1820 Federal Census Clear Creek Township,
Fairfield County, Ohio


Last Name First Name Twp Pg#

1189-YOUNG John Cle 93
1190-HUFFMAN Joseph Cle 93
1191-MYERS George Cle 93
1192-LEIST John Cle 93
1193-BAKER John Cle 93
1194-BOWERS Francis Cle 93
1195-BINHAMMER John Cle 93
1196-DEMMOTT Phillip Cle 93
1197-STOUT George Cle 93
1198-ECKART Daniel Cle 93
1199-BAKER Abraham Cle 93
1200-BRUNER Jacob Cle 93
1201-BAKER George Cle 93
1202-CHRISTMAN Benjamin Cle 93
1203-WALTERS Abraham Cle 93
1204-SHOEMAKER Henry Cle 93
1205-NEFF Adam Cle 93
1206-DULCIVER Henry Cle 93
1207-CARNELL Adam Cle 93A
1208-NUNEMAKER Andrew Cle 93A
1209-YAGE John Cle 93A
1210-HALEY George Cle 93A
1211-HEISTEND Joseph Cle 93A
1212-HEISTEND Mary Cle 93A
1213-McCAWLEY Martin Cle 93A
1214-HENDERLICK Jacob Cle 93A
1215-LINES Daniel Cle 93A
1216-BROWN James Cle 93A
1217-BROWN James Cle 93A
1218-BAILEY John Cle 93A
1219-BRITTENHAM Solomon Cle 93A
1220-BERRY John Cle 93A
1221-GONDER George Cle 93A
1222-CAMPBELL Andrew Cle 93A
1223-MIDDETON Jesse Cle 93A
1224-ZERKLE Adam Cle 93A
1225-BISK Henry Cle 93A
1226-BRUMBACK David Cle 93A
1227-RANKINS Polly Cle 93A
1228-SALTZ Hugh Cle 93A
1229-BIXLER Valentine Cle 93A
1230-HUMLICKHOUSER George Cle 93A
1231-CARNEY John Cle 93A
1232-CARNEY William Cle 93A
1233-BERRY Joshua Cle 93A
1234-BOLEBACK John Cle 93A
1235-BRYAN William Cle 93A
1236-BRIGHT John Cle 93A
1237-ROW Phillip Cle 93A
1238-ROW Jacob Cle 93A
1239-GONDY Christian Cle 93A
1240-COOK Michael Cle 93A
1241-McCAWLEY Edward Cle 93A
1242-CRIDER Adam Cle 93A
1243-RUTHY Barbary Cle 93A
1244-NEFF George Cle 94
1245-KINTON Samuel Cle 94
1246-NORTH William Cle 94
1247-DULCIVER George Cle 94
1248-DULCIVER Adam Cle 94
1249-DULCIVER Jacob Cle 94
1250-BRUNER Jacob Cle 94
1251-SHOEMAKER Henry Cle 94
1252-BINHAMMER John Cle 94
1253-MOORE Henry Cle 94
1254-STEPLETON John Cle 94
1255-MARKS John Cle 94
1256-MARKS Jacob Cle 94
1257-SAILOR Henry Cle 94
1258-PONSLER Samuel Cle 94
1259-NEFF John Cle 94
1260-NEFF Abraham Cle 94
1261-WOLF Peter Cle 94
1262-SPANGLER Henry Cle 94
1263-VALENTINE George Cle 94
1264-SHOEMAKER Jacob Cle 94
1265-SAILOR John Cle 94
1266-SHOEMAKER Daniel Cle 94
1267-SEARING John Cle 94
1268-WALKER Zacchariah Cle 94
1269-WALKER John Cle 94
1270-WESTCOTE Joseph Cle 94
1271-BOGLER George Cle 94
1272-BIGGER Jacob Cle 94
1273-SHUP Henry Cle 94
1274-FOULT Henry Cle 94
1275-HORN Frederick Cle 94
1276-COMER John Cle 94
1277-HALE Benjamin Cle 94
1278-BRIDER James Cle 94
1279-MILLIGAN Robert Cle 94
1280-STEEL John Cle 94A
1281-BARNETT Robert Cle 94A
1282-BARNETT Benjamin Cle 94A
1283-LOYD John Cle 94A
1284-MAESY* Jacob Cle 94A
1285-COLDRON Nehemiah Cle 94A
1286-ROBERTS Charles Cle 94A
1287-FOUST John Cle 94A
1288-HUFFMAN Jacob Cle 94A
1289-HUFFMAN Jacob Cle 94A
1290-HUFFMAN Julius Cle 94A
1291-SPANGLER John Cle 94A
1292-REED John Cle 94A
1293-WINSTEAD James Cle 94A
1294-WINSTEAD Griffin Cle 94A
1295-DICKERSON James Cle 94A
