERROW, David//WILSON, Mary; 4 Jun 1807; Wm Trimble; PAA-32

HESEY?,Cornelius//HENERY, Mary; 30 Nov 1809; CPF

HIDLEBAUGH, Jacob//MILLER, Catharine; 20 Jan 1811; Henry Heimbarger; PAB-24

HIDLEBAUGH, Jacob//MILLER, Cath; license 28 Dec 1810; PAB-15

HIESTEND, Abram//SHISLER, Mary; license 29 Jan 1805; PAA-10

HIGHLELBAGH, Peter//STOKER, Kitty; license 24 Sep 1806; PAA-23 [HIDDLEBAUGH, Peter]YEA

HILES, John//RUEL, Charley; 3 Jan 1811; Ebenezer Larrimore; PAB-24

HILES, John//REED, Charity; license 2 Jan 1811; PAB-15

HITE, Abr//PEW, Barbary; license 24 June 1808; PAA-50

HITE, Isaac//PRATS, Madelena; license 31 Jan 1807 with "her brother, Valentine, being first sworn to her age being upwards of 18 years"; PAA-27

HITE, John//PEBLER, Barbara; 4 Dec 1803; Lewis Sites, MG; PAA-3,YEA

HITE, Cunrod//FRYE, Elizth; license 2 Jan 1808; PAA-39

HITE, Isaac//PRATZ, Mactalan; 1 Feb 1807; Lewis Seitz; PAA-31

HITE, Conrad//FREY, Elizabeth; 9 Jan 1808; Lewis Sites; PAA-50

HOLLECHER, Christn//KRITZ, Molly; license 2 Feb 1808; PAA-44

HOLLINS, Isaac//SHITZ, Christiana; 1 Jun 1809; Wm Trimble; PAB-6

HOLLINS, Isaac//______, Christina; license Aug 1809; YEA

HOLMES, Thomas//WELLS, Rachel; license 30 Jul 1807; PAA-34

HOLMES, Thomas//WELLS, Rachel; 30 Jul 1807; Thomas McCall, JP; PAA-35

HOLT, William//SANE, Susanna; license 13 Jan 1807; PAA-26 [LANE,Susanna]YEA

HOLT, William//SANE, Susanna; 15 Jan 1807; James Quinn, Elder ME Church; PAA-28; [D*2-77 HOLT & LANE 5 Aug 1816, Susanna abandoned in 1810]

HOLTS, George//SHEAFER "alias DERSH?", Elizabeth; license 17 Aug 1807; PAA-34

HOLTS, George//SHAFER, Elizabeth; 20 Aug 1807; John Julien, JP of Clearcreek Twp; PAA-37

HOOD, Frederick//QUEEN, Mary Ann; 28 Apr 1808; Samuel Hammond, Deacon ME C; PAA-52

HOOD, Fredk//QUEEN, Mary Ann; license 26 Apr 1808; PAA-47 [HOOD, Frank//QUINN, Mary Ann]YEA

HOOK, John//SMITH, Catherine of Licking Twp; 13 Mar 1808; Henry Smith, JP of Licking TWp; PAA-48

HOOK, John//SMITH, Catherine; license 11 Mar 1808; PAA-45 [SHOOK, John]YEA

HOOKER, Richard//TALMAN, Nancy; license 10 Jan 1806; PAA-16

HOOKER, Richard//TALMAN, Nancy; 16 Jan 1806; Thomas McCall, JP; PAA-17

HOOVER, John//DARST, Mary; license 7 Nov 1807; PAA-38

HOUCK, James//SHADLEY, Sally; license 4 Feb 1806 with consent of his father; PAA-16

HOUK, Jacob_//JENNINS, Roda; 5 Jan 1804; John _____; PAA-1, [Jemmins]YEA

HOUK, James//SHADLEY, Sarah; 6 Feb 1806; John Warden, JP, Licking Twp; PAA-16

HOUTZ, Leonard//WHITMORE, Sally; license 23 Mar 1811; PAB-23

HOW, James//DILSAVER, Mary Ann; 18 Feb 1806 at house of George Dilsaver, her father; Wm Drury, Cleracreek Twp; PAA-18

HOW, James//DELSAVER, Mary Ann, sister of John Delsaver; license 17 Feb 1806; PAA-17

HOWE, Daniel//BABB, Sally; 17 Oct 1809; A Weaver, JP; PAB-7 [HORNE, Daniel//DABB, Sally]YEA

HOYMAN, Jacob//SHOAP, Susan; 31 Jul 1806; John Wright; CPF

HOYMAN, Jacob//SHOUP, Susan; license 30 Jul 1806; PAA-21

HUBER, John//CORFMAN, Magdalena; 27 Apr 1809; Lewis Sites; PAB-5

HUDDLE, Henry; MURPHY, Elenor; 27 Feb 1806; Wm Trimble; PAA-19

HUGHES, Walter//HANES, Nancy; license 15 Sep 1807 with consent of Nancy's father; PAA-36

HULL, John//TAYLOR, Sarah; license 23 Jan 1808; PAA-40

HUME, John//McCLELAND, Sarah; 20 Apr 1809; John Wright; PAB-4, [HUMES & MCCLELEN] CPF

HUMES, John//McCLELEN, Sarah; 20 Apr 1809; John Wright; CPF

HUMMEL, Jacob//McNAUGHTEN, Fanny; 17 Jun 1804; John Warden, JP; PAA-4 [HAMMOND, Jacob]YEA

HUMMEL, Thomas//HYNES, Mary; both of Licking Twp; 18 May 1804; John Warden, JP, Licking Twp; PAA-4,YEA

HUMRICKHAUSER, Peter//CAMPBELL, Dorothy; license 22 ___ 1806; PAA-25 [HANERHOUSER, Peter]YEA

HUMRICKHOUSE, Wm//ALLSPACH, Johanna; license 10 Jan 1811; PAB-15 [HOMRIGHOUSE, ______]YEA

HUNTER, David//WILLY, Jane; 22 Oct 1811; CPF

HUNTER, Wm//BERKSHIN, Susan; license 12 Jul 1806; PAA-21 [SHOUP, Susan]YEA

HUNTER, William//BARKSHIRE, Susan; 13 Jul 1806; Elnathan Scofield, JP, Lancaster; PAA-23

HUREN, John//POOL, Ginny; 16 June 1807; Richd Hooker, JP of Amanda Twp; PAA-33 [HERRON, John]YEA

HUSHER, John//FAUST/FOUST, Betsey; 9 Oct 1810; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAB-18

HUSTON, Andrew//GREEN, Elizabeth; 13 Jan 1803; Daniel Van Meter; Db57, DNW

JEMMINS, Joseph//HINTON, Rebecca; Dec 1803; YEA

HUSTON, Andrew//GREEN, Elizabeth; 13 Jan 1803; Daniel Van Meter; Db57

HUTCHINS, Bradberry//JADEN, Susannah; both of Licking Twp; 4 Jul 1805; James Quinn, Elder ME Church; PAA-13

IAMS, David//GROVE, Polly; license 8 Sep 1810; PAB-11 [JANS, David]YEA

IANS (index says JANE), David//GROVE, Polly; 18 Sep 1810; James Gordan; PAB-17

ICE, John//BIBLER, Mary; 11 Aug 1810; PAB-18

ICE, John//BRESLER, Molly; license 18 Aug 1810; PAB-10

IJAMES, Wm, Junior/RUFNER, Catherine; 20 Jun 1805; Wm Trimble, Justice; PAA-14

INKS, John//COMPTON, Nelly; 4 Jun 1801; Samuel Carpenter; Da48

IRWIN, William//PURSELY, Nancy; 3 May 1804; David ____; PAA-2 [ERWIN, Wm (Dr.)]YEA

JAMES, Abner//TURNER, Nancy; license 15 Feb 1806; PAA-17

JAMES, Abner//TURNER, Nancy; 20 Feb 1806; Robt Cloud; PAA-19

JANS, David//GROVE, Polly; 18 Sep 1810; James Gordan; PAB-17, [SAMS, David// GROVE, Polly; 11 Sep 1810; A. Weaver; PAB-14

JENNINS, Joseph//HENTON, Rebecca, d/o Cas & Agnes; 22 Dec 1803; William Wa____; PAA-1

