1820 Federal Census Greenfield Township,
Fairfield County, Ohio


Last Name First Name Twp Pg#

685-COOK John Gre 86
686-GOLD John Gre 86
687-SHIMP George Gre 86
688-EDWARDS Daniel Gre 86
689-EDWARDS Joseph Gre 86
690-HUFMAN John Gre 86
691-BRAND Adam Gre 86
692-MOSES Phillip Gre 86
693-SPANGLER Phillip Gre 86
694-PARKER Eliza Gre 86
695-BOWER Jacob Gre 86
696-NOGLE Isaac Gre 86A
697-BAKER William Gre 86A
698-BAYLOR Jacob Gre 86A
699-DELONG David Gre 86A
700-CURRY Mary Gre 86A
701-SIDENOR John Gre 86A
702-SIDENOR George Gre 86A
703-AKERS Reuben Gre 86A
704-REED Job Gre 86A
705-CARPENTER John Gre 86A
706-WHITECOLTEN James Gre 86A
707-NORTH William Gre 86A
708-BAYLOR Samuel Gre 86A
709-WORKMAN Amos Gre 86A
710-CRANE Jonathan Gre 86A
711-YOUNG Robert Gre 86A
712-MITCHEL John Gre 86A
713-WATSON Joseph Gre 86A
714-DELONG David Gre 86A
715-DELONG David Gre 86A
717-MACKEN Joseph Gre 86A
718-YOUNG Matthew Gre 86A
719-McKASKY Joseph Gre 86A
720-YOUNG Christopher Gre 86A
721-TESTER George Gre 86A
722-NICKESTON George Gre 86A
723-TESTER George Gre 86A
724-STALL Alexander Gre 86A
725-DELONG James Gre 86A
726-SHAEFFER Andrew Gre 86A
727-CAMPBELL William Gre 86A
728-WILLIAMS John Gre 86A
729-LANDES Barbary Gre 86A
730-SHOPE William Gre 86A
731-CUNKLE Jacob Gre 87
732-CUNKLE Michael Gre 87
733-FALL Polly Gre 87
734-CRIDER Martin Gre 87
735-BRAND David Gre 87
736-SMITH John Gre 87
737-SHORT Hugh Gre 87
738-SMITH James Gre 87
739-BRAND Jacob Gre 87
740-SMITH John Gre 87
741-SMITH John Gre 87
742-PENCE Jacob Gre 87
743-BARNHART Jacob Gre 87
744-HOLDER George Gre 87
745-SMETHERS John Gre 87
746-TAYLOR Drake Gre 87
747-GEERHEART Henry Gre 87
748-ECKERT John Gre 87
749-SHIMP William Gre 87
750-WAGGONER Jacob Gre 87
751-BRIGHT David Gre 87
752-ECKERT John Gre 87
753-CLINKER Henry Gre 87
754-DAVIS John Gre 87
755-ABRAMS John Gre 87
756-DUDDLESON Ralph Gre 87
757-BUSH Peggy Gre 87
758-FUNK Nancy Gre 87
759-GRAYBILL Gabriel Gre 87
760-ULER George Gre 87
761-PLY Jacob Gre 87
762-HUTTON Isaac Gre 87
763-STOVER Benjamin Gre 87
764-BENNETT Isaac Gre 87
765-WICKIZER Adam Gre 87
766-WICKIZER Coonrad Gre 87A
767-RANDALL Samuel Gre 87A
768-CHERRY Jeremiah Gre 87A
769-BARR George Gre 87A
770-CHERRY Ralph Gre 87A
771-LECKIE James Gre 87A
772-BUSH Jacob Gre 87A
773-MASON John Gre 87A
774-MILLER Daniel Gre 87A
775-EVANS Amos Gre 87A
776-FITZGERALD Henry Gre 87A
777-PLY John Gre 87A
778-HANNA Henry Gre 87A
779-WINTERMOOT David Gre 87A
780-WAGGONER Jacob Gre 87A
781-DUNLAP Alexander Gre 87A
782-BROOKS James Gre 87A
783-CLAYPOLE Jacob Gre 87A
784-BUSH William Gre 87A
