Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society


List of Sources for Locating Researchers


We recommend that fees, scope of work, expected results, and deadlines be determined in advance, when hiring a researcher.


The Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society is not involved, nor does the Chapter have any responsibility for the work performed by the researcher(s).


Fairfield County Researchers

At this time we do not maintain a list of paid researchers.


Lancaster Eagle-Gazette Obits and Articles

Our chapterís Genealogical Library has obits from the 19th century through last year. The folders are updated periodically with additional obits. Volunteers will look up and copy obits for a small fee. See Research Policy.


The Ohio Genealogical Society

OGS has a researcherís list but it is not on their website.  You must send a written request along with a check for $2.00 to receive the list.  The address is OGS, 713 S. Main St., Mansfield, OH   44907. Then you would contact one of the researchers you are interested in, and negotiate a fee for their services.


The Ohio Historical Society



Association of Professional Genealogists



Board for Certification of Genealogists



Fairfield County Mail List

It is maintained at Rootsweb. You need to be a subscriber to use the list. To subscribe send a message to OHFAIRFI-L-request@rootsweb.com. Leave the subject blank and put subscribe in the body, nothing else. If you would rather have the messages in digest form (several messages in one mailing) send just the word subscribe to OHFAIRFI-D-request@rootsweb.com To post messages, send them to OHFAIRFI-L@rootsweb.com.


Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness





Updated 5 Nov 2019