JOHNS, George//Polly MOYER; 22 Jan 1809; Charles Rickets, JP; PAB-1

JOHNS, George//MOYER, Polly; license 17 Jan 1809; PAA-56

JOHNSTON, Evan//ASHBAUGH, Catharine; 19 Aug 1802; Wm. Trimble; Da209; [JOHNSTON, Esau & ASHBAGH]DNW

JOHNSTON, John//SINE, Elizabeth; 16 Oct 1806; Wm Trimble, JP; PAA-23

JOHNSTON, John//SANE, Elizabeth; 7 Oct 1806; PAA-23

JOHNSTON, John//KELLY, Mina?; 22 Sep 1805; Abraham Wright, JP at Newark; PAA-15

JOHNSTON, Barnabas//CLYMER, Mary; 21 Aug 1807; Massey Clymer, Minister; PAA-43

JOHNSTON, Barnabus//CLIMER, Mary; license 1 Aug 1807; PAA-34

JOHNSTON, John B//KNODE, Rebecca; 27 Apr 1809; Wm Hamilton, JP; PAB-5

JONES, Samuel//HUGHES, Margaret; 3 Mar 1807; Henry Smith, JP; PAA-42

JONES, Samuel//HUGHS, Margret; license 22 Feb 1807; PAA-28

JULAN, Wm//NOGGLE, Susanna; license 18 Sep 1806; PAA-22

JULIAN, Stephen//BEARY, Hannah; license 27 Dec 1808; PAA-56

JULIAN, Stephen//Hannah BEERY; both of Clearcreek Twp; 29 Dec 1808 at house of Alexander Beery, father of Hannah; Jacob Shoemaker, Clearcreek TWp; PAA-57

JULIEN, William//NOGGLE, Susanna; 23 Sep 1806; John Julien, JP; PAA-23

JULIEN, Stephen//LEWIS, Zane; 5 May 1809; John Julian, Clearcreek Twp; PAB-4 [LEWIS, Jane]YEA

JUNISON, James S//REESE, Shelowith; license 13 Jan 1808; PAA-39 [JAMIESON, James S]YEA

KARR, William//GOOD, Hannah; license 18 Apr 1808; PAA-46

KAUFMAN, John//BEERY, Elizabeth; license 13 Aug 1808; PAA-52

KEAGEY, Jacob//BIBLER, Rebecca; 24 Apr 1810; Lewes Sites; PAB-19

KEESTER, Jacob//COOK, _____; recorded 18 Oct 1803; Hugh Boyle; Db163

KELLER, Jacob//MILLER, Anna; 17 Jan 1811; Hugh Andrews; PAB-22, 24

KELLER, Jacob//MILLER, Anna; license 12 Jan 1811; PAB-15 [MILLER, Nina]YEA

KELLER, Jacob//MILLER, Miss Anna; 15 Jan 1811; Hugh Andrews, JP; PAB-22

KENODE, George//ARNOLD, Mary; 1 Oct 1810; George Benedum; PAB-18

KENVETS, Geo//ARNOLD, Mary; license 29 Sep 1810; PAB-15 [KANODE, Geo]YEA

KESEY, John Jacob//SOLADAY, Elizabeth; license 7 Nov 1808; PAA-53 [KEREY, John Jacob]YEA

KESTNER, Michl//HORN, Kitty; license 23 Mar 1881; PAB-23 [KERTNER, Michael]YEA

KEY, Moses//BECKET, Ann; 20 May 1806; Thos McCall, Justice; PAA-21

KEY, Amos//BECKET, Ann; license 20 May 1806; PAA-20

KIGER, Wm//WALDIKE, Jene; 16 Sep 1810; John Wright; PAB-20, CPF

KIGER, WM//WALDRECK, Teney; license 14 Sep 1810; PAB-11, [WALDIKE, 10 Sep 1810] CPF

KIRK, George//DEATH, Sarah; license 9 Apr 1808; PAA-46 [KUK, George]YEA

KISSLER, William//WALDIKE, Jane; 18 Sep 1810; John Wright; PAB-21

KISTLER, Peter//BOWMAN, Elizth; license 22 Apr 1808; PAA-46

KITE, Adam//PARSON, Sary; 17 Mar 1808; Alexander Holden; PAA-49

KITE, Adam//PARR, Sarah; license 14 Mar 1808; PAA-45

KITTSMILLER, Wm//CLOUSE, Polly; license 20 Mar 1807; PAA-29

KNAYER, John//KITTZMILLER, Susanna; license 2 Jan 1807; "Ulrich Knayer being first sworn as to her mother's agreement to the marriage"; PAA-25 [KNOYER, John//KITTSMILLER, Lavinia]YEA

KNOFF, not given//JULIAN, Rebecca; 23 Aug 1808; John Julian, JP; PAA-54

KNOYER, Jacob//POLMER, Betsey; license 8 Nov 1808; PAA-53

KNOYER, George//HEROD, Mary; 8 Jun 1809; Wm Hamilton, JP; PAB-5

KONOFF, George P//JULIEN, Rebecca; license 15 Aug 1808, "her mother's consent being had, her _____ present"; PAA-52

KOONTZ, Saml//NORTH, Elizabeth; 4 Jan 1810; Jacob Shoemaker, JP; PAB-17

KOONTZ, Isaac//WESTENBARGER, Sarah; 2 Feb 1809; John Wright; PAA-58 [SHALLENBERGER, Sarah]YEA

KOOUS, Geo//NORTH, Mary Burket, with consent of her father, Thos B North; license 29 Oct 1808; PAA-53 [KOONS, Geo]YEA

KRUTZE, Saml//HELM, Rosey; 9 Jan 1810; Wm Drury, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAB-7 [KRITZEL, Samuel]YEA

KUNTZ, Isaac//SHALLENBERGER, Sarah; 2 Feb 1809; John Wright; CPF

LABAKER, John//STRINESBRING, Elizabeth; 9 Feb 1808; James Pierse, JP; PAA-44

LAMB, Jacob//CULP, Magdalina; license 18 Aug; married 19 Aug 1806; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAA-22

LAMB, Peter//WALLERS/WALTERS, Polly; 13 Mar 1811; PAB-22

LAMB, George//BLACK, Lyddy; license 17 Jun 1806; PAA-20

LAMB, George//BLACK, Lydia; 17 Jun 1806; Elnathan Scofield, JP, Lancaster; PAA-21

LAMB, Jacob//CULP, Magdalina; license 18 Aug 1806; PAA-22

LAMB, George//BRANN, Peggy; 17 May 1804 (license 16 May); Wm Gass, Just; PAA-6 [BROWN, Peggy]YEA

LANCE, Martin//BIBLER, Betsey; license 25 Jul 1808 "by her father's consent"; PAA-51

LANE, William//WHEELER, Martha; 26 Feb 1809; Massay Clymer; PAB-1

LANE, Jacob//KEYSER, Sally; license 23 Mar 1807; PAA-29

LANE, Wm//WHEETER, Martha; license 23 Feb 1809; PAA-58 [WHEELER, Martha]YEA

LANE, Jesse//CAVE, Elizabeth; 18 Dec 1804; Charles Friend, JP; Hugh Boyle, PAA-9,YEA

LANE, Jacob//KYZER, Sally; 2 Apr 1807; James Quinn, E, ME Church; PAA-30

LANFORD, John//DRUM, Marg; 13 Apr 1809; Henry Humberger, JP, Thorn Twp; PAB-1

LAPE, Nicholas//LONGBREAK, Polly; 6 Dec 1808; Richard Hooker, JP, Amanda Twp; PAA-57

LARIMORE, Robert//RHAY, Marg; license 28 Jun 1808; PAA-50

LARRIMORE, Robert//RAY, Margaret; 20 Jun 1808; Isaac Larrimore; PAB-20

LARRIMORE, Robert//RAY, Margret; 30 Jun 1808; Isaac Larrimore; PAB-20

LARRIMORE, James//LOVE, Jane; 10 Apr 1806; Charles McClung, JP; PAA-19

LAYLEKER, John//STAINBRING, Elizabeth; license 8 Feb 1808; PAA-44 [LABAKER, John]YEA

LEAP, Nichl//LONGBREAK, Polly; license 3 Dec 1808; PAA-56

LEATHERS, John//FENSLER, Maria "the widow of the desceased Marten FENSLER"; 4 May 1809; John Kriddlebaugh, Minister; PAB-6

LEGATLE, David//TATE, Rebecca; license 4 Mar 1811; PAB-22 [LITTLE, David]YEA

LENARD, Sebastian//GOSS, Barbr; license 21 Mar 1811; PAB-23 [LEONARD, Sebastian//GAP, Barbara]YEA

