Addenda To Our Publications



For those of you who have purchased our cemetery books, we offer these corrections and additions. Some of them have been incorporated into new editions of the books (Liberty, Madison and Richland Townships), some are now included on separate sheets when a book is purchased (Berne Township), and the rest have been included at some time or another in our publication "The Fairfield Trace".


Page 64 Amanda Township Cemetery:

HEDGES, Joseph C., born (not died) Oct. 18, 1920
NOECKER, Ida Gertrude, born (not died) Dec. 20, 1906

(Ida Noecker came into the library and reported that she and her cousin, Joseph Hedges, are very much alive.)

Page 91 Amanda Township Cemetery:

BORCHERS, John William, father, born Oct. 3, 1839, died July 11, 1919

BORCHERS, Elizabeth Rosina Mack, mother, born Dec. 12, 1842, died Jan. 20, 1919


Page 1 Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Row 2: DOWLER, Clara A. Age should be 9Y 1M 13D
Row 2: DOWLER, Charles J. Should be Charles I.
Row 2: DOWLER, Sarah C. Add dau. of D. & L.
Row 2: PAXTON, William. Add his wife, Elizabeth Steivison, 1847 - 1926 (on same stone)

Page 2 Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Row 3: SNOKE, Mary E. Change death date to Oct. 24
Row 3: SNOKE, Peter. Change birth date to Jan. 3
Row 3: KELLER, Sophia. Should be died Apr. 1, 1893, aged 84Y 7M 19D
Row 4: ANGLE, Catherine Clover. Change death date to 1898
Row 4: STRAYER, Mary Magdalene. Should be died Sep. 28, 1873, aged 79Y 3M 19D
Row 4: JONES, Anna E. Change death date to Oct. 13
Add REED, Christ Ann, born and died Sep. 9, 1978 (information furnished by her father, Craig Reed)

Page 3 Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Row 4: Add after Calvin M. Funk: JONES, Hester, wife of Albert, d. Sep.3, 1901, aged 23Y 6M 11D
Row 4: SNOKE, Emma F. Should be 1866 - 1940 and add SNOKE, Albert C., 1863 - 1944
Row 4: SNOKE, Ella. Should be b. Mar. 26, 1861, d. July 12, 1933
(A letter from Clarence Bentz, 1701 W 4th Ave, Kennewick, WA 99336 disputes the corrected birth date of Emma. He states that the 1870 census shows that Ella and Emma Snoke were twins and aged 9 years.)
Row 5: STRAYER, Nicholas. Change age to 83Y 9M 18D
Row 6: KROUT, Joseph. Should be 1836 - 1894 and add Sarah A., his wife, 1843 - 1920
Row 6: KROUT, Mary E. Change to dau. of J. & S.A., b. Dec. 10, 1872

Page 4 Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Row 6: CLOVER, Joseph L. Should be d. Jan. 28?, 1863, aged 2Y 2M 29D
Row 6: ALLEN, Nancy. Should be b. Nov. 20, 1826, d. Oct. 19, 1900
Row 6: BORAH, Julia Ann. Should be b. Mar. 3, 1851
Row 7: BRANDOM, Nancy. Should be wife of William
Row 7: STRAYER, Sarah Ann. Should be d. Sep. 16, 1851, aged 7M 15D
Row 7: SHERRICK, Sadie E. Change to dau. of J. & R., d. Aug. 7, 1891?, aged 1Y 10M 6D

Page 5 Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Row 8: BRANUM, Ross A. Should be d. Feb. 6, 1890, aged 3Y 1M 3D
Row 8: BRANUM, Allen. Should be d. Oct. 25, 1893
Row 8: RIDER, William. Add b. Sep. 3, 1848

Page 6 Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Row 10: CLOVER, Ann. Should be d. Aug. 2, 1854
Row 10: 2 infants (no surname) should be GOSS, children of E. & L.?
Row 11: JOHNSON, Sarah. Should be dau. of J. & E. Change death date to 1864
Row 12: RITTGERS, Eva. Change death date to 1848

Page 7 Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Row 14: JONES, A. J. Change death date to July 3
Row 14: WOLFE, Stanley W. Jr. Should be Sr.

Page 11 Black Diamond - Swartz Cemetery:

It was thought that this cemetery had been destroyed, but correspondence from Constance M. Swartz II (2579 Mt. Holyoke Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221) has proven otherwise. The following is quoted from her letter of February 12, 1990:

"My father and I have become acquainted with a gentleman, Mr. James Drummond, who is familiar with the land where the [Black Diamond - Swartz] cemetery is located as he lives adjacent to the property in a house which was once built and lived in by the Swartz family.
My father, sister and I spent an entire day looking through the overgrown and damaged cemetery. Many of the headstones were 6 to 8 inches beneath the soil (which we located by prodding next to bases which had no headstones). A few headstones were in very good condition and some were in pieces which we put together like a puzzle. We also located what was once a stone fence at the entrance of the burial ground. It truly saddens me to see a cemetery that is not maintained but even more so to see one which us so disrespectfully dismantled. I hope some day to restore or perhaps at least maintain the cemetery which is a part of my past and many others.
On that day, April 10, 1989, we only located 10 headstones, but we also found 15 bases which had no apparent headstone. With only three involved in the search, I feel we had a very productive day. We hope to return again to the site to perhaps locate more grave markers or come to new conclusions."

The following are the stones which Constance located:

EINSEL, Rosannah, wife of Jacob, died Apr. 30, 1854, aged 24y 6m 21d
SWARTZ, Louisa, dau. of D. & E., died Apr. 12, 1874, aged 15y 5m 8d
EINSEL, Elizabeth, wife of George, died Nov. 2, 1872, aged 59y 1m 21d
E. E.
R. E.
SWARTZ, infant son of D. & E., died Oct. 15, 1866, aged 6d
R. S.
G. S.
GEIL, Rachel, died Feb. 29/0, 1844, aged 16y 2m 20d
C. G.


Editor's Note:

On November 8, 1989 in the "Fairfield Leader" (a county-wide weekly newspaper published in Baltimore, Ohio) the following article appeared on the front page:

"Lancaster Police are looking for relatives of Elizabeth Einsel, whose tombstone was dumped alongside Udell Avenue on August 6. Police have researched all county records and were unable to come up with any leads. The tombstone notes that Elizabeth, the wife of George Einsel, died Nov. 2, 1812 [editor's note: photograph shows 1872]. Police said that anyone with information regarding this tombstone may call the department anytime."

After I received Constance's letter, I called the police department and inquired about the tombstone. I was told that a gentleman had been in touch with them and that the stone had been turned over to him to be returned to its rightful location. The officer in charge of the case was out of his office and was supposed to call me back so that I could make sure that the stone had been returned to the correct cemetery, but the officer did not return my call.

Note: On March 28, 1990 Captain Seesholtz of the Lancaster Police Department called and told me that the stone was released to a Nikki Matheny on November 10, 1989. He did not know the name of the cemetery that it was being returned to but that it was a cemetery in the Sugar Grove area.

Page 26 Tarklin Cemetery:

Add MARSHALL, Benevil, d. Jan. 3, 1891, aged 85Y 5M 2D (location unknown)

Page 29 Tarklin Cemetery:

Row 12: FRANKE, Wilhelm C. Add Gertrude FRANKE, 1844-1926 (on same stone)

Page 48 St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery:

Row 21: Should be Obentheuer instead of Abentheuer and Obendier instead of Grendier

Page 66 Applegate Cemetery:

Local historian, Charles Goslin, says that at the west border of Applegate Cemetery there is a hump and that it is sometimes called Renshaw Cemetery. (see Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, Nature Notes, Feb. 23, 1980)

Page 81 St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery:

Row 1: GUTTER, Heinrich. Should be SUTTER, Heinrich

Page 83 St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery:

Row 5: Add Michael WEBER, husband of Anna C., to the back of his wife's stone. WEBER, Michael, born June 28, 1812, died March 18, 1897, aged 84y 8m 20d (from Jean Mitchell)

Page 91 St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery:

Row 11: Add SCHMIDT, John L., 1855-1942 to stone of Henrietta Schmidt (from Janet Rogers)

Page 92 St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery:

RITTGERS, John A., died Feb. 27, 1848, aged 80y 2m 27d (Janet Rogers says that the stone which we had listed as missing, has been repaired and placed next to his wife, Catherine Rittgers, page 85, Row 8)

Page 138 Elmwood Cemetery:

Row 6: HOOKER, E. T. Change age to 49Y 6M 21D. (Civil War)

Page 161 Elmwood Cemetery:

Row 5: PEARCE, Jackson E. Add PEARCE, Lavina, wife of Wm. B., d. Feb. 5, 1862, aged 44Y 6M 4D (on same stone)

Page 166 Elmwood Cemetery:

Row 22: GROFF, William H. Change death date to 1874

Page 175 Elmwood Cemetery:

MOCK, Elizabeth L. Walker, 1840-1899 (this is a new stone located between the stone of Mary and Florence Mock and the stone of Thomas Mock.)

