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Fairfield County Genealogical Library

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Facility Use Policy


The Fairfield County Genealogical Library (aka FCGL) is used by the Fairfield County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (aka the Chapter) to promote genealogical and historical services and endeavors through library activities, programs and meetings. When the Genealogical Library is not scheduled for use by the Chapter it may be used by genealogical, cultural, educational, and historical groups serving Fairfield County to conduct meetings and conferences.


The use of the FCGL premises for religious services or recruitment is not permitted. However, religious organizations or church affiliates may use FCGL premises to conduct committee meetings, planning sessions, and other business-related meetings.


The use of the FCGL premises for partisan political rallies, meetings, speeches, or recruitment is not permitted. However, political parties may hold organizational or staff meetings on FCGL premises and bipartisan debates of issues or between candidates are permitted.


Chapter officers / members have the right to monitor all meetings and programs held on FCGL premises. An officer or other member of the Chapter will open and close the FCGL and may be present during an organization’s scheduled meeting(s).


All meetings and events must be scheduled for specific times in half-hour increments. Meetings and events, and their preparation (personal equipment or materials placement, refreshments, registrations, etc.) must be planned to begin and end within the prearranged times.


Each organization requesting use of FCGL premises must complete, sign and return an application form to the FCGL to confirm the reserved meeting space and time. The signer assumes all responsibility for any damages to FCGL facilities, furnishings and/or equipment that may occur. The signer will also serve as the contact person should space and/or equipment requirements need to be changed. The person signing the application should read all relevant FCGL policies and receive copies thereof. The FCGL should be left in the condition in which it was found.


Approval for use of FCGL will be acted upon by the Executive Board and the requesting group will be notified of approval.


The following are prohibited on FCGL premises by organizations: Consumption of alcoholic beverages, use of tobacco products and burning of candles or open flame containers.


Each organization should dispose of any foodstuffs, supplies, condiments, etc. that it brings into the FCGL by taking them with them. The FCGL does not provide table linens or disposable paper or plastic items.


The Chapter reserves the right to change any meeting as necessary. This includes, in emergency situations, canceling meetings. The Chapter will try not to let this happen and will give as much advance notification as possible in the case of an unforeseen conflict.


Organizations may book meeting time(s) up to one year in advance.


The Chapter reserves the right to reject any application for use of FCGL premises. Any abuse of meeting room privileges or contracts can result in the suspension of these privileges.



Adopted:  10 September 2009                                                    



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