LENCHSER?, Jacob//no name given; license Dec 1804; PAA-9

LENDON, John//SANNS, Miss Mary; 15 Jan 1811; Geo Johns

LESLE, Robert//McENTIRE, Abigale; 27 Apr 1810; John Wright; PAB-13, [LYSLE, Robert//McGNLIVE, Abigal]CPF

LEWISTON, John//CLUTTER, Betsey, both of Licking Twp; 30 Apr 1806; Abraham Wright; PAA-20

LINKEY, Richard//WILLARD, Nellie; Oct 1804; YEA

LINTON, Zachariah//GIGER, Catherine; "the later of this county"; license Jun 1805]; PAA-13

LINTON, Zachariah//GIGER, Catherine; 9 Jul 1805; Lewis Sites; PAA-13

LISLE, Robert//McENTIRE, Abegale; 27 Apr 1810; John Wright, Minister of the Gospel; AB-13

LITLE, John//KEENAN, Caty; 6 Nov 1808; Jesse Hedges; PAA-54

LITTLE, John//KERRAN, Kitty; license 5 Nov 1808; PAA-55 [KEENAN, Caty]YEA

LIVINGSTON, John//CLUTTER, Betsey; license 31 Mar 1806; PAA-19

LOFLAND, John//INKS, Elizabeth; 14 Aug 1803; Timy Sturgeon, JP; PAA-8, [Iuks]YEA

LOFLAND, Thomas//LEE, Sarah; May 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-32

LOMAN, Geo//GROVES, Christn; license 18 Mar 1811; PAB-22 [LORMAN, George]YEA

LONABAGH, Jacob//SHOUP, Nelly; license 14 May 1806; PAA-19 [SHARP, Nelly]YEA

LONG, Thomas//JILES, Mary; license 3 Feb 1808; PAA-44

LONG, Thos//JILES, Mary; 4 Feb 1808; Geo Nye, JP; PAA-44

LONGBRAKE, John//HIESTAND, Mary; 1 Nov 1810; Samuel Hiestand, JP; PAB-15

LONGBRAKE, John//HEASTAND, Mary; 1 Nov 1810; Samuel Hiestand, JP; PAB-23

LONGBREACK, John//HEISTAND, Mary; license 26 Oct 1810; PAB-15 [HUSTON, Mary]YEA

LONGBREAK, Daniel//Mary Lepe; 3 Jan 1809; Richard Hooker, JP, Amanda Twp; PAA-57

LONGBREGH, Danl//LE____, Mary; license 26 Dec 1808; PAA-56 [LEAPE, Mary]YEA

LOSSLEY, William//BOYLES, Biddy; 3 Jul 1806; Charles McLung; PAA-22 [LOFLEY, Wm]YEA

LOSTSPEACK, Ralph//RIGBY, Amelia; 6 Apr 1808; James Quinn, E ME C; PAA-49

LOTRIDGE, James//HIGBY, Ruann; __ Sep 1807; John Wright; CPF

LOTTSPEACH, Ralph//RIGBY, Emelia; license 26 Apr 1808; PAA-47 [RIGBY, Elizabeth]YEA

LOUDENBACK, John//McPHERSON, Sarah; 26 Dec 1811; CPF; filed for divorce [LANDERBACK] but case dismissed; D*1-97, 105

LOVE, James//MARSHALL, Polly; 29 Jun 1809; John Wright; PAB-4; CPF

LOVE, Jas//MARSHAL, Polly//license 24 Jun 1809 "by the consent of her guardian Hugh McCormack"; PAB-2, [29 Jun 1809] CPF

LUKEHART, Adm//HAGESTON, Elizth; license 1 Apr 1811; PAB-23

LYSLE, Robert//MCGNLIVE, Abigal; 27 Mar 1810; CPF

MACKLIN, Jacob//FOSTER, Kitty; license 28 Jan 1807 with "the consent of her father first being had"; PAA-27 [FOSTER, Nelly]YEA

MADDEN, Mager//SMITH, Phebey; license 3 Mar 1808; PAA-45

MANGOLD, Henry//COLP, Betsey; license 8 Feb 1806; PAA-17

MANLEY, Samuel//DEVALL, Elizabeth; 10 Feb 1807; Robert Manley; PAA-34

MANLEY, Samuel//DEVOLL, Charlotta; license 5 Feb 1807; PAA-27 [DEVOL, Charlie]YEA

MARK/MARKS, Peter//MYERS, Christina; 30 Nov 1809; Wm Drury, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAB-7

MARKS, Jacob//CHAMBERS, Rebecca; license 28 Jan 1811; PAB-22

MARKS, Jacob//CHAMBERS, Rebecca; 31 Jan 1811; John Julien; PAB-24

MARQUAT, John//MORROW, Catherine; license 1 Nov 1806; PAA-24

MARTIN, James//NELSON, Martha; license 7 Mar 1811; PAB-22

MARTIN, James//COLE, Elizabeth; 15 Nov 1804; Chas Friend, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-8,YEA

MAXWELL, James//HUGHS, Mary; Isaac Stadden; 11 Mch 1802; Da161

MAY, Chesun//HUMPHRIES, Elizth; license 28 Jun 1806; PAA-21 [MAY, I]YEA

MAY, Jabam//HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth; 3 Jul 1806; John Mills, JP, Owl Creek, Clinton Twp; PAA-22

MAYSE, Wm H//WILLITS, Hannah; 20 Dec 1803; David Martin; PAA-3,[Willets]YEA

MAYZNER, Christopher//REAM, Julia; 17 Mar 1810; Wm Crook; PAB-14

McBRIDE, William of Ross Co//McBRIDE, Letty of Fairfield Co; 9 Jan 1806; Wm Trimble; PAA-16

McCABE, Sosthenes//OWINS/OWINGS, Mary; 4 Dec 1809; John Wright; PAB-9 [McCABE, J]YEA, [McCABE, Sostenius & OWINGS, Mary]CPF

McCALLA, Andrew//LAVES/LEWIS, Rebecca; 2 Jan 1804; Abraham Wright, JP; PAA-2, [Lewis]YEA

McCALLA, Edward//NELSON, Elenor; 19 Dec 1803; Abraham Wright, Justice; PAA-2,YEA

McCART, Henry//TUMBLESON, Polly; Eml. Carpenter; 18 Feb 1802; Da169

McCAURAN or CARPENTER (as written), George//WILSON, Barbara; license 25 Aug 1808; PAA-53

McCLEAREY, Joseph//SWITSER/SWITZER, Sarah; 30 Jan 1810; Adam Weaver, JP; PAB-9 [SWISSER, Sarah]YEA

McCOY, James//BREDWELL, Eliz; license 25 Dec 1810; PAB-15 [COY, Jas M]YEA

McFARLAND, John//CAMBEL, Mary; 31 Dec 1807; John Wright, Lancaster; PAA-45, CPF

McFARLAND, John//CAMPBELL, Mary; license 22 Dec 1807; PAA-39

McMULLEN, Joseph//LUSK, Margaret; 15 Mch 1802; William Trimble; Da154

McNORTON, Thomas//YOUNG, Rebecca; 20 Jan 1808; James Pierse, JP; PAA-44

MEAN, John//SMITH, Anny; 22 May 1806; James Pierse, JP; PAA-20

MEAN, John//SMITH, Anny; license 20 May 1806; PAA-20

MECK, John//SANDERSON, Peggy; 31 Dec 1811; CPF

MEEKS, Saml//SIMPSON, Delila; license 8 Jun 1807; PAA-29 [WEEKS, Samuel]YEA

MEEKS, Samuel//SIMPSON, Deliley of Licking Twp; 20 Mar 1808; Henry Smith, JP of Licking Twp; PAA-49

MENATER?, Charles//PURL, Catharine; 4 Dec 1806; Wm Trimble; PAA-26 [MAIATEE, Charles]YEA

MENHART, Isaac//REES, Rachel; 18 May 1809; Ralph Lotspeak; PAB-3 [MERCHANT, Isaac]YEA; [D*1-550; 29 Mar 1815; Rachel was deserted in Jun 1809, he could not be located for the trial; MERCHANT]

MERRET, Levi//SCOTT, Elizabeth; 16 Aug 1804; Jesse Willits, Amanda Twp; PAA-7, [Merritt]YEA