Page 217 St. Mary Cemetery:

Vagnier, Jane Pipru (should be Pipreaux according to great-great granddaughter, Jeanne Evans)

Page 271 St. Mary Cemetery:

Row 3: ? , Joseph, 1848 - 1925. Surname is PLOGAMAN

Page 273 St. Mary Cemetery:

Row 3: ? , Elizabeth H. and Joseph A. Surname is LEONARD

Page 279 St. Mary Cemetery:

Row 7: ? , Anna M. Surname is KESSLER


No Name Cemetery:

The very first burial in Fairfield County occurred near what is now Lancaster in Berne Township. William Green, an emigrant, became ill and died in May 1798. According to Charles Goslin in Crossroads and Fence Corners, Volume II, page 95, William was buried in a hickory-bark coffin on the west bank of Fetters Run close to where it enters Baldwin Run. In September of 1995 during construction of a residential building at the southeast corner of Cherry and Angle Streets, there were rumors that a human bone was found. This is not far from the Baldwin/Fetters Run area and we know that flooding and dredging have changed the courses of these streams over the years. Could it be? Others have stated that they remember a cemetery there facing Angle Street many years ago, but we have never heard of it before.

Charles Goslin's Notes: The following information was taken from cemetery notes made by Charles Goslin in the 1960's and 1970's. Except for stones which he found and are since apparently missing, this information is intended to point out discrepancies in the inscriptions as he copied them and may or may not be the most accurate.

Page 9 Sharp Cemetery:

Sheets, Joseph, aged 66y
Sharp, Dr James, 1828 - 1895
Sharp, Robert Lee, born Dec. 28, 1824, died Aug. 24, 1890

Page 10 Lamott Cemetery:

Dutton, Isaac K., aged 4y 9m 12d
Crawfis, Nicholas, aged 51y 1m 28d
Dutton, William C. Baley, infant son of George & Mary, died Apr. 30, 1838, aged 1m 2d

The following are additional stones which Mr. Goslin found in Lamott Cemetery:

Bauth?, infant of Sane Osen Bauth?? [no dates given]
Dutton, Owen E., died Nov. 16, 1840, aged 1y 8m 15d
Rudolph [surname or given name?], died Jan. 1839, aged 25y 9m 22d

Page 15 Erick Cemetery:

Erick, Mary E., dau. of E. & S., aged 4y 4m 25d
Erick, Charles, died Mar. 23, 1886, aged 16y 5m 2d
Kaufman, Ida, dau of J.R.B. & H.A.
Erick, Delmont D., born Aug. 20, 1874, died Oct. 6, 1895

The following are additional stones which Mr. Goslin found in Erick Cemetery:

Williams, George W., son of G.O. & M.J., died Oct. 29, 1862 aged 9m 16d
Williams, dau of G. & M.J., died Sep. 30, 1861, aged 8d

Page 22 Collins Chapel Cemetery:

Graham, A. J., born Dec. 21, 1826

Page 23 Collins Chapel Cemetery:

Jackson, Elizabeth, aged 50y 6m 11d

Page 24 Collins Chapel Cemetery:

Rudy, Eliza, died Mar. 18, 1869, aged 34y 4m 25d

The following stone is an additional one which Mr. Goslin found in the Collins Chapel Cemetery:

Collins, ____, ___ of Dr. James & Nancy, died Sep. 12, 1811, aged 3y [this may be Martha A. Collins on page 23]

Page 28 Tarklin Cemetery:

Harper, Rebecca, died Dec. 28, 1890
Swarner, John, died Feb. 15, 1861
Ackers, Reuben, aged 89y 1m 8d

Page 30 Tarklin Cemetery:

Bumgardner, Solomon, aged 75y 9m 16d
Bumgardner, Rebecca, died Aug. 15, 1916, aged 85y 10m 6d
Bumgardner, Edward, 1874 - 1945
Baumgardner, Jane, 1862 - 1943 [1942?]

The following is an additional stone which Mr. Goslin found in Tarklin Cemetery:

Franke, Gertrude, 1844 - 1926

Page 38 Stuckey Cemetery:

Mack, George, died Apr. 21, 1858

Page 39 Stuckey Cemetery:

Hensyl, John, died Nov. 24, 1817
Stukey, John Jr., born 1742, died Aug. 9, 1818
Stukey, Salome
Dayton, infant son of J. & M.E.
Mack, Elizabeth, wife of Geo., died 1843
Hensel, Barbara, wife of the late Michael, died June 26, 1857

Page 40 Stukey Cemetery:

Rike, Rev. John, married Rosannah, Sep. 18, 1849
Stuckey, infant son of S. & C., died Oct. 1, 1844

Page 53 Sugar Grove Cemetery:

Sharp, Chester Lee, 1890 - 1921

Page 54 Sugar Grove Cemetery:

Beery, Elizabeth, wife of Henry Sr.

Page 66 Applegate Cemetery:

Bright, Priscilla, wife of Nimrod
Shreves, Charles B., died Mar. 21, 1871

Page 67 Applegate Cemetery:

Hull, Maria L. B., dau. of R.L. & S.C. (B.T. & S.), died June 8 (17), 1820 (July 9, 1830), aged 4y 6m 22d (2d)
Shook, Martin Vanburen, died Apr. 2, 1839
Weaks, Robert, aged 31y 6m 21d
Weaks, Geo. W., died Nov. 2, 1840

Page 68 Carpenter - Koontz Cemetery:

Carpenter, Sarah, wife of Ezra, aged 47y 10m 9d
Williams, Amanda, dau. of E. & S. Carpenter
Carpenter, Emanuel, son of Ezra & Sarah, aged 3y 7m 0d
Koontz, Salome, aged 69y 0m 25d

The following are additional stones or pieces of stones which Mr. Goslin found in the Carpenter - Koontz Cemetery:

_______, Catherine, wife _______
_______ MA _____________________
________ llomo ITZ _____________
________, died _839, aged 18y __d [may be Elizabeth Messerly]
________, dau of ___ & Sarah, _____

Page 69 Ream - Horns Mill Cemetery:

Rubel, Henry, died Dec. 8, 1846

Page 70 Ream - Horns Mill Cemetery:

Ream, Roslin A., died July 1826

Page 71 Ream - Horns Mill Cemetery:

Ruble, Margaret, wife of Geo., aged 35y
Ream, Sampson, aged 74y

Page 72 Ream - Horns Mill Cemetery:

Zoebs, John, died Oct. 1829
Ream, Joseph S., died Aug. 11, 1848, aged 12y
Ream, Hannah, born Apr. 16, 1846

Page 74 Ream - Horns Mill Cemetery:

Matheny, Jacob
Matheny, Anna Catharine
Rudolph, Mirn, son of Daniel & Catherine, died Sep. 18, 1859
Rudolph, infant dau. of Daniel & Catherine, died Feb. 17, 1856

Page 75 Ream - Horns Mill Cemetery:

Conner, Nancy O., died Aug. 27, 1856

Page 76 Ream - Horns Mill Cemetery:

Wolfe, Abram, died Oct. 27, 1868

Page 78 Asbury Cemetery:

House, Allen, born July 8, 1783
Brenneman, Adelia A., dau. of I. & M.S.
Webb, Garret, aged 81y 6m 10d [18d?]

Page 79 Asbury Cemetery:

Dean, Jane, died Feb. 1, 1848
Hile, Katharine, wife of Jacob, died July 30, 1842
Nichols, Catherine, died Sep. 27, 1865, aged 45y
Collin, John, died Aug. 3, 1850, aged 70y

Page 80 Asbury Cemetery:

Beall, Thomas W.
Belt, Tilman Sr., died Aug. 26, 1890
Crist, Mariah E., aged 1y 3m 2d
Crist, John H., died Mar. 18, 1851, aged 8y 7m 1/2d
Crist, James, died Jan. 1, 1859, aged 1y 3m 27d
Nesley, Catharine, wife of John, died Dec. 25, 1868
Umwake, Caroline, mother of Laura M. Hamilton
McLain, Robert, died Sep. 28, 1885
Beal, Ann, died Apr. 26, 1859
Beall, Samuel S.
Forsyth, Margaret C., dau. of Polly, aged 4y 1m 21d

The following is an additional stone which Mr. Goslin found in the Asbury Cemetery:

Beall, Isiah, died 1859, aged 82y

Page 81 St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

Schwilk, John, born Nov. 30, 1818, died Jan. 2, 1892
Gutter, Henrich, born Sep. 15, 1792, died Mar. 28, 1872 [believe this surname should be Sutter]
Allen, Reuben, son of John & Nancy
Shumaker, Benjamin, aged 63y 4m 14d
Ruff, Phoebe C, wife of T.D. [J.D.?]
Fletcher, Louisa D., born Feb. 1858, died Sep. 3, 1861
Fletcher, Lewis, died Sep. 7, 1862
Seifert, Eliza, aged 83y 10m
Syfert, Samuel, son of P. & E., aged 1y 3m
Fletcher, Barbara, died Aug. 21, 1882

Page 82 St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

Ruff, Phoebe C., wife of T.D. [J.D.?]
Simpson, Blanch, wife of James
Shumaker, Henry W., GAR
Frieze, Sarah, wife of Peter, died Jan. 16, 1870, aged 88y
Fletcher, Sarah, died June 27, 1851

Page 83 St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

Beel, Elizabeth, aged 41y 7m 11d
Weber, Anna C., born Apr. 16, 1814

Page 85 St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

Anspaucher, Susannah, wife of Conrod
Stoneburner, Elizabeth, died Aug. 16, 1823
Geil, Rachel, died Oct. 17, 1834

Page 87 St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

Meyer, Mary, dau. of John & Mary Fartig, died Jan. 30, 1818

Page 89 St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

Shult, John W., died Oct. 16, 1883

Page 90 St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

Tombarge, Anna C. Hinck, died Aug. 24, 1868
Tombarge, John D., died Jan. 17, 1860
Sutter, sons of Rev. J.J. & E.M., died Oct. 4, 1867, aged 2y and Oct. 5, 1867, aged 4y

Page 92 St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

Weber, Michael, aged 84y 8m 20d

The following is an additional stone which Mr. Goslin found in the St. Paul - Myer Cemetery:

___________, died 1849

Page 95 Crawfis - Emery Cemetery:

Crook, Susan, wife of Wm.