1296-SMITH Coonrad Cle 94A
1297-FOSNOCK William Cle 94A
1298-FOSNOCK Adam Cle 94A
1299-BOMGARNER John Cle 94A
1300-MILLIGAN Elijah Cle 94A
1301-VANHIZE James Cle 94A
1302-REED Joshua Cle 94A
1303-CAMPBELL David Cle 94A
1304-KINDELL Samuel Cle 94A
1305-FOSNOCK Adam Cle 94A
1306-FOSNOCK Christian Cle 94A
1307-COONROD John Cle 94A
1308-COONROD George Cle 94A
1309-JULIEN Stephen Cle 94A
1310-HAMMEL John Cle 94A
1311-HAMMEL George Cle 94A
1312-MOOMA George Cle 94A
1313-DAVIS Henry Cle 94A
1314-STOTTS Margarett Cle 94A
1315-SMITH Martin Cle 94A
1316-RHODES Daniel Cle 95
1317-WESTON William Cle 95
1318-BOWMAN George Cle 95
1319-CURSAN James Cle 95
1320-BAGLE Jacob Cle 95
1321-BAGLE Christian Cle 95
1322-COONROD John Cle 95
1323-COONROD Nicholas Cle 95
1324-LAPE Nicholas Cle 95
1325-LAPE Henry Cle 95
1326-LAPE John Cle 95
1327-LAPE Peggy Cle 95
1328-COONROD Daniel Cle 95
1329-FRIEND Charles Cle 95
1330-STATTER Catharine Cle 95
1331-SMITH Frederick Cle 95
1332-WALTERS Frederick Cle 95
1333-FOSNOCK John Cle 95
1334-GOOD Peter Cle 95
1335-FOSNOCK Christian Cle 95
1336-FOSNOCK Jacob Cle 95
1337-MILLER Elizabeth Cle 95
1338-PETERS Peter Cle 95
1339-STOOKEY Jacob Cle 95
1340-STOOKEY Christian Cle 95
1341-REYNOLD John Cle 95
1342-DERRICK Lydia Cle 95
1343-FRIEND Margaret Cle 95
1344-DURSTMAN Henry Cle 95
1345-HINES Andrew Cle 95
1346-HINES Jacob Cle 95
1347-HINES John Cle 95
1348-CONNOUF George Cle 95
1349-MOORE Monnir* Cle 95
1350-STEPLETON Samuel Cle 95
1351-GREGOR Frederick Cle 95
1352-BRUNER Peter Cle 95
1353-SMETE Jacob Cle 95
1354-JULIEN Renny Cle 95A
1355-DRUM William Cle 95A
1356-JULIEN John Cle 95A
1357-WRITCHIE James Cle 95A
1358-SMITH John C. Cle 95A
1359-HEDGE Matthias Cle 95A
1360-PROUGH Peter Cle 95A
1361-AGUSTUS John Cle 95A
1362-LININOR Nicholas Cle 95A
1363-McINTIRE Elizabeth Cle 95A
1364-HEDGE Elijah Cle 95A
1365-SHARTLE Phillip Cle 95A
1366-MITTEN Isaac Cle 95A
1367-GALLEHER George Cle 95A
1368-SHAEFFER Andrew Cle 95A
1369-SHAEFFER James Cle 95A
1370-SHAEFFER Peter Cle 95A
1371-ANDERSON David Cle 95A
1372-ANDERSON Caty Cle 95A
1373-KIRKWOOD Samuel Cle 95A
1374-STIRRETT James Cle 95A
1375-WILLIAMS John Cle 95A
1376-DOYLE Henry Cle 95A
1377-HARNEY* Daniel Cle 95A
1378-CRAWFORD Joshua Cle 95A
1379-WOODARD Ichabad Cle 95A
1380-MONINGER Henry Cle 95A
1381-LEATHERS Daniel Cle 95A
1382-KEMP Jesse Cle 95A
1383-SHELLENBERGER Michael Cle 95A
1384-SHAEFFER Henry Cle 95A
1385-SHELLENBERGER Jonas Cle 95A
1386-MOYER John Cle 95A
1387-SPITLER Warner Cle 95A
1388-LEATHERS Joseph Cle 95A
1389-MIDDLESWORTH Abraham Cle 95A
1390-WESTON George Cle 95A
1391-HART Jacob Cle 95A
1392-FENSTOCK Ann Cle 95A
1393-HIPSHEAR Daniel Cle 95A
1394-HIPSHEAR Adam Cle 95A
1395-WELSHAMMER Frederick Cle 95A

Total: 207

*questionable spelling ** Enumberated as Free Colored Persons ***Speculation

This info provided to us by Rebecca Huddle.


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