MERWIN, Elijah//REED, Sophia; 2 Oct 1808; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-56

METCALF, Vachel//GREEN, Deboraugh; license Dec 1804; PAA-9

METCALF, Vachtel//GREEN, Deboraugh; 26 Nov 1804; Charles Green of Clearcreek Twp; PAA-9, [N. & Deborah]YEA

MEYER, Abraham//HENSEL, Catharine; 11 Jun 1803; Samuel Carpenter; Db94, DNW

MIDDLETON, Joseph//LINSEY, Letty; 12 Jul 1806; James Pearse, JP; PAA-21

MILES, Michl//_____, Molly; "both black people"; May 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-32

MILLER, Jacob//LYNN, Barbara; 7 Feb 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP for Hocking Twp; PAA-27

MILLER, Abraham//GRUBBS, Sarah; license 11 Dec 1806; PAA-24

MILLER, John//GROVE, Kitty; 5 Sep 1809; John Hampson, JP; PAB-6 [GROVE, Nelly]YEA

MILLER, Henry//WAGONER, Mary; 8 (Jul?) 1806; PAA-21

MILLER, John//GRUBBS, Mary; 16 Dec 1806; Elijah Spurgeon; PAA-25

MILLER, Peter//SENFT, Polly; 27 Jun 1805; Elnathan Scofield, JP, Lancaster; PAA-13

MILLER, Abraham//LONG, Ester; 14 Jun 1807; Elijah Spurgeon; PAA-32

MILLIGAN, William//CRAWFORD?, Ann; 2 Jan 1801 (clearly says 1801 but in with 1809); Ralph Lotspeich, Elder ME; PAB-7 [1809]YEA

MINEHART, Jacob//ANSPAUGH/AUSPAUGH, Kitty; 31 Jul 1810; George Benedum; PAB-18

MINEHEART, Jacob//ANSBAUGH, Kitty; license 27 Jul 1810; PAB-10 [AUSBAUGH, Kitty]YEA

MITTEN, William (Defendant) and MITTEN, Sarah nee FOWLEN (Plantiff); married 5 Jun 1816 Fairfield County; divorced Sep 1822; Sarah deserted for 5 years; D*1-107

MORE, John//PORTER, Jane, both of Richland Twp; 27 Oct 1803; William Wilson; PAA-1,YEA

MOREHEAD, Alexander of Ross Co//ILES, Elizabeth of Fairfield Co; 4 Apr 1809; Wm Hamilton, PAB-2

MORGAN, Binger (Plantiff) and MORGAN, Elinor Gassaway (Defendant); married 1807/08 Hampshire Co., VA; divorced 22 Dec 1812; He commited adultery, she deserted; D* 1-481.

MORGAN, Burger//SOSICK, Elizabeth; 27 Sep 1808; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-56

MORGAN, Buches//SORICK, Elizabeth; license 17 Sep 1808; PAA-53 [MORGAN, Rufus]YEA

MORRES, Thomas//MATTAS, Elizabeth, both of Clearcreek Twp; 7 Oct 1806 at house of Henry Mattas, father of Elizabeth; Jacob Shoemaker, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-24 [MORRIS, James]YEA

MORRIS, Isaac (Defendant) and MORRIS, Maria (Plantiff) married 1820 York Co., PA; divorced 10 Sep 1842; Maria was deserted Feb 1838; alimony $300; D*2-336

MORRIS, James//MATTES, Mary; both of Clearcreek Twp; 19 Feb 1807 at house of Henry Mattes, father of Mary, "published by a paper dated 10 Feb 1807"; Jacob Shoemaker, JP; PAA-30

MORRIS, James//REES, Albena; 4 Jan 1810; Wm Hamilton; PAB-12 [REES, Abraham]YEA

MOYER, Abraham//WOLFEN, Mary; 30 Jul 1805; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAA-14

MULFORD, Jobe//THOMPSON, Effe; 4 Mar 1805; John Warden, JP for Licking Twp; PAA-12

MULFORD, Jacob//THOMPSON, Uphena, sister of Benjm Thompson, Licking Twp; license 12 Feb 1804; PAA-11

MURPHEY, John//VANBUSKIRK, Rebecca; license 18 Sep 1807; PAA-37

MURPHEY, Edward//MURPHY, Sarah; 7 Jan 1801; William Trimble; Da133

MURPHEY, John//VANBUSKIRK, Rebeckah; 1 Nov 1807; James Quinn, Elder ME C; PAA-39

MURPHEY, William//LETTICE, Hester; license 22 Jan 1808; PAA-40 [LETTNA, Hester]YEA

MURPHY, Benjamin//GARDNER, Nelly; 3 Feb 1809; Saml Hammond; PAB-5

MURTZ, Abner//MUMMA, Catherene; 17 Aug 1809; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAB-8 [MOUNTZ, Abner]YEA

MUSSELMAN, Jacob//BIBLER, Susanna; license 3 May 1808; PAA-47 [MUSSELMAN,Isaac]YEA

MUSSELMAN, Jacob//BEBLER, Susanna; 8 May 1808; Lewis Sites; PAA-50

NAGLE, Andw//HEDGES, Nancy; license 5 Sep 1806; PAA-22

NASH, Abraham//SHALLENBARGER, Barbary; 4 May 1809; James Pearse, JP; PAB-3

NAUGLE, Bengamin//JULIANS, Nancy; 27 Nov 1809; Clearcreek Twp (no JP given); PAB-8

NAUGLE, Andrew//HEDGES, Nancy; 9 Sep 1806; Charles Friend, JP; PAA-23

NEELEY, Mathew//SENNEFT, Kitty; license 5 Jul 1810; PAB-10

NEELEY, David//THOMPSON, Sarah; 25 Aug 1807; John Wright, PAA-44,YEA, CPF

NEELY, James//THOMPSON, Rachel; 26 Aug 1811; CPF

NEELY, Mathew//SENIFT, Kitty; 10 Jul 1810; John Wright; PAB-20, CPF

NEELY, Mathew//SINIFT, Kitty; 20 Jul 1810; John Wright; PAB-21, CPF

NEELY, John//THOMPSON, Mary; 1 Mar 1804; David Martin; PAA-3

NEELY, David//THOMPSON, Sarah; license 15 Aug 1807; PAA-34, [25 Aug 1807]CPF

NEFF, Geo//PETERS, Mary; both of Clearcreek Twp; 23 Feb 1808; Geo Nye, JP; PAA-46

NEFF, George//PETERS, Mary, sister of Isaac Peters; license 22 Feb 1808; PAA-45

NELSON, Samuel//RAWSON, Jane; 23 Jun 1807; Wm Trimble, JP; PAA-32

NELSON, Saml//RANISON, Jane; license 22 Jun 1807; PAA-32 [RAWSON, Jane]YEA

NEVELIN, Christian//SIVLER?, E; license Apr 1806; PAA-19

NOGGLE, Isaac//MOYER, Jane; license 23 Jan 1808; PAA-40

NOGGLE, Isaac//PROUGH, Kitty; 23 Feb 1808; John Julian, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-46

NOGLE, Isaac//PROUCH, KITTY; license 23 Feb 1808; PAA-45

NOLAN, Barnabas (defendant) and Mary Ann Nolan (Plantiff) married 1 Dec 1804 Augusta Co, VA; divorced 15 Jul 1814; Moved to Ohio in 1805; She was deserted Jul 1813; D*1-39, 44, 504.