Page 96 Crawfis - Emery Cemetery:

Eckert, Sarah J., dau. of H.S. & L.M., died Aug. 2, 1855
Jackson, Barbara, died Feb. 14, 1839
Jackson, Wm., died Aug. 10, 1849, aged 89y
Ream, Jacob Jr., Veteran War 1812

Page 97 Crawfis - Emery Cemetery:

Herd, James, died Jan. 17, 1861

Page 98 Crawfis - Emery Cemetery:

Foster, Elizabeth, aged 60y 4m 2d
Crook, John, born Feb. 25, 1832

The following is an additional stone which Mr. Goslin found in the Crawfis - Emery Cemetery:

Carpenter, ____, son of J.C. & M.A., died 1843

Page 111 Elmwood Cemetery:

Irvin, Elizabeth B., died July 26, 1847

Page 114 Elmwood Cemetery:

Devol, Cynthia G., died June 8, 1870

Page 122 Elmwood Cemetery:

Beecher, Susan Gillispie, died July 29, 1851 in her 69th year

Page 139 Elmwood Cemetery:

Carpenter, Mary S., married Rev. Samuel Carpenter Jan. 28, 1815

Page 140 Elmwood Cemetery:

Schneider, Anthony, died Aug. 4, 1864, aged 65y 23d
Guny, Julian, wife of M., died 1855, aged ?

Page 141 Elmwood Cemetery:

Garaghty, dau. of Michael & Sarah, aged 1y 5m 15d
Fitzpatrick, Ellen, died June 13, 1863

Page 142 Elmwood Cemetery:

Baumaster, Caroline C., aged 23y
Baumaster, Jacob B.
Blair, Mary Ann, died Sep. 6, 1839 (died at child birth)
Blair, dau., died Sep. 21, 1839, aged 12d

Page 143 Elmwood Cemetery:

Lilly, Ignatius, son of R.S. & M.
Lilly, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Rich. & Marg., aged 2m
Riffle, Michael, died Sep. 18, 1839
Shannon, Thomas, native of County Caser, Ireland
Lilly, Ignatius, died 1841, aged 64y

Page 144 Elmwood Cemetery:

Lilly, Agustus
Lilly, Thomas Francis, died Aug. 25, 1849
Mills, Theodore, died Nov. 21, 1848

Page 145 Elmwood Cemetery:

Lilly, Thomas A., aged 13y 8m 20d
Murphy, John, aged 56y 10m 20d

Page 164 Elmwood Cemetery:

Guseman, Adam, born Feb. 11, 1811

The following are additional stones which Mr. Goslin found in Elmwood Cemetery:

_____, _____, died June? 8, 1858, aged 68y (in German)
_____, _____, died July 2, 1858, aged 68y (in German)
_____, _____, born in Ireland, died Mar. 1885, aged ?
Connelly, Edward, died May 17, 1844, aged 81y 11m
Connelly, Francis, died Feb. 5, 1852, aged 87y
Uhl, Anthony, died July 29, 1889, aged 74y
Shannon, Mary, wife of Thomas, died Sep. 1842 in her 28th year
Shannon, Thomas, died Sep. 29, 1842, aged 9m
Shannon, Mary, died Mar. 20, 1840, aged 4m
Nester, Peter ?????

Page 206 St. Mary Cemetery:

Boyle, Eleanor, aged 26y 1m

Page 208 St. Mary Cemetery:

Ewing, Philemon Beecher, died Apr. 15, 1895
Phelan, Susan Ann
Ewing, George, son of Thomas & Maria, aged 1m 3d

Page 213 St. Mary Cemetery:

Lance, Rev. Henry, born May 3, 1928

Page 214 St. Mary Cemetery:

Slough, Judge Tallman, born Sep. 12, 1836

Page 220 St. Mary Cemetery:

Blaire, George E., born Dec. 16, 1832

The following is an additional stone which Mr. Goslin found in St. Mary Cemetery:

Ewing, George, born Mar. 5, 1855, died Mar. 5, 1858


Page 195 Tarlton Cemetery, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway Co.:

A Revolutionary War marker was been placed by the DAR (October 1996) on the grave of Jacob Hoffman, 1752-1839.

Page 211 Tarlton Cemetery, Saltcreek Twp, Pickaway Co.:

Add Christena KRAMER, wife of Godfrey, died Jan. 25, 1859, aged 74y 9m. She is on the back of Godfrey's stone. Make these corrections to Godfrey: died May 5, 1860, died 81y 2m 11d. According to Karen Smith, Godfrey and Christena are the parents of Catharine Kramer who married Samuel Hoffman.



According to information which Keith Cullumber obtained from the late local historian, Charles Goslin, Adam Weaver was buried in Brandt Cemetery and probably his wife also.

Page 63 Carroll Cemetery:

Change birth date of John E. KULL from 1921 to 1912.


The land for the East Union Cemetery, Hocking Township, was deeded to the United Brethren Church by David and Ann Maria Murphy. In the will of their daughter, Sarah Murphy Reelhorn, dated 25 Sep 1891, item #3, she gave the Trustees of the Union U.B. Church $1000.00 as an endowment for upkeep on the cemetery. Item #4 she gave $500.00 to build a fence around the cemetery. On 18 June 1935 and 7 April 1935 respectively, these amounts were paid from her first and final settlement. George and Helen Murphy, 2735 Northwood Avenue, Terre Haute, IN 47805 furnished this information.

Gail Holliday, 205 Wyandotte Street, Lancaster, OH 43130 supplied information showing that Probate records confirm that John GUSEMAN, who died 1879, is buried in Guseman Cemetery, and Daniel GUSEMAN, who also died in 1879, is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Page 18 Green Mound Cemetery:

GRANDLIENARD, Marianne Emeline, wife of C., died Aug. 18, 1854, aged 39y 5m 14d (instead of Maria Mae)
GRANDLIENARD, Olivier, son of C.E. & M. E., died Apr. 22, 1859, aged 18y 10m 4d (instead of Oliver)

Page 65 Schadel - Shadel Cemetery:

In 1996 a new stone was placed on the grave of Abraham Eversole, Revolutionary War Soldier (see Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, 7 June 1996).

The Fairfield Heritage Association has deeded Stonewall Cemetery to the Hocking Township Trustees. There has been repeated vandalism of the cemetery since it was restored in 1978.


Page 75 (77 in revised editions) Bickel - St. Michael's Cemetery: (needs to be added):

MAUGER, R. Paul, born Dec. 24, 1903, died Jan. 2, 1953, aged 49y. He was born in Basil, Ohio and died in Columbus, Ohio. He was buried Jan. 6, 1953 and his parents were Charles Mauger and Emma Schreiner. He lived at 2216 Coventry Road in Columbus.

(This information was given to us by Ed Sands of Baltimore, Ohio and came from Schoedinger Funeral Homes of Columbus.)



After Cemeteries of Liberty Township was first published in 1989 we discovered that some information had been omitted from the Baltimore Methodist Episcopal - Geohagen Cemetery. It was re-read and the updated inscriptions were published in later printings.

A Methodist Episcopal Church (built about 1829) once stood where the cemetery is. The Geohagen Cemetery is at the eastern edge of this cemetery.

The sandstone markers are facing west and are rapidly becoming obliterated. Some others and the early "white" variety are also deteriorating rapidly. Many stones appear to be missing.

Recorded by George Stilwell August 18, 1986 and by Keith Cullumber 1990.

Rows were read beginning at the west side of the cemetery from south to north.

Information in brackets [ ] was taken from a partial list done earlier by Charles Goslin.

