1820 Federal Census Madison Township,
Fairfield County, Ohio


Last Name First Name Twp Pg#

630-MUCK John Mad 85A
631-MARTIN Frederick Mad 85A
632-MILLER John Mad 85A
633-SHOEMAKER John Mad 85A
634-PIXLER Simon Mad 85A
635-PIXLER Henry Mad 85A
636-PHILLIPS Silas Mad 85A
637-NEFF George Mad 85A
638-GOBIN James Mad 85A
639-RICHARD William Mad 85A
640-DEFFEBAUGH Adam Mad 85A
641-STEVENS Charles Mad 85A
642-HUFMAN Frederick Mad 85A
643-STATLERS Christian Mad 85A
644-DELONG John Mad 85A
645-MILLER Emanual Mad 85A
646-WOLF Valentine Mad 85A
647-SHAEFFER Abraham Mad 85A
648-WILEY John Mad 85A
649-WILEY George Mad 85A
650-SOLIDAY Peter Mad 85A
651-HEDGES Joseph Mad 85A
652-CREAMER Caty Mad 85A
653-HIPSHEAR Matthias Mad 85A
654-WILEY David Mad 85A
655-LONG Christian Mad 85A
656-SIDENOR John Mad 85A
657-BAYLOR Jacob Mad 85A
658-LYONS John Mad 85A
659-MAHANY Henrietta Mad 85A
660-BESHEARS Elizabeth Mad 85A
661-PTOTNER Daniel Mad 85A
662-PENCE Jacob Mad 85A
663-HOLTZ George Mad 85A
664-LEACH Thomas Mad 85A
665-SHAEFFER Jacob Mad 85A
666-PHILLIPS Jonas Mad 85A
667-VANWY Jacob Mad 86
668-OWENS Leah Mad 86
669-BIXLER Henry Mad 86
670-BIXLER Jacob Mad 86
671-YOUNG Nancy Mad 86
672-VANWY Catharine Mad 86
673-NODESTONE Jacob Mad 86
674-SHOEMAKER William Mad 86
675-SHAEFFER Isaac Mad 86
676-CARPENTER Boston Mad 86
677-DINDER* John Mad 86
678-PROW George Mad 86
679-KIMMEL John Mad 86
680-KIMMEL Jacob Mad 86
681-SWEYER John Mad 86
682-ROGERS John Mad 86
683-SHUPE John Mad 86
684-LEATHERS Daniel Mad 86

Total: 55

*questionable spelling ** Enumberated as Free Colored Persons ***Speculation

This info provided to us by Rebecca Huddle.


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