NORTH, Zachariah//MARKS, Dolly; 13 Dec 1804; Charles Friend, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-10

NORTH, Zachariah//MARKS, Dolly; license Dec 1804; PAA-9, [L.Z.]YEA

OAR, Thomas//ARNOLD, Kitty; license 30 Apr 1808; PAA-47 [ORR, Thos]YEA

OATES, Wm//REAM, Susanna; license 9 Nov 1810; PAB-15

ORRE or ONE, Thomas//ARNOLD, Hetty; 5 May 1808, Thomas McCall, JP; PAA-50

OVERMIERE, Geo//HUFFMAN, Eve; license 30 Sep 1808; PAA-53

OVERMIRE, Jacob//KESTER, Barbara; 7 Apr 1807; Moses Meek, JP; PAA-31; [divorce proceeding dismissed Jul 1813, D*1-40]

PAGE, Jeremiah//SMITH, Sarah; 15 Sept 1803 (license 13 Sep); William Willson; PAA-1,YEA

PANEL or POWEL; Thomas//GRAHAM, Pheby; 14 Jan 1808; Lewis Sites; PAA-50

PARR, Richard//ELLIOTT, Mary; __ May 1803; Isaac Stadden, JP; PAA-1,YEA

PEARCE, Stephen//CROOK, Polly; 13 Dec 1810; William Crook, JP; PAB-22

PEARSE, Stephen//CROOK, Polly; 13 Dec 1810; William Crook, JP; PAB-23

PEAVEY, Sam'l//DENNY, Hathey of Clearcreek Twp; license 18 Dec 1804]; PAA-9,YEA

PENCE, Frederick//HARP, Mary; 1 Jun 1804 (license 17 May); AJ Wurtzback, Clergyman of the Church of England; PAA-5,YEA

PERRIN, William//PATTERSON, Rachel; 29 Aug 1809; George H Tong, JP; PAB-8

PETCHR, Abram//COFFENBERRY, Polly; license Jan 1805; PAA-10

PETERS, Isaac//COFFMAN, Polly; 30 Oct 1810; Joseph Hiestand; PAB-18

PETERS, Abraham//COONRAD, Kitty; license 15 Nov 1810; PAB-15

PETERS, Isaac//COFFMAN, Polly; license 29 Oct 1810; PAB-15

PEVEY, Samuel//DENNY, Hathy; 25 Dec 1804; Charles Friend, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-10

PFEFFER, Jacob (Plantiff) and PFEFFER, Mary nee ELLINGER (Defendant); married 1801 Pittsburg, PA; divorced 13 Jun 1834; came to Fairfield County in 1806; Jacob was abandoned by wife in 1831; D* 2-269

PHILLIPS, James//FRANCISCO, Mary; license 14 Mar 1811; PAB-22

PHILLLIPS, Jonas (Defendant) and PHILLIPS, Barbara (Plantiff); married 20 Apr 1808; divorced 15 Nov 1833; Jonas extreme cruelty - Jun 1833; D*2-266

PIATT, John//ELDER, Margret; 31 Jul 1803; Jesse Willits, Justice; PAA-3,[Platt]YEA

PITCHER, Rudolph//FEATHER, Elizabeth; 8 Apr 1803; Samuel Carpenter; Db94, [FITTER]DNW

PLUMER, Geo//COLE, Mary; license 21 June 1808; PAA-50

PLUMMER, George//COLE, Mary; 1 Jun 1808; Elijah Spurgeon, JP for Bloom Twp; PAA-53

POLING, Richard//FAST, Betsey; 18 Apr 1809; Isaac Larrimore; PAB-20

PONTIUS, George//LANE, Mary; license 9 Mar 1807; PAA-29 [LORE, Mary]YEA

PONTIUS, George//LOVE, Mary; both of Clearcreek Twp; 14 Jun 1807; John Julien; PAA-32

PORTER, James//LASLY, Trecy; 17 Dec 1805; Wm Trimble; PAA-16

POWEL, Thomas//GRAHAM/, Phoebe; license 14 Jan 1808; PAA-40

POWLES, Jacob//BEARD, Mary; 15 Mar 1804 (license 14 Mar); Wm Gass, Just; PAA-5,YEA

PRICE, Joseph//PRICE, Hannah; 1 Jun 1805; Saml Coats, JP; PAA-14

PROUGH, George//WINTERS, Sally; license 7 Jul 1806 with of consent of Sally's father; PAA-21

PROUGH, George//SHOEMAKER, Barbara; license 24 Jan 1811; PAB-22

PROUGH, George//WINTER, Sally; 8 Jul 1806 at house of John Miller; Wm Drury, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-21

RALLEF, John//SLADDEN, Hannah; recorded 3 Oct 1802; Isaac Stadden; DNW

RANKEN, James//OLDFIELD, Mary; both of Amanda Twp; 30 Mar 1808; Geo Nye, JP; PAA-51

RAUDEBAUGH, Nichls//WAGONER, Kitty; license 19 Jun 1806; PAA-20

RAY, Samuel//ASHBAUGH, Mary; 10 Feb 1808; Isaac Larimore, JSP, Rushcreek Twp; PAA-47

RAY, Abraham//ASHBAUGH, Patsey; 9 Mar 1808; Isaac Larimore, JSP, Rushcreek Twp; PAA-47

READING, George//WRIGHT, Susanna; 8 Feb 1808; Charles Friend, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAA-44

REAM, Simpson//STOOKEY, Anny; 20 Sep 1803; Lewis Sites; PAA-3,YEA

REAM, Wm//SWISER, Lydia; license Dec 1806; YEA

REBER, Peter//ARNOLD, Sally; 12 Sep 1802; Samuel Carpenter; Db39

REDENHAM, John//SPHOON, Hannah; license 24 Feb 1807; PAA-28

REED, Nathaniel//STEWART, Rachel; 11 Feb 1809; John Wright; CPF

REED, James//REYNOLDS, Lea; 18 Aug 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP for ______ Twp; PAA-35

REED, James//REYNOLDS, Lea; license 17 Aug 1807; PAA-34

REED, William (Defendant) and REED, Margaret nee BLACK (Plantiff) married in PA; divorced 10 Jul 1813; William was extremely cruel; children John and Rufus; D* 1-40, 481.

REES, Lewis//REES, Polly; license 12 Jan 1808; PAA-39

REESE, Lewis//REESE, Polly; 20 Jan 1808; James Pierse, JP; PAA-44

REICHARD, George//BABB, Elee; 1 Feb 1810; John Wright; PAB-9 [REINHART, George & BABB, Eleanor]CPF

REYNOLDS, William//DRURY, Sarah; 25 Jun 1804; Jesse Willits, Amanda Twp; PAA-7, [Druary]YEA

REYNOLDS, Ephraim//REYNOLDS, Patience; 4 Oct 1810; James Pearse, JP; PAB-20

REYNOLDS, Caleb//STARREY, Cleary; 13 Jul 1810; Jacob Shoemaker, JP; PAB-17 [STARREFF, Clary]YEA

REYNOLDS, Joseph//STAREY, Mary; 17 Aug 1809; Wm Hamilton, JP; PAB-5 [STARKEY, Mary]YEA

RHAY, Abraham//ASHBAUGH, Patsey; license 8 Mar 1808; PAA-45

RICE, John//STRICKLER, Barbara; license 9 Sep 1807; PAA-36

RICE, James//STRICKLER, Barbara; 13 Sep 1807; Alexander Holden, JP; PAA-41

RICHARD, George//BABB, Elizth; 1 Feb 1810; John Wright; PAB-9

RICHARDS, John//HARNET, Mary; license 23 Oct 1807; PAA-38

RICHARDS, John//HORNET, "Polly or Mary"; 27 Oct 1807; Timothy Spelman, JP, Granville; PAA-41

RICHELDERFFER, Henry//BUZZARD, Nancy; 26 Dec 1809; Wm Drury, JP, Clearcreek Twp; PAB-7

RICKETS, Jeremiah//RICKETS, Elizabeth; 24 Jan 1810; Masse Climer, JP; PAB-11

RICKETTS, Jeremiah//COLE, Polly; license 15 Apr 1804; PAA-11

RIDENHOUR, Lewis//ANSPAUGH, Caty; license 25 Jul 1808 "upon her brother's affidavit"; PAA-51

RIDENHOUR, Lewis//AUSPACH or ANSPACH, Catherine; 26 Jul 1808; Peter Overmire, JP; PAA-55

RIDENHOUR, Jacob//LEFLER, Magdelana; license 18 Jan 1808; PAA-40

RIDONHOUR, Jacob//LESLER, Magdelene; 19 Jan 1808; Philip Sphon, JP; PAA-48

RIGBY, Nathl//STEWART, Jane; license 16 Mar 1811; PAB-22

RINEHART, Jonas//BAKER, Elizth; license 25 Feb 1809; PAA-58

RINEHART, Jonas//BAKER, Peggy; 28 Feb 1809; Saml Hammond; PAB-5

ROBENSON, Robert//McMean, Elizabeth; license 9 May 1805; PAA-12

ROBENSON, Robert//McMEAN, Elizabeth; 9 May 1805; Wm Trimble; PAA-12

ROBERTS, John//SMITH, Elizth; license 25 Feb 1807; PAA-28

ROBERTS, Thomas//FREEMAN, Mary; license 18 Feb 1806; PAA-17

ROBERTS, Thomas//FREEMAN, Mary; 18 Feb 1806; Wm Trimble; PAA-19

ROBESON, John//EDGAR, Jamima; 17 Jan 1804; Jesse Willits, Amanda Twp; PAA-6, [Jemina]YEA