Row 1
KUMLER, Fred Revere, son of Frank B. & Linnas, d. Mar. 17, 1895, aged 5y 9m
SIGMAN, Ephraim, Co. D, 17th Oh Inf (Rev War marker ?)
CANODE, Jesse Quinn, b. Jan. 15, 1815, d. June 10, 1882, aged 67y 4m (7?m) 25d
Mary, wife of Jesse, b. June 12, 1812, d. May 10, 1880, aged 62y 10m 28d
CANODE, James F., son of J. & Mary, d. Mar. 7, 1881, aged 1y 9m 11d
CANODE, Jesse M., son of Jesse & Mary, d. Feb. 19, 1844, aged 1y 11m 5d
CANODE, ______, dau. of Jesse & Mary, d. Sep. 7, 1843, aged 5y 6m 7d
CANODE, Catharine, d. Oct. 28, 1842, aged 25y 9m 3d
CANODE, Rhoda, illegible
CANODE, Ida M., b. Dec. 26, 1852, (rest of stone buried)
BLACK, Nathaniel, son of J. & M., d. June 13, 1853, aged 1y 9m 29d
BLACK, Henry, son of Henry G. & Rhoda, d. Feb. 19, 1818 (stone buried)
BLACK, Sarah, dau. of Henry G. & Rhoda (stone in ground)
BLACK, Georgianna, dau. of Henry G. & Rhoda, d. Feb. 2, 1850, aged 1y 9m 10d
OUTCALT, Richard J., d, May 10, 1859, aged 58y 9m 25d
OUTCALT, ______, son of R.J. & Mary Pugh, d. Sep. 24, 1856, aged 13y 6m
OUTCALT, Mary, wife of R.J., d. Aug. 31, 1846, aged 40y 1m 18d
PUGH, Margaret, dau. of Jesse & Elizabeth d. July 22, 1840, aged 38y (stone buried)
OUTCALT, Grant, illegible (stone missing 1990)
OUTCALT, John, illegible, aged 6y 1m 9d (stone missing 1990)
OUTCALT, ______, illegible (stone missing 1990)
MALOTT, Hugh, d. 1812, aged 37y 7m 23d (stone missing 1990)
MALLOTT, ____, d. 1813, aged 1y 6m 10d (stone missing 1990)
MALLOTT, ____, d. 1808, aged 3y __m 18d (stone missing 1990)
MALLOTT, Mary, illegible (stone missing 1990)
Row 2
CONRAD, Samuel H., son of W. & M.O., d. Jan. 23, 1870, aged 1y 6m 20d
CONRAD, William, d. Aug. 26, 1820, aged 40y 8m 8d
KELLEY [KELLY], Hugh, d. Apr. 5, 1854 [1851], aged 24y [71y]
BOWERS, infant son of Wm. & S., d. Dec. 26, 1862, aged 3m 16d
WRIGHT, James M., d. Mar. 18, 1852, aged 14y 2m 16d
WRIGHT, Herbert __, d. Jan. 18, (1836?), aged (13?)y
Row 3
GILLIS, Thomas, 1807 - 1880
Margaret, 1807 - 1879
MALOTT, Michl., d. Nov. 5, 1812, aged 32y 7m 23d
Row 4
SIMMONS, Sarah, dau. of A.L. & C.W., d. Jan. 8, 1884, aged 26y 1m 18d
______, infant, illegible
NICELY, Mary J., d. Nov. 13, 1889, aged 77y 8m 7d
Henry L., d. Dec. 31, 1872, aged 66y 2m 23d (Civil War Marker)
NICELY, Fillmore, son of H. & M.J., d. Apr. 21, 1849, aged 1y 5m
NICELY, Helen V., dau. of Henry & Mary, d. Feb. 13, 1842, aged 6m 27d
MALOTT, Rebecca A., dau. of Michael & Elizabeth, d. May 24, 1842, aged 4y 5m 10d
Row 5
BENADUM, Mary, wife of David, d. Mar. 13, 1907, aged 79y 6m 8d
David, d. Dec. 25, 1874, aged 54y 10m 10d, Co. E, 66 Rgt OVI Civil War
CLARK, Magdalena, wife of Asa, d. Oct. 29, 1900, aged 75y 11m 9d (Civil War Marker)
JONES, James, d. Jan. 21, 1852, aged 39y
JOHNSON, Elizabeth, mother, wife of G.W., b. Feb. 21, 1822 in London, England, d. Dec., 18, 1901, aged 79y 9m 22d
George W., father, d. May 15, 1890, aged 67y 8m 14d
JOHNSON, Sophia, dau. of Geo. & E., d. Dec. 15, 1883, aged 23y 3m 4d
Illegible stone
Row 6
LITTLEJOHN, ______, d. July 21, 1850, aged 42y 2m (stone broken)
LITTLEJOHN, E. L., Co. F, 1st Oh. Cavalry (Civil War Marker)
LAUGHREY, Edward B., 1839 - 1922
Eliza A., 1829 - 1920
SANDS, Daniel H., 1827 - 1907
Elizabeth L., 1837 - 1914
BEATTY, Hannah, (no other information)
BEATTY, A. B., (no other information)
N. B. (footstone)
M. C. B. (footstone)
BEATTY, Read, d. 1841, aged 19m 9d (stone missing 1990)
Row 7
PRICE, Sarah J., mother, wife of Wm. R., d. Jan. 10, 1891, aged 47y 11d
William R., father, d. Aug. 23, 1901, aged 51y 10m 2d
FRIESNER, Lawrence, infant son of Earl & Maude, d. 1911
READ, Oliver. son of Henry & Mary, d. Aug. 2_, 1841, aged 19m 10d (Civil War Marker)
WELLS, Seraph M., dau. of E.M. & M.S., d. Mar. 19, 1851, aged (stone buried)
Row 8
JONES, John W., 1846 - 1931
Sarah C., 1844 - 1923
CANODE, Albert F., 1849 - 1911
Mary, 1846 - 1919
Luie, 1869 - 1943 (all on same stone; Civil War Marker)
A. F. C. (footstone)
Illegible stone (small)
WHITLEY, William, son of J.W. & A.E., d. Dec. 17, 18__
WHITELY, Ring, son of J.W. & A.E., d. Nov. 9, 1866, aged 1y (or 7y) 8m
WHITELY, Jacob, son of W. & A.E., d. Nov. 2, 1866, aged 3y 5m 24d
WHITELY, ______, child of ______, d. Sep. 21, 1860, aged 3y 6m 16d
2 broken stones (probably Whitley; same style as other Whitley stones)
______, Nathaniel, (stone buried in cement)
Illegible broken stone
LOCKE, Dora Luckey, 1861 - 1937
LUCKEY, Wallace W., d. Oct. 5, 1892, aged 65y 1m 1d
Ann C., d. Dec. 7, 1925, 92y 10m
LUCKEY, Ella C., dau. of W.W. & A.C., d. Feb. 15, 1865, aged 1y
LUCKEY, Walter Wallace, son of W.W. & A.C., d. July 23, 1870, aged 4y 4m 18d
SWARNER, Harvey C., 1870 - 1949
Anna W., 1877 - 1957
SWARNER, Lottie Hodgson, b. Dec. 1, 1869, d. June 1, 1899
HODGSON, Amanda Melvena, wife of T., d. Aug. 18, 1901, aged 52y 3m 28d
Thomas, d. Oct. 30, 1890, aged 45y 4m 30d
Row 9
JOHNSON, Charles Grant, d. Dec. 30, 1896, 32y 3m 20d
______, Joseph M., son of J.W. & Delily, d. Nov. 7, 1839, aged 7m 11d
COLBY, Amelia J., d. Oct. __, 1846, aged 1y 2m 2d (Civil War Marker?)
Row 10
UNKLE, Ella B., 1865 - 1917
UNKLE, David, father, d. Apr. 4, 1908, aged 71y 3m 10d
Caroline, mother, wife of David, d. June 14, 1901, aged 63y 7m 6d
TURNER, ______, dau. of __ & Elizabeth, d. Sep. 15, (1810?), aged 2y 2m
TURNER, Charlotte G., dau. of L._. & Elizabeth, d. Feb. 3, 1819, aged 5y _m 10d
TURNER, Elizabeth, d. Jan. 9, 1854 (stone buried)
(TURNER, L.?), d. Feb. 1, 1857, aged 64y 6m 25d (top of stone missing)
ST__KLEY, Lydia, wife of ______, illegible
Illegible stone
BARTHOLOMEW, Jonathan, d. Nov. 30, 1854, aged 42y 11m 29d
Row 11
Large vase on stone, no inscription
WRIGHT, William A., 1846 - 1895, Civil War Marker
Martha E., 1858 - 1914
SOLIDAY, Ruben C., d. Mar. 23 [28], 1892, aged 57y 7m 10d
Melissa [Melissy], wife of R.C., d. Dec. 28, 1883, aged 45y 2m 6d
Illegible stone
Row 12
LUCKEY, Henry H., b. Nov. 10, 1839, d. Apr. 18, 1907, Co. K 17th OVI, Civil War Marker
Anne E., his wife, b. Oct. 10, 1843, d. Nov. 10, 1910
LUCKEY, George G., b. June 21, 1865, d. July 1, 1901
BENADUM, infant son of Nelson & Sarah, d. Aug. __, (1841?)
BENADUM, John, son of Nelson & Sarah, d. 1850, aged 1y 1m 8d
BENADUM, Hannah, dau. of Nelson & Sarah, d. Nov. 14, 1844 (1814?), aged 1y 11d
BENADUM, Louisa, dau. of G. & S., d. June 25, 1819 (1849?), aged 1y 9m 12d
BENADUM, Charles A., son of G. & S., d. Mar. 1, 1833, aged 1y 1m 22d
BENADUM, George H., son of G. & S., d. Oct. 23, 1862, aged 1y 7m 6d
WRIGHT, W. A., Co. D, 90th Ohio Inf, Civil War Marker
MILLER, Noah P., 1846 - 1909
Charity, his wife, 1853 - 1890
PHILLIPS, Mabel Miller, "Mom", 1885 - 1948
PLETCHER, Retta Bell, 1874 - 1899
William Earl, 1893 - 1899
Noah Frederick, 1897 - 1900
Row 13
JOHNSON, Alfonso G., b. Sep. 10, 1858 (death date uncut)
Letitia M., his wife, b. Nov. 21, 1856, d. Aug. 27, 1907
Illegible stone
COX, John, d. Feb. 10, 1852, aged 33y 3m 12d
COX, Thomas, son of John & Jane, d. Oct. 15, 1852, aged 1y 5m 6d
HOLDER, Florence Lee, 1875 - 1939
Laura Alice, 1863 - 1945
HOLDER, Ida May, b. Dec. 22, 1876, d. May 15, 1906
HOLDER, Sarah Kathryne, b. Jan. 17, 1866, d. Jan. 4, 1888
HOLDER, Michael, b. Jan. 26, 1836, d. Dec. 14, 1911
Mary, his wife, b. Feb. 3, 1838, d. Jan. 7, 1915
Row 14
BENADUM, James, 1848 - 1924, Civil War marker
TIPPLE, Mahala Benadum, 1842 - 1911
BENADUM, Mary Ellen, 1853 - 1905
BENADUM, Michael, 1818 - 1870
BENADUM, Rebecca, 1820 - 1885
BENADUM, Wilber, 1882 - 1886
MILLER, John Leroy, son of G.H. & Ann, b. June 7, 1833, d. June 18, 1834
MILLER, Anna Olive, wife of G.H., d. Aug. 23, 1894, aged 26y 11d
KAUMEYER, Floris Miller, 1890 - 1926
MILLER, infant child of George & Blanch, d. 1923
Row 15
HODGSON, William, son of (D. & A.?), d. Jan. 22, 1867, aged 1m 10d
REES [REESE], David, d. Apr. 20, 1846, aged 35y (stone buried)
Illegible stone
EARHART, Harriet, dau. of D. & M., d. Aug. 6, 1842, aged ?m 2d
EARHART, Amanda M., dau. of D. & M., d. Oct. 8, (1849?), aged 4y ?m ?d
EARHART, Sylvester, son of D. & M., d. July 22, 1852, aged ??
EARHART, Mary E., dau. of D. & M., d. Dec. 24, 1852, aged 5y 9m 26d
EARHART, Maria, wife of David, b. Jan. 12, 1811, d. Aug. 20, 1862
