Greenfield Academy was one of the most celebrated and popular institution of learning known to Fairfield County at the time. It was founded by Dr. John Williams in the year 1835, and closed in 1846. Dr. Williams was one of the great scholars and educators of the time, because of this there were many young men who had a thirst for learning, and who filled honorable positions in life.

Below is a list of students who attended this school:

Anderson, Boliver       Anderson, S.H.        Arnold, Doctor
Ashbrook, E.P.          Atwater, De W.C.      Atwood, John
Beck, George W.         Beery, George W.      Beery, Simon
Biddison, A.            Black, Charles        Black, Henry
Black, John             Black, D.S.           Bookwalter, Rev.
Brasee, John S.         Brook, James          Brundidge, J.H.
Breck, Samuel           Bush, Samuel G.       Campbell, Jas
Carlisle, Jas B.        Carlisle, Jefferson   Carlisle, Basil W.
Carlisle, Jas           Carnoy, Theo W.       Cherry, John
Carnes, Wm.             Carnes, Arthur        Carpenter, David
Carpenter, H.W.         Chaney, Oliver P.     Chaney, Hugh
Chaney, James           Claypool, Isaac       Clemens, Alfred
Clement, Jos. W.        Cole, Rev. Thos       Collins, John A.
Collins, Jesse          Coulson, Henry        Cunningham, Jno
Darnell, ?              Davidson, Dr. A.      Dennison, Nelson W.
Drake, Rev. Lem.        Dubble, Henry         Ewing, David
Ewing, John             Ewing, Thos.          Finck, Elias
Finkbone, W.H.          Finnefrock, T.P.      Flattery, Jonathan
Flattery, Josiah        Freed, Abraham        Garaghty, Edw.
Graybill, Edward        Graybill, Isaac       Graybill, Samuel G.
Glasscock, Samuel       Green, Thomas         Greiner, Christian
Greiner, Jacob          Grubb, John Q.A.      Harrison, Dixon A.
Harrison, Jonas         Havens, Joseph        Hay, Peter
Hay, Joseph             Hedges, Samuel        Huber, George
Hendershott, John       Hooker, Jared         Hooker, Richard
Hooker, Samuel          Homrighouse, L.       Huber, Horace
Hutton, John            Hutton, Wm.           Hite, Geo.
Ingman, Henry           Irvin, John           Jenkins, Wm.
Keller, Simon P.        Kemerer, Em’l.        Kistler, Reuben
Kerns, Isaac            Kreider, E.C.         Lewis, Ed
Lefever, H.C.           Lockart, Thomas       Lyle, Aaron
McCleery, Jas           McNeill, Dr. Robt.    McFarland, John
Martin, Evi             Martin, Samuel        Miller, Jas.
Miller, Joab.           Miller, W.B.          Miller, John C.
Moore, Levi             Nourse, Jos G.        Orman, Henry
Pence, David            Poorman, Daniel       Perry, Horace
Perry, O.H.             Peters, Zebulon       Peters, Newton
Palmer, D.              Peters, Wilson        Radebaugh, John
Renshaw, Jos.           Roland, Samuel        Salter, William
Sanderson, St. C.       Sanderson, Alex       Sanderson, Geo.
Schleich, Newton        Shaeffer, Chas F.     Shaeffer, Fr. W.
Shaeffer, John          Shaeffer, Henry       Shaeffer, Dr. A.H.
Shisler, Reuben         Shisler, Emanuel      Shisler, Abraham
Staley, J.J.            Sites, Geo L.         Smith, Amos
Sprague, N.H.           Stage, Napoleon       Stanbury, ?
Sweitzer, John          Strunk, Gabriel       Talbot, Edward
Talbot, Benjamin        Tallmadge, Jas.       Tallman, Douglas
Tallman, ?              Tong, H.B.            Trowbridge, Reese
Van Meter, Ezra         Van Pearse, John      Wagenhals, Phillip
Weakley, Otho           Weaver, Samuel        Weaver, Solomon
White, Thomas           Whitehurst, M.C.      Wickizer, John
Williams, Alfred        Williams, Willis      Williams, James
Williamson, Levi        Wilson, Ambrose       Wright, Silas H.
Williams, E.C.          Wright, Wm.           Wygum, Geo J.
Zink, ?                 Zimmerman, ?          Nigh, Elias
Scott, Rev Wm.          Courtright, ?         Glick, Elias
Wilson, Thos A.         Hamilton, Geo.        Hunter, James
Flattery, Lucas         Coleman, Michael      Courtright, Cyrus
Sharrk, Wm.             Finkbone, Henry       Beall, Isaac
Pugh, Jas.              Lewis, E.E.           Forgay, Jas.
Collins, Enoch          Tomlinson, Aaron      Oren, Jesse
Peters, Jas. W.         Iles, Jacob           Flattery, Wm S.
Graham, Benj. R.        Huntwork, Jacob       Twigg, John F.
Ford, John T.           Griffith, Jos.        Nisley, A.
Fling, Geo.             Jones, David          Culp, Lewis
Mcneil, Corbin          Meyers, Lewis         Meason, Isaac
Foster, F.A. jr.        Hardy, Thos E.        Pratt, F.H.
Havens, Jos M.          Schneider, John       Kerns, Abner
Griffith, David         Griffith, James       Beery, Samuel S.
Koontz, S.C.            Beach, Thos.          Reedy, Conrad
Cox, John               Ricketts, Jesse       Julian, L.F.
Benton, O.              Buchanan, Wilson      Crawford, ?
Nigh, Jared             Stripe, Jacob         Soliday, John
Albright, Geo.          Hoshor, W.            Runner, F.A.
Harmon, John            Young, Wm.            Peters, Henry W.
Paul, Truman E.         Meason, Elijah        Seeds, James
Poorman, Henry H.       Snively, Wm J.        Collins, Philemon
Fairchild, Wm W.        Connell, John M.      Shaw, Virgil E.
Gierhart, Melvin        Ebright, Enoch        Peters, Sam G.
Black, Wm H.            Benadum, Aaron        Allen, Theodore
Carr, Richard           Newkirk, Michael      Havens, Isaac B.
Walters, Jacob M.       Rutherford, C.W.      Schneider, Henry
Welsheimer, Phil        Reber, Henry          Henderson, David
Miller, Jonathan        Daughherty, Wm.       Baughman, Oliver
Tallman, LaFayette      Rockey, Esq. L.L.


*The above information can be found in "Pioneer Period and Pioneer People of Fairfield County, Ohio" by C.M.L.Wiseman, reprinted 1984 by The Fairfield County Genealogical Society.


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