RODEBACH, John//KEMERER, Eve; 21 May 1809; Joseph Heistand, Liberty Twp; PAB-4

ROUGH, George//COLEMAN, Nancy; 8 Feb 1804; Jesse Willitts, Amanda Twp; PAA-6, YEA

RUDEBAUGH, Nicholas//WAGONER, Kitty; 21 Jun 1806; Thos McCall, Justice; PAA-21

RUDOLPH, Henry//HENSEL, Sarah; 23 Apr 1810; Wm Crook, JP; PAB-13

RUFFNER, Jacob//BIBLER, Magdalin; license 12 Jun 1807; PAA-29

RUFFNER, Jacob//BIBLER, Magdaline; 14 Jun 1807; Lewis Sites, Minister; PAA-30

RUNKLE, Jacob (Plantiff) and RUNKLE, Catharine; divorced Dec 1807; children to stay with Jacob; D*1-12

RUNKLE, Jacob//PLOTNER, Eve; license Jan 1810; YEA

RUNKLE, Danl//HEISTAND?, Polly; license 2 Dec 1808; PAA-56 [HENSHAW, Polly]YEA

RUNNELS, Ephraim//RUNNELS, Patience; 4 Oct 1810; James Pearse, JP; PAB-21

RUSSEL, Thomas//JOHNSTON, Catherine; 14 Oct 1805; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAA-15

SAILOR, Henry//KESSLER or KEPLER, Elisabeth, daughter of Benjamin of Clearcreek Twp; 25 Dec 1805 at house of Elizabeth Sailor of Clearcreek Twp; Wm Drury; PAA-17

SAIN, David//_____, Sarah; separated 30 Dec 1819; of Richland Twp.; NLE

SALIDAY, Frederick//BADER,Mary; 16 Jan 1810; George Benetum, Minist; PAB-10

SANE, David//SWARTZ, Sarah; 18 Feb 1808; Wm Trimble, JP; PAA-48

SCOBY, John//BENNETT, Polly; 6 Aug 1807; Thomas McCall, JP; PAA-35

SCOBY, John//BENNETT, Polly; license 5 Aug 1807, "her father consenting"; PAA-34 [SCOLEY, John]YEA

SCOTT, George//MOORE, Mary; 3 Oct 1805; Wm Trimble, Justice, Lancaster; PAA-16

SEAMORE, Fredrick//WALLERS or WALTERS, Catherine; license 17___ 1804; PAA-11

SELBY, Thomas//HAYES, Kitty; license 24 Mar 1806; PAA-18

SELBY, Ralph//CARPENTER, Peggy; license 27 Mar 1806; PAA-18

SENCHSER, Jacob//GREEN, Pheby; both of Hog's Run Settlement, Licking Twp; 1 Jan 1805; Abraham Wright; PAA-10 [SWEYSER, Jacob]YEA

SENPE?, Richard//WILLARD, Kitty; 18 Oct 1804; Isaac Ijams, JP; PAA-9 [LINKEY, Richard//WILLARD, Nelly]YEA

SEVER, Peter//KELLER, Betsey; 5 Apr 1810; Hugh Andrews, JP; PAB-13

SEYMORE, Adam//CHANNELL, Elizabeth; license 12 Apr 1808; PAA-46

SEYMORE, Adam//CHANNEL, Elizabeth of Licking Twp; 14 Apr 1808; Henry Smith, JP of Licking Twp; PAA-49

SHAW, John//STEWART, Rachel; 2 Nov 1809; John Wright; PAB-9, [23 Nov 1809] CPF

SHEAFFER, John//PROUGH, Hannah; license 21 Jul 1807; PAA-34

SHEAFFER, John//PROUGH, Hannah; 21 Jul 1807; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAA-43

SHEARER, David//Miller, Matty; license 28 Sep 1810; PAB-15

SHELLENBERGER, Abraham//DOYLE, Dolly; 29 Jan 1811; Wm. Crook; PAB-24

SHELLENBERGER, John//POTTER, Mary; license 10 Feb 1807; PAA-28 [PATTEN, Mary]YEA

SHELLENBERGER, Abrm//DOYLE, Dolly; license 24 Jan 1811; PAB-22

SHERRER, Daniel//MILLER, Macdalena; 2 Oct 1810; Phillip Sphon, JP; PAB-19

SHERRY, Abraham//CONARD, Elizabeth; 10 Mar 1808; John Emmith; PAA-48

SHIELD, John//BUNN, Peggy; 7 Mar 1804; John Culleson; PAA-4, YEA

SHIPS, Nathan//HULL, Elizabeth; 24 Sep 1807; Mordeca Chalfant, JP; PAA-42

SHIPS?, Nathan//HULL, Elizbth; license 21 Sep 1807; PAA-37

SHUEL or SHIELD, Sollomon//HOOVER, Kitty, d/o of John Hover; license 16 Nov 1804; Chas Friend, JP; PAA-8 [SHUE,Solomon & HOVER, Kitty]YEA

SHURE, John//SENFT, Rebecca; 27 Jun 1801, Elnathan Scofield, JP, Lancaster; PAA-13, YEA

SKILLMAN, William//HENTON, Nancy; 19 Mar 1807; Richard Hooker, JP of Amanda Twp; PAA-30

SKILLMAN, Willm//HINTON, Nancy; license 17 Mar 1807; PAA-29 [SKILLMORE, Wm]YEA

SLAUGHTER, Robert F//BOND, Sarah; 6 Apr 1807; Jesse Hedges; PAA-31

SLAUGHTER, Robert T//BEND, Sarah; license 9 Mar 1807; PAA-29

SLEEMER, Fredrick//WALTERS, Kitty; 18 Mar 1805; Wm Goss; PAA-12

SMITH, Henry//BERRY, Elizabeth; 17 Jan 1811; John Emmett, M.G. (Methodist); PAB-19

SMITH, Henry//BERRY, Elizabeth; license 17 Jan 1811; PAB-20

SMITH, Henry//WOLFEN, Clary; 24 Nov 1805; Lewis Sites; PAA-15

SPANGLER, Samuel//FOGLER, Susanna; license 15 Aug 1807; PAA-34 [TAYLOR, Susanna]YEA

SPANGLER, Samuel//TAYLOR, Susanna; 17 Aug 1807; Jacob Shoemaker, JP for Clearcreek Twp; PAA-43

SPELMAN, Timothy, Esq//AVERY, Mary; 24 Dec 1807; Elias Gilman, JP; PAA-47

SPERRY, Abraham//CONARD, ELizabeth; license 23 Jan 1808; PAA-40

SPHON, David//BASHORE, Elizabeth; both of Richland Twp; 21 Apr 1807; Wm Ijams; PAA-35

SPHON, David or Daniel//BISHERIER?, Elizabeth; license 8 Apr 1807; PAA-29 [SPHOON, David//BASHORE, Elizabeth]YEA

SPITLER, Worders?//HANDSHIN, Kitty; license 14 Mar 1807; PAA-29 [SPITLER, Warren//HANDBEW, Kitty]YEA

SPITLER, Jacob//SITZ, Catherina; 22 Aug 1809; Lewis Sitez; PAB-8 [LITZ, Catherine]YEA

SPRAGER/SPRAIGER, John//CLARK, Delilah; both of Granville; 4 Jan 1808; Timothy Spelman, JP; PAA-41

SRIEVES, Joshuaway//STARK, Amy; license 25 Nov 1809 with her parents consent; PAB-2

STARRETT, Washington//TAYLOR, Elizth; 13 Feb 1810; John Wright; PAB-9, [STERRET]CPF

STATLER, Michael//SIMPSON, Polly; license 14 Jul 1806; PAA-21

STEPHENS, Thomas//HALL, Sarah; 2 May 1809; Wm Hamilton, JP; PAB-5

STEPHENSON, Edwd//IJAMS, Comfat; license 19 Jan 1811; PAB-20

STEPHENSON, Edward//ZIUM, Compact; 19 Jan 1811; John Emmett, M.G. (Methodist); PAB-19

STEPHENSON, Edward//IJAMS, Comfort; 20 Jan 1811; John Hampson; PAB-24

STEVENS, Isaac (Defendant) and STEVENS, Polly nee SERLS(Plantiff); married 10 Oct 1813 Fairfield County; divorced Sep 1822; Polly and the children were deserted; Polly is guardian of the unnamed children; D*1-106, 107