HEARHART, David, d. Dec. 16, 1850, aged 51y 11m 1d
HODGSON, William, d. Mar. 7, 1866, aged 58y 8m 3d
HODGSON, Angiline, wife of Wm., d. Apr. 22, 1861, aged 41y 2m 23d
Row 16
SHEADLE, Daniel, son of H. & C., d. Aug. 20, 1846, aged 6d
SHEADLE, Franklin, son of H. & C., d. July 23, 1868, aged 14d
GOODWIN, Noah H., d. Nov. 5, 1931, aged 73y 8m 24d
Elsie G., wife of Noah, d. May 2, 1909, aged 46y 6m 24d
MILLER, Henry G., 1838 - 1920, aged 82y 1m 20d
Martha M., his wife, 1842 - 1910, aged 67y 7m 5d
NORRIS, Josephus, d. Mar. 1, 1882, aged 50y 6m 27d
Rebecca J., wife of Josephus, d. Nov. 12, 1895, aged 60y 11m 15d
NORRIS, (Gertham?), dau. of J. & J., d. Oct. 27, 1860, aged ??
NORRIS, William, son of J. & R.J., d. Feb. 16, 1860, aged ?y ?m 16d
NORRIS, Amos S., son of J. & R.J., d. Sep. 16, 1862, aged 3m 16d
REES, Jesse, d. Nov. 19, 1835, aged 73y
REES, Hannah, wife of Jesse, d. June 24, 1849, aged 76y
NORRIS, Missouri, dau. of ____, (stone broken)
NORRIS, Thomas, d. May 13, 1864, aged 68y 10m
NORRIS, Rebbeca, wife of Thomas, d. Sep. 10, 1886, aged 89y 5m 9d
Row 17
WATSON, Mary, wife of Thomas M., d. Sep. 24, 1899, aged 71y 1m 22d
HANBEY, Martha, wife of George, d. July 18, 1895, aged 97y 2m 23d
RUTHERFORD, Lafayette, father, b. Sep. 23, 1824, d. July 17, 1864 in hospital at Marietta, Georgia, aged 39y 9m 24d, Civil War
Isabella, mother, wife of L., b. July 22, 1822, d. Aug. 17, 1887, aged 64y 8m 8d
Row 18
GRAVER, Edward, 1829 - 1913, Co G 47 Regt OVI Civil War
Minerva [E.], his wife, 1841 - 1909
Illegible stone
GRAVER, F. G., 1862 - 1892
MOYER, Harriet, dau. of ? & H., d. July 20, 1874, aged 20y 5m 24d
Row 19
2 illegible stones
CLINGER, Irene, dau. of D., d. Mar. 6, 1831, aged 1y 5m 21d
CLINGER, Theodor, son of D., d. May 14, 1831, aged 6y 3m 12d
CLINGER, Sarah, wife of D., d. Mar. 24, 1897, aged 71y 3m 2d
David, d. Apr. 18, 1898, aged 77y 6m 21d
MOYER, Rebecca, wife of Elias, b. Jan. [June] 16, 1817, d. Aug. 7, 1845, aged 28y 1m 22d
WOMEDARS, Mary F., dau. of Isaac & Mary, d. June 17, 1842, aged 5y 22d
Row 20
MULINEX, Louisa Harriett, dau. of G.W. & Sophia, d. Sep. 6, 1857, aged 7 weeks
MULINEX, Henry T., son of G.W. & Sophia, d. Mar. 20, 1832, aged 3y 5m 16d
MULINEX, Elizabeth, wife of J., d. Jan. 18, 1849, aged 49y 6m 22d
Broken stone
JORDAN, Samantha J., dau. of Thornton & Ann C., d. Apr. 18, 1842, aged 5d
Row 21
TORRENCE, Lucretia, wife of J.W., d. Apr. 13, 1873, aged 35y 7m 4d
J. W., d. Feb. 27, 1879, aged 48y 4m 9d
TORRENCE, Clarence E., son of J.W. & L., died Apr. 20, 1870, aged 16d
TORRENCE, Lewis C., son of J.W. & L., d. Nov. 23, 1874, aged 8y 3m 13d
NEFF, Martin, d. died Feb. 18, 1841 in 48th year
SMITH, Rebecca, dau. of J. & C. Smith, b. Feb. 22, 1800, d. Mar. 27, 1887, aged 78y 1m 5d, married Nov. 7, 1838 to M. Neff, married Nov. 2, 1881 to M. Collers
BARRICK, Adam, b. Dec. __, 1796, d. ____, aged 34y _m 13d
WELLS, Sarah Ann, wife of John H., d. Sep. 8, 1885, aged 64y
John H., d. Oct. 25, 1885, aged 71y 11m
WELLS, Ida, b. June 16, 1852, d. Sep. 24, 1852
WELLS, Elizabeth A., b. May 23, 1816, d. Mar. 31, 1818
WELLS, Nathaniel, b. May 22, 1811, d. July 10, 1841
NICELY, Wealthy M., 1838 - 1914
Row 22
EATY, Stanley, 1868 - 1936
EATY, Della E., 1872 - 1927
MILLER, Clifford N., son of G.M. & Delia, 1898 - 1904
WRIGHT, Edwin H. [Boving], b. July 26, 1832 [1832], d. Nov. 9, 1890
Anna M., his wife, b. Dec. 13, 1836, d. Oct. 7, 1920
EVANS, Mary Catherine, b. June 30, 1833, d. July 16, 1891
EVANS, Robert, d. Dec. 30, 1893, aged 68y 6m 3d
Broken stone
CROOK, Alambroes?, son of D. & P.?, d. Aug. 12, 1863, aged 21y 6m 9d
CROOK, John W., son of D.? & P., d. Aug. 21, 1861, aged 12y 17d
SHEEVE, Asa, d. Jan. 20, 1885, aged 88y 11m 8d
SHEEVE, Rebecca, wife of A., d. May 13, 1880, aged 79y 3m 8d (Civil War marker)
SIMMONS, Frances, dau. of A.L. & W., d. Nov. 17, 1869, aged 3y 22d
LUCKEY [LUCKY], Jesse M., d. Aug. 11, 1844, aged 25y 6m [2m] 21d
LUCKEY, George Sen., d. Nov. 15, 1839, aged 46y 7m 22d
Elizabeth M. B., d. Jan. 16, 1878, aged 76y 1m 26d
LUCKEY, Elizabeth M. B., dau. of George & Elizabeth, d. July 31, 1836, aged 3y 1m 21d
LUCKEY, Isabella, dau. of ____, illegible
ALLEN, Alvira, d. Aug. 20, 1861, aged 6y
LUCKEY, George W., son of Jesse M. & Orilla, d. Jan. 8, 1844, aged 2 weeks
BROOK, William Wallace, son of James & Prescilla, b. Feb. 21, 1839, d. Mar. 4, 1839, aged 11d
Row 23
MILLER, Clifford Neal, son of G.M. & Della, b. May 5, 1898, d. Jan. 20, 1904
MORTON [MARTON], Charles W., son of Andrew & Christianna, d. Aug. 5, 1838, aged 4m 21d
FINCH, Wallace, d. Apr. 14, 1835 in 49th year, War of 1812 marker
FINCH, William, son of Wallace & Hester, d. Nov. 20, 1833, aged 21y 10m 22d
Row 24
GREGG, Nelson F., 1855 - 1936
GREGG, Maggie Deeds, d. May 14, 1887, aged 21y 10m 24d
Thomas, d. Nov. 18, 1886, aged 75y 4m 17d
Melissa, d. Mar. 15, 1893, aged 65y 9m 3d
HANNUM, Sarah M., d. Dec. 5, 1878, aged 78y 1m 16d
HANNUM, Irvin, ______ [Andrew], d. Feb. 22, 1852, aged 49y 1m 29d
HAWTHORN, Elizabeth. wife of Noah M., d. May 31, 1835 in her 19th year
CUSHING, Anna E., d. Jan. 23, 1863, aged 1y 11m 20d (stone in pieces)
R. C. (footstone)
Row 25
GEORGE, Floyd, 1870 - 1945
Gertrude, 1873 - 1950
HODGISON, David, 1841 - 1910, Co I 46 Oh Inf (Civil War marker)
Adaline, his wife, 1843 - 1919
HODGSON, Lewis Layton, son of D. & A., d. Dec. 15, 1898, aged 27y 11m 8d
Row 26
WELLES, Saml., no dates, Co. G 47th Ohio Inf (Civil War marker)
RAINIER, Littie D., mother, 1859 - 1909
HOLLAND, John N., b. Oct. 22, 1817, d. Jan. 28, 1905
Mary B., b. June 6, 1833, d. Mar. 21, 1916
Banner B., b. Aug. 2, 1857, d. Feb. 23, 1926
HOLLAND, Lucius M., son of J.M. [J.N.] & L., d. Jan. 17, 1845, aged 1m 12d
Illegible stone
(3 parts of stones flat on ground between Rows 26 & 27)
Row 27
HANBEY, George, 1831 - 1915
HANBEY, Dorothy E., 1838 - 1882
HANBEY, Lucretia, 1864 - 1914
BALTHASER, Martha, 1871 - 1900
HANBEY, Lizzie B., 1874 - 1885
HANBEY, George, infant, d.(?) 1867
HANBEY, Catherine, 1869-1872
(all above on same large stone and all children of George & Dorothy Hanbey)
(individual stones for George Hanbey's family, all down, buried or missing)
NIELSON, William W. Jr., son of W.W. & E.R., d. Aug. 11, 1837, aged 1y 9m 29d
NIELSON [NEILSON], Elizabeth, wife of W.W., d. June 15, 1843, aged 26y 6m ?d
PAUL, Elizabeth, dau. of Jacob & Mary [Nancy], d. July 27, 1841, aged 5m 10d
Illegible stone flat on ground
HORN, Mary, dau. of James & ____, d. Jan. __, 1848(?), aged 2y 4m 7d
______, ______, d. Jan. 19, 1829, aged 2y 4m 24d
______, ______, d. Oct. 30, 1842, aged ??
REES, Sarah, wife of Thomas, d. Nov. 19, 1833, aged 32?y
Row 28
SMITH, J. W., Co. H 15th Ohio Inf (Civil War marker)
SMITH, George W., d. Feb. 23, 1890, aged 77y 7m 10d
Elizabeth, his wife, d. Oct. 27, 1895, aged 81y 3m 11d
SMITH, James M., son of G.W. & E., d. Aug. 13, 1856, aged 2m 7d
CLELLAND, Ann K., d. Feb. 12, 1835, age illegible [aged 1y 10m]
SMITH, William, son of G.W. & E., d. May 10, 1843, aged 1y 28d (2 stones?)
TALBOTT, Rebecca, wife of Benj. C., d. May 11, 1849, aged 25y 4m 11d
ATWOOD, George W., son of John L. & M., d. June 2, 1843, aged 10y 11m 16d
Illegible stone
Row 29
HUTCHISON, Thomas Sgt., 1837 - 1911, Co. B 122 RGT OVI
Jerusha Kanode, his wife, 1840 - 1919
KAGERY, Mary, wife of Hesekiah Kanode, b. Jan. 8, 1814, d. Feb. 15, 1900
FLATTERY, Mary, wife of Jonathan, mother, d. Dec. 2, 1860, aged 63y 9m 23d
Jonathan, father, d. Aug. 25, 1837, aged 44y 5m 19d
HFLATTERY, Cyrus, son of Jonathan & Mary, d. Oct. 23, 1843, aged 12y 7m ?d
Row 30
Illegible infant stone (Lane?)
LANE, John C., died (broken)
LANE, William, d. Dec. 11, 1880, aged 73y 11m
THOMEN, Benjamine K., b. Sep. 21, 1830, d. May 6, 1917
Mary Weist, b. Apr. 6, 1836, d. Oct. 28, 1908
THOMEN, Dr. A. A., no other information
Julia, no other information
WOOD, [Harriet] Louisa, dau., b. Apr. 4, 1840, d. Apr. 14, 1850 (on ground and upside down)
WOOD, Rhoda Ann, b. Oct. 31, 1836, d. Oct. 27, 1837 (on ground)
Row 31
GEOHEGAN, Silas Smith, d. May 18, 1850, aged 47y 9m 6d
GEOHEGAN, Ann, dau. of S.S. & J., d. Apr. 22, 1847, aged 11y or 14y 9m 25d
GEOHEGAN, Ann, wife of Anthony, d. Sep. 1844 in her 87th year