785-GREEN William J. Gre 87A
786-TOLLMAN Samuel Gre 87A
787-NEFF John Gre 87A
788-GERRY Gideon Gre 87A
789-WALTERS Nehemiah Gre 87A
790-GERRY Peter Gre 87A
791-McCLERY James Gre 87A
792-McCLURE Henry Gre 87A
793-JOSEPH Ezekiel Gre 87A
794-WESTENBERGER David Gre 87A
795-VANDERMARK David Gre 87A
796-GRAYBILL Jacob Gre 87A
797-STEWART Joseph Gre 87A
798-GRAYBILL Samuel Gre 87A
799-HOOKER Samuel Gre 87A
800-MARTIN John Gre 87A
801-MARTIN William Gre 87A
802-MARTIN Gideon Gre 88
803-WELLS Peter Gre 88
804-PEARCE Van Gre 88
805-CARPENTER William Gre 88
806-DAVIS James Gre 88
807-SPEARS David Gre 88
808-McFARLIN Walter Gre 88
809-McFARLIN Polly Gre 88
810-McFARLIN William Gre 88
811-BRUMFIELD David Gre 88
812-WILSON William Gre 88
813-McCALL Thomas Gre 88
814-SMITH John Gre 88
815-REECE James Gre 88
816-CLAUGHBAUGH John Gre 88
817-MARTIN John Gre 88
818-RIMES Daniel Gre 88
819-OWENS David Gre 88
820-OWENS Hiram Gre 88
821-WILSON Sally Gre 88
822-MARTIN William Gre 88
823-STANSBERY John Gre 88
824-STANSBERY William Gre 88
825-KELLY James Gre 88
826-CARLISLE Thomas Gre 88
827-LEOPARD Abraham Gre 88
828-BLAZER George Gre 88
829-FLATTERY Barnett Gre 88
830-FLATTERY Jonathan Gre 88
831-OPT John Gre 88
832-WAGGONER Adam Gre 88
833-ALSBAUGH Jacob Gre 88
834-HANNA James Gre 88
835-HANNA John Gre 88
836-LINES Henry Gre 88
837-HAVENS Isaac Gre 88
838-DOTY Henry Gre 88A
839-LESTHON Pannel Gre 88A
840-SMITH Samuel Gre 88A
841-DAVIS Nathaniel Gre 88A
842-PHELPS Asa Gre 88A
843-EVANS Willis Gre 88A
844-BARRINER Andrew Gre 88A
845-RICE Michael Gre 88A
846-HEMPY Peter Gre 88A
847-DARNEY Archibald Gre 88A
848-HEMPY Henry Gre 88A
849-STARLING Rebecca Gre 88A
850-LEWIS William Gre 88A
851-DENNISON Richard Gre 88A
852-SURLS John Gre 88A
853-CLINE Frederick Gre 88A
854-MASON Isaac Gre 88A
855-MASON John Gre 88A
856-LUSK Patrick Gre 88A
857-FISHBAUGH Ruth Gre 88A
858-WAGGONER Daniel Gre 88A
859-MILLER John Gre 88A
860-TONGUE William Gre 88A
861-TONGUE George Gre 88A
862-WISELY William Gre 88A
863-WISELY Edward Gre 88A
864-BUCHER Peter Gre 88A
865-CRAWFORD Mour Gre 88A
866-SHARP Daniel Gre 88A
867-KERNS John Gre 88A
868-MINTHORN Nathaniel Gre 88A
869-KOONFANE Peter Gre 88A
870-DARST Peter Gre 88A
871-WISELY George Gre 88A
872-ABRAMS Josiah Gre 88A
873-KESTER Jacob Gre 88A
874-KESTER Benjamin Gre 88A
875-KESTER Henry Gre 88A
876-CHERRY Ralph Gre 88A
877-CRAMOR David Gre 88A

Total: 193

*questionable spelling ** Enumberated as Free Colored Persons ***Speculation

This info provided to us by Rebecca Huddle.


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