STEVENSON, Thomas//HOOPER, Rachael; 6 Dec 1807; James Quinn, Elder ME C; PAA-39

STEVENSON, Thomas//HOOPER, Rache; license 1 Dec 1807; PAA-39

STEVENSON, George//surname not given, Rebeckah; 11 Apr 1809; James Pearse, JP; PAB-3

STONE, George//HOLMES, Elizabeth; 20 Dec 1807; James Quinn, Elder ME C; PAA-39

STONE, George//HOLMES, Elizabeth; license 14 Dec 1807; PAA-39

STONESPRING, Henry//WARTWINE, Saloma; 25 Nov 1804; Lewis Sites; PAA-10

STONESPRING, Henry//WERTWINE, Sarah; license 24 Nov 1804; PAA-8 [STOWESPRING, Lawrence Henry]YEA

STOOKEY, Peter//HERON, Eve; 6 Oct 1805; Lewis Sites; PAA-15

STOOKEY, John///ECKERT, Catherine; 14 Apr 1809; Elnathan Scofield, Jus of Peace; PAB-2

STOOKEY, Christian//HERSH, Peggy; 21 Jul 1805; Lewis Sites; PAA-13

STOOPE, William//NICKLES, Nancy; 29 Sep 1801; Hugh Boyle; Da113

STOUTER, Joseph//CANADA, Abigail, 18 Aug 1810; Thomas Cowan; PAB-18

STOUTER, Joseph//BIBLER, Mary; license 18 Aug 1810; PAB-10

STREDAM?, Thomas//WHETSTONE, Eliabeth; license 17 Sep 1810; PAB-11 [STEDMAN, Thos//WHITESTONE, Elizabeth]YEA

STRICKLER, Thomas//WALSTON, Elizabeth; 20 Sep 1810; Phillip Sphon, JP; PAB-17 [WATSON, Elizabeth]YEA

STULL, Jacob//THORN, Catharine; 13 Jan 1807; Moses Meek, JP; PAA-26

STULTS, Jacob//THORN, Catherine; license 7 Jan 1807; PAA-26

SUNDERLAND, Thomas//BOND, Nancy; 8 Feb 1810; James Grimm, EMEC; PAB-9

SUNDERLIN, John//WILLIAMS, Elizabeth; no date given (Apr-Jun 1807?); Robt Cloud; PAA-31

SUNDLER, John//WILLIAMS, Elizabeth; license 5 Feb 1807; PAA-27 [LANDLER, John]YEA

SWARTZ, John//CRISSMAN, Eve; 13 Nov 1808; Lewis Seitz; PAA-54

SWARTZ, John//CUFFMAN, Eve; license 4 Nov 1808; PAA-55

SWEARINGEN, Thos V//GOODALE, Theodosia; license 3 Apr 1806; PAA-19

SWEINHART/SWINEHART, George//Zartman, Kitty; license 4 Aug 1810; PAB-10

SWINEHART, George//ZARTMAN, Catherine; 14 Aug 1810; Phillip Sphon, JP; PAB-16, [ZARTMAN, Anna Catharine; m 10 Aug 1810 by Rev. Henkel in Thorn Tp.] BR

SWITZER, Fredrick/STOOKEY, Barbara; 15 Jan 1808; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-46

TALLMAN, James//BELL, Polly; 16 Mar 1809; Richard Hooker, JP; PAB-4

TALMAN, James//______, Polly; license 11 Mar 1809; PAA-58 [BELL, Polly]YEA

TEAL, Wolter//IJAMS, Mary; 29 Nov 1804; James Quinn; PAA-10, [Walter]YEA

TEAL, Nathaniel//MURPHY, Elisabeth; Nov 1806; James Quinn, E ME C; PAA-28

TEAL, Nathl//MURPHY, Elizabeth; license 28 Oct 1806; PAA-24

TEAL, Edward//MURPHY, Rebecca; 11 Mch 1802; William Trimble; Da154

THOMAS, Edward (Defendant) and THOMAS, Catherine (Plantiff) divorced Jul 1813; D*1-40

THOMAS, Jacob//HILE or KILE, Elizabeth; 25 Sep 1806; John Mills, Esquire; PAA-25

THOMMA, Fredrick//WICKEL, Catherine; license 15 Jan 1808; PAA-40

THOMPSON, Samuel//MOREHART, Betsey; 17 Oct 1809; James Gordon; PAB-8 [MOREHEAD, Betsey]YEA; [divorced 18 Nov 1835; D*2-284]

THOMPSON, John//______, Preiscilla; license 12 Feb 1809; PAA-58 [MURPHY, Priscilla]YEA

TILL, Henry//SHELLENBERGER, Sarah; 11 Apr 1809; Jacob L Eckert, JP; PAB-1

TOMSON, John//MURPHEY, Prisilla; received & recorded 14 Jun 1809; Robt Cloud, MM; PAB-3

TONG, William//WALLSON or WATTSON, Rebecca; license 9 May 1805; PAA-12

TONG, ____//WATSON, Rebecca; 12 ___ 1805; Thomas McCall; PAA-13

TRACET, Abr//McFARLAND, Jane, license 30 Mar 1807; PAA-29 [TROUT, Abraham]YEA

TRISBY, James//MEEKIZER, Rebecca; 19 Sep 1810; Tho. McCall; PAB-21

TRURLEY, James//WICKIZER, Rebecca; 19 Sep 1810; A. Weaver; PAB-14

TURNER, Jos//LAYMAN, Elizabeth; license 9 Nov 1808; PAA-55

TURNER, James C.//JIMES, Rachel; 5 Aug 1802; Wm. Trimble; Da209, DNW

TWIGG, John T//FORD, Hanna; license 29 May 1809; "John Ford her father present & consenting"; PAB-2

TWIGG, John T//FORD, Hannah; 1 Jun 1809; Benjamin Lakin, GM; PAB-4

VAN COURTRIGHT, Abraham//McFARLAN, Betsey; 30 Mar 1809; Charles Rickets; PAB-3

VANATA, Aron//MURPHEY, Nancy; 19 Nov 1807; William Trimble, JP; PAA-43

VANATTA, John//MURPHY, Mary; license 16 Nov 1807; PAA-38

VANBUSKIRK, Thomas//HEUS OR HAUS, Ruth, both of Licking Twp; 10 Mar 1805; Abraham Wright; PAA-11

VANMETER, John//YOUNG, Margaret; 5 Feb 1803; Wm Trimble; Db95, DNW

VEEMAN, John//STUCKEY, Catherina; 20 Aug 1802; Eml. Carpenter; Da189; [VEEKMAN]DNW

VICARS, James//HOOOVER, Polly; license 1 Nov 1805; PAA-15 [NICARS, James]YEA

VICARS, James//HOOVER, Polly; 3 Nov 1805; Robt Cloud; PAA-16

WADEN, Jas//DORLAND, Eve; license 25 Jan 1808; PAA-40

WAGGONER, George//WETTSBOUGH, Judith; 19 May 1807; John Wright; PAA-31, [WAGONER & WETSBAUGH, 19th May crossed out]CPF

WAGNER, Andrew//SALTITY, Mary; 29 Jan 1804; Lewis Sites; PAA-2, [Sattity]YEA

WAGNER, Ulrich//SALTITY, Barbara; 29 Jan 1804; Lewis Sites; PAA-2, [Aldrich]YEA

WAGONER, Geo//WETSBAUGH, Judith; license 20 May 1807; PAA-29, [WAGONER, George, May 1807 with 19th crossed out no date put in]CPF

WAGONER, Jacob//DOCKART, Barbara; license 1 Dec 1810; PAB-15 [BOCHERT, Barbara]YEA

WALKER, Robert//BROWN, Rosanna; 10 Jan 1810; John Wright; PAB-9, [16 Jan 1810] CPF

WALTERS, Henry//NILLS/NITTS, Nancy; 12 Sep 1809; John Hampson, JP; PAB-6

WARD, Wm//HERRING, Barba; license 26 Aug 1805; PAA-14

WARD, William//HERRING, Barbara; 26 Aug 1805; Elnathan Scofield, JP; PAA-14

WARDEN/WARDING, James//DARLING, Eve; 1 Jan 1808; Alexander Holden; PAA-45

WATTSON/WATSON, William//MILLER, Mary; 15 Dec 1809; Saml Hammel, Methst Minister; PAB-11