The following information was taken from cemetery notes made by Charles Goslin in the 1960's and 1970's. Except for stones which he found and are since apparently missing, this information is intended to point out discrepancies in the inscriptions as he copied them and may or may not be the most accurate.

Page 1 Hopewell M.E. (Goodhope) Cemetery:

Marshall, John, died Oct. 7, 1889, aged 65y 20d
Marshall, Masy A., died July 4, 1908, aged 77y 12d
Marshall, Alaxander, died Mar. 20, 1898, aged 65y 8m 25d

Page 2 Hopewell M.E. (Goodhope) Cemetery:

Vanwey, John, died June 12, 1850, aged 67y 9m
Vanwey, Elizabeth, died May 16, 1872, aged 89y 1m 12d
Vanway, Margaret, wife of Henry, died Jan. 13, 1881, aged 81y 9m ?d
Clark, Jula Ann, born Sep. 3, 1844, died Sep. 4, 1901, aged 57y 1d

Page 3 Hopewell M.E. (Goodhope) Cemetery:

Young, James, son of Wm. & Mama, died July 11, 1837, aged 1m 11d

Page 4 Hopewell M.E. (Goodhope) Cemetery:

Beatty, James, born Jan. 2, 1832, died Sep. 4, 1915, Co B 36th Ohio Inf
North, Milton B., son of William & Lovis A., died Aug. 1, 1844, aged 1y 6m 21d

Page 6 Hopewell M.E. (Goodhope) Cemetery:

Acers (Agers), Reuben, died Dec. 13, 1841, aged 37y 8m 1d

Page 8 Hopewell M.E. (Goodhope) Cemetery:

North, Sarah, dau. of William & Louisa, died July 20, 1842, aged 24y

The following are additional stones which Mr. Goslin found in Hopewell (Goodhope) Cemetery:

Maraca, Wm., died July 11, 1837, aged 67y
Calahan, George W., died Nov. 10, 1884, aged 71y 4m 18d

Page 19 Mt. Carmel - Clearport Cemetery:

Add Hedges, Boyd B., 1907-1929 after Clara D. Hedges

Page 28 Mt. Carmel - Clearport Cemetery:

Young, Joseph H., son of Robert & Mary, died Apr. 29, 1837, aged 13y

The following information was furnished by Carolyn Gerard, 20575 S.W. 95th Street Road, Dunnellon, Florida 32630:

Page 37 Old German Lutheran - St. John's - Sweyer Church:

Kerns, Elizabeth, died June 28, 1849, aged 62y 9m 8d

This stone was omitted from the same cemetery:

Boerstler, Daniel, born Nov. 17, 1785, died Oct. 18, 1848
Margaret, born Mar. 20, 1787, died Sep. 5, 1857

The following information was suggested by a patron of the Fairfield County District Library:

Page 39 Pine Grove Cemetery:


Page 42 Pine Grove Cemetery:

WATTERS, Judith should be WILLIAMS, Judith

The following information concerning the Old German Lutheran - St. John's - Sweyer Church Cemetery is from Judy Gehres Doner, 8090 Justus Road, Stoutsville, Oh 43154-9710, who visited this cemetery May 17, 1992:

Page 38: last entry on page should be DONER, Amelia (not Dover)

Judy located these additional stones:

DONER, David, died Dec. 13, 1879, aged 73y 7m 19d

MONENGER (MONINGER), Elizabeth, wife of Henry, died Jan. 2, 1854, aged 65y

MONENGER (MONINGER), Henry, died Jan. 2, 1854, aged 75y 9d

MONENGER (MONINGER), Elizabeth, daughter of H. & K.A., died June 16, 1849,
aged 1y 2m 2d

MONENGER (MONINGER), Malinda, daughter of H. & K.A., died Mar. 3, 1854, aged
9m 20d

MOYER, Jacob Sr., died May 19, 1866, aged 88y 4m 20d

REBER, Daniel, died Aug. 1876, aged 24y 6m 3d

GRIFFITH, Isaac, ????

CLIFF(?), Jno., Co I, 43rd Ohio Inf

Shaeffer Cemeteries:

In the original edition (1987) of Cemeteries of Madison Township we included a cemetery which we had seen described by others as the Shaeffer or Salem or Kohler Cemetery or any combination of those names. This is located in a field off of a light duty road going west from Clearport Road (CR 24), 1/3 mile south of McDonald Road (TR 136).

Later information indicated that we needed to make changes in a second edition (1994) of Cemeteries of Madison Township. What we had called the Shaeffer - Salem - Kohler Cemetery, we are now calling the Shaeffer (Salem - Shaeffer) Cemetery. In addition we have a second cemetery known as the Shaeffer (Kohler - Shaeffer) Cemetery. This cemetery is located south of Drinkle Road (CR 71), on the west side of Clearport Road (CR 24) on a farm at 9705 Clearport Road. A lane runs beside and behind the house. From that lane the cemetery is across a ditch and to the right in a thicket in a field.


Copied by and photographs provided by Dale E. Kennedy summer of 1994. This cemetery is about 25 feet square and is fenced-in. There are four stones. It was thought that more stones would be found underground but after some probing by Dale Kennedy and Charlotte Tilley none were found. There could possibly be more at a deeper level.

Charles Goslin called this the KOHLER - SHAEFFER Cemetery.

SHAEFFER, Esra, son of Absalam (Abraham?) & Maria B., died Mar. 7, 1834, aged 13y
SHAEFFER, Maria B., wife of Absalam (Abraham?), died Sep. 19, 1846, aged 63y (down and badly broken)
SHAEFER, Emily, dau. of Salem & S., died Oct. 2, 1843, aged 1y 2m 1d
SHAEFFER, Abraham, died June 7, 1833, aged 57y
Large piece of sandstone with a "V" on it (may have been a temporary marker)

In the second edition we added the St. Thomas Lutheran Death Register to the cemetery inscriptions.


Page 21 Floral Hills Cemetery:


BETHEL, Robert G., born 25 Jan. 1946, died 5 Apr 1973, Ohio CPL US Marine Corps Vietnam (military marker)

ELIA, James Richard, born 6 Apr. 1953, died 17 Oct. 1989 (no marker, ashes are buried on the Bethel lot)

Page 55 Hampson Cemetery:

Jacob Mills, died in 1856. Lylia Hare sent us a photo of the tombstone which proved the date.


Page 58 West Rushville Cemetery:

Shaw: Thomas H., Lucy A., Thomas E., Margaret. Surname
should be SHOW. Also Henry SHOW, husband of Margaret is
buried next to Margaret.

(Information from Rebecca Show Fulwider, 5028 Greensboro
Court, Columbus, Ohio 43220.)

Page 96 Sain Cemetery:

This cemetery was located in 1985 and the stones of John Kiser and Sarah Sain were found "leaning against a large tree in a grown-up area near a cleared field, about 200 yards behind and to the right of the barn. One of the stones was broken off. Nearby, the base of the broken stone was still in the ground, thus placing the exact location of the cemetery."

According to Russell Hugus, owner of the Hugus Fruit Farm on Route 664,
there used to be a third marker that said only "John".

(Information from Mark Sain, 27713 Barnes Road, Damascus, Maryland 20872.)

The following information was taken from cemetery notes made by Charles Goslin (noted local historian) in the 1960's and 1970's. Except for stones which he found and are since apparently missing, this information is intended to point out discrepancies in the inscriptions as he copied them and may or may not be the most accurate.

Page 1 Stevenson Cemetery:

Cooper, Mary Taylor, born 1792
Stevenson, Rachel Linville, born Aug. 17, 1798, died Mar. 3,

Page 2 Stevenson Cemetery:

Ijams, Isaac, aged 58y
Cupp, Rachel, wife of Geo., died Feb. 20, 1837
Gardner, William, died 1825
Teal, Arthur, died Aug. 12, 1854, aged 79y
Stevenson, Rachel, aged 26y 11m 11d

Page 3 Stevenson Cemetery:

Dunn, Moses, aged 7m

The following are additional stones which Mr. Goslin found in the Stevenson Cemetery:

Goff, Abner, died Nov. 18, 1822
Anderson, Samuel, died Apr. 4, 1862, aged 74y

Page 5 Reid Cemetery:

Reid, Mary Custard, born July 17, 1815

Page 5 Woolard Cemetery:

Woodward, Letty, dau of James & Mary M.
Woodward, Marye, died Sep. 19, 1868, aged 10y
Woodward, James C., died Sep. 17, 1861
Woolard, James, died Feb. 22, 1908
Woolard, Charles, died July 21, 1953

Page 6 Woolard Cemetery:

Cloud, Elizabeth, died Aug. 22, 1850
Miller, Mary A, aged 31y
Woolard, Sarah, aged 3y 10m
Price, Alfred T., son of Kenneth & Ivy

Page 7 Ruffner Cemetery:

Kraner, Thomas, born Sep. 13, 1788
Ruffner, Joseph, died Feb. 10, 1881
Friend, Edward, son of H.M. & M.A.
Geiger, William, died Sep. 10, 1862
Freisner, Martin, died Feb. 20, 1873

The following is an additional stone which Mr. Goslin found in the Ruffner Cemetery:

Kramer, Mary, wife of Thos. and dau of M. & E. Ruffner,
died May 24, 1863, aged 73y

Page 13 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Snider, Edward Manly, aged 4 weeks
Martin, Filison, 1819 - 1898
Gorlin, Caleb, died July 12, 1862, aged 71y
[Breeden, Mary V.], born Nov. 23, 1777

Page 14 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Miller, Clarissa Selah, aged 4 weeks
Laws, Rachel, wife of the reverend James, died ___, 1827
Bright, Frances, wife of Abraham
Kensard, Samuel H., son of James & Elizabeth

Page 15 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Wilson, Joseph, aged 67y 11m 29d
Pullard, Elizabeth, died Dec. 9, 1868, first marriage to
William Macruder 181_, second marriage to Philip Puller 1831

Page 16 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Turner, Dr. Robert, aged 71y 6m 3d
Farnandes, Rev. Henry S, died May 12, 1845
Turner, _____, dau of Peter F. & Mary Ann, died Feb. 15,

Page 17 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Hyde, Simon M.D., died Jan. 23, 1867

Page 18 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Davis, Wm. E., aged 26y 8m
Rissler, Louis A., died Oct. 5, 1824

Page 19 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Johnson, John Sr., died Nov. 25, 1845
Hovess, William, died 1840 [1846 - both dates given], aged
63y [may be William Groves]
Harper, Wm., aged 71y

Page 20 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Nourse, Charles, died Jan. 8, 1880
Book, John Jr., 1828 - 1909
Thomas, Mary, died Aug. 6, 1882, aged 70y 7m 16d
Leckron, Eulalia, born June 21, 1855, died Feb. 24, 1924
Thomas, David, aged 94y 4m 2d

Page 21 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

McDermott, Mary A. Fond [?]

Page 22 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Lenhart, Ann, died Nov. 11, 1828

Page 23 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Stoltz, Rachel, wife of George Sr., aged 63y 11m 7d
Reynolds, Mary S., died June 11, 1908
Glassford, Mary, aged 22y
McBride, Robert A., died Mar. 12, 1851

Page 24 Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Wyrick, Henry D., died Dec. 21, 1888
Copp, Catharine, dau. of Frederick & Sarah Martins
Stoltz, Nathaniel, Nesbitt, died Jan. 18, 1814
Morrow, Andrew, aged 68y 11m 10d
McBride, Milton C., aged 11m 7d

The following are additional stones which Mr. Goslin found in the Rushville Pleasant Hill Cemetery:

Iroquart, John M., died Mar. 19, 1830, aged 51y
Anderson, Sara [no dates given]
Bales, Mary Elizath, dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth, died Mar.
11, 1819

Page 29 Drumm Cemetery:

Lonis, Elizabeth, wife of Henry, died Apr. 1, 1864, aged 83y

Page 30 Drumm Cemetery:

Drum, John, son of John & Mary
Drum, Allen, son of John & Mary
Drum, Jonallean, died July 31, 1894, aged 81y

Page 32 Drumm Cemetery:

Drum, infant son of Psucie & Mcihala, died July 15, 1836

Page 38 Pleasant Hill M.P. Chapel Cemetery:

Harner, Susannah, wife of Benjamin, died Dec. 13, 1847, aged
Eyman, Henry A., son of H.S. & S., died Sep. 13, 1829

Page 39 Pleasant Hill M.P. Chapel Cemetery:

Gromer, Jacob, died Dec. 22, 1855
Hampton, Daniel, 1812 - 1847

Page 40 West Rushville Cemetery:

According to Doid Raab (5695 Ireland Road NE, Rushville, Ohio 43150, 614 536-7635) there was a small Neeley Family Cemetery located on a farm which his family owned in Rushcreek Twp. This cemetery was located in the NW corner of section 7 on a hill 1/4 mile from Ireland Road. Because the cemetery was being destroyed by groundhogs, permission was given by the township trustees ca 1915 - 1920 to move the bones and stones from 3 graves to the West Rushville Cemetery in Richland Township. This was done by Doid's father and neighbor. One footstone bearing the initials "J.N." was not moved and remains at the old Neeley Cemetery site (as of 19 Nov. 1987).