WEITSEL, Henry//SAILOR, Elizabeth, both of Clearcreek Twp; 25 Dec 1805 at house of Elizabeth Sailors, widow and mother of Elizabeth, Clearcreek Twp; Wm Drury; PAA-18

WELSH, George//INKS, Sarah; both of Lancaster; 8 Sep 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-35

WELSH, not given//INKS, Sarah; 8 Sep 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-41 [WELSH, George]YEA

WESTENBERGER, John//BEALER, Christa; license 18 Aug 1807; PAA-35

WETSTON, George//COSTER, Ester; 17 Oct 1809; Phillip Sphon, JP; PAB-6

WHEALLY, Thomas//PEDDIGREN, Nancy; 22 May 1809; A Weaver, JP; PAB-3 [WHEATLY, Thomas]YEA

WHETSTONE, George//CUSTIRD, Ester; license 9 Oct 1809; PAB-2 [CASTOR, Esther]YEA

WHITE, George//BIBLER, Susanna; license 11 Jan 1808; PAA-39

WHITE, John//GREEN, Mary; license 11 Feb 1806; PAA-17

WHITE, John//GREIN (index says GREEN), Mary, both of Clearcreek Twp; 18 Feb 1806 at house of Jacob Grein, her father; Wm Drury; PAA-17

WHITE, George//BIBLER, Susanna; 12 Jan 1808; Lewis Sites; PAA-50

WHITEHOUSE, Jacob//NORRIS, Ruhimca; license 21 Feb 1811; PAB-22

WHITEHOUSE, Tollever//HARPER, Nancy; license 11 Aug 1810; PAB-10

WHITEHOUSE, Toliver//HARPER, Nancy; 14 Aug 1810; John Wright; PAB-20/21, [16 Aug 1810] CPF

WILLIAMS, Thomas//BELL, Piercy; 24 Mar 1807; Richard Hooker, JP of Amanda Twp; PAA-30

WILLIAMS, Thos//BELL, Percy; license 23 Mar 1807; PAA-29

WILLIAMSON, Peter//GREEN, Rebecca; 29 Jul 1801; Samuel Carpenter; Da48

WILLIAMSON, Peter//LOW, Keziah; license Sep 1806; YEA

WILLIAMSON, John//GREEN, Debby; 14 Sep 1810; Peter Williamson, JP, Hocking Twp; PAB-17

WILLIAMSON, John//WILSON, Rachael; 27 Apr 1809; John Wright; PAB-4, [WILSON, Ketty]CPF

WILLISON (index says GREEN), George//WILLISON, Deadriny; 18 Dec 1805; Thos McCall, Justice; PAA-17 (note in the margin says "not entered")

WILLS, Hugh//WILLS, Sarah; 16 Jun 1807; John Wright; PAA-31, [WILLS, Sally]CPF

WILSON, James//HAMEL, Martha; both of Richland Tp; 25 Aug 1801; Joseph VanHorn; Da169
WILSON, Jacob//McCAWLEY, Sarah; both of Bowling Gr. Tp; 2 Sep 1802; Isaac Stadden; Da209, [NELSON]DNW

WILSON, John//GANEY, Barbara; 12 Apr 1808; CPF

WILSON, William, Jr.//MOORE, Jane; 7 Apr 1803; Joseph VanHorn; Db78, DNW

WILSON, Joseph//WILDS, Sarah; license 11 Aug 1808; PAA-52

WILSON, John//GARY, Barbara; 12 Apr 1808; John Wright, Lancaster; PAA-49, [GANEY]CPF

WILSON, James//KENEDY, Abigale; 14 Aug 1810; Thomas Cawan, JP; PAB-18

WILSON, Michael//HECK, Kitty; license 11 Sep 1807; PAA-36

WILSON, James//CANADA, Abigail; license 10 Aug 1810; PAB-10 [KENNEDY, Abigail]YEA

WILSON, Michael//HECK, Kitty; 15 Sep 1807; William Spencer, JP; PAA-43

WILSON, Joseph//WILDS, Sarah; 7 Aug 1808; Wm Trimble, JP; PAA-55

WINDER, Alexd//SLIGEL, Susan; license 26 Nov 1806; PAA-24 [WINTERS, Alex]YEA

WINTERMOOT, Daniel//BOCHERT, Kitty; license 15 Apr 1808; PAA-46 [WURLUMOOT, Daniel]YEA

WINTERMUTH, David//COOPER, Betsey; license 26 Aug 1810; PAB-10

WINTERS, Alexander//SLEGAL, Susan; 17 Dec 1806; James Pierse, Esqr; PAA-28

WIRTWINE, Henry//not named; 25 May 1802; Eml. Carpenter; Da161

WISHAND, Abrm//REYNOLDS, Sally license 22 Mar 1806; PAA-18

WISELY, George//GREEN, Elizabeth; 1809 (no date given); Elijah Spurgeon, JP; PAB-7

WISELY, Wm//COTE, Sarah; license 2 Dec 1807, "Mager Bright being qualified as th her age upwards of 18"; PAA-39

WISELY, William//COLE, Sarah; 3 Dec 1807; Abrm Van Courtright, JP; PAA-41

WISELY, George//GREEN, Elizabeth; license 18 Jul 1809; "Henry Green sworn as to Sarah Green consenting to the same"; PAB-2

WISELY, William//TUMBLESON, Rachel; 4 Jan 1801; Samuel Carpenter; Da48

WISLEY, Edward//TOMBLESON, Leah; 21 Oct 1806; Elijah Spurgeon; PAA-25

WOLF, Andrew (Defendant) and WOLF, Susan (Plantiff) married 1808 Washington Co., PA; divorced 10 Nov 1838; 9 children, 3 minors; custody to mother; They were in Fairfield County by 1818/23; Andrew was constantly drunk; D*2-298

WOOD, Moses//SHAW, Elizabeth, sister of John Debasing?; license 22 Feb 1808; PAA-45

WOODS, Moses//SHAW, Elizabeth; 25 Feb 1808; John Wright, Lancaster; PAA-45, CPF

WOOLFORD, Jacob//McGAUGHLIN, Rosey; 23 Jul 1802; Eml. Carpenter; Da189, [McGLAUGHTIEN]DNW

WOOTRING, Peter//FLETCHER, Polly; 2 Jul 1807; Charles Rickets, JP; PAA-36

WORDNER, Thomas//LAN_ (index says BIBLER), Elisabeth; 21 Apr 1805; Lewis Sites; PAA-13

WORDNER, Thomas//BIBLER, Elisabeth; license 20 Apr 1805; PAA-12

WORK, Robert//NEELEY, Sarah; 27 Aug 1807; John Wright; PAA-44, CPF

WORK, Robert//NEELEY, Sarah; license 15 Aug 1807; PAA-34

WRIGHT, David//WINTERSTEEN, Elizabeth; license 10 Aug 1810; PAB-10

WRIGHT, David//WINTERSTEEN, Betsey; 14 Aug 1810; James Gordon; PAB-16

WRITZTEL, Peter//HUFFMAN, Margret; 10 Apr 1810; Martin Landes, JP; PAB-13

YORK, William//UTZLER, Fanny; 31 Jan 1807; Hugh Boyle, JP; PAA-27 [WYZLER, Fanny]YEA

YOST, Abraham//BROWN, Sally; 18 Jan 1808; PAA-40,

YOST, Abraham//BROWN, Sally; 19 Jan 1808; John Wright, Lancaster; PAA-45, CPF

YOUNG, Edward//MILLER, Rachael; 15 Apr 1802; Wm.Trimble; Da154

YOUNG, John//FRIEND, Delila; recorded 30 Jun 1803; Saml Carpenter; DNW

ZARTMAN, Saml//FISHER, Catherine; 2 Sep 1810; Phillip Sphon, JP; PAB-16

ZARTMAN, Saml//FISHER, Kitty; license 27 Aug 1810; PAB-10

ZARTMAN, Jontha//ANSBACH, Barbara; license 24 Aug 1810; PAB-10 [AUSBAUGH, Barbara]YEA

ZARTMAN, Jonathan//ANSPAUGH, Barbara; 28 Aug 1810; George Overmire, JP; PAB-14

ZULENGER, Lewes// HANTZ/HOUTZ, Kitty; 11 Mar 1810; Lewes Sites; PAB-19


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