The following stones were moved:

Neeley, William, died July 19, 1837
Jan, wife, died Sep. 22, 1884

Barns, Rachel, wife of N.R., died Dec. 13, 1849, aged 35y

Page 43 West Rushville Cemetery:

Sphon, Henry, aged 69y 1m 12d
Lunceford, Lewin, died June 6, 1831
Lunceford, Adam, died July 15, 1812

Page 46 West Rushville Cemetery:

Reynolds, Thomas, died Mar. 18, 1857

Page 48 West Rushville Cemetery:

Ijames, Mary Victoria
Ijams, Ridgley, aged 1y 8m 1d
Murphey, Edward, aged 75y 9m 19d
Love, Hugh, died Jan. 8, 1862
Love, Mary, wife of Hugh, died May 9, 1846, aged 95y

Page 49 West Rushville Cemetery:

Rowles, Jesse, aged 62y 6m 26d
Lamb, Jacob, died Dec. 26, 1839
Kerr, John, died Jan. 12, 1853

Page 92 Custard Cemetery:

Custard, Mary A., died 1841

Page 93 Custard Cemetery:

Linville, Priscilla, died 1898, aged 75y
Linville, Martha, aged 11d
Clum, Eliz, died 1872
Clum, Eli, died 1841 [this stone was broken and in question]
Custard, Joseph, died 1820
Custard, Catherine, aged about 87y

Page 94 Custard Cemetery:

Turner, Randolph N., died 1888
Clum, Sam, died 1865
Mannon, Sarah, aged 71y
Parret, Eve, died Aug. 2, 1820

Page 95 Custard Cemetery:

Hyler, Sam & Sele, 1888-1908
Miller, Mary, aged 78y
Barb, Elizabeth, wife of Allen

Baker Cemetery was located in a field at the southwest corner of State Routes 256 and 664. There are apparently no stones left.


We have been told about the previous existence of a Stemen Family Cemetery in Rushcreek Township on the east bank of Rushcreek. Probably sometime before 1900 the stones were removed and the land farmed. The stones were apparently used for paving stones, etc. It supposedly was located in Section11/14 on what is now Young property.

Thompson Cemetery:

In October 1989 Keith Cullumber recopied this cemetery in rows beginning on the west side with rows from south to north. Stones with an asterisk (*) are from the list done in 1985 and done in the original book done by Penny Ginnery.

Broken stones lying against fence:
Kerr, John, son of John and Rachael, died Dec. 22, 1816, aged 21y 6m 22d
Kerr, Robert, son of John and Rachael (bottom half broken and missing)

Row 1
Kerr, John, son of John and Rachael, died Dec. 22, 1816, aged 21y 6m 22d
Kerr, Sarah, daughter of John and Rachael, died May 15, 1816, aged 9y 3m 15d
(Behind her is a small stone scratched on surface with "d1, M 2 5, 1828 W S" - probably William Shields below)
Kerr, Robert, son of John and Rachael, died June 12, 1814, aged 3y 3m

Row 2
Neeley, John A., son of W. & M.J., died Feb. 4, 1856, aged 3m 27d
Neeley, Elizabeth J., daughter of W. & M.J., died July 12, 1851, aged 1m 12d
Neeley, John, died June 30, 1840, aged 65y 8m 24d, Veteran War of 1812
Neeley, Mary, wife of John, died May 1, 1835, aged 48y 20d

Row 3
Thompson, Hannah, wife of Wm., died Mar. 4, 1844, aged 76y
Thompson, William, died Nov. 8, 1811, aged 67y, Veteran Revolutionary War

Row 4
Neely, Mary A., daughter of W.T. & R., died Aug. 28, 1862, aged 2y 4m 28d
Neely, Robert, son of D. & S., died Nov. 30, 1832, aged 3y 3m 2d
Neely, infant son of D. & S., died Oct. 15, 1810
Neeley, David, died Nov. 8, 1859, aged 83y 5d
Illegible stone on ground, probably David's wife (*Neeley, Sarah, died Apr. 1867, aged 77y 7m 24d)

Row 5
Shaw, Isabel, died Oct. 6, 1829, aged 69y
Shaw, William, died Feb. 13, 1821, aged 61y, Veteran Revolutionary War
Shields, William, died May 25, 1828, aged 66y
Shields, Elizabeth, wife of Wm., died June 2, 1845, aged ca 69y
Shields, Samuel, died July 19, 1843, aged 20y (bottom missing)
(also small stone with "July 19, 1843" and also "S.S." scratched onto it)
Valentine, John A., died June 20, 1829, aged 35y 3m 20d

Row 6
Shaw, Isabel Roboson, died Feb. 8, 1840, aged 24y 22d
Wisher, Ellen, wife of David, died Feb. 4, 1853, aged 64y 10d
*Wisher, David, died Feb. 25, 1853

Row 7
Sherwood, Hester, wife of John, died Aug. 11, 1825, aged 47y 1m
Sanderson, Alexander, son of A. & E., died July __ 1814, aged ca 15y
Sanderson, Alexander, died Feb. 1825 at an advanced age
Elizabeth, his wife, died Feb. 1832, aged ca 66y
(also small stone, Sanderson, Elizabeth, wife of Alexander)


Page 5 Dell Ruse Cemetery: (inscriptions copied by James L. Murphy and furnished by Dick Powers, Violet Twp. Road Superintendent). We now prefer to call this the Feasel Cemetery.

FEASEL, Jacob, born Apr. 20, ____, died June 19, 1868, aged 71y 9m 21d
FEASEL, ______, stillborn Aug. 28, 1844
H. (piece of stone)
FEASEL, George, died _____
J. B. (footstone)

Also known to be buried there (according to family records) are: Jacob, died 1824; Susannah, died ?; George's wife, Eliza, died 185?; Michael, died 1824; Mary Ann, died 1845; Conrad, died 1822. Others believed to be buried there are: John, Ann, Nance, Mary, Jane, Madison, Catharine, Angeline, Lovet, Frank, Lincoln, Parry and Sarah - all Feasels.

Note: The Feasel Cemetery has been moved to the Pickerington - Violet Township Cemetery. Seven body bags with 2 skeletons, a skull and black dirt were moved along with all of the pieces of tombstones. All of these items were placed in vaults. Jacob Feasel's large intact tombstone has been set in the center and contains a plaque listing the names of all known to be buried in the original Feasel Cemetery. (After it was supposedly moved, there were reports of bones and pieces of tombstones still in the original Feasel Cemetery area.)

Page 29 Job's Cemetery:

NICODEMUS, Susannah, wife of Henry, died Nov. 27, 1874, aged 74y 15d
(flaking badly; unable to read much of date)

(Dorothy Mercy, 3324 Holly Ct., Falls Church, VA 22042, wrote to us and said "Through research on this Nicodemus family, I think her death date is more likely 1834. She is mentioned in her husband, Henry's will, which he wrote in 1829, although he did not die until several years later. In the 1830 Census for Fairfield County, Violet Twp. - household of Henry Nicodemus, appears a female, aged 60 to 70, obviously Susannah. Neither Henry nor Susannah appear in 1840. Philip Nicodemus, who died Mar. 12, 1870, age 87 years is their son, buried in the same row as Henry and Susannah."

Page 99 Violet (Township) - Pickerington Cemetery:

BOWERS, Charles Dovel Sr., 1866 - 1949 (not DOVEL, Charles)

BOWERS, Helen M. Hommon, 1880 - 1928 (not HOMMON, Helen M.)

(This information comes from their descendant, David Bowers, 4723 W. Marconi Ave., Glendale, AZ 85306.)

Joan Heft from the Violet Township Historical Society called us with this information: a tombstone was found standing approximately 188 yards SE of Bowers Cemetery. The gentleman who does the mowing can't understand why no one saw it before as it appears to belong there. According to Joan the stone says: Samuel TILBERRY, died July 7, 1857, aged 53y 6m 17d.


Page 36 Millersport Cemetery:

Walter BURY should be changed to Walter BERRY. Info from Linda Harrison of Brandon, FL, who sent a photo of the tombstone. Walter was a brother to Linda's grandfather.

Page 79 New Salem Methodist Episcopal Cemetery:

Add after Ralph S. Miller: Miller, Helen Henderson, born Sep 10, 1902, died Sep. 21, 1987


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